SIAN “Dad You lied again!!” [The Return of Superman/2018.05.06]

Dad. – Dad. / – Dad. My gosh, my kids are back. – Dad, I took a photo! / – You took a photo? – The photo. / – Let me see. – Here is the photo. / – Let me see. – There is a horse here. / – Take it out. – Did you have the slush? / – Yes. You took it at the stand. Sian took a great photo. – What is it? Let me see. / – The slush stand. (I see. This was…) (Feeling anxious) We lost Sian, but we found him later. – You lost him? / – Yes. – How? / – We lost him. I told you to always hold hands. Why did you lose Sian? You weren’t supposed to deviate from the plan. I told you not to deviate from the plan. I’m sorry about that. Stay with your sisters. What if you got lost? I won’t give you an errand if this happens again. The three musketeers must always stay together. Exactly. You didn’t hold my hand, Sian. You were supposed to. You did wrong there, right? – Yes. / – All right. (Did I scold him too much?) Sian. Sian, sit over there. Take off your socks. I’ll wash your feet. I’ll take off my socks. (Yes!) My gosh, my feet stink. – Dad, we’re going out. / – Okay. (The sisters go out.) – That hurts a lot. / – Okay. Were you scared when you lost your sisters? I wasn’t scared. It was so fun! – It was fun? / – Yes. – It was fun to be alone? / – Yes. Your sisters pestered you all the time. – Did you walk around? / – It was hard. That’s why it was so much fun. It looks like you had a blast by yourself. I went to a pond and made a wish. But how did you find out about the pond? (He got lost and separated from his sisters.) (He remembered what his dad said and visited it.) Let me find Sua and Seola. (He channels his energy to his fingertips) (and throws it.) (He got it in.) – Good job. / – Well done. (Hurrah! I’m so happy.) Show me how you made the wish. (Smirking) – From here? / – Move closer. (He throws it in the water.) – What was your wish? / – Please – “Please”? / – make Dad… Me? Make Dad stop teasing me. (Making his dad stop teasing him is his wish.) (That’s my real wish.) – That was your wish? / – Yes. Hey, you got a humongous bite. – It was a mosquito. / – Doesn’t it hurt? – You got bitten? / – Yes. What were you doing when it bit you? Gosh, what are we going to do? (Donggook is upset.) – Isn’t it itchy? / – Yes. What should we do? We must tap on it. (Tapping) (Don’t scratch it. You must tap on it.) – Don’t tap on it hard. / – Why not? Then you try it, so you don’t get upset. – I’m scared. / – What are you scared of? The red bite scares me. I know. Would you like me to cool it down for you? (No way. You think I’ll fall for it again?) Let’s play rock-paper-scissors. The loser gets a finger flick. Mine hurts. No, you can do it if you win. I’ll play rock. Then what do you need to play? – This. / – That’s it. Play that, okay? Rock-paper-scissors. (Of course. He fools Sian again.) Dad, you lied again. Right, I forgot. I thought you’d play this. Anyway, you lost. Come here. I’m scared. Don’t be. You lost, so get your punishment. We must follow the rules. You won’t do it on the bite, right? No, I won’t. I won’t do that. (But he targets the bite.) You hit me where the bite is. Right here. You hit me here. (Whatever!) (Sian is really upset.) Sian, okay. Come here. Let me hug you. Come here. (Sian doesn’t answer him.) (“40-Year-Old Gook’s Life” The Musical) ♪ I like Sian ♪ ♪ Sian doesn’t like me ♪ You must sing it louder. You have to sing next. (“An Upset Five-Year-Old’s Life”) ♪ When you play a joke on me ♪ ♪ I’m really sad, you know nothing, Dad ♪ ♪ I’m like this because I’m sad ♪ ♪ I’ll tease you just a bit now ♪ – Singing is so funny. / – Okay. (Looking proud) ♪ I love you, Dad ♪ (Sing wholeheartedly.) All right, I love you too. Come here. Goodness, you win, Sian. The moment you said you loved me, you won. (The father and the son reconcile by singing.) I won’t tease you. I’ll just play with you. Okay, Dad. I promise you. You said I can play with you. – Okay. / – Okay? I love you, Dad.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Omg I haven't watch this show in a long time look at how big and talkative Sian is!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Daebak is growing up mischievous but very well-mannered. Which I find so cute 🤗 But it’s great to see him smile and laugh more now. He’s really Daebak! 👍🏼

  3. This is one of my fave episode…i laughed so hard and i cried bcs i love this father-son relationship..love them.

  4. Sian gets trolled by his dad a lot but I think it will actually help him be more clever and smarter. He seems to be able to forgive and forget easily, doesn't hold a grudge against his dad. That's really admirable. I feel like I would hold a grudge for sure. 😂 I'm guessing that's why his dad keeps teasing him. If Sian was really bothered by all the teasing to the point of resenting his dad, his dad would stop. Sian is also good at admitting his feelings, like saying he's sad and also stating the specific reason why. A lot of people grow up not knowing how to express themselves and hide their true worries. I think Sian will grow up strong, witty, and forgiving thanks to his dad.

  5. Sian become naughty because his appa always teasing him. 😂 But he still is the sweet little maknae Sian.

  6. I love donggook and sianie have quality time together, father and son tandem they make me smile, most specially when donggook teasing sianie

  7. I always wondered where Sian learned to sing his feelings. I guess this solves the mystery.

    Also, is that Memory playing in the background lol 😂

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this father and son tandem! Aigoooo hahahahahahahaha

  9. 4:30 okay, I got it. This' where Sian's got that's song.. when Seungjae's visited his home. Lol 😅

  10. Very funny when dong guk play joke with sian. But very touched because they really love each other.

  11. What kind of cute musical play is this? I've been missing this show a lot and sian surprised me with how well he speaks now. Our baby has grown up well 💖

  12. of course Sian win when he said I love you dad.. He wins my heart too when he said that <3

  13. I reaaaallyyy love how donggok laugh at 5.37. Sian is sooooooo cute.😆😆😆 Im dying. Hahaha

  14. Does anyone know when and how Sian's "Life as a musical" started?

    I love this baby so much!
    Him and Seungjae. ♡♡♡


  16. I believe that sian will become a great and nice man when he grow up. Look at the way dongguk raises him..

  17. i like Sian lyrics … " when you play a joke on me , I'm really sad , you know nothing Dad … I'm like this because i'm sad .."

  18. I cannot stop thinking baout donggook's laugh Omg 😭🤣😍

  19. I’m so glad he’s back to being the smiley & goofy baby we saw when he first appeared lol. I know he’s praised for being calm and observant, but it’s been so nice to see him be more playful and full of expressions in the recent episodes…. I guess all those pranks worked out eventually 😂


  21. “40 Year Old Gook’s Life “ The Musical.😂😅
    “ An Upset Five Year Old’s Life”
    They are DongDae twins indeed.👍🏻🥰

  22. Did donggok teach him to sing his feeling? Is this why we have many broadway "life of Sian" performance?

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