Seojun’s top-spinning skill beats boys older than him! [The Return of Superman/2017.11.05]

(The twins have come out to play.) Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – He’s so cute. / – Hello. (Is there anything fun to do?) They’re so cute. Hey, Seojun. (Halting) (Someone appears from a distance.) Someone welcomingly calls out to them. (The face becomes clearer as they approach.) Hey, Seoeon and Seojun. (The voice longingly calls the twins’ names.) Seunghun. Hey, Seunghun. – Hey, Seojun. / – Seunghun. (We missed our friend, Seunghun.) How did you get here? You didn’t know that I was coming today, right? (How did Seunghun end up surprising them?) I challenge Dad. – You challenge me? / – I challenge you, Dad. I will beat everyone. You can’t beat me. – You can’t be defeated? / – No. Same goes for me too. In three, two, one. Go. Let’s go. Seojun is out. (Oh, no.) Don’t lose. Win, win. Win, win. There you go. (Hwijae clears Seojun’s top.) There you go. (Due to Hwijae’s move,) (Seoeon’s top comes to a halt.) You touched mine, Dad. No. Yes, you did. I just took this out. (This was all a ruse.) This isn’t fun. It’s not fun. We’re tired of playing by ourselves. (Is it not fun because you’re with me?) – Let’s challenge Seunghun. / – Seunghun? (He calls Seunghun to challenge him.) Hello? Hello? – Who is it? / – Who did you call? It’s Seoeon. Seoeon called. Hey, it’s me. I miss you, Seoeon. I miss you, too. What’s this all of a sudden? (They couldn’t meet him much after moving.) Hello? Uncle. Hi, Seunghun. Hold on. Is it Seunghun? Hey, Seunghun. Yes? Are you good at spinning tops? Yes, I’m totally good at it. Can you beat me? I’m totally strong. (Laughing) Hey, don’t cry after you lose to me, okay? You better not cry. I challenge you tomorrow, Seunghun. Are you confident enough to face me? I’m a bit busy. Why are you busy? I have to study. (Study? That can’t be right.) Hey, Seunghun. I’m busy, so I’ll think about it. I thought you were busy. How did you get here? I have a question. Why did you study yesterday? I didn’t study. You lied? – So did you study? / – Yes, twice. – You studied? / – I studied. Hey, I have my top right here. I brought my top. Take a look. Are you going to compete today? See you later, okay? Shall we have a match? Let’s go spin them. Let’s go spin them, friends. – Let’s all go. / – Follow me. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (The three musketeers burst into a song.) (Humming happily) Hey, it’s time to move out. – One, two, three, four… / – Three, four… (The five-year-olds are full of camaraderie.) – 11, 12. / – 11, 12. (They trio arrive at the neighborhood park.) We’re here. Let’s take out our tops. Do you have a purple one? Yes. Really? I have one too. See. Hey, we have the same color. We have the same color. Yes, except Seoeon. (We have the same color except Seoeon.) Teasing him will make him mad. Right? (Nodding) Are you the best in Dongcheon-dong? (Nodding) We’re the best in our neighborhood. Let’s compete to see who’s the best here. Let’s go. I’ll show you my strength. I’m probably the best in the world. – Are you ready? / – Yes. In three, two, one. – Let it rip. / – Let it rip. – Let it rip. / – Let it rip. (It lands on Seojun’s shoe and falls apart.) What’s going on? It’s destroyed. It’s destroyed. What does that mean? It’s broken. I won. That’s unbelievable. That’s what you call unbelievable. – Unbelievable. / – It’s unbelievable. Unbelievable. In three, two, one. (What is this familiar sound?) Hey. I hear someone saying, “Let it rip”. Right? Let’s go. – Why? / – They’re older than us. We can just play with them. (Seoeon runs ahead excitedly.) Hey, take your bags. (Oh, that’s right.) Let’s go. Bring it on! (He’s super excited.) Hey, did you steal mine? – No. Why? / – Let me see. (Seoeon is missing a top.) I didn’t. Did Seunghun take it? I’ll be off. Hey, where’s my top? I don’t have it. But I only have two. (It’s a poltergeist’s mischief.) I think Seojun took it. It’s not me. Hey, show me. I have three. One of these is Seoeon’s. (What?) Is this yours? (He got the same ones in confusion.) (He returns the mistakenly taken top.) In three, two, one. – Let it rip. / – Let it rip. They follow the familiar sound. (Smiling) They spot older kids competing with tops. (Older kids are spinning tops.) Hey. I know how to play too. Me, too. But why is the ring so big? My dad got it for me. Ours is just this small. I have this one too. – Do you know this? / – Yes. – It’s Lost Longinus. / – It’s Lost Longinus. Oh, they know them all. – How old are you? / – Five years old. We’re Seoeon and Seojun. – He’s Seunghun. / – You’re… – Seoeon, Seojun and Seunghun. / – He’s Seunghun. How old are you? – We’re nine years old. / – We’re nine years old. Are you friends? – Yes. / – Yes. – Do you know how to play? / – Yes. – Are you good? / – Yes. – Do you want to play? / – Do you want to join us? – Sure, let’s play. / – Come join us. (Let me warm up.) It’s red. Hey, he’s very good. He spins it better than me. (He’s shocked by Seojun’s skill.) (Well, it’s not much.) (The Dongcheon-dong master is struggling.) Hey, Seoeon. This isn’t working. Seoeon, this isn’t going in. – Hold on. / – It’s not working. Seoeon, we’re friends. Lend me the white one. – Use this. / – Try one more time. (I guess I have to help.) I’ll fix it for you. (He helps his friends diligently.) Here you go, Seunghun. – Let’s go, Seunghun. / – Let’s do this. Guys, we challenge you. We challenge you. I accept your challenge. It’s three versus three. This match decides the winning team. – Choose a name. / – Pick a name for your team. Let’s be Galaxy Zeus. – Galaxy Zeus. / – Legendary Galaxy Zeus. (“Legendary”? That has a nice ring to it.) What will your team’s name be? The Legendary… (He copies them first.) Emperor Pokemon. – The Legendary… / – Rich Man? – The Legendary Rich Man? / – Rich Man? – Do that. / – Let’s chant. – Let’s go! / – Legendary Galaxy Zeus! (We won’t lose. Let’s do this.) (Let’s put our palms together.) – Let’s go! / – Legendary Rich Man! (They’ve got spirit.) (Top Battle) Their reputations are on the line. Which team will be victorious? Are we really starting? – Yes. / – Face off now. Who will go first? I will. – I’ll go first. / – I’ll go. Park Joohyun versus Lee Seoeon. – Beat him. / – I shall defeat you. I will destroy you! That’s funny. That sounded cute. – “I’ll destroy you.” / – That’s funny. He’s so cute. “I will destroy you.” Spin it hard. Competitors, are you ready? – In three… / – I want to switch. (He nervously switches for the first match.) (He’s very serious.) (Yes, this will do.) I will defeat you. – In three, two, one. / – In three, two, one. (The match begins.) – Go, Seoeon. / – You spun it hard. – I won. / – Go, Seoeon. – Go, Seoeon. / – Cheer too, guys. – Go, Joohyun. / – Go, Seoeon. – Go, Joohyun. / – Go, Seoeon. (Seoeon’s spin weakens.) Go, Lee Seoeon. – Go, Joohyun. / – He’s winning. – Hey, don’t blow on it. / – It won’t stop. Hey, why did you stop it? Well, we won anyways. Foul play. Park Joohyun wins. (Joy and sorrow) We’re excited, but they are not. Who’s up next? Me. Round two. – Will you go, Seunghun? / – I’ll be the referee. Sure. Here I go. – In three, two… / – Win this time. (Win this time at all costs, buddy.) – That’s a great spin. / – You go. – Go, Joon. / – Go, Joon. (Look at their spirit.) – Go, team, go. / – Go, team, go. (Seoeon feels the urge to cheer his team on.) – Go, team, go. / – Go, team, go. (He chants at the top of his lungs.) – Go, team, go. / – Go, team, go. – Go, team, go. / – Go, team, go. (Legendary Rich Man loses again.) Oh, no. We lost. (As referee, he declares the winner.) (Feeling determined) (I will protect our reputation.) We have to defeat them. Oh Hyunhoo versus Lee Seojun. I will show you my power. (I see you.) (He may be smiling, but he’s burning inside.) (We cannot go down like this.) (I believe in you, Seojun.) In three, two, one. – Let it rip. / – Let it rip. This one’s strong. (Go, Legendary Rich Man!) – Go, team, go. / – Go, team, go. (He falls into a trance.) – Go, team, go. / – Go, team, go. (They’re in a frenzy.) – Let’s win, team. / – Let’s go. – Go, team, go. / – Go, team, go. (Gosh!) (At the crucial final moment…) (They finally won!) (No! I lost to a five-year-old.) Why is he so strong? (Seojun smiles from ear-to-ear.) Seojun wins. Yes, we won! (Their team wins a precious victory.) Why is he so strong? Seojun wins. (He’s excited.) (Top Battle Final Result) (Two losses to one win) (The final victory goes to Legendary Galaxy Zeus.) Let’s play one more time, then get ice cream. Then, let’s have the losers pay. – Okay. / – We have to win this. – Who’s the strongest? / – Me. Me. – No, it’s Seojun. / – Rock-paper-scissors. (I understand, Seunghun, but let it go.) I’m not going to play. (The fate of their teams is in their hands.) (Winner takes all.) Loser pays for ice cream. (Who will be glorious at the end of this fierce match?) – Let it rip. / – Let it rip. Hey. (Joohyun’s top is decimated.) Hey. (His top destroyed Joohyun’s top.) – What’s going on? / – I win. What’s going on? – What’s wrong with you? / – I didn’t do anything. I just spun it like usual. Hold on. You have to pitch in since we’re a team. – Hey. / – Seojun wins. – Seojun wins. / – I won. We’ll buy you ice cream. Everyone, pack your stuff. (He has the air of a leader.) Everyone, pack your stuff. (The older kids return with ice cream.) Thank you for the ice cream. No problem. (They’re pretty cool kids.) – Is it good? / – Yes. Let’s meet and play again. See you. Be well. (The six boys share a warm huddle.) Let’s meet again. Be well. – What do you want to eat? / – Me? I want non-spicy tteokbokki. How about you? I want meat dumplings. How about you? (Sprawled out) What do you want to eat? (The heroic warrior slumbers.) Did all that spinning make you sleepy? Hey, Seojun. Are you still sleeping, Seojun? (Opening eyes) (They force his eyes open to wake him up.) Are you still sleeping? (Squirming) I thought he woke up. Why do you think he’s so sleepy? Let’s not wake him up. I want to play kiss. (Puckering) (Brotherly love blooms at this restaurant.) All right, Seojun. Tteokbokki is here. – And here’s the dumplings. / – That looks good. (Browned meat dumplings and non-spicy tteokbokki) – Let’s share. / – Thank you. It’s huge. (He seems to have eaten this a lot.) What do you learn at school? Singing. What song? (“Little Teddy”, a newly-learned song) ♪ A pretty cub wearing pure white clothes ♪ ♪ Always looking at you ♪ What’s wrong with your voice? I talked too much. – I shouted too much. / – You did? (A hoarse voice was expected.) (Passing gas) Who farted? – It wasn’t me. / – It’s not you? Was it Seojun? Yes. (Round 2, Spluttering) (Chuckling) It’s you, right? (Sorry, buddy.) It was nice meeting you today. (Waking up) (They’re oblivious.) (The prankster returns.) Turn around. Hey! Hey, turn around. He’s awake. Did you sleep well? (Feeling bewildered, “What is all this?”) Do you want some? How about the dumplings? Do you want some? We didn’t finish it. (Seunghun looks after his friend.) Try the meat dumplings. They’re good. I should eat one too. (He sucks in the food.) Seunghun, thanks for coming all the way here to see us. Remember the three musketeers. Come play again.

Glenn Chapman


  1. I'm an early 2000s kid so I can relate a lot to this. I remember when kids use to trash talk each other when they were playing Pokemon. Those were some good times~😄

  2. Did you know that those tops are called "BeyBlades"? and you have to scream "LET IT RIP!" before you launch. i know this bc my friends are usually guys and they play like that lol XDD

  3. the three older boys is cool, one with jeans jacket is handsome. seunghun such a sweetheart, forever brother hood.

  4. the twins social skills is out of this world, especially seoeon , he can make friend with anyone. they will both go far in life. the 9 year old kids are also very nice and friendly.

  5. I wish I could battle all of them. I'm about the age of the 9 year olds, now 10. I have a few beyblades. Three bursts, three of the metal series. BURSTS: Genesis Valtryek, Seig Xcalibur, and Kinetic Satomb. METALS: Golden Phantom-Orion, Basalt-Horogium, and an Earth Eagle.

  6. Seunghun looks so matured compared to the twins ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ his talking is so good.

  7. I love how mature the older kids are. They even let them play alongside them.

  8. 3 musketeers aka comedian together.whatever they do I laughed

  9. 3S : deadly serious
    3 kind hyung : ah kyowo! ( treat them like cute dongsaengs)

  10. My super favorite episode!!❤ That power up gesture of Seojun 11:38!😂 Epic!

  11. I hope im in korea and see the oldest boys….theres so kind😍😍

  12. I wish the boys met me and i congrats me being good boys and congrats to seojun

  13. In US, you won't see neighboring kids act like that, most kids gets bullied instead.💔

  14. Am I the only one that got emo when they started playing Time Bomb by All Time Low 😂

  15. I loved how the other older kids interacted with Seojun, Seoeon, and Seunghun. The nine years olds in my school are very hM 💀💀

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  17. Bruh they keep rotating the beys on the launchers the cogs are gonna break. Plus the combos arent even that good, Kreis Satan isnt even viable and sword launchers arent that strong.

  18. This makes me happy but a lil sad at the same time. I'm happy that those kids are enjoying and having fun in their neighborhood. But at the same time it kind of reminds me of the time a few years back in Korea when i was like 7, i was friendly with the neighborhood older boys who were like 10. But one day, they just started to bully out of the blue and I was soon picked on by them. Constantly. Not sure what caused them to be mean towards me but i remember crying in fear alot. This just kinda gave me some old memories.

  19. i wonder how much of these are scripted. i highly doubt kids can pull off acting but putting them into such situations is possible.

  20. Honestly if you click the beyblade to the launcher too much it will break, soon. You're supposed to only click it once. But these are only kids, I'm glad they are having tons of fun.

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