Seungjae “People without passports can’t go in??? o_o??”[The Return of Superman/2018.09.09]

The Ko duo enjoys another day in sunny Mexico. (Mexico, the land of the sun) Friends, are you having fun? (Yes, we are.) (Let’s have a great adventure.) Everybody say, “Let’s go”. (Let’s go!) I think they’re entering some forest. (Dancing) (Where is this bus taking them?) Where are we going? Cenote. Is that a pool? No, it’s a… It’s like a lake. Hidden in a vast jungle, is a naturally formed ancient lake, Cenote. That’s really beautiful. (It was formed naturally by eroding limestone.) It’s like a painting. That’s naturally made? It’s a natural lake formed by underground water. (Let’s go to Cenote!) We’re going to make a competition. I know we’ve got people from all over the world. All right. So let’s see who is the loudest. We have to scream loudly. USA, where are you at? (Make some noise!) It’s not our turn yet. Canada, make some noise! Chile, let’s go! (Screaming) (Seungjae is getting global.) Awesome. (And finally) Korea! (I’m Seungjae the patriot.) He beat everyone. (We are the world.) It must be so exciting. It’s a fun trip. It doesn’t matter where we’re from. So everyone as one, make some noise! (Let’s get excited!) (Seungjae is a very excited global boy.) I want to go too. – DJ, make some noise. / – The bus alone seems fun. Gosh. We’re almost there. Twenty more minutes. (The music ups the mood.) This is so much fun. (Bouncing) He’s totally excited. (He’s totally excited.) But dancing along with people all over the world means that Seungjae knows how to have fun. (While the excitement builds) Friends, stop it. Friends, if you don’t have your passports, – we’ll have to… / – Really? take the stairs. – Bye. / – Is he joking around? Did you bring your passport? Did you? I brought mine. – If you don’t have ID… / – You don’t have yours. – I have mine. / – You’re going to have to take the stairs. – Where’s your ID? / – ID and passport, okay? You have to get off the bus. What are you going to do? Where? (He feels a rush of urgency.) What are you going to do? It’s a shortcut. – Oh, no. / – He has to get off. (Is he being serious?) – Passport. / – It’s a shortcut. You have to get off, Seungjae. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? (Everyone else is calm.) – He doesn’t have it. / – No ID and passport? Oh, no. His eyes are asking for mercy. – I don’t have it. / – You don’t? Oh, no. – What will you do? / – It’s not a joke. But considering that it’s a joke, the guide is such a good actor. Come on. You have to get off. – Is he getting off? / – Dad, what about you?. I have mine. (Where do I have to go, mister?) – Stay low then. Hide! / – They need to hide. – Really? / – Yes. – Get down lower. / – Bend down. Get down. My goodness. People without passports can’t go in. (A siren plays in the background.) All of this is prepared for the experience. (Are the police really here?) Hey, what’s this sound? No, stay down. (Everyone is laughing except Seungjae.) But I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who fall for it. All right. You’re good. You’re okay. They all left. (Did I pass?) All right. (He looks confused all the way through.) Okay. Welcome to Cenote. This is Cenote. (Cenote, the naturally formed underground lake) (Suddenly, he begins to cry.) Do you have my passport, Dad? I don’t have my passport. It’s okay. My passport. You didn’t have your passport, Seungjae? Dads don’t stop their pranks until they cry. – Why do they do it? / – I don’t have mine too. Not making them cry feels like a loss. They’re not going to take me away, right? Of course not. I’ll protect you. I want to carry my passport from now on. Really? I’ll make sure to take yours, okay? Seungjae is still a baby. Let’s swim now. (They leave sadness behind to go swim.) (Jiyong is trying to calm him down.) (But suddenly) (What’s going on here?) (Cenote is actually…) Gosh. (a diver’s paradise.) They’re like experts. Will she jump in the middle? – That’s amazing. / – Maybe she’s an employee. (Amazing) Dad, I want to see you diving. Dad, I want to see you diving. – Try it too, Dad. / – Should I try it too? Okay, I’ll do it. Can you fly like an eagle, Dad? – Let’s go, Dad. / – Let’s go. (They just head up to the diving platform.) You can do it, Dad. – All right. / – Ready? Let’s go. You have to make an impressive dive. (2, 3) – Impress everyone. / – Let go. What’s going on? It seemed like a log just splashed in. (However) Why is he doing that? (It seems like an emergency.) – What? / – It’s another prank. – Are you okay? / – He doesn’t look good. (Is it an emergency?) Hurry. (What is going on?) – It’s a prank. / – Is it? (He gave him a sign.) I was curious to see how he’d react if I was in danger. I gave it a try. (He is acting with his whole body.) – Okay? / – Okay. (That’s right.) Oh, my. Oh, my. (He begins blowing his whistle.) You’re an adult, Dad. Why can’t you swim? You’re an adult, Dad. Why can’t you swim? But he keeps acting. An alligator bit me. An alligator? I saw you earlier. I think you’re lying. I didn’t see any alligator teeth. That means he knows what’s going on. I know it’s a prank, so just hurry back up. – He knows it’s a joke. / – You get a zero, Dad. Zero. He gave Jiyong a zero. You get zero points. Keep trying. Not even one point? None for you. There’s no alligator, so hurry back up. You can swim well too. So what’s the problem? He’s kind of annoyed. Seungjae is smart. He doesn’t fall for it. Don’t joke around like that from now on. Okay, Seungjae. So put it down. I still worried because I thought you were drowning. – Really? / – Oh, my. – I need you. / – Do you? – That’s heartwarming. / – Dad, you know I don’t like your pranks, right? Did you know that I was joking, or did you just not care that I was in danger? I knew that it was a joke. If you do that again, I’m going to scold you. I’m going to push you into the ocean alone. (Sorry, but I’m going to keep at it.) Let’s go. The whole family is dressed up. Today must be a special day. We can do well right, Seungjae? – Can you do well? / – Yes. – Is the song memorized? / – Yes. Really? – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Why is he singing in Mexico?) Seungjae will be singing a wedding song. He practiced a lot, but I don’t know if he’ll do well. I can do well! It’s very important. It’s very important to Uncle and Auntie. Did you get married too, Mom and Dad? What do you think? I think you did. – Of course. / – To give birth to me. – Of course. / – That’s right. Is that why we got married? Yes, we got married, and you came along. But why are we going so early? You need to practice singing. You need to practice in advance. But is Auntie here? Yes, she’s here. This is the kind of wedding that I wanted. Today’s wedding venue is outdoors at a stunning beach. – It’s so pretty. / – It sure is. Dad wanted to get married at a place like this. Somewhere quaint with an ocean view. Should we have your wedding at a place like this too, Seungjae? – No. / – Then where? Under the sea. Under the sea? Who are you planning on marrying? I’m going to marry a turtle. Wait, you’re going to marry a turtle? – That’s not true, right? / – Yes, I’m going to get married with the turtle. – You’ll marry a turtle? / – Yes. – The turtle… / – You can’t. You’re a human. You can’t marry a turtle. No, your mom and I can’t accept that. – Pretend we’re a couple. / – Where are you going? – You must sing the song. / – Sing the song. – One, two, three, four. / – One, two, three, four. (He sings the national anthem) (instead of a wedding song.) That’s not it. (He blocks his mouth to stop his joke.) – Sing the wedding song. / – Sing the wedding song. (He’s not giving in.) Why are you misbehaving today? Seungjae, you’re here to congratulate him. – Don’t fool around. / – Start. (They start practicing the wedding song.) ♪ You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine ♪ ♪ You make me happy when skies are grey ♪ Dad, don’t sing. Let Mom sing. Okay, she’ll sing. (Feeling sad) Start. (He resumes his practice while singing in harmony.) (He timidly only mouths the lyrics.) ♪ I’ll make you happy ♪ ♪ As I’m full of happiness ♪ (He finishes singing the song with her.) Be happy! I have faith in you. You memorized them, right? Yes.

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  1. Seungjae is so funny haha. I've watched this video recently but I like to play it again and again.

  2. This show is far more enjoyable to watch than anything else on YouTube 😭 so much love for this sweet family ❤️

  3. Ilove your chaneel so much the best korean channel in the you tube my dream to korea 😭😭😭😭❤❤

  4. That was mean. That was some twisted mess. Jiyoung saw the boy was already distressed from the passport debackle. Why would try to prank him? Which would distress him further? Back to back on the same day? Baby boy is so strong, sweet and compassionate. His father is a coldblooded and/or a drunk sometimes. I love that little boy. God bless him.

  5. Last time i went to Cancún i stayed at the same hotel where the wedding of his uncle is going to be held its a really good hotel and has a lot of pools

  6. I agree with the little boy. I hate pranks. Why is humiliating children and messing with their emotions okay? Just because they are young and small does not mean you should dismiss their thoughts and emotions they are still people

  7. jajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja esa broma, como se veía Seungjae!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Me encanta el carisma que tiene😍😍😍

  8. ommo seungjae don't you know your dad is a former Idol hahahahaahhahah…

  9. I really want to see seunjae meeting naeun cuz they’re both smart kiddos. That would be awesome!

  10. What a patriot child! ♥ The parents raise him so well. I love this family 💕

  11. Seungjae always is my favorite kid on the show its never not a lively episode

  12. Sinong filipino dto na nonood ng THE Return of Superman… kahit walang sub.tittle na english..peru ok lang basta makita ko lang si baby Seungjae 😘😘😘😘

  13. I’m dying at that guy that said “Yeah, for the migra, ya know?” 😂😂

  14. Seungjae is too friggin cute!

    "I still worried about you since I thought you were drowning", "You know I need you." 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

  15. Japanese people can go in without a passport but they have one

  16. The Mexican flag is like the pole in the Kremlin,Square one,central Mexico, maybe somewhere else?

  17. “For the migra, you know” I AM ON THE FLOOR AKDIDKEK. Es que se pasan 💀💀

  18. 7:25 😂😂😂
    I really love Seungjae's voice when he scolds his Dad, especially because he talks fast and he talks well in that baby voice. It's so adorable!

    Plus he's smart, it needs Donggok-level prank otherwise he'll figure it out 😂

  19. Yes Jiyong oppa you definitely get Zero point for making our Seungjae worried like that! lol. Eottoke Seungjae you're so adorable! 😊😍❤️

  20. I find it cute whenever Seungjae is scolding his dad. 😂😂😂

  21. "I want to marry under the sea" – Seungjae 😂😂😂 Imagine invited sea creatures as guests😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  22. Loooove SeungJae!! But not his father!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. 어른들이 장난 삼아서 아이들에게 장난 치는거 장난에 따라서 아이들 마음에 상처가 될 수 있는데 지각 없는 어들들이 재미삼아서 장난을 멈추지 않으니 안타까워요.

  24. I wish I have watch seungjae's video a little earlier 😭😭😭 this kid is so cute and kind 💖💖💖

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