Seungjae’s smell is all over! [The Return of Superman / 2017.02.12]

Seungjae, where are we? I should be asking. – I… / – Where are we? We’re at a kids’ cafe. This isn’t the kids’ cafe. It’s Dad’s work. This is Dad’s office. Where are we again? Dad’s office. (Seungjae is here to cheer on his dad.) Where is Dad? Hello. Where is my Dad? Hello. Give this to him. – This is for you. / – Thank you. (He has gifts for Jiyong’s colleagues.) Here, for you. I need one for him. Cheer them on. (I’m cheering you on.) Thank you. – Enjoy this. / – Thank you. Where is Dad? Right here! – Hello. It’s Dad. / – Dad! You came too fast. – What about me? / – Here. – Dad, this is for you. / – Thank you. Here you go, Dad. Seungjae, you came too early. Why? Now the two days will start early. (Where is the excited Seungjae running to?) (There are a bunch of car figurines.) (He spots something else.) (He runs back.) Uncle, may I play with that? (May I play with the cars?) Yes, you may. (He asked for permission first.) You can play with them. (Seungjae puts his mind at ease and plays.) Why do you look so haggard today? Really? People told me that I have aged. Who told you that? My employees did. They said I’ve aged. It’s because you drink too much. They said I only look old today. You are old. You don’t just look old. You should get some rest. (You expect me to rest with Seungjae?) Make sure you eat fruits and dietary supplements. Seungjae needs to take vitamin D. – Is there a supplement for him? / – Yes. Mix a few drops into his juice or yogurt. Okay. – Seungjae. / – Yes? You can play well with Dad, right? Yes. What do you want to do with Dad? I want to play with cars. What else do you want to do? I want to play with blocks. – Go on. Take care. / – Seungjae, I’m leaving. – Bye. / – Say bye to your mom. Take care. (He gives her a kiss.) Have a safe trip. – Seungjae, play over here. / – Okay. I’ll come out as soon as I put my coat on. All right. (He plays well by himself.) (Sighing) (He suddenly grows quiet.) – Seungjae, what are you doing? / – What? I am pooping. (Shuddering) (He pees as well.) (Waddling) (There is one person on his mind.) Dad, I pooped. What? (What?) Did you poop? (Please tell me that you didn’t.) – Did you really poop? / – Yes. Say it isn’t so. (Groaning) (He can’t help but laugh.) (Embarrassed) Let’s change your diaper. My goodness. (The smell permeates the air.) (He decides to change the diaper on the desk.) Stay still. I’ll change your diaper. (Jiyong’s desk has many uses.) The smell is no joke. What did you eat? I ate tteokguk at home. (His mind is elsewhere.) What did I eat at home? I ate tteokguk. Oh, goodness. (Jiyong is at a loss for words.) It got on the desk. (The matter turns worse.) (Jiyong’s desk couldn’t be saved.) You pooped a lot. (Handing over) (He is a good son who hands over wet wipes.) – Would it be okay if I go home? / – Yes. – What are you doing? / – I’m changing his diaper. – Go on home. / – Goodbye. I should change the diaper first. (Glancing) (Dad, here is the diaper.) Should I put it on? (He is dumbfounded.) Should I put it on? I’m done. Let’s stand up. The uncles can sing well. That’s right. The uncles can sing well. (Uncles, come to Seungjae’s house.) – The uncles can sing well. / – That’s right. All done. Here’s your hat. (The hat completes his look.) Seungjae, what do you want to eat? – Meat. / – Meat. – Shall we go eat meat? / – Meat. – Meat. / – Meat. Let’s go eat meat. Let’s go. I’m leaving. – Bye. / – Bye. – Bye. / – Bye. (Seungjae says goodbye to everyone.) Bye. (His parting bow is full of energy.) Let’s go. (The restaurant is busy.) The restaurant is filled with office workers who are unwinding after a week. – Hello. / – Hello. – How many people are in your party? / – I reserved – under Ko Jiyong. / – Please come this way. (They’re drawing people’s attention.) Let’s go. Seungjae, what meat do you want? – Pork. / – What meat do you want? Pork. I am hungry. Dad, I am hungry. Shall we drink water first? No, please give me meat quickly. I want to eat meat. (Meat is served.) – It’s meat. / – Thank you. Eat a lot of meat. I want meat. Meat. (Meat makes him sing.) Seungjae, this is your plate. I will grill meat. (The sizzling sound makes their mouths water.) Is it hot? Is it hot? Yes, it is. – Is it hot? / – Yes, it is. It’s hot. What should you do if it’s hot? – It’s hot. / – Good, say it’s hot. Give me meat. I want to eat meat. (His eyes are fixed on the meat.) Seungjae, try the meat. Open wide. – Meat. / – It’s meat. Open wide. Eat it. (He grimaces.) Do you want to eat meat only? Dad, you can eat that one. I will eat it, then. It’s meat for you. Dip it in sauce. (Slippery) (He doesn’t give up and enjoys the meat.) (Savoring) (He looks for the next piece like a hawk.) – It’s here. / – I will give you more. (Licking) (Eating) (As soon as he finishes the meat,) (he picks up the tongs.) I will do it. (It’s impossible to wait in front of meat.) This meat is hot. – Is it hot? / – It’s hot. The helicopter is turning. – It’s a helicopter. / – Is it a helicopter? It’s not a helicopter. It’s a fan. A fan? How does a fan move? It turns like a helicopter. – What is it called? / – A fan. (Seungjae’s dictionary) (Fish, fan) (“Fan” is his word of the day.) (Seungjae’s dictionary) (He takes another bite.) (Dazed) (What is he observing this time?) Who is on TV? – A mermaid. / – A mermaid? – A grandma. / – A grandma? It’s a grandma. – It’s a grandpa. / – A grandpa is on TV. Isn’t the grandpa pretty? (Thank you, Seungjae.) What caught Seungjae’s attention this time? (He observes some people clinking their glasses.) – Dad, let’s do that. / – Do you want water? – Let’s clink our glasses. / – Hold your cup. – I will hold my cup. / – Cheers. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (He clinks glasses with Dad for the first time.) Seungjae, is the pork tasty? Pork is the best. They enjoy a simple meal among the officer workers. It’s heartwarming. (Because ice cream is tasty) (I ate one, two, and another one) (Does he want ice cream?) Seungjae, there is ice cream by the door. Do you see the door? (An ice cream machine) Can you bring ice cream for you and me? Yes. – I will go now. / – Bring ice cream. – Bring ice cream for us. / – Okay. I will bring ice cream for us. I will do that. These are pretty, right? These are pretty, right? (He suddenly boasts about his shoes.) (She responds.) (He hums as he marches on.) Hello. How cute! (Humming) This isn’t the right way. (He moves to the opposite way.) – Where is ice cream? / – What are you looking for? (He’s worried.) (He sings the ice cream song again.) ♪ Because ice cream is tasty ♪ There it is. Ice cream. Ice cream, ice cream. Ice cream, ice cream. (He is almost there.) Ice cream, ice cream. Where is ice cream? It’s moving. (He encounters another crisis.) (His observation skills come out.) (Will he fail to run an errand?) (That’s right.) Where is ice cream? Ice cream. Where is it? What are you looking for? – What are you looking for? / – Where is ice cream? Ice cream? It’s over there. (He found the machine with an employee’s help.) – Here it is. / – Do you want a boost? (He found the machine with an employee’s help.) There you go. (He finally got ice cream.) All right. Here is a spoon. Have a taste. Let’s go down. (Something doesn’t feel right.) Can you bring ice cream for you and me? (Ice cream for you and me) Uncle, I need ice cream for Dad. All right. (He got Dad’s ice cream.) He got Dad’s ice cream. Good job, Seungjae. (He feels proud.) Where is Dad? There he is. Dad. Dad, here it is. Thank you. Did you bring this? Who brought ice cream? I did. Seungjae did. Seungjae did. Wow, you’re all grown up. You’re a big boy. I will enjoy the ice cream. Okay. (Jiyong eats dessert thanks to Seungjae.) – Is this mine? / – Yes. Thank you. Which is tastier, pork or ice cream? – Pork… Ice cream is tasty. / – Ice cream is tasty? Let’s go. Hold me. Let’s go. (He hold Seungjae with one arm.) Enjoy your dinner. You, too. Enjoy your dinner. Enjoy your dinner. Bye. Thank you. (Seungjae cheers everyone up.)

Glenn Chapman


  1. This kid is so so cute. I love him. He is so sensible so lovely.

  2. Huhuhu. Throwback when he was so smoll and kyutiieeeeeeeee >.< his voice!!!!! ㅠ___ㅠ
    He's still cute until now but he really grow up a lot.

  3. I love how he cheers for everyone to enjoy eating 😻 he’s so cute 💓💓

  4. Dude is sitting in his office cubicle in his slippers. I want to work there. Lol

  5. Seungjae has grown up so much. Back then, he even needs someone who would clean him and now he's leaving TROS. Seungjae, we'll really miss you and grow up really well!

  6. seungjae’s last episode in TRos will air maybe today June 1 2019 but they didn’t let him meet his sechkies samchon.

  7. Seungjaeyaaa, you're so smart.. I'm gonna miss you so much😭💕

  8. I always forget seungjae's actual age~ his vocabulary and understanding is off the charts and then he poops his pants hahahahahaha

  9. hehehe kaway kaway sa kapwa pinoy na na nonood ng seunjea😍😍😍😍😍

  10. i will definitely miss you Seungjae..you're the reason why i'm watching tros..

  11. Ohhh he is so small in this ep. Been watching all his videos all over again. I miss him.

  12. Hindi sila sweet s isat isa pero gngw nmn lht ni jiyong pr mgng sweet sy at alm nmn ng wife ny n di sy sweet ky killa ny
    Sb nga ny ngproppse sy pero snb ny lng n mgsm n tau haha
    Grb cute ni jiyong

  13. I really missed SeungJae and now I'm here binge watching Seungjae's Cut on TROS.

  14. I'm so inlove with Seungjae from the start…. he started with diapers and now can do tasks… he grew up very well… God Bless you young man…💝😘💖

  15. It felt like yesterday when seungjae joined rtos. Seungjae is now leaving the show. 😭

  16. he is a well mannered child all credit goes to their parents..

  17. Why did I suddenly start crying when Seungjae said "the uncles can sing well"

  18. Why did I suddenly start crying when Seungjae said "the uncles can sing well"

  19. Let's keep his cuteness aside. He got his diaper changed in front of the cameraman. No kid would want that to happen. I felt bad for him.

  20. Love you Seungjae…..you r so cute n adorable… i see all your videos…. From India

  21. Oh suenjae you surprised me
    2 years old kid asked a permission to play with toy car 🚗 well mannered

  22. I like how he always says to enjoy things and stuff like that 😂💞

  23. 요즘은 걷는 애두 기저귀차요? 다른말은 백분토론에 나가두 될만큼 잘해도 아빠쉬~ 아빠응가~ 그런건 못하나요?

  24. i love watching your videos, little boy !😘God bless you !you always makes me smile!am so happy i found you in YouTube !❤everyday stress reliever !😊🤗🤗🤗

  25. Restaurants are filled with office workermen whos wives have probably cooked and waiting for them at home.

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