Seungjae sings “Happy birthday” to Alice♥ [The Return of Superman/2018.05.20]

Alice, Alice, Alice. – Alice. / – Where is he going? Alice is having a birthday party. He got invited. He was excited since morning. He looks excited. I think he likes her. – It seems so. / – She’s pretty. (He brought a gift of their memory.) (Seungjae’s been waiting for this moment.) – She is pretty. / – How pretty! (Alice is a pretty girl.) (Last winter, he met Alice at the temple stay.) He shared snacks with her at the temple stay, and they became close. Seungjae liked her a lot. (They gazed at the stars together.) Alice! It’s Seungjae. (It’s good to see you again!) Seungjae. (Alice gives him a hug.) He is smiling from ear to ear. Thank you for coming to my birthday party. Seungjae, thank you so much for coming to Alice’s party today. (She speaks English.) You’re welcome. How are you today? Good. – How are you? / – I am fine. Thank you. Seungjae, how old are you now? – Five. / – You are five now. How old are you? I am six years old. I will be six years old in eight months. It’s his wish to be six years old. – Seungjae. / – Yes? I missed you. (Embarrassed) All right. (Lemonade is served.) It’s lemonade. Lemonade! – Thank you. / – Lemonade. It’s sour. Should I try it? Yes. Try it. I’m good at drinking sour drinks. Watch me. Gosh, it’s sour. My mouth is watering as well. (I will show my cool side.) (Did you see that?) – I am cool, right? / – Yes. (He takes off his jacket.) It’s hot in here. I will take it off. Touch my muscle. He thinks his bone is a muscle no matter how many times I say it’s not. Your pie is served. I love pies! I will eat this. Hyunwoo! Hyunwoo! (Who?) A rival appeared. Will he be disappointed? He thought he was the only guest. Seungjae, he is older than you. (Is he older than me?) (Alice, I’m here.) (Song Hyunwoo, a friend of Alice) Hello. (Is he Alice’s friend?) Hyunwoo. Happy birthday. Thank you. Hello. Hyunwoo, how old are you? I’m six years old. – Six years old? / – Yes. (His heart is troubled.) My goodness. Is that another guest? (Did you wait long, Alice?) Hi, Levi. (Who?) Hi. (Levi, a neighborhood friend) Happy birthday. Thank you. (Disappointed) Did you get invited too? Yes. – I feel bad for him. / – He is the youngest. I feel bad for him. (There is tension in the air.) – Hello. / – Hello. How old are you? I’m eight years old. Look at his expression. Where are you from? The US. Cleveland, Ohio. I’m from the US. Hyunwoo, where are you from? China. The land is big. (Who will ask me where I’m from?) Who will ask me? Where are you from, Seungjae? Korea. Dokdo Island belongs to Korea. Dokdo Island belongs to Korea. What is Dokdo Island? Dokdo Island is a small island that you can only reach by ship. It’s a beautiful island that belongs to Korea. – He is a patriot. / – Will he sing it? This is driving me crazy. (He is the youngest honorary ambassador) It’s his favorite song. (for Dokdo Island.) (The song draws them in.) (It’s a song that brings friends closer.) “Our territory”! (He sings the second verse.) (He will sing up to the third verse.) (They begin to wonder where Dokdo Island is.) (He shouts in the middle of the world,) (“Dokdo Island is our territory!”) (Seungjae is a patriot.) He told the boys from the US and China. We should take him to Dokdo Island someday. Let’s go when the weather is nice. He really wants to go. Open the present. (What did Levi bring as a gift?) (Curious) (Smiling) I have a flower ring. Please put this on my finger. (Levi got Alice a gift that suits her taste.) Thank you, Levi. (Hyunwoo brought a teddy bear.) (I hope she likes it.) (The binding is too tight.) I will open it for you. (However…) How will he open it? Why did you bind it so tightly? (Is it that hard?) Give it to me for a second. – Give it to me. / – I can do it. – Give it to me. / – No. Hold on. Even though he is young, he has pride as a man. He wants to do it. (It shows no sign of opening.) Isn’t it too hard for you? Give it to me for a second. Here you go. (Do you think it’s easy?) (It’s a piece of cake for an eight-year-old.) Thank you, Levi. (It bruises his ego.) I brought a gift as well. I brought a gift as well. (Expectant) I’m worried it would be a strange gift. It’s a doll I cherish. (It’s Seungjae’s favorite doll.) It’s brachiosaurus. I feel bad. He should give her something she likes. Don’t girls like dinosaurs? I bet she likes teddy bear and flower ring more. Of course. Is it brachiosaurus? It’s really big. – Do you like it? / – Yes. (Dinosaur-related gifts are the best.) Where is the cake? Why don’t you buy a cake you want? Who wants to go and buy a cake with me? (It’s a whirlpool of fate they cannot avoid.) (What should I do?) Who will Alice go and buy a cake with? Seungjae. She will go with me. (No way.) He suddenly brightened up. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. (Seungjae and Alice go to buy a cake.) (Alice and Seungjae smile brightly.) My goodness. It’s raining. Wait here. I will go and buy an umbrella. (He’s worried she might get wet.) Alice. Alice. Did you wait for long? Look at this. This umbrella… (But) (we have only one umbrella.) (I’ll be your umbrella.) (He tips the umbrella over to her side.) My gosh. Where did he learn to do that? – You’ll get drenched. / – He’s better than you. No, I’ll be fine. Oh, right. We had a meal together. He tipped the umbrella to his side. I was drenched. The wind was blowing like this. I just turned the umbrella a bit. It rained like this. I blocked the rain like this. But I got drenched. He’s better than you. (He blushes.) ♪ Which cake should we eat? Which one should we eat? ♪ I like this one. This one, please. – This one? / – Yes. (If you like it, I like it too.) – Isn’t it heavy? / – Yes. I’ll carry it for you. – Isn’t it heavy? / – No. Let’s hold hands while walking. Okay. (Affectionate) (Struggling) Let’s go. (You said it wasn’t heavy.) I bet the cake was ruined. I bet it’s a mess. Why did they make this cake so heavy? Shall we take a break? Seungjae, I want to taste a bit of the cake. Shall I take the cake out? (Fortunately, the cake looks okay.) We should celebrate here and go. Their friends must be waiting. – They’re doing it there? / – Yes. I think he really likes Alice. We should put six candles on it. (He puts six candles.) (He pretends to light the candles.) (They hold their own birthday party.) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (Dear Alice) (Happy birthday to you) (Alice blows out the candles.) (Hesitant) Why did you choose me to buy the cake with you? I like you, Seungjae. (It’s because I like you, Seungjae.) (Smiling) (I can’t believe him.) He only asked because he wanted to hear that. (Look at you, Seungjae.) (I have something to tell you.) You are so pretty. – It’s a secret. / – I’m pretty? (My goodness.) I can’t believe this. I’m cringing so hard now. (This is unheard of to this unromantic guy.) You used to say that, too, a long time ago. (He laughs louder in embarrassment.) A long time ago. That’s how he won me over. That’s how I fell for him. He whispered that he loved me just like Seungjae did. (Seungjae reminds them of their memory.) – You don’t remember now? / – No. (Seungjae goes after what he wants.) Can I just call you by your name? He doesn’t want her to think he’s younger. (Seungjae hesitates for a long time.) Alice. (He says her name after mustering his courage.) Alice! Alice! I can’t believe him. Where did he learn all that? – Did he watch any drama? / – No, no. Men want to act like they’re older than women. I guess this applies to kids too. He takes after his father in that sense. What? He takes after his dad. He and I were born in the same year. He asked me to treat him like an older guy since he’s older until my next birthday. He’s just like you. I guess men are all the same. Let’s go, Alice. (Wobbling) Your shoe. (Her shoelace is untied.) Let me tie it for you. What if you trip over your shoelace? You’ll get hurt. (Thank you.) (However,) (the shoelace gets even more tangled up.) (Alice patiently waits for him.) (She won’t trip over it if I do this.) There you go. Thank you. (Let’s hurry back.) (Meanwhile,) (they’re about to turn into statues) (from waiting for so long.) (Levi and Hyunwoo have become best friends.) (Seungjae and Alice finally arrive.) – We’re back. / – We’re back. Welcome back. (Seungjae and Alice finally arrive.) Welcome back. What took you so long? – It’s a secret. / – It’s a secret. – You guys played. / – A secret. – Go take your seats. / – You played, didn’t you? (Alice’s mom opens the cake box.) (He’s shocked.) What happened here? (Things happened.) (Happy birthday, Alice!) (She’s touched.) – “V”. / – “V”. (This special day was full of memories.) (Seungjae makes his feelings clear to her.) How would you feel if Seungjae says he likes Alice more than you? – How would you feel? / – I can’t do anything. I find her pretty too.

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  1. Yangim to Jiyong: He's better than you. HAHA ( Umbrella scene)

  2. omg im laughing so hard😂 they all look sooo cute😂 two days left that girl birthday again, will sungjae comes again?😂😂😂

  3. 13:56 reminds me of he is psychometric😍 Lee an and Jae in ❤️

  4. Omg. God bless this love story 💜 You are the smoothest Seungjae 😂❤️❤️❤️

  5. I wish when they get older they both end up on each other. These love story is better than kdrama❤️

  6. Seungjae is such a classy boy. Better than some men!! Lol. He gives Alice his most treasured toy and buys an umbrella for her without prompting, carries the umbrella for her & carries the heavy cake without prompting. Sings happy birthday to his girl. Even ties her shoe laces because he doesnt want her to fall. Men — take notes!!! 💕💕💕

  7. Can anyone tell me is this scripted or something?why are they so adorable 😍

  8. Really really smart and cute, Hope have a child like you 😗😗😗

  9. This is better than any kdrama out there I’m wheezing it’s so cute :,))))

  10. Parents must feel so proud, he's such a considerate romantic! Aww!! 👏😊🇺🇸🇵🇷🎵❤

  11. When people speak English in Korean shows it sounds so terrible

  12. Ah today is my birthday and I'm watching this😍…so sweet both of them…

  13. I'm going to miss him……………AND HIS SUPER SMOOTH MOVES!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍 Lol, I really am going to miss this sweet boy. He wasn't the main star in Naeun's drama, but he was the main lead in Alice's love story.

  14. 3:57 If anybody knows who Levi Ackerman is then you know why this is funny😆😂

  15. Omg these korean little babies are oh so cute. They have such personality and individuality.

  16. I swear when I saw him tying the shoe I thought of “He is psychometric”

  17. These kids are 6 and 5 but they have a love life and me? Well… I don't have… 😂😂😂

  18. This is cute and all but I’m pretty sure some of this is “controlled”. I mean 13:47 with the shoelace come on. They got all the cliche romantic things like the umbrella and such. It’s weird in a sense if they’ve (the crew) planned this out. BUTTTT if I’m wrong and this is 100% authentic and natural then I must say it’s adorable

  19. im a bit nervous on alice reaction when seunjae kiss her in chick .. huhu

  20. How can Alice speak Korean but not her mother???? New here ….,❤️😢

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  22. Cuteness overloaded. It's too much..I can't take it anymore 😂😂😂😂 love from India.

  23. Korea vs US vs China 😂I want my kid to be like Seungjae smart, gentleman,cute ❤❤❤❤

  24. 4:44 OMG YESSS CHINA 🇨🇳 YESS btw ummm this is weird but I was born in the U.K. But I speak Chinese and my friends said I was born China but I was not I'm the only one who was born in the U.K. T-T

  25. This is too pure! Will be a great, memory for the kids in the future!

  26. Seungjae's parents must be so shocked at this! Seungjae already has his own personality! You can tell even in the other episodes! He expresses himself almost like an adult sometimes!

  27. Can we just take time to consider how Alice might, Just MAYBE, be a playaaa

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    K-dramas these days that people have started filming a kindergartener's love story
    😂😂😂😂😂😍😍This is so much fun 😂😁

  30. Their brains work way more than mine will ever work
    😂😂😂their moves are too sharppp and quick. Destiny wants them to be together

  31. Look at this kids having a relationship while me having a relationship with kpop.

  32. I can imagine him in a drama when he get’s older😂

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  34. 2:42
    “I will take it off.Touch my muscles”
    Lol wtf Seungjae,who taught you this?

  35. Omo omo!!!! He has got game 😍😍😍😍 he got the girl right? And went straight for a kiss hahahaha too cute and so confident better than some grown men😂😂😂😂

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