Scoliosis Non-Surgical Treatment: Reduction and Rehabilitation

you you oh I came here at the beginning of September 2009 my curve is at 63 degrees seated and but right before that I was in a wheelchair I had a really rare type of curve that curved from my sacrum all the way into my neck just one big seat and I was it was awful Stanford didn't know what it was and I had to quit dance I couldn't have a real summer and it was and then I came here and I knew for some reason I knew that this was where I belonged this was where I would I would find my calling I knew there was something about this place and I started I came every day for about four hours I did all the treatments the chair by brain traction talked about a little bit about like some of those things that you're doing like chair and vibrating traction what are you experiencing when you're on the chair the chair uh I've had a little bit of weird experiences with it because of my neck curve I have a my curve is reversed mm-hmm so I have it you said vibrating tractions yeah talk a little bit about that well that's my favorite thing here it's um you go and you lay down you have this roll under your neck and vibrates and and then they put all these weights on your ribs they put that to be in 25 pounds on my ribcage and then weights on your shoulders all kinds of little rolls under your back so make sure you have the correct position good good and then um I see you in the gym often and you're doing the the tightrope what talk a little bit about that and how when you started what it was like and what it's like now well I have some neurological they still don't know the full like they just don't know what causes it or what it actually is they're still trying to figure it out um if I I can walk the tightrope completely fine but if you block my dominant eye or make me close my eyes or block off the the strongest parts of my eyes I'm falling off I'm falling and it's hard to walk in a straight line sure and I looked up what's your experience been like with dr. Jansen well the adjustments like they hurt a little but then they make you feel better and then everyone here um dr. Jansen and the people that set you up on the machines they've all become like family to me do you feel like you've improved overall since you first started oh yes and in what ways well my curve has definitely improved it from 63 to 15 in a month nice and right now I feel the best I've ever felt before I'm sitting up straight and before I would be hunched over and nice and then dance-dance I'm slowly going back to I haven't danced I didn't dance since last March when I had to quit okay there's my back got so bad I just started going back two weeks ago

Glenn Chapman


  1. Sir can you help me mine is S shape mild scoliosis i want straighten or reduce 10 below curve. Can chiropractor fix or reduce the curviture in the spine?and do i need after the adjusment the chiro brace or not?. Pls reply…

  2. I am 51 with an S curvature on my spine, about more than 30 degrees both upper and lower back. Given my age, will my scoliosis be improved?

  3. I'm 18 year old girl from india I have C curve on my right side and it's above 50degree I really don't want surgery how and where can I contact you is there's any hope for me as well?

  4. my daughter have curve by born birth is thay have a solution

  5. Wow! I'm 62. Had curvature 87 degree at 27 years old after 1st son. 1983 had fusion & rod. Had to wear body cast for 6 months. Now as getting older curvature getting worse. Had to go on disability. Pain medication taken away cold turkey 3 years ago. Can't do simple daily functions. In bed a lot with heating pad. So glad procedure is so different now. Hope you have no problems ever!

  6. I sell ready technology for scoliosis straightening. The initial price is 10,000 euros. The technology is simple and harmless. For the first time in the World of Medicine, my Skeletal traction is up to 500 kg. There are no such strong results anywhere.

  7. Hi.I'm turning 24 and I have a 22° scoliosis. Can it still be corrected?

  8. My son is a bit of a hunchback, and I don't know whether to opt for surgery or non surgical treatment, and if I opt for non surgical treatment, what I want to know is how long non surgical treatments can last to make sure that the CRISTAE doesn't change again

  9. Hello sir
    I m from india
    My 2 month baby daughter secoliosis detected . She has C curve And we have to send u my daughter x-ray MRI and other medical reports .
    Sir told me any medical treatment is possible to my doll. Indian Doctor said one way for this problem scoliosis surgery. But I seen ur vedio on YouTube and scoliosis brace vedio.
    Please help me. Sir
    Please contact me.
    Help us if you do something sir

  10. Hello! I really worry about my scoliosis. I have scoliosis for many years but I'm Not getting any treatment.Now I'm 22 years. How it possible for me to get better? I feel it get worse day by day 😭… (From Laos)

  11. Thank you so much. The doctor said I would have to have surgery and the way he explained it made me cry and I’m 12. They said that you’re not really supposed to have it till you’re 17 so I was terrified. 😖

  12. Plz plz plz give me your address doctor. I hv scoliosis. Nd if u don't mind plzz gv me your contact no plz

  13. Hii i also have scoliosis 40°S shape curve in spine please reply me and help me

  14. I have heard that HELLERWORK , a massage . Had been performed on a young man with scoliosis and greatly improved his condition , as in reducing the curvature !!!

  15. hello i have a scoliosis with 2°/2°.i was diagnosted in 2015. my age is 22 y . o .. i don't know if it will progress or not. i have no pain. what should i do?

  16. she doesn't have scoliosis.  never did. look at that xray at 0:48. 1) look at the pedicles. there is no rotation. scoliosis has rotation. 2) its a long sweeping curve of her entire spine.  that's not scoliosis unless she has CP or something.  that's her leaning. 3) look at her pelvis.  it isn't level.  shes either leaning, its an xray laying down, or she has to have a huge leg length difference.  if its a standing xray like it should be, then her pelvis should be level.  4) almost nobody with scoliosis walks that decompensated.  scam

  17. Oh, this story is touchy and I`ve come to think to recommend the therapy to some of my patients who can afford it. Nice to share this.

  18. What a touching story, my daughter is 13 with a 48 degree curve and doctors have continually said surgery is the only option for her to lead a normal life. Your story gave me the reassurance that there are better options out there and we have scheduled a consult with a local office here to discuss our options. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  19. Wow, I was very emotional watching this video, my scoliosis I believed that was "double" since 13y old. The Dr. told my parents to use a brace! Can you guys believed how my emotions are with that age?! I use less than a year. So, my body adapted to the curve. You don't notice until I put a bikini or a tide clothes. So, today with 39y old and I found my chiropractic thru "The truth about cancer" Dr. David Jockers here in GA, and he told me that my it's not "double" (good news), but the curve is bed enough to me feel pain, be uncomfortable to sleep, do exercise and etc… The bad news, he can't guarantee 100% that my old problem will be resolve! 🙁 I did 3x/week, now I'm 2x/week, but I don't feel any improve so far… I know that it's a process but I'm with this chronic pain and discomfort for so many years, that my patience, gone! 🙁 Do you guys have a clinic close to me to have a second opinion?
    I really appreciate!

  20. question" I have scoliosis and also kyphosis and an also looking into coming to the Scolistrong academy and am 21 " does that mean y'all can't help me

  21. Hi, im 20 years old and I have 32,47 degrees. I really don´t want to do a surgery, and I think this could be the chance to get itbetter. Is this a is this a research? and how expensive is this treatment?

  22. Plz help me i dont want to do a surgery im 30 years old and i have 45 degrees and here doctors can only recommand surgery for me

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