Soul Retrieval as a Lifetime Practice—Full Session

Welcome, everybody. We will start with a practice, a short meditation. We will sing the Guru Yoga. The Inner Refuge, sorry, the Inner Refuge prayers; and then I will guide the practice. . . . Bring your full attention into your body…. Be fully aware of the stillness in your body…. Be aware of that stillness. Connect with that stillness. Rest deep in that stillness without putting any effort. Whenever you realize you’re putting effort, let the effort go and find the connection that is already there. Just be aware and rest. Breathe deeply, not hold your breath with every exhalation. Exhale whatever tensions that you are holding in your body, breath, and your mind…. . Be aware that you are not alone practicing today. There are many people around the world, practicing together; and we are all connected to each other, and we are all supporting each other. You are not alone. In particular, those who are feeling challenged and wrestling, just know that you have lots of support. Be open to them…. . As you rest deep into the stillness of the body, you begin to be aware of a deeper level of stillness, a stillness of your being..the inner stillness.. a stillness beyond body..a stillness not dependent on the absence of actions..a sense of being. Be aware of that..and rest continuously with that awareness…. . The stillness of the body is like the doorway…. The stillness of being is the center of the house…. the Inner Refuge…. Rest in that with full trust…. . Second Refuge Prayer: . . Now be aware of the silence within and around…. Feel the silence..connect with that silence. And feel a deep sense of peace..in that silence…. . Those of you who find it’s difficult to remain silent or feel the silence, maybe because you are listening or creating inner noise, and listening to those voices and interacting with those voices, so then, in that case, listen to the inner silence or listen to the outer silence..as if you are listening to the sound;…. like when we’re listening to beautiful music,.. we’re listening to the sound as much as we’re listening to the silence.. or we’re listneing to the silence as much as we’re listening to the sound. So, listen to the silence…. . and hear and feel the silence,.. and simply rest in that connection to the silence with a deep sense of peace. Breathe deep…. . Gradually, be aware of inner silence,.. which is beyond the noises that are not dependent on the absence of the sound– it is the silence of being,.. a sense of deep..a sense of being in which you are experiencing deep silence, peace…. When one experiences and becomes familiar with this inner silence, the outer sounds or inner noises will not affect you. No sound can affect the inner silence when it is realized…. . Rest in that inner silence with a deep sense of peace…. An continuously breathe deep…. . The silence of the speech, the outer silence, is the doorway. The realization of inner silence, the silence of being, is the Inner Refuge where awareness arises, where the light arises. This is where we say, \”I take refuge in the body of light,\” referring to that pure awareness..that pure presence…. . [Inner Refuge prayer to follow] . . Be aware of the spaciousness of the mind. Mind is always clear and luminous..when you allow it to fully rest…. . Be aware of that spaciousness. Be aware of that openness..like a cloudless sky in the desert…. Feel that sky. Be that sky…. . As we are nothing more than just pure space, be aware of that pure sacred space.. like the clear sky in the desert…. . Just space..openness…. . Gradually, be aware of a sense of warmth, a spontaneous sense of warmth, a sense of presence in that sense of warmth in that space…. . a warmth as in the sense of being..a comfort of being, a joy of being, a bliss of being..a great bliss of being. It’s a warmth. In the Third Refuge, when we say, \”I take refuge in the body of great bliss,\” it refers to that warmth…. . That warmth is the pure medicine for healing. That warmth is the pure force for transformation…. That warmth is what makes and brings about changes…. . So the spaciousness of the mind is the doorway; and the warmth is the arrival to the destination, the Inner Refuge. Three doors and three refuges…. . Rest in that sacred space, like a child resting in the loving arms of mother..with the trust..with connection..with awareness.. effortlessly. But it’s not passive. It is very active, engaging, retrieving all the necessary qualities and elements from the True Source.. . for one’s well-being…. . There is a simple example–the child and mother. You are that child. The Inner Refuge is that mother. When you’re connected as we are connected this moment, you’re retrieving..you’re receiving all that the child is receiving from the mother–nourishment, love, care, attention, protection, connection, a sense of richness, belonging, security– all the qualities of the Elements, all the qualities of Enlightenment. all the qualities of being human (what basic qualities we need.. to survive, to grow, to liberate) in that simple connection of trust…. . The trust is the most important thing this moment…. Trust is not about saying, \”I trust,\” or imagining, \”I trust..\” or thinking of trusting…. Trust is about being fully connected to that stillness, silence, and spaciousness without any comment or interpretations… like the child…. . Being in this Inner Refuge, you’re protected…. You’re not draining your energy, your vitality, your health, your well-being…. You are not losing or draining energy; you are retrieving. You are recharging. You are enriching the qualities that you need…. In some sense, the inner intelligence knows what you need; and it retrieves what you need without you needing to think…. By being connected with that trust, you are retrieving what you need to evolve and to grow this moment. Trust that…. You will feel the differences after the meditation, after a couple of hours, or next day.. how you feel, what you’re imagining, what you’re doing, what you’re saying, what you’re thinking. You will see the effect of the sign of the practices in all those manifestations..if you are aware…. . Okay. Thank you…. Greetings to everybody. I’m very happy to be here with all of you and to share the practices of the Soul Retrieval. This is our last session of THE TRUE SOURCE OF HEALING, THE SOUL RETRIEVAL. In this session, we are mainly trying to focus on three principle things, which kind of includes all the last 11 webcasts that we did. Somehow all those kinds of teachings and practices that we did to narrow down in conclusion, we can look at them in three simple principles, which I have spoken about again and again last year. One thing is to not lose the energy, not to drain oneself. Second thing is how to recharge..how to connect. Third thing is how to integrate that connection in our everyday life so that these connections become alive, so that it manifests in your body (as the cells in your body, the movement of your body, the actions of your body, whatever you’re doing through your body), so that it manifests through that. Or it manifests through your speech. Those qualities manifest through your speech– the tone of your voice, choices of vocabulary,.. clarity of your speech, the kindness in your voice. All things can change. Same thing with the imagination of your mind– much more positive, much more grounded, much more consistent, much more clear. They can all manifest in our everyday life. So the three principles, I repeat again– (1) how not to drain, (2) how to recharge, and (3) how to integrate in our everyday life. So it comes down to three principle things I want everybody to remember. As far as draining is concerned….Of course, I have given a number of times examples of the iPhone..or any smart phone, how many applications are there already? Thousands of applications. And we keep on downloading some new applications to do some new, fancy, nice stuff. And we Google it and search lots of other sites, and we forget to turn off from those connections. There is so much busyness in this little device, a smart phone, which is like a smart ego..what I call smart ego. And once it’s so busy there, it jams. It stops…. Basically, like our computer jams. It’s like there is a little circle of rainbow moving, and it’s not doing anything. How often does that happen to us? Probably, it happens very frequently to us. Just too much stuff. All those apps running simultaneously drain the lifespan of the device. So the computer switch is on 24 hours; or if the computer switch is on only 12 hours, the lifespan increases 50 percent more, because 50 percent is shut off. It’s not running; it’s not using. It’s protected. When it’s already plugged and running, the lifespan goes shorter, It’s the same way for us as human beings, our lifespan probably grows shorter in the same way, because it’s 24 hours of many applications running simultanously; and many of them keep running unnecessarily. That’s how we drain ourselves. Basically, the idea of draining ourselves is something that we don’t want to drain. I think that’s something…. Let’s say there is a category of people who, regarding the three principles, so that you can say, \”Well, I do not know how to retrieve and reconnect, and I do not know for sure how to integrate in my life; but, at least, maybe, I can do the first one– at least trying to do the first one–drain less.\” Yes, absolutely. If that’s how you feel, go for it. Drain less…. So in talking about draining less, I want to share this with you as I shared with you during the winter retreat,… the sense of forgiveness towards oneself and the sense of forgiveness towards other people. When we do not forgive ourselves, we carry a lot of guilt, a lot of guilt. Some people’s lives really get messed up with guilt that they’re holding in their heart deeply…. We hold some sense of anger or animosity towards somebody to whom we have difficulty forgiving…. So if you look at someone very closely, at least personally,…. I want to make sure that everything that I’m teaching or has been taught or will be taught in the future or I’m teaching now to all of you, I’m not claiming that I’m realized, an expert, or a master. I’m just practicing myself as you all are doing..dedicated to it. And I’m willing to share my thoughts, my reflections, personal experiences, my own challenges..with people. That is I feel what a genuine sense of teaching really is. Otherwise, it’s easy to repeat anything from the text. They are all recorded as writings, commentaries; but one thing they often lack is the personal touch, the personal warmth, the personal guidance as a sense of humanist in them, sometimes, because something has changed. Where we live today and with what we struggle today and our challenges today throughout the world, all these Masters who lived a few 100 years ago did not face these challenges. So it’s a little different…. There are two things–personal guilt and hatred towards somebody. We all hold that, I think. I don’t think there is anyone on this earth as a human being who does not have that. We all have that. It’s a question of how bad it is for some people,.. how messy it is, how painful it is, how sick they become with that.. how obsessed they become with that. That’s definitely a difference. I just really want to talk about it a little bit, because sometimes a person and I feel the same way…. You look at hatred towards somebody. Twenty years ago somebody did something to you or said something to you..or whatever they were doing if they’re not personally related or connected or whatever they did.. even Hitler. Whatever something somebody did, we hold it against that person forever…. I’m not saying they should not be responsible for what they did; but what I’m saying is that, holding animosity towards them is not better sometimes than what they did…. Maybe sometime ago somebody said something to you that really hurt you…. Somebody said it 20 years ago. The hate towards what somebody said you are still holding after 20 years.. towards that person. That person probably doesn’t even remember. That person has grown up. That person has changed. That person might be transformed. You might even fall in love with that person, because he or she might be a different individual after 20 years. And that person is still alive, but you’re holding it against that person who is 20 years older..the animosity, anger, towards that person because that person did something to you 20 years ago.. it does not make sense at all…. If that person is still doing the same thing, then, of course, that’s a different matter. But that’s probably most of the cases, but that’s not the case here. So it’s really kind of funny, very funny, how much we hold something against somebody because somebody did something a long time ago. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, it’s not hurting anybody. It’s hurting oneself. And, for sure, that person never meant to hurt you for that long. Maybe it was meant to hurt you a little bit but not 20 years. But you succeeded. You managed to hold it and punish yourself with that pain for the last 20 years. This is the big question now: Do you want to continuously hurt yourself with that hate for the next 20 years? Or next 10 years? Please, think about it. No! You don’t want to do that. You absolutely don’t want to do that. YOU WANT TO LET IT GO RIGHT NOW as I am speaking. Right now. This very moment. If you’re hearing me, just tell yourself, \”This is it. I’m not holding anything against that person…. Emotionally, I’m not holding.\” Intellectually, it actually doesn’t make any sense…. Change. Things change…. You might ask that person to repeat what was said again. That person would not do it. So, do not hold all those sorts of anger towards somebody. We all change. They have changed…. Same thing with yourself. Something that you did when you were a teenager.. in your 20’s, your 30’s..as you grow older, you know what you did was not right. You regret it. That’s enough. Let it go and move on. You’re not celebrating because \”I did some horrible things.\” You regret it. \”I will not do it again.\” And you’re not doing it again. So, you should not punish yourself for the same reason…. No guilt. Let go….. Because who you are at this moment is far more important than the sense of self of the past…. Do not punish the current self for the past negative action. Celebrate with the present sense of self. Celebrate this presence, this moment. You. Your being…. So the reason of what I am saying about these two important things (something important that is kind of hidden in our life.. but really causes so much damage) this is one thing that really drains us. Thus my first point, my first issue. It drains us. Just look at yourself. How much does it drain you, the animosity, the anger you’re holding towards somebody? Or how much does it drain that sense of guilt that you’re feeling inward, within you? How much does it drain? This is the time to let it go. I am encouraging all of you and all of us as a collective, together, let us just contemplate for a moment and just say, \”I will let go. And the reason ‘I will let go’ is not because somebody is telling me ‘to let go,’ but because I realize it does not make any sense….\” . So there are many like this one, but there are many other unnecessary running applications in your head..all the time…. It’s like a smart phone. If you’re not using it….Of course, sometimes I always want to turn off my phone in the night; but sometimes, of course, I keep it charging so that it’s ready for the next morning, when in principle, I think it’s far better probably to turn it off. . Or, if you are really into charging your smart phone, then, before you go to sleep, plug your phone first and then plug your second..to the source of the power.. true source of the power. Plug your phone to the wall; plug yourself to the true source of the power before you actually fall asleep. That will be far better. You don’t want to get up as a half-dead individual with a full-charged phone. The traverse is better– a half-dead phone with a full person who doesn’t even feel the need for that particular moment. There’s no need of the phone because the person is just feeling completely full…. . So the draining part–I think it’s really, really important then, in every given moment, you look at your body.. maybe as I’m speaking right now this very moment, you look at your body–how you’re sitting, what you’re holding in your body…. For example, a sense of \”I’m not good..I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, I cannot do that, I’m not capable.\” That sense of self might be quite alive and active in some of you in this particular given moment. That is not only happening in your brain, in your mind, in your heart; but it’s also equally active in the cells in your body. So the body is holding that energy. That’s draining to the body. It’s not encouraging. It’s like somebody telling you, \”You’re not worthy,\” again and again and again. When you’re in front of that person, how do you feel? You do not feel good. You feel paralyzed…. That is draining you, that is imprisoning you, like putting you into a prison; but nobody is doing it. But you’re doing it by yourself to your body. That’s the draining…. Or you’re having thoughts, voices in your head, worrying about things. You’re worrying about something that happened yesterday so much. Today you’re not worrying about that. You’re worrying about something else. According to you, what you’re worrying day is far more important than the yesterday’s worry. You laugh about yesterday’s worry. But yesterday’s worry was equally serious. Tomorrow you’ll think of today, saying, \”I don’t know why I was worrying yesterday about that silly thing….\” So a bigger problem is not the way of resolving a smaller problem. That is not the way of resolving problems…. And, in some sense, you realize it’s not really about a problem. It’s not about worrying. It’s my addiction itself. It’s like a disease. It’s like an addiction: \”I will always find a reason to worry about something. So what I’m worrying about now, this moment, should not be a good enough excuse to worry much.\” To be concerned is okay. To know what’s happening is okay. To know that you need to take care of it is okay; but it’s not okay to continuously worry about that. It’s an addiction…. You just need to know how and when to cut it, unplug it, switch it off, or every now and then restart or refreshen your mind…. . A pain that we hold in our hearts..whatever.. you can hold in your body, you can hold in your speech, you can hold in your mind in a very unofficial way…. Those all are draining. First of all, I think it is very important in everyday life, every day life, every given moment, to know how to integrate the practice of soul retrieval and true source of healing in everyday life. What I am saying as number one, not to drain. What we are talking about here is about not draining. At this very moment, right now, you look at your body, are you draining? . Maybe you’re came to listen to the webcast and you’re getting bored and you’re thinking when it’s going to end and you’re already making plans plans for afterwards, where you’re going to go, and you’re worrying about that date or that meeting will happen or not. Just look at the mindset. These thoughts are called \”how you drain yourself.\” Or how when you do not drain yourself, you feel a complete presence this moment, listening to me. You feel completely connected with the rest of the world, with the sangha people practicing together. You don’t have a single thought..you’re not thinking.. you’re not losing energy..you’re not putting any effort…. You’re just being. You’re being aware of the connection and you’re hearing that some of those things make sense. They go deep inside you, readying you to act upon in your life. It’s happening by itself without you. That’s not draining; that’s retrieving…. When you charge your smart phone, you don’t have to think the whole night, \”is it charging? \”Is it charging? Yes, it is charging; yes, it is charging; yes, it is charging.\” You don’t have to say that. Or worse, you don’t have to say, \”Will it stop charging? Will it stop charging? Will I lose the power; will I lose the power? The storm is coming. This ain’t happening.\” You don’t have to say that. If it stops, it stops…. What you need is to plug..what you need is to connect and trust. The rest? You don’t need anything. Most of the other things that we do are absolutely unnecessary. It interferes with the process, not help…. That’s why, during the meditation when I was saying, rest in that connection like a child with the mother. The child and the mother are not having a conflicted meeting. The child is not trying to convince the mother of anything, and the mother is not trying to please the child with anything. Nothing like that. They are not negotiating. They are not arguing. They are not discussing. They are not trying to convince each other of their opinions, exposing each other’s opinion on each other. They are not resisting each other. They are not even talking. They are not even thinking. They are connected with that trust. Every magical healing and nourishment is taking place simply because of the connection of trust. No activity of the body, no activity of the speech; no activity of the mind. A simple, trustful connection. How incredible. It’s amazing…. . It’s unbelievable, you know, the power of that connection. without doing anything…. Therefore, retrieving and charging have to do with the connection. Of course, when you charge your smart phone and you think you have charged it and you go to sleep; but what you find the next morning is a dead phone because you thought you had charged it but you had not plugged in enough. The connection was lost…. . As the connection is lost, the moment you lose the connection the moment that light turns off, which signals the charging, is when you stop charging…. The light is like the awareness. The awareness is what connects like, when I’m trying to make connection to the silence, for example…. . I’m aware. The moment I’m aware the silence has an effect on me, in my body, in my cells, on my resting qualities. The moment I’m aware, because that awareness is light. That awareness is the connection. The connection is what charges. The moment I lose the connection is when I lose the awareness of the silence. That means I might be listening to the worrying in my head. In that very moment, the charging stops. The draining starts. It depends on how much activity is happening just like in a smart phone, too. If you’re playing a video, high resolution and high speeds, and sound, its audio-video, everything is happening simultaneously, you lose the battery fast…. But if it’s not happening, if less is happening, you lose less but still losing…. Another thing I think is very important example about the smart phone, the metaphor of the smart phone, is anytime, when we say connect to the WiFi, anytime when we say connect, you look for WiFi, you look for connection, whenever a computer or smart phone is searching for connection.. I don’t know because I’m not a computer expert, but I’ve heard that, whenever a computer or smart phone is looking for a connection, it loses much more battery than running a program or something.. the search part. It’s very interesting. I know in my own experience that, whenever you turn on the navigation system and your trying to go somewhere, and then you forget to turn it off. And it’s still–you already arrived there–keeps on looking. Every time you move somewhere, it trying to looks back to where you where. You move, you arrived there, and you are moving away from there, it tries to go back to the same place where you don’t need to go there anymore; but the computer-smart phone is still trying to look, go back, and look back, trying to back to the same place; but you’re not aware that it’s on. And it keeps doing it for hours until you sort it out that the navigation system is on. And soon the phone will be dead, because your navigation system is on. It’s searching, it’s searching, it’s searching. And it’s searching to the place that already exists. It’s already there. It’s already there, but it’s searching for it. It gets totally messed up and confused. This is our life. We are already there. We arrived. We’re here. But we keep looking to go here…. Trying to go somewhere else than where you are is the most draining situation. Even a lot of scientific research findings say that exactly. Even on the longevity of life. They say people who live longer they are completely..they’re more connected to where they are than people who are always trying to be somewhere else than where they are not, because those are clearly bad habits. So I think..probably I’ve said enough about the draining part and reconnecting part. And so the reconnecting part..of course, if you look back to the eleven (11) live webcast, we talked about connecting to Nature. Of course, it’s very powerful, the Five Elements in Nature– Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space. Many people may not have enough connection with Nature; and sometimes when we do have connection with Nature, it just becomes pure competition and an ego-building sport. It should not be like that. One should go into Nature like the shamans go. Many indigenous people go into Nature…. When they see the mountain, they just don’t see the mountain. They see a life, they see a spirit, they see a guide, they see a protector, they see a healer, or they see a source of healing…. It’s a different relationship with Nature. It’s the same with family and social connections…. How many times do we feel very isolated and lonely in this modern, very busy world? Again, many scientific findings, again and again–for example, people in some parts of Japan where people live the longest lifespan They found out, at the end of the day, their longevity has much to do with their social connection. They are not feeling lonely. They are feeling socially connected among themselves. They sit together; they talk together; they play together; they laugh together. Those connections. It’s still a connection. It’s missing–a family connection, a social connection. These are sources of healing where we can retrieve the essence of the Elements, the energy of the soul. I think even in one’s profession..I think..if you’re lucky, you know you have a job that you love. If you’re unlucky, you still have the job that is still good for you, but you don’t like it. And, if you are very unfortunate, very unlucky, you will never have a job that you will like, because you probably don’t like the job..because probably you don’t like yourself…. So even what we do in our everyday life, there is a positive side to it. I don’t mean that you don’t want to change things that you don’t like, but you can always build a better relationship, a better connection to what you have. And, of course, the most important part, in the spiritual dimension, a true source of healing, a true source of retrieving soul, is the Inner Refuge–the Body of Emptiness, the Body of Light, the Body of Great Bliss. These three innermost essence, quality of essence which lies deep in us, in every sentient being, is the Buddhahood. Every sentient being has equal access to it, to that Source…. We are very lucky that we have a rich culture, tradition, literature of very clearly explaining what these are and how it works, and how you practice and how you overcome obstacles and challenges and so on. It’s so rich. It’s not just any concept. There’s a richness in it. I personally feel very, very fortunate when I’m looking at the literature, reading it, reflecting on it, practicing it. There is a great deal of support there…. How are we doing with time? . Basically, as I’ve said, the three principle things are do not drain, charge what you have charged, trying to live life manifested through your body, speech and mind..that thing. If the smart phone is fully charged, if it is really fully charged, maybe then you will want to watch a movie. If it’s not fully charged, you just want to listen to music. If it not that charged, then you just want to check your e-Mail. You see, you can check your e-Mail or you can stream both audio-video. It depends on how much you have charged. In this case what we’re saying is that,when it’s fully charged, it manifests not only through one but through three doors– your body, your speech, and your mind. That is how you want to manifest. Manifest for the welfare of others and for the purpose of your own enlightenment. Thank you very much. I want to conclude here that I hope this whole year on THE TRUE SOURCE OF HEALING, the soul retrieval practice, was helpful; and I got lots of feedback from people in different ways and also through my Facebook Page. I appreciate very much those of you who have written a few lines, telling me that you are practicing. It’s benefiting to you, it’s because these live webcasts have a lot of people who are volunteering, there are a lot of people who putting in a lot of energy. Even in my own family here. Today we are here from California. Scott and Nick are helping me, and __ is preparing lunch for us upstairs. And we have to take __ out so that the house will be more peaceful and quiet. And even though __ is being part of it, he’s going out so that I can do the webcast peacefully. [Laughter] Then all the wonderful translators around and coordinating. Pauly and Lula have been constantly helping and working. We’re very excited about the next program. The next six months, \”TRANSFORMING YOUR WORLD THROUGH SERVICE.\” I personally feel that, whenever there is some inner stability, realization, awareness is there, it’s good to see how we can be most helpful to others. Just very naturally we all do that. I think we all do that. Every human being has a sense of wanting to help others. But wanting to help others becomes narrow, partial, conditional, aggressive, violent, or absolutely free and compassionate. So this is the area where I would like to talk about how wisdom and compassion play a very important role in serving others. That means that all of us who are trying to do that in our lives to serve others, but how we can do the best way so that we’re not only helping other people but also we are together, growing spiritually, being more open, being more free, and feeling more warmth, and manifesting through these qualities a service to others..more open, more sharing, more effective, less draining, less losing energy, less feeling fear. There are a lot of wonderful things to discuss about these things. I personally these are some of the things I have been thinking a lot also about our sangha. I think any group..every group needs these things. Every, either spiritual or profession, group needs these principles to serve better. So I’m very much looking forward to this. Of course, as I always request of all of you, those of you who have benefited from these live webcasts, I want each one of you also to do a little part to help us here by letting other friends know, who also will equally benefit as you have benefited from it. I do not want you to try to convince anybody to listen to these teachings and practice to those who do not care and to those who, particularly, do not have respect for these things. For sure, the teachings will be kept secret from them anyway; but I don’t want you to actively try to convince anybody. Absolutely, you do not need to do that; and that’s a waste of our time trying to do that. But there are people who are wanting, looking for, and don’t know that there is something like this that exists. If you are in the position to let those people know, please do it because I cannot do it. And you need to do that. Thank you very much. Do we have time to…? Few questions here if you have. . How many people here? . Okay..Many of you know that we are about between 650-700 computers. A number of these computers are watched by groups. Probably, many of you are already listening in different languages; and we all want to be very thankful, very grateful to those people who are volunteering and doing those translations and I really hope that this coming year–or this year– to have more translations. At least, hopefully, we can have Chinese translations and maybe some other languages. So anytime anybody wants to be helpful..you want to know something..how you can help, we always look forward to hearing from you. And, of course, you know the ligminchalearning.com and ligmincha.org, and also a very important web site, oceanofwisdom.org, oceanofwisdom.org where these many videos are stored in multiple-language subtitles. I encourage you to visit all those web sites. So, okay. –\”How do you recognize smart ego?\” How do you recognize smart ego? Just look at the one who is asking the question. The one who is asking the question, I think, that is probably the smart ego. And that one who is answering, in this case me, the little smart ego in me is answering the question, too. So now you have a clear recognition of your smart ego, and I have a clear recognition of my smart ego. [Next question inaudible] Will you repeat again? –\”When I try to connect to inner silence, for example, I feel a sense of rising up into myself.\” Hmm, ya. –\”Is that what you mean by connecting to inner silence?\” Basically, being connected to the inner silence,.. being aware of the inner silence.. is like you are being more aware of yourself. And when you’re more aware of yourself, it’s like a self-arising wisdom. We say self-arising wisdom. That awareness is like a self-arising wisdom or some sense of self, a sense of self. In a way, you can say..when I was referring to a silence of being, this is what I am referring to. . –\”Rinpoche, you did not mention soul retrieval. Will you speak to that?\”\n Somebody is saying that I did not mention soul retrieval. I think it’s not true. I had..did mention a number of times during this webcast. By the way, it’s recorded there. If you listen back, you’ll hear it… Right now, I think we’re running out of time. If you have not heard previous webcasts, I recommend them. They are all recorded. I recommend that you look at them. Okay. I think we are done here. We want to do The Dedication. . . . Thank you, everybody. Bye now. .

Glenn Chapman


  1. Thank you very much, Rinpoche! I have been with you and the cyber-sangha through all of these webcasts over the last year. This practice has really served to deepen my commitment to the practice of Dzogchen in general, which I have been practicing for several years.
    I particularly enjoy the three refuge prayers and the support that they offer for connecting with the space, the light and the great bliss. My experience of these and the ability to feel a sustained connection out into my world and in my life has been noticeably improving. My confidence is growing and I just want to practice more. The more I practice, the more benefit I see!
    Thank you to everybody helping to make these teachings accessible to all. And thank you for doing your work in such great ways, Rinpoche. I feel so blessed to be able to have access to these teachings! I can feel, without a doubt the benefit that they have within my own being and in my relationships into the world around me. I am so grateful. I am in awe of the healing power this connection has had in my life, and the power that is here in the connection with the unbounded space. I look forward to more of these amazing teachings!

  2. Comment faire pour entendre cet enregistrement en français, merci en tout cas pour cet enseignement.

  3. thank you so much for your wonderful teachings. I have benefited greatly from the clear instructions and being able to connect with my true source. I have enjoyed being a part of your cyber sangha and the support its given. I'm looking forward to the next sessions of webcasts. thank you all for your time enriching my life greatly.

  4. Thanks Rinpoche, you really teach in such a clear and accessible way. This and your other videos are incredibly helpful. It makes so much sense how we lose so much of our soul energy through worrying and self defeating beliefs and addictive patterns of negative thinking. Thank goodness for recharging into the inner refuge of natural being, just need to trust in the connection and remember what's real again.

  5. Soul retrieval is a healing "Therapy" like Past Life Regression Therapy. It is not something one can perform on self. It requires a great amount of knowledge about the soul self, the ego self, as well as the realm of non-physical. These healing therapies are NOT designed for fun. No true Shaman/healer would ever promote such nonsense. People with absolutely no respect for the sacred art of healing. You don't pop in for some physical therapy just because. It has been written that in these times of great change, there would come those who are mis-informers, either by a lack of education, or intentionally. Specific healing therapies are not intended to be daily practices.

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