Sen. Portman visits recovery center for women

TONIGHT THE FIGHT AGAINST THE HEROIN EPIDEMIC CONTINUES. SENATOR ROB PORTMAN STOPPED IN LOVELAND TODAY TO VISIT THE ADAMS RECOVERY CENTER FOR WOMEN.9 ON YOUR SIDE’S ASHLEY ZILKA SPOKE WITH ONE WOMAN WHO CREDITS THE CENTER FOR SAVING HER LIFE. ASHLEY/INTHE ADAMS RECOVERY CENTER HOUSES 30 WOMEN INSIDE THIS BUILDINGRIGHT NOW… THERE’S A WAITING LIST TO GET INTO THIS PROGRAM.SENATOR ROB PORTMAN TELLS ME HE’S TRYING TO FIX THAT.PACKAGEHEATHER: 06:49:50 “Life is great. It’s the small things that mean the most now and waking up and hearing mommy.”IT WASN’T ALWAYS THAT WAY FOR HEATHER PADGETT AND HER TWINS.SHE GOT HOOKED ON PRESCRIPTION DRUGS AFTER A SPORTS INJURYAND LATER BECAME ADDICTED TO HEROIN.WHEN SHE HIT ROCK BOTTOMSHE CAME TO THE ADAMS RECOVERY CENTER.HEATHER: 06:47:49 “The patience, the understanding, the way that they made me look at myself. My thought process, my behaviors.”PADGETT HAS BEEN CLEAN FOR 7 MONTHSSHE SHARED HER STORY TODAY WITH SENATOR ROB PORTMAN.SENATOR PORTMAN: 06:33:12 “The longer term recovery programs have fewer people relapse instead people tend to be able to get back on their feet and that’s exactly what we heard here today.” PORTMAN HAS BEEN TRAVELING ALL OVER OHIO TO VISIT FACILITIES LIKE ADAMS RECOVERY CENTER. SENATOR PORTMAN: 06:33:39 “Treatment programs have to focus on what the core issue because interestingly it’s usually not the drug. In other words, people are trying to fill a hole for some other reason and until you get down to that, they sometimes will leave treatment.”THE SENATOR’S VISIT COMES JUST TWO WEEKS AFTER HE MET WITH THE HAMILTON COUNTY CORONER TO DISCUSS THE RISING NUMBER OF OVERDOSE DEATHS IN THE REGION.HE’S INTRODUCED NEW LEGISLATION THAT EXPANDS THE NUMBER OF BEDS YOU CAN HAVE IN A TREATMENT CENTER.SENATOR PORTMAN: 06:38:40 “if they could have another 16 or 20 or 30 beds and frankly it would be less expensive for everybody to have a little larger facility they can spread some of the costs.” PADGETT SAYS PORTMAN’S VISIT HELPS RAISE AWARENESS.HEATHER: 06:49:20 “it gives us that voice and it gives us that chance to just be heard on a bigger level than just here at Adams Recover Center.” ASHLEY/TAGTHE PROGRAM HERE AT THE ADAMS RECOVERY CENTER IS BETWEEN 3 TO 6 MONTHS.HEATHER AND OTHER GRADUATES STILL KEEP IN CONSTANT TOUCH WITH THEIR COUNSELORS.REPORTING IN LOVELAND ASHLEY ZILKA 9 ON

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