Siblings make me stressed [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.29]

Glenn Chapman


  1. younger sister and brother look so evil even when they're just sitting and it really annoys me when they pretend to be cute and nice

  2. Hope she doesn’t hold back and beat their ass next time. My brother wrecked me when if I ever had a go at him when I was younger lmao but I guess that’s the difference of growing up with a brother rather than sister

  3. I'm the second oldest out of all of my sister's and brothers but… even my younger siblings know not to come messing with me or being disrespectful bc I will beat the brakes off of them 😂😂😂👀👀…but also my older brother and older sister know that I wouldn't dare disrespect them bc that's how we discipline each other and how much we respect each other…also that's what are parents always taught us…but I think it's the parenting her parents need to work on bc they are making it seem okay that they just run around disrespecting people and it's not right so yea😶😶
    And I'm only 15 😂😂

  4. Sorry but i hate the parents and their son. I think having kids is not for everyone, i hope people would start to think before they decided to have kids so the kids won't be suffer

  5. That's what bad parenting does, it ruins people 😔 I'm sorry for the girl

  6. wait who is the guy with the black hair sitting next to the guy in the center (srry don't know names)

  7. when she said, "👋🙅‍♀️" at the start, i felt that 😔

  8. Honestly i dont think it a big deal i feel like as time goes and kids grow up it will end.The mom should tell the younger ones to respect the older girl. I think that the older girl kinda is over exaggerate its not like the mom makes her do everything in the house. its not a big issue in my opinion.

  9. Tbh maybe it's because it's me I don't really think it's a big problem but since the girl is aging to teenage , she probably feel a bit stress and burden . I mean I am too , I have brothers and getting stab by a metal ruler is normal , getting chased by knife is normal so maybe it's just me lol . It's hard but one day she will think it's just nothing.

  10. The parents need to be involved too, not just letting them figured it out by themselves. Without the right directions from parents, it's hard for them to figure it out the right way. There will be many times they figure it out the wrong ways. That's why they take actions by hitting each other or doing violent acts. True, they need more rules. She may be the oldest but she didn't choose to be born first. Ofc, there are times for her to be responsible as the oldest but first, treat her as "child", not "the oldest". Treat the three of them equally as your children first, not just "oldest" or "younger" or "youngest". Please parent, be active in disciplining them! Parent them, guide them!
    Btw, 14:20 the male audience who did bite his fingers though 😂

  11. One of the other problems is that these kids are so young and yet already very overweight

  12. Still remember my dad beat me and my sister using hanger everytime we fought in hardcore way. Because of that, we tried to make peace. She was my biggest enemy. now she's 25 and im 22, we're like bestfriends ! Thanks dad !

  13. The parents are so irreresponsible. That poor girl got bullied not only in school but at her own house. How stressful is she to deal with all of that. The parents don't have to choose side with 1 kid. They can just agree with the kid who's right. This type of parenting disgusts me.

  14. I think is really interesting how they play, because the younger siblings do the roles of king and queen and the older sister portrays the peasant (vassal). I feel like this is how they hold positions on the family and the power each siblings has. I went through a similar experience with my younger sibling and through psychological counseling I understood that sadly nobody even your family is going to stand up for you, even when you are right or they might not be able to get the reasoning behind your concern. From my point of view the mom doesn't seem to care at all, and despite the good intentions of the dad I believe this will not be resolved by simply talking to the younger siblings. Overall I do hope and send my best wishes to the eldest daughter, she seems to have gone through a lot and I can definitely relate.

  15. Such a pity that my dreamies were featured in such a bad episode~ I found all the concerns a bit childish and just lack of tone and personality from them, but I guess they’re more sensible, as a Latin I found all of today’s concerns unnecessarily

  16. i know how she feel~~~
    same as me but my sibling age gap is far so its ok XD

  17. 4:31 Jaemin's probably like oh yup we know we know cuz of our Jisung (maknae on top)

  18. Every time my brother would punch me or hit me my mom would let me do the same thing back to him and he wasn’t aloud to do anything about it

  19. if their parents dont teach those 2 kids. theu grow up with bad manner -_- they must be happy live in korea. if they born like me, they surely know how to respect people

  20. My siblings used to follow me around ALL THE TIME. That's really hard I can say but actually as they get older they'll eventually stop being so annoyiny

  21. 4:30 jaemin can relate 😂 since out baby sungie is the maknae yet also the king at the same time

  22. No one is telling the parents to take sides. Just discipline your kids and tell them what’s wrong and what’s right and to have respect for one another. That’s parenting, not taking sides

  23. Her siblings should be thankful to be Korean, West Indian mom would beat all three cus one did something wrong. 😂

  24. The younger brother scares me and I’m 16yrs older than him lmao he looks like a mobster from a Noir movie!

  25. It may not seem like a THAT much of a problem right now but if they continue to think it’s okay to treat their own older sister in that manner, imagine how they’ll treat others in the future. Bullies in the making :/

  26. Kid's can be pure evil, but I blame the parents you can't allow one bully another,siblings fight we all know that but that's getting serious,if my mom saw us fighting for real she'd beat our ass n take the things we enjoy cause if u don't learn in your house you gonna learn outside in the worst way…

  27. I get mad internally whenever i see the younger siblings smiling like they do nothing wrong 😠

  28. The parents are so annoying. You’re a parent, you brought those kids into this world: PARENT THEM.

  29. I know how she feels but where I’m from I learned to put mine in head locks and make them apologize that how that ended

  30. I can't believe this is more concerning to them than the smoking problem smh

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