Shadowbringers hands-on preview: Healer jobs (WHM, SCH, AST)

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Shadowbringers Healer preview. This video will be an in-depth look at all of the new healer actions as well as changes to existing actions. Please be aware that
all information in this video is based on an in-development build of
Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers. The content in the final version is subject to change. During the live letter, Yoshida stated that healers are going to be rebalanced to emphasize a pure healing role However all this really means is that their
primary goal was to improve each healers toolkit and address their weaknesses. DPS actions still exist and even some have been added but on the other hand several were removed as well. Also please note that due to the battle calculations being changed for Shadowbringers, potency values in this video should be taken with a grain of salt, because they aren’t going to represent the same values as they would now. Before getting into the new actions and changes, first let me go over some key system changes that will directly impact healers. If you already know the battle system changes from the live letter, feel free to skip this part. Time stamps will be in the video description. First off MP is now capped to 10,000 and spell costs have been scaled
accordingly. However Piety still exists and affects
healer roles by increasing the rate at which you regenerate MP. Next, the HP
values of barrier shielding will now be displayed in the party list which is
incredibly welcome quality of life improvement. Now you’ll be able to
better visualize your party’s effective HP Now let’s take a look at healer role
actions in shadow bringers. Role actions are no longer customizable and are
unlocked regularly as you level up. One thing you may notice is that Protect
has been removed. So you’ll never need to go through the motions of applying that before battle again. Fortunately for our hotbars
healers now only have six role actions: Repose, Esuna, Swiftcast,
Lucid Dreaming, Surecast, and Rescue. Removed are: Cleric Stance, Break, Protect, Eye for an Eye, and Largesse. Repose has been moved over from the White Mage kit and has not changed in function. Lucid Dreaming’s recast time has been cut in half, but on the other hand Surecast’s
recast time has been increased from 30 seconds to a whopping 120 seconds, so you’ll unfortunately have to be a lot more selective about when you use it. The duration has been increased slightly by one second. Esuna, Swiftcast, and Rescue see no changes aside from the level that the first two are learned at. One notable change to White Mage is that Lilies now accumulate over time, rather than relying on Cure I and Cure II casts. There’s also a new Blood Lily mechanic which will be discussed shortly and they’ve also
received two new instant cast GCD heals to help out with healing on the go, since
White Mage has more cast times than the other healers. First, let’s get into the new Lily system since I’m sure that’s what you’re the most curious about. Lilies now accumulate automatically every 30 seconds of combat up to a maximum of three. There’s no other way to obtain them, and the effect has also been completely changed. Now the only way you consume Lilies is by using two new spells. The first one is a Level 52 spell called Afflatus Solace, which is an instant cast 700 potency heal. The second one is a Level 76 spell
called Afflatus Rapture, which is an instant cast 300 potency AoE heal. Both of these spells are on the GCD and cost one Lily. The blood lily is a new addition to the Job Gauge unlocked at level 74 with the Heart of Solace trait. It blooms after consuming three Lily’s
allowing you to use Afflatus Misery, a powerful AoE attack with a base potency of 900 and a diminishing returns effect on each additional enemy. Again please remember that damage calculations have changed, so any exact potency comparisons to existing skills will probably not be accurate. As for other new actions, at Level 72 White Mage gains two new spells. Dia which replaces Aero II, and Glare which replaces Stone IV. Both of these are direct improvements over their predecessors. Please note that Aero III has been removed so Dia will be your only DoT now. At level 78 you gain the Enhanced Asylum trait, which gives Asylum an additional effect that’s like a mini Largesse, increasing HP recovery via healing actions by 10%, but only on party members that are inside the bubble. Finally, the Level 80 action is called Temperance, which increases your healing magic potency by 20% while also reducing damage taken by 10% for all party members within 30 yalms. It lasts 20 seconds and can be used every two minutes. It’s definitely ideal for handling
heavy raid wide damage. As for changes to existing actions, Confession stacks via
AoE heals are no longer a thing. Instead, Plenary Indulgence has changed in nature to an AoE buff that triggers an additional 200 potency heal when you use
Medica, Medica II, or Cure III. Note that this buff only lasts 10 seconds and the radius has been reduced to 20 yalms. Regen’s potency has been increased by
50, while its duration has decreased by 3 seconds or one tick. Overall this is a 150 potency increase assuming the entire HoT is used. Again, the potency comparisons in this video are solely for reference and do not reflect on changes to battle calculations. Moving on, Medica II’s HoT potency has been doubled and its duration halved, this means it still does the same amount of
healing but in half the time. Divine Benison’s description has changed. The shield is now worth 500 potency, rather than 15% of the targets maximum HP. As for DPS actions, Aero II, Stone III, and Stone IV have received some buffs not that you’ll be using any of these in max level content. And as previously mentioned, Aero III has been removed in its entirety. For the curious, the replacement Level 58 action is Thin Air, which was previously level 62, so you’ll be able to use Thin Air in Level 60 synched content. Holy now deals a flat 140 potency to all nearby enemies instead of a scaling system starting from 200. Using current calculations, this would be a nerf for seven enemies and below and a buff at eight enemies and up As a minor note Fluid Aura’s knockback effect has been removed and now it is solely a bind and can be
used from afar. Traits wise, all of the Enhanced Mind traits have been removed, but this isn’t an issue because they only account for 48 mind. Secret of the Lily II is gone too because of the change in Lily functionality. Overall, White Mage’s kit got rounded out with some new instant cast heals and healing buffs. The new Lily system is definitely an improvement and even contributes to DPS now, although it takes 90 seconds worth of lilies to cast Afflatus Misery. Next up is Scholar. Scholars are affected by the change to
Pet actions, and so Fairy actions will now be categorized as character actions. Commands such as Place and Heel are the same as before but obey has been removed since you’ll be controlling all of your Fairy’s abilities manually by default. Your Fairy’s are also immune to damage now, so you won’t have to worry about
them dying mid-fight. Also, Eos and Selene are now effectively the exact same thing, just different skins so you can choose based on which appearance you like more. In return, Scholar gets a new temporary summoning seraph and more healing output. Before I get into anything, let’s take a quick look at the actions menu. What immediately stands out is that the majority of the class actions have been moved to the job category. Scholar does in fact have different versions of some of these actions with Summoner. I’m not going to go into the details of these
differences because they’re mainly potency differences, but it’s interesting to note that the devs are trying to split the two further. Seraph is the main
new mechanic for Scholar and use of Summon. You unlock her at level 80 and she can be summoned for 20 seconds on a 120 second recast timer
replacing your current fairy. While Seraph is summoned Fairy actions are changed as follows: Whispering Dawn becomes Angel’s Whisper and Fey Illumination becomes Seraphic Illumination. However these two are purely
aesthetic changes. The Illumination has actually been changed a bit, but I’ll get into that later when I talk about the existing Fairy skills. Seraph comes with
two new abilities. One of them is Seraphic Veil, a 200 potency healing shield on a three second recast timer. In other words this is Seraph’s version
of Embrace. The other new ability is Consolation, an AoE 150 potency heal and shield
which you command her to do. Consolation can be charged up to two uses with a charge time of 20 seconds. Since Seraph can only be summoned every 120 seconds, you’ll always be able to use Consolation twice per summon. As for other new actions, Scholar has a new level 46 action called Art of War, which is a basic 150 potency AoE attack intended to replace Miasma II At Level 72, Biolysis replaces Bio II, and Broil III replaces Broil II. At Level 74 you get a new ability called Recitation, which allows you to use Adloquium, Succor, Indomitability, or Excognition for free, but with guaranteed crit. At Level 76, you get a new Fairy ability called Fey Blessing, which is a flat AoE heal with 250 potency and a cool-down of one minute. Lastly, at level 78 you get the Enhanced Sacred Soil trait, which adds a 100 potency Regen effect to Sacred Soil, making it similar to Astrologian’s
bubble. As for changes to existing actions,
let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Scholar no longer has access to: Miasma, Miasma II, Shadow Flare, Energy Drain, Bane, Rouse, and Fey Covenant. I’ll let that sink in for a second Anyway, Aetherflow is now unlocked at
level 45 and cannot be used outside of combat. Since Energy Drain and Bane are gone, Aetherflow stacks can now only be used on Lustrate, Sacred Soil, Indom and Excog. Speaking of which, Excog can now be used
on yourself. Adloquium has actually been buffed, Now Galvanize is 125% of
the amount healed by default, and in the event of a crit,
we get an extra 100% on top of that. The crit bonus is now a separate shield buff called Catalyze. Succor has had to potency buffed by 30, but its shielding has been nerfed
from 150% to 125%. Emergency Tactics’ recast time has been
reduced by 5 seconds, and since Eye for an Eye no longer exists,
Deployment Tactics only spreads Galvanize now. Dissipation now automatically
re-summons your Fairy when its effect ends. Unfortunately, Chain Stratagem has been nerfed from 15% to 10%. As mentioned before, Eos and Selene now functioned the same; Their summon cast time has been reduced to a regular GCD and the MP cost seems cheaper even
with the new scaling. Embrace has been nerfed by 100 potency, making it weaker than a White Mage’s Regen tick, but on the other hand it’s also instant cast now. You also can’t assign it to a hotbar or macro it anymore. Fey Illumination now reduces magic damage taken by 5% in addition to its healing buff, but since Fey Covenant was removed this feels like a heavy nerf. Fey Union was also nerfed by 80 potency. Ruin II gets buffed from 100 to 200 potency through traits, making it even better for weaving. As a minor note, Bio II, Broil, and Broil II receive potency buffs. Also, Sustain has been removed, which is to be expected now that Fairy’s don’t take damage anymore. As for other traits, again, all Enhanced intelligence and Enhanced Mind traits have been removed. The Aetherdam traits have also been removed since you don’t get Aetherflow until Level 45 now. It already starts at 3 stacks. With Shadow Flare, Miasma, Energy Drain, and Bane gone, it feels like Scholar has lost a lot of its
DPS kit, and the Chain Stratagem nerf really doesn’t help either. Seraph is looking very strong but since she can only be up a sixth of the time, I’ll leave it up to the theorycrafters to figure out how it all balances out. It will also be interesting to see if Recitation’s guaranteed spread critlo’s end up being overpowered. Moving on to our last Healer, Astrologian. Astrologian gets a major card rework, and some new abilities that let you make use of the opposite status effects. First, the cards themselves have all been
changed. All of them have increased damage dealt now, and they’re differentiated by the seals they give, and whether they’re better used on melee or ranged DPS. The seals are used for a new level 50 ability Divination. How this works is that you get a new Job Gauge called Seals of Arcana that fills as you play cards. Once you have played all these three
cards, you can use divination to buff your party’s DPS. The strength of the buff depends on how many different seals you have. However, Divination is on a three minute cooldown, so you’re not going to be using it every three cards. Mechanics-wise, first of all Draw has been split into two actions: Draw and Play, with separate recast timers, meaning that you don’t have to rush to use a card ASAP just to get the Draw cooldown rolling again. This is great from an efficiency standpoint, but unfortunately I think it does mean that you’ll need separate hotkeys for them Next, Royal Road and Spread have been removed. Also, Redraw can now store up to three charges,
which should alleviate the RNG struggles quite a bit. With Royal Road and Spread gone,
it only makes sense for Sleeve Draw to be changed too. And now what it does is reset the Draw timer
and gives you two stacks of a buff that reduces Draw’s cooldown to three seconds,
essentially giving you three faster draws. Its recast has been increased from
two minutes to three minutes. Minor Arcana has been shifted down to Level 50 and the effect is no longer randomized. If your drawn card is Balance, Arrow, or
Spear then it gives you Lord of Crowns, and if it’s Bole Ewer, or Spire then it
gives you Lady of Crowns. The Minor Arcana themselves have also been changed, and are powered up versions of their
respective origin cards. The catch is that they don’t give seals, so it’s still better to prioritize Divination which buffs the entire party. Overall, card management is going to revolve around
manipulating the cards you play to get different seals for divination and using
Minor Arcana on the leftovers. As for other new actions,
at Level 72, Combust II is replaced by Combust III, which has the exact same potency and duration but a lower MP cost. I’m not sure this is a tooltip mistake but, it seems very underwhelming,
especially when it’s a 30-second DoT. Anyway at the same time, Malefic III is replaced by Malefic IV which actually is thirty potency higher. The Level 74 ability is Celestial Intersection which is basically Aspected Benefit, except it does the reverse effect of your Sect. If you’re in Diurnal then it gives a shield and if you’re in Nocturnal then it
gives a Regen. The ability however is fairly weak
and can only be used every thirty seconds. At Level 76 you unlock Horoscope, which seems to be a prepared AoE heal like Earthly Star, except they get strengthened by casting Helios or Aspected Helios. At Level 78 you gain the
Enhanced Essential Dignity trait, which allows you to stack ED to two charges, giving you more flexibility as
to how and when to use it. Finally, Astrologian’s Level 80 ability is Neutral Sect which increases healing by 20%, and gives you the effects of both Sects for
20 seconds. This means that Aspected Helios and Aspected Benefic will give both a shield and a regen. Now for changes to existing actions. First off, Time Dilation has been removed. Celestial opposition is now an AoE heal, not a stun, and it doesn’t extend buff durations either. Its initial heal is 100 potency and has an additional regen or shield depending on your sect. Basically it’s a mini Aspected Helios. All of these changes mean that there will be no more extending of buff durations including cards. Diurnal Sect and Nocturnal Sect no longer have their 10% and 15% healing buffs or enmity reductions, and Nocturnal Sect now increases the MP cost of Aspected Beenfic. Earthy Star’s damage has been
nerfed by 50 potency, but the healing remains unchanged. To balance out the removed healing buffs from stances, Helios receives a small buff while
Aspected Helios has its base heal halved, and its regen buffed by 60 potency. Benefic II and Diurnal Aspected Benefic are also buffed. Aspected Benefic and Aspected Helios now require an active Sect to use, so you’ll notice a lot faster if you forgot to turn one on. Synatry’s recast time has increased by 30 seconds, and Collective Unconsciousness’
regen effect has been nerfed by 100 potency. Gravity has been shifted down to Level 45, so you can use it in level 50 synced content. Similar to what happened to Holy,
but now deals a flat 130 potency to targets affected, which is a nerf at 10 enemies and below. Traits wise, you’re probably tired of hearing this but the Enhanced mind traits are gone. Most of Astrologian’s changes were in the card system. Getting maximum potential out of Divination will still require luck, but overall the RNG seems to be lessened by the redraw buff. Instead of memorizing Royal Road patterns, Now you’ll have memorize which cards give which seals, as well as which ones to use on melee vs. ranged. Overall we can see that the focus
has indeed been on shoring up each healers healing toolkit. White Mage got its much-needed Lily rework. Scholar got better direct healing output. And Astrologian no longer has unwanted cards. For White Mages and especially Scholars
who enjoyed DPSing, the DPS changes are kind of disappointing
because all healers only have one dot and one regular attack now Feel free to discuss what you think of the new abilities and changes in the comments on our Reddit thread (Link in the description below!)

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