Seungjae’s linguistic skills that surprised everyone [The Return of Superman / 2017.02.26]

Hello. – May I have your name? / – It’s Ko Jiyong. Please wait a moment. (They are at a child psychology center.) (Why are they here?) Do you like Dad? No, I don’t. I don’t like Dad. – What? / – I don’t like Dad. (Seungjae always said he doesn’t like Dad.) – Do you like me? / – No, I don’t. You little… I want to be close to Seungjae. However, I don’t know how to do that. I visited the center to improve the situation and get professional advice. (Coming up) (What is up with the sudden quiz?) (He doesn’t answer in words,) (but sentences.) (He is at the level of an X-month-old.) (He is in the top 0.1 percent.) (What happened?) It will be revealed soon. Please relax and play with Seungjae. – You can use the toys. / – Okay. Jiyong and Seungjae’s regular interaction is being observed. You shut it and place the car. – You place the car. / – After that, you lift this round thing. (He succeeds.) There are so many toys here. There are so many toys here, right? – A dog. / – A dog. It’s a scary dog, isn’t it? It’s a scary dog. (Startled) Let’s give tasty food to the dog. – Should we give it tasty food? / – Yes. We don’t have tasty food. What should we give? Look for tasty food a dog can eat. What should we give the dog? – A bug. / – What is that? – It’s a bug. / – What kind of a bug is it? – It’s an ant. / – No, it isn’t. It’s a bug I hate. – A cockroach. / – A cockroach. Instead of saying “It’s a bug I hate”, he could have said, “You think it looks like an ant.” “It doesn’t look like an ant to me.” Instead of answering in “yes” and “no”, it’s much better to use various expressions. It’s a pig. Is it a pig? Seungjae, what did you eat yesterday? – Pork. / – You ate it yesterday, right? (Scary) (My goodness.) (Jiyong’s words made him lose interest.) It’s an apartment. It’s high. (He wants to open the door.) Here. (Jiyong opens both doors.) The door opened. (I wanted to open it.) (Sighing) Try kicking it, Seungjae. Kick it like this. (They move on to a physical activity.) Kick like this. Kick, kick, kick! (Seungjae is an energizer.) Jiyong chases after Seungjae and plays hard. (His energy is drained.) His battery ran out. Jiyong, are you okay? (Dazed) How was it to play with your son? It wasn’t easy. When you played with the parking lot toy, you did a good job of explaining in steps what Seungjae found hard. Thank you. Let’s talk about the way you carry a conversation. Seungjae said, “It’s a pig.” (You ate it yesterday, right?) (He ruined a child’s innocence.) Seungjae is only 27 months old. He may not be able to connect the ideas yet. He is very creative. The figurines he decided to put in the sandbox were all powerful animals like elephant and tiger. It’s a wolf. Judging by his choices, he leads and stays energetic like a CEO. Even with the castle, he doesn’t want Dad to open and close the door. You should ask, “Shall we open it together?” “Seungjae, do you want me to open the door?” Ask the basics like you are in a relationship. This is the result of the questionnaire you filled out. You scored low on supportive expressions. You must show big reactions and follow the child’s emotions like an actor. When you son is playing with a dinosaur, you can imitate the sound of its cry. It’s one of the things you can do. The last criteria is inconsistency. It shows Dad’s level of stress. Yours is higher than other dads in your age group. Perhaps there are many things to take care of at work. Sometimes, I feel exhausted. – You feel exhausted. / – Yes. You are showing signs of a burnout. Even when you do your best, Seungjae might think it’s lacking by two percent. That’s why you become a balloon without air. You lack soul even if you try hard. Since Seungjae is two to three times more energetic, just think of this as raising twins. Think of him as twins of different genders. Treat him like a son and a daughter. (If Seungjae were twins…) This is what raising Seungjae feels like. Raising a child requires strength. He needs high-quality nurturing. I can’t engage in a physical activity for as long as Seungjae wants. It makes me feel uneasy. I have met some 15,000 children over the past 15 years. – In terms of language, / – Yes. Seungjae isn’t simply better than other children. I can hardly believe he is 27 months old. He is quite ahead. We will do this later. Say, “Wait.” Let me do it for five minutes. No. Let’s do it five minutes later. He suggested doing it for five minutes. He made a deal. I am a horse. I am a cow. I am a reptile. A snake is a reptile. I am a reptile. I can’t believe Seungjae is 27 months old. He uses difficult expressions. (That’s not the end.) Look. – It’s an ant. / – It’s an ant. It’s a dung beetle. A dragonfly. A dragonfly. – A butterfly. / – A butterfly. Which group do they belong, reptiles or bugs? – Bugs. / – They belong with bugs. Should the police car be in the group? A car shouldn’t be here. (Seungjae is certain about the division of groups.) Is snake the only reptile? – There is an alligator, too. / – Let’s see it. An alligator. There is no alligator here. (He brings another reptile.) It looks scary. Dinosaurs aren’t reptiles. (He separates the dinosaurs.) A zebra. A zebra. A zebra. A zebra. (He puts zebra with the mammals.) (Mammals and dinosaurs) It’s incredible. He seems to be a gifted child. The expressions he uses require understanding. Shall we measure his language intelligence? Uncle, have a meal. This is the safe zone. Come quickly. When I gave it food, the rabbit said it’s tasty. (Seungjae has remarkable ability in expression.) Let’s do something fun. (How good is he?) Let’s take a look, Seungjae. What is this? – Dad’s hand. / – Dad’s hand. What about this? – Dad’s foot. / – Dad’s foot. What about this? – Dad’s eye. / – Dad’s eye. What about this? – Dad’s ear. / – It’s Dad’s ear. Whose is this? – What is this? / – Bugs. (He gives a category.) Bugs. What about this? A fly, a honeybee, a butterfly. A dragonfly. (He cleared the bugs.) Let’s see what else is here. What is this, Seungjae? A duck, a kangaroo, a penguin and – a koala. / – It’s a koala. (His brain moves faster than his mouth.) (It’s time to name objects.) – Mom’s bag. / – Mom’s bag. What is this? – Brother’s bag. / – Brother’s bag. What is this? – Socks. / – Socks. – A plate. / – A plate. What is this, Seungjae? Reading a storybook. (He answers with a noun and a verb.) Reading a storybook. What is this? – Opening a refrigerator. / – I see. What is this? Going down the slide. Going down the slide. My goodness, what are they doing? Two men are fighting. (He included a number, too.) Two men are fighting. Which is a fan? (A fan?) – A fan. / – A fan. (He learned it at a restaurant.) He recently learned the word from his dad. Does Seungjae remember it? Which is a fan? – Do you know what it is? / – Here. This is a fan. Thank you. All right. This is the result. Expressive vocabulary test measures how he speaks, formation of sentences and vocabulary. Overall, he is at the level of a 53-month-old. He is in the top 0.1 percent of children in the same age group. The receptive vocabulary test, which measures understanding and comprehending, yielded similar results. He is a very smart child. He is in the top 0.1 percent. Right now, he has high language intelligence. Intelligence level comes from the mother. It’s different from personality. You are pretty calm. – I don’t know. / – You don’t know. I don’t know if it’s a good thing to be so advanced. There are pros and cons. His peers won’t be able to speak like him. He will take more interest in children and adults who are older than him. Since he could lose interest in making friends, parents should take care. I’m sure you are putting efforts, but Mom and Dad’s roles are crucial. Parents grow with their child. Both Seungjae and his parents are 27 months old. – Did it help? / – It helped a lot. – Thank you. / – Thank you. I want Seungjae to grow at the same speed as his peers. I was told that conversations with his parents will help Seungjae get along with his peers. I will talk to him on his level. Good morning.

Glenn Chapman


  1. I love that not only is he smart he's an extremely friendly and sociable little boy

  2. Oh wow he's barely 2 and he talks like a kid I know who's almost 4 who's smart even for his age.

  3. it's his special game with his dad. "do you like dad or mom?" to Seungjae it is.

  4. I think if your parents or one of your parents is a doctor,you'll be a smart kiddo.. I remembered Yuto, Sarang's best friend..

    But of course that's just my opinion.. 😂

  5. Early childhood education을 전공하는 사람으로서 진짜 승재 노는 모습을 심리학 선생님이랑 같이 놀라면서 봤다… 정말 어린아이들은 언제나 우리 어른들을 놀랍게 하는 힘이 있는것 같아요 – 우리 어른들도 생각치 못한 방식으로 생각하고 표현하고… 늘 생각하는거지만 우리는 아이들을 가르치는 것이 아니라 아이들에게 배워야 할것들이 많다고 생각해요.

  6. Being ahead is a wonderful thing but also lonely. You get left out, maybe seen as weird, and always alone, talking to yourself instead. When I was a child, I couldn't talk to the children at church since I couldn't relate. I couldn't play with them since I played with structured stories and characters, and I couldn't understand much of what they're saying (their words were a mess for me). Hence, I tend to play alone, just read books, colored pictures, or talked to the caretakers/teachers if they start the conversation.

    I would even go to my sister's class or my brother's, and get along with their peers more. The teachers noticed this and even suggested to mom to let me stay at my sister's instead. Even to this day, I kinda have difficulties. Not as much as before though which I'm thankful. I often get the comments "mature" when I think of myself as childish and immature. Being different is harder than it looks.

  7. He keeps saying he don't like his dad. I'm glad there is an improvement with their relationship. I remember their conversation that warmed my heart.

    Jiyong: How much do you love me?
    Seungjae: As much as the outer space. How much do you love me?
    Jiyong: I love you a lot more than how much you love me. My love is bigger than the outer space.

    I love this family!

  8. Intelligent smart child with kind heart.
    His father trying to be friend with him but he is always tired and boring. He is tired with one child but people have triplets!

  9. “It is a pig. What did you ate last night?” That was something my mom would say to me when I was a kid. She was always brutally honest with me regardless of my age. I see her interact with my nephew and niece the same way.

  10. I think triplets dad is best in this😀😀 he s lot more expressive n interact with boys more effectively 😍😍

  11. Really gifted 😍🤩😍🤩
    I want to treat a children like you in my future 👍👍😘😘

  12. This video is why I’m happy Sian and Seungjae are friends because although he’s more advanced than kids his age, they’re both the best of buddies 😫😍

  13. I believe that Seungjae's intellegence were adopted from his mom and it was influence by his father, Jiyong

  14. He is at the same level language-wise as a kid TWICE HIS AGE. Im telling you this kid is so smart i cant wait to see him grow up into an intelligent young man.

  15. He's a real-life wattpad baby. So that's why I imagine him being the baby character everytime I read a story with a smart baby boy. 😍😘

  16. I'm pretty sure that SeungJae is going to skip some grade when he's older at this rate.

  17. This reminds me of my younger cousin lol. She's also really smart and advanced in her own age group that she doesn't like to hand or play with kids her own age because she feels awkward. She also didnt like to go to school because school was easy for her (she was in year 3 or 4 at the time so she was 8 or 9. She is now turning 10 lmao) she used to refuse to go to school or lie about being sick because she didn't like what she was doing and found it boring until one day my aunt and uncle went to school and spoke to the teacher to find out what is wrong turns out she is way too advanced and they can't give her harder work because it'll be too much for them. Being smart is nice and good but if it affects your social life with kids amongst your age at such a young age then it isn't good at all tbh…. And I could understand where Jiyong is thinking because both my aunt and uncle went and thought the same. They are proud that she is smart and is doing well but her social skill isn't good and that needs improving or she will find it hard to interact with kids her own age since she feels comforts me with older kids

  18. 10:10 "Intelligence level comes from the mother."
    0:09 "Do you like Dad? No, I don't"

    That explains it.

  19. Poor apa! Almost every episode he is told he is stressed. He must think "yes, I am stressed, what do I do about it??"

  20. Elite child in elite family, pretty reasonable considering genetics and environment. Hope that seungjae can continue to grow well and stay happy 🙂

  21. Rewatching this and seeing how ko father is now. I think he's now enjoying it. He looked so awkward on earlier episodes.

  22. Whats good in sungjae's case is that he's intelligent for his age but also very friendly so I thought that he won't have problem making friends and wouldn't be isolated coz of his intelligence

  23. What is the father worried about… he should be happy for his child… it seems as if he doesn't understand his child

  24. Even if the dad wasn’t smart as a kid, I imagine his worry comes from his own experiences being in a K-POP group. He was not overly intelligent but he was overly famous and attractive with such a high demanding job. Thus I can imagine he was unable to hang out with others his own age and missed out on a lot of things due to his idol status. Plus all this attention put a strain on him.

    Which makes me love him even more that he would recognize that being different would put his son in a difficult spot. 10/10 dad, love him

  25. Thats why seungjae is like a baby genuis haha … He is cute as a baby but smarter than a baby or even a boy

  26. Seungjae is really gifted child…..😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  27. Indeed!!he’s gifted child, seungjae’s beyond smart he’s mind is so innocent .Proud Mom and Dad❤️i can’t wait to see your future will brings sungjae!!😘😘

  28. can I just say how much he and na eun fits together. they are both highly empathic, both are very intelligent and both are very talented. though they are still children, I can't wait for more seungjaexnaeun interactions.


  30. I'm watching this again because I missed our baby Seungjae. He grow up so fast. 😭😭

  31. many claps for these amazing, gifted and blessed boy seungjae👏👏

  32. He is a gifted child indeed. He will become a successful man in the future. No doubts about that.

  33. Jiyong doesn’t have to worry about seungjae not socialising with kids his age tho, I mean look at him with Sian , he is always humble and gives in to Sian , or when he is with other kids like Naeun, he blends in pretty well

  34. Ko Jiyong- had no problems getting thousands of fangirls to profess their undying love as a Sechkies.
    Also, Ko Jiyong- cannot get his son to tell him he loves him. 😂😂

    Also, KBS you seriously cannot let this end without a Sechkies reunion on the set?? Isn't Seungjae going to meet his uncles??

  35. Is his age based on korean standards (counting the time he was in the womb) or is this european standard?

  36. Return to superman subtitles would be nice for all episodes 😤😲

  37. 27 months Sungjae us smarter compare to my 54 months self 😂

  38. Looking back at this, I'm so glad he's friends with Sian now. He finally have a friend to converse and play with that is his age.

  39. Having a mother that is a doctor and a ceo father no wonder seungjae is smart ♥

  40. Well done Seungjae, clever boy. 👍👍👍👏👏👏😘😘😘

  41. The reason for seungjaes intellect is because Jiyong never tells him any fluff or childish things and always communicates with his son in full sentences.

  42. watching this again because seung jae is leaving! huhu this is so hard for everyone 😭 I will miss you seung jae, I love you! 😘💓🤗

  43. I was amazed by his intelligence even before they consult an expert but I am really curious on what would be an expert observe with his empathy. This child has a special ability and a rare one. I have it too that is why I am very curious. Is there an episode where they consult a psychologist of some sort who explained his empathetic abilities.

  44. 8:13 the way seungjae say “a dragonfly” is kinda addictive to me xd

  45. Me and my brother both take after our mother in almost everything. And mom told me that she never used to baby talk and that we both were able to speak clear sentences well, than other kids of our age. Apart from Seungjae's Mom, Jiyong also explains things as it is, no wonder he is a smart boy.

  46. No wonder why seungjae is smart.. Her mother is a doctor and his father studied abroad for buissnes so.. Thats the prof 😊

  47. From the first episode I watched I realised he is a genius, not only smart like knowing things but because he is empathetic, caring and how he speaks and make decisions etc I have never seen a child like him.

  48. I think he perfected that test at 3yrs old, while i could failed it at 15 😭😂

  49. 2019 here… I must say his way of speaking is really amazing n indeed a very intelligent child. It reminds me of my mom once told me that I was a very curious child that she couldn't even keep up with all my questions. They were mostly related to Bio. My mom bought a whole series of books about the human body n I would read them over n over again. I never got tired of them. Then, I would ask her lots of questions to the extent that I would ask doctors in the clinics whenever any of my family were sick ("They were happy to answer & explain" that's what my mom said). My mom never "baby talk" to us, siblings n always spoke with us in a very mature way as in full sentences. However, I still made friends with my peers at that age (I was a very friendly child xD). Anyway, until this day I love Bio thanks to my past self~~ xD

  50. that’s what I noticed too.. Seungjae is too smart for his age that’s why he’s more comfortable talking and being with adults than being with kids his age or younger than him because they have quite a big gap in communication or ‘intellect’ 🙆🏻‍♀️
    fighting Seungjae !!! make use of your brilliance well 🙏🏼 his parents must be so proud 💕 I always feel proud of him every time. he is just full of wit! 😍

  51. I came here after rawon’s linguistic test. Shes like the girl version of sungjae ❤️

  52. I understand Jiyong's worries…because sometimes, the pitfalls of high IQ is low EQ. When a person processes information faster than anyone, it's natural to seek companionship that could catch up to that same thought process, but how many can actually keep up with that. Right now, Seungjae has both IQ and EQ, and I feel like when Jiyong was younger, he was also the same.
    However, when you grow older and reality just hits you everytime, you have no choice but to leave feelings behind, if it's holding you back. Even if a person is logical, this is still a lonely path.

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