SEUNGJAE X JIYONG prepared a romantic surprise♥ [The Return of Superman/2018.04.29]

Let’s go. There it is. Hello. (Jiyong and Seungjae are at a hospital.) – Gosh. / – Seungjae. Seungjae. (It’s Mom.) – What is this? / – Come here. You’re on this. Yes, I have a picture. Let’s get you checked. Why? Me? – Me? / – Yes, you. You have to get a shot. (Am I here to get a shot?) – No. / – No, no. You’re not getting a shot. – I’m getting a shot. / – No, you’re not. No, I don’t want one. – You won’t get one. / – I was only joking. It was a joke. You won’t get a shot. – You won’t get a shot. / – Where are we going? To get a aconsultation. Let’s go. – What’s a consultation? / – Come on. (Welcome.) – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – You should greet him. You should greet him. (Frozen) – He won’t get a shot. / – It’s not a shot. I promise you. It’s not a shot. (I knew this would happen.) It’s not a shot. There are no needles. (Are you sure there are no needles?) Why are you here? Whenever seasons change, he gets a runny nose. His dad has allergies. He has asthma and rhinitis. We should measure his height and weight. Okay? Good. Stay still. You’re good at this. (They get simple tests done.) – It’s ticklish. / – Did you practice? No. (Ears) You’re really good. Good job. – Am I done? / – Just one more left. (Calm) I think he’s a little underweight. He doesn’t eat much. Percentage-wise, he’s a little under average. – He is a little light. / – Right? He’s on the smaller side. You said the father has rhinitis and asthma. Family history is important. Since his dad has allergies, it’s highly likely he has it too. I’ll prescribe him something for the nose. Am I not getting a shot? A shot? You don’t need a shot. My dad needs a shot. You should treat him. (Seungjae cares a lot for his dad.) He has to go see a different doctor. Dad, go see a different doctor. – Dad, let’s go. / – What about the symptoms? – Must he go see one? / – Dad. – How much will you eat? / – I don’t know. (Seungjae’s family is eating out.) (Their order is coming out.) Yes. Thank you. – Is this grapefruit? / – It’s grapefruit. Is it bigger than an orange? Yes. It’s more bitter and sour than oranges. (It’s so sour.) It’s sour, isn’t it? – Cheers. / – Cheers. (They toast.) (It’s sour, but I want to have more.) If it’s sour, why are you having more? Was he good on the radio? He did well. He did. (Seungjae did a good job.) I wanted to listen to it, but I was working. How is Choi Soojong? He looks very young. – He’s a romantic person. / – Uncle Soojong promised to visit our house. Did he? He talks formally even to his kids. – He’s very formal to them. / – What? It doesn’t sound distant, though. He calls them formally? That’s amazing. – Mr. Ko Seungjae. / – Yes? You have to behave at a restaurant. I’m going to misbehave. – It sounds awkward. / – Doesn’t it? – Don’t you want some? / – Mr. Ko. You can’t do this. I like it. – Do you like this better? / – Do you? – Have a bread, Mr. Ko. / – Mr. Ko. It’s a delicious bread. No, thank you. I want to eat something sour. Be careful not to spill it, please. I got it. Now that we’re talking formally to Seungjae, he’s answering us formally too. (This is thanks to Choi Soojong.) Have some of this too. (Mr. Ko is eating better too.) (His mom is enjoying the food as well.) I’m full now. (His eyes look suspicious.) I have to go to the men’s room. Come with me. Your face is messy. (They rush off.) (They’re doing something at the doors.) What are they doing here instead of the washroom? (Is that a sketchbook and a bouquet?) I watched you on television. I saw how you surprised your wife. You went to her work without telling her. (It’s obviously Jiyong in a bad disguise.) (He was found out way too soon.) What do I do with you? I know. (He’s ignorant when it comes to surprises.) I copied “Love Actually”. I would flip the pages of a sketchbook. I wrote down what to say on the back. I read it as I went along. I couldn’t finish because she was crying. (A sketchbook and a bouquet surprise) (will surely bring out tears.) He’s such a romantic man. (The surprise made the nation cry.) Will Jiyong be able to do it? (The surprise novice is challenging himself.) I came to buy Mom’s flowers! – Hello. / – Hello. (Pink roses mean “happy love”.) Give this rose to Mom, then tell her you love her. I love you, Mom. – Thank you… / – Thank you for giving birth to me. – I’ll flip the pages. / – Okay. (Jiyong will read the sketchbook.) – Okay? / – Okay. I want to do a surprise for my wife. When I give you the cue, can you play Sechs Kies’ “Hunch”? – “Hunch”. / – Please play the song. Thank you in advance. One, two, three, let’s go! One, two… (What’s taking them so long?) Will they be able to surprise her? Mom, I love you! I love you! (Seungjae is doing a rehearsal.) (I think I’m ready.) Let’s go! No, no, not yet. (It’s not time yet.) (Seungjae, please…) One, two, three. Go! What is he going to do? (Running) Mom, I love you! Gosh. (Confused) What is this? Thank you for giving birth to me. Thank you. Where did you find this? (Where do you think, honey?) Seungjae, you punk. – What is it? / – What? Did the timing not work? I learned this from Soojong. Are you doing this right now? It’s been 10 years since we met. Did you make this? Yes. What do I do? We have so many happy and difficult memories. Do you see it? (He wrote his message from his heart.) Thank you for marrying me and for giving birth to our beautiful son. I should have written, “Thank you so much”. Whenever you get tired or worn out, and even when you get old like this… Isn’t that you? We’ll be a son and a husband who protect you forever. Thank you. Let’s continue to live happily just like now. Seungjae. – I love you, Mom! / – I love you. Thank you. (I love you too.) Thank you, honey. This is the “happy love” flower. Thank you. Mr. Ko Seungjae, was it a success? – No. / – No, right? No, it’s a success as long as I’m happy. Take my kiss. (Kissing) I’ve never imagined such a surprise. I was happy to see him try despite being shy. After he went on the radio show, he already changed a lot. I hope we can meet up often. Soojong, please visit our house. (Choi Soojong, please come visit us.)

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  1. I've been a fan of this family. I adore them so much. ♥️ Iloveyou seungjae!!! Ph-fan. 🤘

  2. Hope they gathered to surprised his wofe and sing HUNCH 😂😂😂

  3. Where can I watch that clip where he surprised her at the hospital..!

  4. His wife is so pretty 💓
    They are so adorable God bless them💓

  5. I wanna see seungjae parents romance…plz. it is good for their relationship..

  6. that Sechskies feeling tho, theres a lot more love song but he decided to choose Yegam, omg 😮😻😘 Please let Seungjae met his unclesss

  7. KBS & YG will you let sechskies visit seungjae when they comeback? Yelkies are begging you! 💛😭🙏🏼

  8. Am I the one crying eventhough who get surprise is her? 😅😂

  9. I want to see the Mom
    And Dad seal with a kiss on cam. I just loved their family.

  10. y dont jiyong ang his wife hug?? there marrued right pls comment or like if your curious about it also😊

  11. I would like to see that sechskies will meet seungjae but it's hilarious if seungjae will argue with jiwon omg i can't imagine that.. 😂😂🤣 But KBS PLS LET SECHSKIES VISIT SEUNGJAE SOMEDAY… 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. Hwijae's wife is so pretty but i cant handle Jiyong's wife ,,,, she is like so beautiful among all mothers at tros

  13. It's funny how Seungjae and his dad treat each other hahahahaha they are not really sweet BUT you can feel that they love each other it's just really them and their personality to be like that and I love Jiyong's effort to show it even though it is really so hard for him lol

  14. Jiyong's wife is really beautiful. Beauty and brains! You can see really why Jiyong settled down when he met her like SHE IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL, KIND, AND GOOD MOTHER AND WIFE!

  15. Seungjae face so cute when he drink the grapejuice also his always cute!!😍😍😍😍

  16. Aaahhh, yegam is my image song for this family 💖 hope they'll always be happy together 🤗


  18. I hope that they hug and kiss each other at home. I know koreans dont like public affection to be shown. Kissing kids lip to lip should be a no no.

  19. even if seungjae is not showy to his father,the way he cares for jiyong means a lot

  20. When the lyrics of Yegam is describing the current life of Ji Yong and his wife💛💛💛Then he requested it on his siprise for his wife. What a loving husband and awesome father to Ko Seung Jae. I wish i will have someone like him as my partner😍😍😍 Ko Family is really my family goal❤️❤️APPA JJANG💛💛💛

  21. His father better understand his son rather seaungaje mom.

  22. he didn't just friggin tell that he learned it from soojong… 😂

  23. Are the two divorced? I mean, I don't see them in the same house.. Or is it because his wife is busy with work and her workplace is far?

  24. Brains, beauty, personality, Yangim really got everything also a precious smart little boy. I love her sm!!

  25. I wish I could marry a man like jiyong ❤️😍so sweet and romantic

  26. We need more Jiyong in this life!!!!’ He’s such an ideal husband!

  27. being an only child is hard, my grandson is 7, & small for his age too but my grandson sure has spouted up more this year. Very nice seeing Mom & Dad together, so romantic

  28. His mom is a doctor-professor
    His dad is a ceo
    Me being sungjae -turn on CARDI B-MONEY

  29. Omg ! I was the crying for that touching msg to a wife a mother of seungjae …seungjae even give his mom gratitude for giving birth to him ..what a sweet loving famly hv an all in one goodness child !

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