SIHA is worried about his mom [The Return of Superman/2018.04.22]

Here. I will put rice on it. (Eating) Siha. (His eyebrows wriggle.) Stop eating laver and put rice on it. Put rice on laver like me. (Let me eat some rice first.) (His eyebrows wriggle again.) Look at this. Siha. (He puts rice on the laver) (and brings some to his mouth.) Look, Siha. Put pickled radish on it. (He eats the ingredients separately.) (He eats pickled radish) (and ham.) (The gimbap is being made in Siha’s stomach.) (I guess it’s the same thing.) Ta-da! A rainbow. A rainbow. Is this a rainbow? – Ta-da. / – Ta-da. We made two rolls. (Let’s have a taste.) (Humming in approval) Is it tasty? It’s tasty. Yes, it’s tasty. (They succeed in making gimbap.) It’s the best. (However,) (Wonji looks uncomfortable.) (Is there a problem?) Does Siha’s mom have a problem? (Honey.) Rest. I’ll do everything. I think I have an upset stomach. That’s so sudden. Really? (He administers first aid.) Your hands are cold. Mom. Siha, Mom is sick. (Worried) Hug. Will you give me a hug? (Taegyu runs to the kitchen.) (He takes something out of the refrigerator.) Where is green plum syrup? (He takes something out of the refrigerator.) Honey, have some green plum syrup. Thank you. Isn’t it green plum syrup? – What is it? / – Mugwort. (He is a foolish romantic.) Sorry. (Will he get it right this time?) Here. – Are you sure it’s green plum syrup? / – Yes. They have the same color. – Did I get the right one? / – Yes. Okay. (He finally brought her green plum syrup.) I hope you feel better soon. – Left. / – Left? – Down. / – Here? Thank you. (She is thankful to her husband.) Laver. My goodness. Are you okay? No. (He still smiles.) You have laver on your teeth. (He finds his son cute.) Sit. Sit? Do you want to sit here? – Next. / – Next to her? (He communicates in short sentences.) Let’s give her a massage together. That feels nice. It feels nice. (He suddenly massages her scalp.) Mom doesn’t need a scalp massage. (It feels nice, right?) Massage her here. I need to get ready for work. Let’s pack (Taegyu packs lunch for his wife.) her lunch. (Working hard) (The packed lunch contains his love.) ♪ There is nothing wrong ♪ Siha packed it. I wish I could have breakfast. I packed lunch. Thank you. How will you work today? – I’ll be fine. / – I’m worried. (She needs to work despite being pregnant.) (Worried) What will you do? (He kneels in front of his wife.) (Although he is absent-minded at times,) You have an upset stomach. (he loves his wife more than anyone.) Don’t skip meals. (Taegyu only has eyes for his wife.) (The sight warms my heart.) I’ll miss you. Won’t you miss me? I’ll miss you a lot. – Really? / – Yes. You are smiling like a witch. (She is happy to receive a vacation.) (He saw through me.) (Kissing) Have fun, Sambong. Don’t give your mom a hard time. – Okay? / – Okay. Why did he answer? It won’t be easy to take care of Siha. However, it’s actually harder for me to be away from my wife. Taegyu said he is worried about being away from you. I’m worried about that too. It hasn’t been long since his shoot ended. I’m worried that he will become exhausted. (It’s time for Siha’s mom to go to work.) Take care of your health. Okay. I will be back. Why did you dress up? – What? / – I don’t know. (She puts a camera around her neck.) You dressed up. – Did I? / – Yes. It feels sad to leave. – Bye. / – Honey. Honey, where are you going? Honey, where are you going? I’m going to work. I will take pictures. She will be back after two days. Give me a kiss. (He gives her a kiss filled with love.) (They will part for a short while.) – Bye. / – Bye. – I will be back. / – “Bye, Mom.” – Bye. / – Bye. Let’s go to the kitchen. (How will they spend 48 hours together?)

Glenn Chapman


  1. They say that Taurus husbands are really good with cooking and preparing food. This is so true in Taegyu's case haha

  2. I literally got into an argument with my parents about whether or not Siha is a boy

  3. Woah, they are so sweet! They are the first couple I watched here in TROS that are not shy accepting each other love.

  4. I don’t think another season of house husband has come out but at least I can see one husband here. This is legit family goals.

  5. Omo. sweetness overload. They are both lucky to have each other and siha together. 💞💖💕

  6. Hold up, isn't that the guy from the kdrama Return?? Lol it's so weird/cool seeing him with a family, I remember his character was a complete psycho on that show, I hated him so much there.

  7. I've watched other families from the return of superman and this is the other new for me! I'm startin to love watching this family already

  8. I just came to know about siha not so long ago and why did i just realized that siha is a boy 🙁

  9. This is my first time watching this, and I thought Siha was a girl at first. 😂 Hahaha,

  10. Something about her is so incredibly beautiful like she has a gorgeous face but it’s almost more than gorgeous she just looks so graceful and kind omg

  11. This episode is husband goals, big time!! She is so blessed to have him in her life.
    Wish this family a long, prosperous and healthy life! God bless!

  12. This whole video just made my heart melt especially when Siha said honey where are you going to his mom😍😊😫like can I have a son one day that cute


  14. I am so impressed by bong tae gyu acting in drama Return. I am here bc of him. Idk he such a good dad and hubby for real 💕

  15. M watching siha for the first time n got confused…i actually thought that siha is a girl😂….probably bcoz of his vibrant beautiful hair with the perfect fringe😁😇

  16. i miss siha so much 😭 he's such a loving and honest child, well im not suprise cos he has a loving and warm parents.

  17. Wish my parents got olong this well : (…..

    Such a happy family god bless your hearts and the new child that's coming ; 》

  18. And I thought Siha is a "she" why so cute Siha!!! A copy cut of his dad when he's young

  19. I love his wife's hair cut. It's suit her well than her curl hair😅 Siha so cute…so so cute…

  20. I'm 16 and I already want a family like this Korean TV is going to drive me insane

  21. this is what you call healthy relationship toxic family. this is the motherfucking standard

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