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  1. seriously annoynmus must be right, the government has to have a botnetwork set up that tries to sway public opinoin, because whoever that guy is that disliked this seriously must be a bot.

  2. That's pretty cool. So many applications, but what happens when the material needs to be disposed of? Is it biodegradable?

  3. Self-healing paint! Now, religion, where's your answer to that?!
    Science 1 – God 0

  4. But when you scratch the molecules away from the surface how could they ever rearrange in the right position again, when they're not there anymore?

  5. DDTM77 you are ridiculous!

    Human skin is reconstructed completely, broken bones come together!

    Deus10000 – Science 1

  6. @fsystem No, YOU are the one who is ridiculous. The ability to Regenerate comes from evolution, so no credits to God there.

  7. What about summer days in the sun? At noon, UV exposure from the sun is very high, especially in certain places in the world. Will the whole car's polymer coating turn to liquid?

  8. @D1vinus When you remove a spoon of water from a glass of water do you leave a dent in it?

  9. Excellent work. Though I'm sure this will be fairly expensive.. but honestly well worth the price because of the long term use. And they have indeed just scratched the surface. There are incredible applications and possibilities of it. This can go towards even health uses.

  10. OK, now what about something reconstructing it's self after being damaged? That would probably require replication on a microscopic level similar to organisms.

  11. Die Wissenschaft soll sich um den Hunger in der Welt kรผmmern. Nicht um dumme zerkratzte Autos, die sich sowieso keiner mehr leisten kann.

  12. @RandomAwe Water is a liquid. Molecules in liquids are not 'arranged' in a certain way. (Except for Hydrogen Bonds)

  13. I believe a UV activated polymer has been used in Dentistry to fill tooth erosions for close to 40 years. Probably developed through the CWRU School of Dentistry. I know because I still have one on one of my incisors.

  14. what I can imagine is coorporations killing all of you for uploading this on youtube and selling your ideas to the army. Still, good job.

  15. As it is said in the video, the self-healing doesn't depend on the molecules that were scratch in itself. You may see the material as a metal.I'll explain: a metal in solid state is a cristal, a bunch of identical molecules that are arranged, organised in the 3 dimensions of space. When you heat the metal until reaching fusion temperature, the metal reaches a state where the molecules become unorganised: the liquid state. The molecules can move quite freely in this state.

  16. If then you cool down the metal slowly enough, the molecules will organize themself in order to form a crystal.
    When you put the new polymer material under UV light, the molecules act "like" in a viscous liquid, they get enough energy from the UV photons to "move quite freely" and re-organise themselves. (Even though they don't "know" their neighbours ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  17. technology and science can really find a way to make things easier to fix and handle. Someday, many inventions and discoveries will help solve the problems we have today.

  18. So many puns… "Found a scratch on your new car… just found the key."
    "only scratching the surface"

  19. is it posable to lair it so it thicker?

    example:you pop your tier and it refills itself

  20. They've got it all those lads! Brains, good looks, everything! Ok, ok, but they've definitely got brains anyhow!

  21. I really don't know how this works, if you ever scratched something, there's some of the materials on the object that you scratched with, such as a car with a key; how can a UV light fix a scratch when there's no material for them to use to fix the scratch?

  22. please may i know what kind of material has been used in this chemical or in substance???

  23. I guess they have a grant from the army now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. the material will not be very thermo resistant. this polymer is does not take a lot of energy to continue polymerizing. that also means a hot day under the sun can ruin your paint. more research is needed.

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