SIAN got a new hairstyle! [The Return of Superman/2019.02.24]

When night falls in Chiang Mai, a night market with fancy lights opens. It’s full of unique handicrafts. This is Thailand’s famous night market. Let’s get gifts for your mom and sisters. We have to buy gifts even when we’re short on money. Seola, Sua. Get gifts for Jaesi and Jaea. Sian should get a gift for your mom. Why did Dad have to lose his money? I want to buy everything. (Sian starts browsing carefully.) What? What? What caught his eye? An elephant? Here it is! I think Mom will like it. It’s earrings. How much is it? It’s 80 baht. That’s expensive. (Sian says it’s expensive to get a discount.) (It’s originally 80 baht.) – He discounted 30 baht! / – Okay. Thank you. (He takes out all he has one by one.) (The owner kindly helps him pay.) – My goodness. / – He’s even helping him. He has to pick them up. (Clanking) My goodness. My goodness. (He secures his mom’s earrings.) Jaesi likes pretty things. What’s with this bracelet? – It’s 10 baht. / – 10 baht. – It’s 10 baht. / – Things are really cheap there. Let’s pick a pretty one. – What color does Jaea… / – She likes tomato color. Sian bought earrings, and they bought bracelets. – They have great teamwork. / – Thank you. Kids. Kids, did you get the gifts? – Yes. / – What did you get? – This is the change. / – Wow, you didn’t spend it all? – Dad, I want ice cream. / – Ice cream? Let’s just share one. Coconut flavor, please. Coconut! Please give us a lot. (Right then…) He’s acting suspicious. What’s going on? What’s this? (Goodness.) You bought this. I won’t get fooled anymore. – It’s a kids’ toy. / – They’re used to his pranks. – How should we tease him? / – With Sian… When Sian isn’t looking. They’ll tease Sian with the toy. I’m getting nervous. It’s impressive how he’s studying to pull a prank. Dad, what are you doing? I have to be thorough in order to fool him. Okay. This way? Got it. Sian is coming. (Sian is back just in time.) (He has a gut feeling.) Dad, you were here? – Hey, Sian. / – Sian, you’re back. You bought a necklace and earrings for Mom. – Sian. / – Yes? What’s this? (There’s a rat.) That’s gross. Is it fake? (This isn’t what I expected.) Sian seems rather calm. Sian isn’t easily fooled by Donggook anymore. – Hello. / – It’s fake. This isn’t how it’s supposed to go. I prepared something, so please be surprised. Okay? (He’s ready to be surprised.) (Get ready.) – Get ready. / – It’s a rat! (Act surprised!) (He acts surprised with passion.) Was that good enough? Sian’s job is Lee Donggook’s son. – I’m going to the toilet. / – Me, too. (I will go to the toilet now.) Okay. (Beware of those who go to the toilet.) I need to pee. Dad. (Act surprised like this from now on, kids.) – The reactions make the pranks worthwhile. / – I know. (Donggook cleans up sadly.) I lost money and I failed to fool my children. Nothing worked out today. His effort was futile. There is one thing I want to do. You agree, right? – Yes. / – Do you agree? Where will they spend their last night? Let’s go inside. Is that a hair salon? Isn’t it a barbershop? Sian, your hair is long. Let’s trim it nicely. Your hair obstructs your view. (Sian’s hair grew long.) (Palm Tree Style) Haircut costs… A haircut costs 150 baht. – It’s 150 baht. / – I only have 50 baht left. Then I can’t get a haircut. We have a special technique. “It’s expensive.” – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. – Haircut. / – Haircut. I only… I have cash. – Will he get a discount? / – Give me a discount. – Yes. / – Would it be okay? He is a baby. Yes. Because he is a baby. Sian, that’s good. We’ll pay 50 baht. It’s one third the original price. Nice. – 50 baht is… / – It’s about 1 dollar and 80 cents. We want a Thai style haircut. He should explain well. I’m getting nervous. I know. Okay, okay. (Donggook puts Sian in the chair.) He is a bit nervous, but… (I’m nervous, but I will trust people.) Sian, you froze. (The haircut begins.) (Shocked) Isn’t he cutting off too much? He is fast. He is so fast. He will be bald. No. I will be cool. He will cut my hair nicely. He trimmed off too much. He shouldn’t trim too much in the back. Why shouldn’t he trim too much in the back? Nothing. It’s okay to do that. Your hair will grow back. He is shaving off Sian’s hair. Sian, you are better off than the child behind you. His hair is gone. He is getting his head shaved. – He is becoming bald. / – He’s going bald. – Sian still has some hair. / – She isn’t even looking. Will his haircut look that way? Hold on. I’m really nervous. (Will I look that way?) Dad, am I… Am I becoming cool? Yes, you are. He realized that something isn’t right. Hold on. Is that Sian? (In an instant…) Is that Sian? No, it’s the other child. – Is that Sian? / – That’s Sian. (Cut hair piles up.) What is that now? He is getting that other child’s haircut. (He cuts without hesitation.) – Donggook! / – Donggook, hurry. – My goodness. / – Stop the hairdresser. Sian, I might get scolded by your mom. My goodness. Sian’s face fell. Sian, your bangs are gone. – Seriously. / – I know. You had that hairstyle when you were a baby. – You are like Bentley. / – You are like Bentley. Bentley doesn’t have any hair. Now Bentley might have more hair than him. (The barber checks the style with his sharp instincts.) He is getting the hairdresser’s hair. (It’s his best work.) – What is that? / – He is getting patterns. Look at that. Oh, my goodness. Sian, you became Lightning Man. It’s beginning to look cool. (He brushes the little bangs that’s left.) – He looks cool. / – Goodness, I know. He is becoming cool. Sian, you look so cool. Handsome man. Handsome man. He called you a handsome man. Sian, do you like it? (He is satisfied.) – Will you go back to Korea this way? / – Yes. Okay, good. (The master hairdresser created this style.) He cut his bangs too straight. (The most popular style in Thailand) He shows a cool pose. Gaze coolly. There you go. (Yoo Ahin, watch out for me.) Your haircut is the most memorable thing we did in Chiang Mai. I’ve never seen this style of haircut. I will always get this hairstyle. Look over here. In one, two, three. They will never forget their time in Chiang Mai. (Let’s be happy in 2019 as well.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. Dongook looks more and more like his dad as he gets older!!! Also I love Sians haircut and the twins dresses

  2. These kids cannot longer be fooled by their Appa . They have grown SO much !!!!

  3. It was so funny because at first, they were worried about the haircut, but he turned out to be AMAZING LMAOOOOO

  4. The haircut Sian got is like my favorite haircut on a guy. And it looks so cute on him. He definitely looks more mature but also sooo handsome too. It's not the typical haircut Korean children or even adults get but I think he looks adorable.

  5. Babyboy got a lineup and said he wants to keep it!!! I'm so here for it

  6. I don't understand why they're trying to roast the barber. It looks great and Sian likes it, plus the other kid's hair isn't abnormal either

  7. the seller that Sian bought those earrings from looks like 3 different cousins of mine

  8. sian is getting old😞 but when they held his hair back he still looked as little as he did a year ago😞

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh our baby sian looks so freakin good he's too handsome for such look and he's still my baby huhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. If ever the Lee family leave TROS show , they should start vloging or start a" keeping up with the Lees"✨🌸🌟

  11. cute baby sian no more, he is now a handsome young boy with cool hair style 😁

  12. i miss theeem :< uploaaaad some videos noooow give them more screentime for us :<

  13. todaaay is march 31 they uploaded this at march 3 it's almost 26 days and they are not still uploading i miss theeesm :<

  14. "Sian's job is Lee Donggook's son" i love this father and son relationship! Hahahahha

  15. Has anyone noticed he low key looks like a baby version of Park Seojoon?

  16. The hair cut is really not that bad. Sian looks more charismatic with this hair cut.

  17. No!(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ Siam’s new hair cute makes me relive he’s growing up!🥺 I don’t want him to grow up!

  18. It would be funny if donggook was getting that hairstyle 😂 I want to see sian laughing at him while the barber is like shaving his whole hair😂😂

  19. Yeah mostly in tropical places, haircuts looks like this, I live in Philippines and I can see haircuts like this here. :> it suits sian tho. 😉

  20. my boy got that fresh tape line and a fade! who can do it like him, periodt!

  21. 6:00 This hair style is for Thai student, the boys have to do this hair style even they don't like it, it's a school rules/dress code in Thailand.

  22. Nuu😭😭 sian is more handsome in his cute bangs!!! Bochisso sianie!!😂💜💜

  23. donggook became stylish, from fashion terrorist to something good and he's damn fine

  24. I wonder if the Thais there even knew how popular this family is in Korea. 🙂

  25. he looks very handsome with that hairstyle tho .. he looks different from other kids definitely, he usually have a bowl cut with a longer pointy bangs. he looks cool!

  26. Nice haircut😍
    Sian is a handsome man now time is really fast he is not baby anymore!😍

  27. Bruh the barber did an amazing job, Sian's lookin hella fresh.

    I guess fades/line ups aren't common in korea.

  28. The fact that 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton was playing in the background of the video while Sian was shopping made my day.

  29. Sian feel nervous of his hair but still manage to act cool and trust the barber of his work. And feel satisfied with the result. Hehehe

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