Septum Piercing 101: Process, Footage, Aftercare/Healing, Pros and Cons, What to Expect

hey what's up you guys so I have wanted to make this video for such a long time I've been talking about making it for such a long time it never did it because I wanted to have the piercing for a substantial amount of time before I started giving my opinions and sharing my experience because I feel like when I was getting my septum piers any time I went to watch a video that was accepting piercings 101 it was just someone who was like I got my septum first last week and here's everything you need to know and that's just not there helpful videos don't get me wrong they're super helpful but um it's not I don't feel like that's a substantial amount of time to really understand and experience everything there is to go I was the piercing and I wanted to give myself a long time so I could really take notes and figure out everything about having the piercing you know so I can share with you guys and anything you might need to know things they don't tell you and so I have have a full page of notes here full two pages essentially you know like a page and a half I'm gonna leave a list of the topics and the timestamps of when those are covered over here so if you're just here for a certain thing or a couple things you can just skip to those parts and that's completely fine I had also asked if you guys wanted several videos actually just wanted one long video 60% just wanted one really long video 40% one in separate videos so think I'm gonna make two different videos this one's going to be like the 101 sort of thing and I'm gonna make another one about the different kinds of jewelry and how to change it because I feel like that's a different thing all in itself like this video is for people who have either just gotten it pierced or want to get it pierced and then like the one for changing your septum ring is going to be probably next week or upload at the end of this week so that people who already have it and are looking to change it and don't know how to change it can see that so this is kind of like the beginner's guide sorry for the super long intro let's do this so first I'm going to go over the process of getting yourself embarrassed first thing that you have to do is find a reputable piercer has to be a good one because septums are one of those things that a lot of people can get wrong you can go through the cartilage and that is not what is supposed to happen the shop that I went to was intricate decor in pleasant it's like right across from the movie theater and a please and stuff I get it done by Scott who works there he's wonderful I do not trust anyone else to put holes in my body he's fantastic we all love him I take everybody to Scott mine cost $35 I believe I think that was what it was was $35 and then also make sure you leave a tip for their time I did film the process of me getting it done and I'll have that clip playing up here I don't have the sound for it but essentially what happens I'm reading my notes oh I'm sorry I keep looking down I just want to make sure I don't miss anything first thing that's gonna happen is your Pierce is gonna reach up your nose like this it's feel around and feel for your sweet spot just like this it's gonna feel a little awkward but it's not that bad your sweet spot is basically a spot in your septum that has no cartilage and that is where the piercing can go through I think everybody can get their septum done but maybe some people can't because of anatomy reasons I don't I don't know the next thing that happens is they're going to clean the area that they're gonna put your piercing in smells a little weird it's kind of cold and then they're gonna get the clamp the clamp is basically everybody's least favorite part of a piercing the clamp has never bothered me too much but I know some people are sensitive and basically what they're gonna do is clamp your nose with the little clamp and then they're gonna like pull it up so that they can see and really get in there and then they're just gonna stuff the needle through but after this stuff the needle through then it's over mine didn't hurt hardly at all your eyes water but that's just more of a reflex of getting a hole pushed through your nose I was super super super nervous and I winced a lot because I was just I was panicking but it was very quick very painless and that's something that I really appreciated about this piercing however everybody is different I've heard so many people say that it was the worst pain that they've experienced and then some people say that they didn't even feel it I feel like if it was the worst pain that you've ever experienced you probably got it pierced wrong um it's basically after they get the needle through he's gonna take the clamp off go get the jewelry put that through that doesn't hurt really at all it's a little awkward and like feels a little funny but relatively painless relatively painless depending on the person so you know one thing that I would say though is a lot of people like to keep their stuff in jewelry flipped up if you are going to want or need to do that tell your piercer okay if you have to have your piercing flipped up at any point in the healing process you have to tell your piercer so they can make sure that they pierce it like in the right place and also they're gonna need to bend the barbell if you get if you get this kind they're gonna need to bend this open because I have one like this and do you see how narrow that opening is it's impossible to flip up and that's not really a huge issue for me because I haven't had a job where I've had to hide my piercings at all I haven't had a reason that I've had to flip it up so how you'd flip your septum up if you need to flip it up is if yours won't go forward make this face like that if it doesn't go up that way keep making that face just push it might get stuck but just keep pushing I just push it past the point and then it's up there and you can't see it at all and it's gone and then when you need to pull it back down make that face again get your fingers in there and just pop it back out it's super easy just make sure your piercer knows that you need to flip it up if you do that way they can plan accordingly go feel around for your sweet spot so clean it they'll clamp it they'll pierce it to put the jewellery in and if you need your jewelry opened a little bit so that you can flip it up tell your piercer got it great okay now we're gonna get into aftercare in the healing process and all that fun stuff the worst part of the entire piercing so for me while the piercing process was very tolerable and very quick and very painless the healing process sucked a little bit it only took maybe two or three weeks for it to stop sucking so much but um when it when it sucked it sucked the proper way to clean any piercing is to do the sea salt soaks two times a day so for the sea salt soaks what you're gonna wanna do is get non-iodized sea salt table salt will not work don't do that what you're gonna want to do is take a little bit of sea salt put it in to some I used to distilled water through the process because I felt like it was cleaner put it into some distilled water that she's like boiled down made it really hot as hot as you can stand get some cotton balls or like a shot glass that you could stick your nose in and let it soak for a while and then when you're done get wet q-tips and rinse the area off because you don't want it to be all salty up there afterwards just make sure that you rinse it and dry it off nicely and all that so you're gonna want to do that in the morning and then at night before you go to bed and then like throughout the day I typically got some hot water and got those little Krusty's off but I would not suggest cleaning it like cleaning it cleaning it too many times a day unless you like get something up your nose that you think is gonna cause an infection then by all means clean it again but you don't need to clean it like eight times a day two times a day is gonna be fine maybe three if you're anal about it but for my piercing I had a lot of stinging for two weeks it's like any time my nose ran or I smelled something like acidic or something I don't know why but I would just get this really sharp stinging sensation that would last about thirty Seconds to a minute right here in her so about two weeks was the amount of time that I was having pain so that stinging was happening anytime I did anything with my nose if I like made a weird face or anything like that it would hurt if my nose ran it would hurt if I had to do anything having to do with my nose it would hurt it was very tender for about two weeks I couldn't really flip it up or do much with it I had to be really careful drying my face or washing my face cuz if I bumped it it would hurt you're not supposed to move the piercing very much to begin with anybody who says you have to move it a lot or the skin will grow around it no no as long as you're cleaning it and it's getting like moisture in there and everything's fine then you're fine but if you do have to move it make sure that you get some warm water and you clean off around piercings because when it heals you're gonna get these horrible little Krusty's and it's just part of the healing process but if those go inside your wound ow it's not comfortable it hurts it's miserable I'm sorry that the lighting keeps changing I forgot to change my white balance it's on auto white balance right now and it just wanting to like change between like being warm and cool and I'm I'd forgot to fix it I'm sorry I don't want to scare anybody with that though because the healing process is really easy once you get past those two weeks of the soreness and the stinging it's really nothing it's super easy super quick like easiest process for healing that I've ever had I believe the piercing is supposed to be fully healed in six to eight weeks and that's when you are able to change it I just changed mine at home I don't think I had my piercer ever change my septum ring pretty sure I didn't when you do get it pierced I got the shortest bar which worked really well for me because I have a fairly small nose and I also prefer it because it's harder to bump if you have a really long one for the healing process you're gonna hit it and you're gonna hit it and you're gonna hit it and hit it and that's gonna hurt okay now we're gonna move on into after the healing process I really would not recommend flipping your piercing up until after it's healed or after those couple of weeks already passed I think about after 2 or 3 weeks you should be okay but definitely wouldn't recommend messing with it or flipping it up too much as soon as you've got it pierced because that's just gonna cause problems for you I understand that if you have to hide it from like your employer or your school or something like that but I'm gonna try to get the video up on how to change your piercing by Friday or by next Wednesday depending on when I can film it I don't know when that's gonna happen but I will leave a card up there when I have that up so that you guys can watch it I'm gonna try to go really in depth there and make sure you guys get a nice close-up of all my nose hairs and can see what's happening we can slug it into the types of jewelry that you can get with your septum ring that way you guys have a general idea if you want to the typical one is the horseshoe which is what I have then right now you can get them in different sizes different colors I'll go over different diameters and stuff in my next video about changing and stuff but I got mine this is the one that I got mine done with and I bought a longer one and I don't know how about this one it gets too big for my face the horseshoe bar bells are the ones that are easy to flip up easy to high I feel like there's the easiest to take care of I don't know however they're always crooked all the time no matter what you do they're crooked you think it or not they are but these are pretty much my favorite kind this is what I prefer love it my stomach is growling can you hear that oh my god the next one that I've seen used Allah are the captive bead rings basically the way these work is this little ball pops out I can't do it because I'm very weak but that would pop out I would recommend having these put in and change by a piercer if you want one of these in because some of these are not very flexible and are really hard to bend and when you get them in your nose and if to bend them in to the right place it's impossible and then it's really hard to get the ball back in so if you want to do these in your face have your piercer do it a probable unless you think you can do it at home and you're a little more ballsy than me but these ones are super cute they they're the ones that just go like all the way around like this is not what this is but like you know they would just be like a circle in your nose like that pretend that this one goes all the way around I don't want to change this one right now and then the last type of jewelry that I have besides like the different kind of retainers and the ones that are like you know look like this are clickers I have two clickers right now this is my favorite one I have another one that my friend bought me which is a size too big and I'm really just too scared to put that one in yet I don't wanna stretch my septum just yet that makes me really nervous but I had another one but I dropped it down the drain but the way the things once work is you put them in your nose and then this thing here comes down and clicks into place like that and they're really hard to take out it's really hard but I feel like those are the three most common types of jewelry you can also get retainers that you can just put in there to keep it open and you can't see them and then those ones that are shaped I'll just put a picture here my friend has one of those I don't have one but they're interesting you can also get ones that are like the circular barbell but they're like segment rings where a whole segment of it comes out so you can put it in and pop that back on and then you can also get ones that just bend open and you put them in and they bend back into place rather than clicking like that I don't use those because I don't want bending things while they're in my body just not something I'm comfortable with but those are some more that you can get I get most of my stuff in jewelry either from Etsy or from body candy I don't know how good of an idea it is but I've never died yet haven't died I also haven't gotten an infection so I think I think I'm safe for now now I'm gonna go over some of the pros and cons some of these things have already talked about some of these things I haven't but let's do it I'm gonna go over the pros first first pro is that there's no scarring so it's pretty low commitment if you hate it you can just take it out not worry about the scarring and it's great sure it's $35 out the window but a plus side to that situation is that there are so many faux septum rings to choose from so many there are hundreds thousands could trillions of fake ones that you can try to get a feel for if you're gonna like it or not on yourself and if you don't then you don't have to get it done and if you do then you're probably like a real one too sometimes also have a huge range of jewelry and in my opinion have some of the cutest jewelry like for nose ring so you can get like stars and moons and stuff but for septums you get like you this massive array of just gorgeous jewelry and I feel like you can never really get bored because you can always just get something bigger more flashy exciting more dainty more and like it can be whatever you want it to be it can be cute and dainty or it can be really bold and in-your-face and I just think that they're very versatile which is so great very easy healing process really hard to infect and super easy to hide if you need to do that for any reason since there's such a wide array of jewelry it looks cute on everybody because you like it can be it can be anything if there is something for everybody when it comes to septum piercings and they are so cute on everybody in my opinion I've never seen somebody look horrible with one I don't know I think they're adorable and then we'll get into this in another video but they are very easy to change I'll show you guys I mean depending on the jewellery acres are kind of a bitch but otherwise very easy to change very quick and painless and you know okay now we're gonna move into the cons and the number one things that everybody complains about with septum rings is a smell it's disgusting every now and then you're gonna get some really nasty dead skin buildup around your septum ring and you're gonna smell something and you're gonna be like who here is dead it's your face that stinks Pro is nobody else can smell it it's just you but it's right there so that's gross but luckily really easy to fix just go clean it get some hot water move it around a little bit and then it's fine another thing is that it's pretty annoying when you're sick during the healing process not really any more but something that people ask is does it feel different when you blow your nose and it's like I could I can do this this is like this doesn't it doesn't hurt the only thing that I would say to be careful about when you have it is you know how when you blow your now sometimes you pull down to try to like wipe all your snot ease off of your nose don't do that so that is one thing that it can be pretty annoying when you're sick and can be pretty easy to irritate if you happen to tug on it or bump it it can get pretty sore pretty easily I've heard a lot of people say that when they are somewhere really really cold their nose starts to ache because the metal gets so cold and irritates their nose I've never experienced that but I've heard a lot of people have so just thought that I would share that just in case that's something that you would want to know I don't know I've never had that problem the last con that I would say is just the comments that people will give you but I don't really experience that too often like I know a lot of people tend to be like you look like a bowl but I've actually never really gotten that comment besides from like maybe one or two people the only other comment that I've gotten was from a woman who came in while I was working and she walked up train shoes it can I ask you a question I was like yeah what's going on and she was like why the fuck would you do that to your face I was like I didn't know what to say um but just yeah septum piercings are one of those things that a lot of people don't understand but that's typically the older generation and it's probably fine make sure you kind of have a little bit of a thick skin before getting any piercing really any piercing that's not like your ears or your nostril or your like your belly button or something everybody is like why would you do that it's like me because I hate myself probably but yeah I think that's everything that I wanted to go over for this video had you guys to ask me questions and I tried to answer all of them like in it as opposed to just like reading off your questions and answering them so I hope that was helpful if you have any other questions feel free to comment them down below I read every single one of my comments so even if you see this video a year ahead of time and you're like oh man I'm too late no I'll probably see it and I will answer it just I'll respond to all the comments on this if you have a question do not worry so they can get so much for watching this video I promise probably that I will have the video on how to change it and going over all the different types of jewelry and stuff later I just want to have all of that planned out and make sure that I'm not spreading misinformation so yeah that'll be up within the next week next couple of weeks probably hopefully cross your fingers but I love you guys so so much I hope you enjoyed this video please do not forget to leave this video a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already I would love for you to stick around I don't new videos every Wednesday and I'm trying to start uploading on Fridays as well I want to start doing two videos a week I don't know how it's gonna work but I want to do it yes thank you so much for watching I love you guys so so much and I will see you in my next video bye

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