Sono stato a SUONARE sulla grande MURAGLIA CINESE !! (Memories Vlog 2019) [SubENG/ESP/FR]

Hey Stiv, since when are you in China? my China Tour started 20 days ago today we are heading to The Great Wall it’s gonna be a unique experience… i think when did you come to China the first time? my first tour was in 2014 how old were you? i was 23 super young!!! and then every year we did a new tour until now, it’s my fourth tour and i’m 27 i’m very excited about tonight to play this kind of location doesn’t happen so often it’s like playing on the Colosseum in Italy i’m really excited BOMB ! guys i can’t believe i am going to play here i can’t believe this is happening amazing i’d play from now till tomorrow morning mamma mia i’ll smash it tonight Guys here we are i’m in my studio in Barcelona i’m just back from the China Tour i’m still buzzing it was a priceless experience who could ever think to end up playing on the Great Wall with all those people there was around 2000 people unbelievable energy super party it was a really emotional moment very difficult to explain by words it’s about feelings i saw other people gettin’ emotional aswell a big thank you to everyone who was there the promoters of the Festival who made it happen my friend John who is bulding with me Stiv Hey in China i see you at the next tour and i see all of you at the next video

Glenn Chapman

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