Sofia’s Story: The recovery and return to swimming after scoliosis surgery

[ Buzz ] [ Yelling ]>>Swimming has been a passion of
mine since before I can remember. I was 12 years old when I
found out I had scoliosis. We found out about HSS through our
good friend, specifically, Uncle Ken, and he talked about HSS very passionately.>>I’ve been hanging around this hospital since
my parents brought me here in 1956 with polio, and I knew Dr. Widmann and I
knew this was the best place for Sofia to come.>>What we’re doing surgically is prophylactic. We’re preventing long term problems.>>When I first came and met with
Dr. Widmann one of my biggest questions was, ‘Can I return
to all of my sports, the swimming that I love?’.>>That was a lot of our discussion was what
would the impact be of scoliosis surgery on her future athletic activities, as well as
other sporting activities that are important for a healthy lifestyle, and he was
very confident and told me that, ‘You will be able to do these things afterwards. You’re going to get back in the
game’, and it made me really happy because it was a huge fear of mine.>>Her surgery went great. There were no– really nothing unexpected,
but I think the most important part is that her recovery and rehab proceeded exactly
as planned and she’s not restricted or limited, and I think that’s really
the best possible outcome. It’s just delightful. Sofia is just doing fabulously
well, and it’s very exciting.>>I was able to completely do
everything that I was able to do before. I was able to compete in
competitions amazingly and I ended up breaking some of my records.

Glenn Chapman

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