Servant husband that does everything for the queen wife! [Hello Counselor / 2017.05.15]

Glenn Chapman


  1. Everybody in the comments section saying to divorce the wife coz she doesn't love and respect him anymore, excuse me but, if the roles were reversed and he was the one who was treating his wife this way, they would not find it such a big deal, and they wouldn't show so much shocked expressions in the audience because she's the wife and he wears the pants in the relationship so she should serve her husband and stay patient because She's a woman and that's her job in the house. Seriously it wouldn't even be considered such a big deal. Plus, people who are saying that he should divorce her should know that, divorce isn't always the solution to everything that goes wrong in a marriage. They could just talk it out and maybe she would become a better wife, you never know. Coz communication is everything in a relationship. Peace out.✌

  2. BTW. Dump the B…. already. She deserve a guy that'll mistreat her

  3. Why are the episodes cut short? I hate this new style. Was better before. I Think that I will no longer watch these. Why bother when there are so many more vids. that don't do that.

  4. If I get a man like that I'll be so grateful and cherish him for life.. the wife's fucked up.

  5. Shes cheating lmao shes using him and using her saved energy to get another man, that's a shame because hes handsome and kind

  6. I think she was like this when he met her and he wanted to marry her. Why complain now?
    She doesn't like him but still she's his choice. I don't really feel sorry for him.

  7. What a shitty, selfish and ignorant wife, this isnt a marriage anymore. Shes not even all that in the first place. The husband can do better and find someone that will be better for him.

  8. I've seen so many cases where korean men abuse women so it's kinda satisfying seeing something like this.

  9. I just love how the chicks in these comments are saying shit like “I wish I had him”, “what a good husband”, and “what all men need to be like” but if the scripts were flipped and it was the woman who was supper submissive, hell everyone would be going for his head. The hypocrisy and this I coming from a chick herself.

  10. "We should do well on our own" K then explain why ur not getting YOURSELF a glass of water on YOUR own? Hmph

  11. While she could consider his feelings more in regards to things like the tea or not pushing him away when he hugs her, if their roles were reversed this couple probably wouldn't have even made it on the show. He is simply doing what is expected of many women in Korea, so I can't fathom why people think it is so ridiculous. She apparently does at least some of the house chores. I doubt they would blink an eye if this was a wife complaining since this is expected of them, they are only shocked because it is a man who is doing the majority of the housework.

    If you look at the situations where the wives come on this show to vent about their husbands their stories are much more abusive and extreme because that is what it takes for Korean women to get at least some sympathy from the public. However, they would just wonder what she was complaining about if this was her story. So it's hard to feel any sympathy for him when I consider women because him doing what women are expected to do makes him so "amazing", sweet, and romantic, but when women do these things they are just fufilling their "duties". Double standards.

  12. her husband is so pure???!! like omg, it's adorable how devoted he is, I feel so bad for him….

  13. It's obvious she doesn't find him physically and emotionally attractive anymore. Loves gone it'll only be a matter of time before she cheats.

  14. The problem is he loves her more then she does , that's why she's selfish and takes his love for granted. I feel sorry for him but I'm sure she was always kind of like she's now 😡 you need to run ~

  15. Can someone please explain the owning a building part to me?

  16. She’s like the female protagonist in all the kdramas that steal the main characters boyfriend lol…

  17. It s simple. He got married to a fking Kimchi woman. I dont think she likes the husband.

  18. my mom is a dress maker and her hands are her capital for the work so she avoids doing dishes and all other stuff and hires a maid. so I kinda understand. I like her logic about the water thing. lol it was hilarious. she's too bossy though… I sympathize about the husband's worry

  19. Bitch I don't wanna be Becky with the good hair but girl Imma take your man if you don't want him. My God! He's a rare specimen!! I will be the happiest girl alive if I met a partner who is half affectionate like this poor guy.

  20. She will regret when she lost him, she takes him for granted.. just look at her expression at the end of video.

  21. Normal man people would just divorce her,but I guess he's not normal that need to expose his problem on national television.

  22. men MCs have +19 sense of humour… 😂😂😂😂 when he said she always turns her back on him … they grinned… 😂😂😂😂

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