SolarWinds Backup – The Cloud-first Backup and Recovery Solution

SolarWinds Backup is a modern, cloud-first backup service that delivers simplicity without sacrificing speed or reliability. Efficiently handle large server workloads. SolarWinds Backup includes all the robust features you’ve come to expect, including built-in deduplication, compression, and block-level restore granularity. Implementation is easy. Just drop an agent on the physical or virtual servers you want to protect, and SolarWinds does the rest. Backups to our global purpose-built cloud begin typically in just minutes. SolarWinds’ innovative True Delta technology makes backup and recovery fast, and the local SpeedVault cache option helps ensure even faster recovery. Protect both physical and virtual servers across all major operating systems and hypervisors, and see the status of all your backups from a single dashboard. Traditional backup products require ongoing storage forecasting, provisioning, and adjustment. SolarWinds Backup makes it simple. Tiered pricing means no hidden costs, and the product is up to 40% less expensive than alternative solutions. Discover how simple backup can be with SolarWinds Backup, the cloud-first service trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

Glenn Chapman

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