Sam’s family finally reunites with Nana in Australia! [The Return of Superman/2018.04.01]

Who lives in this exotic two-story house? (Who lives here?) There is a study that is full of pictures. (There are a lot of familiar faces.) The strong resemblance to William tells us these are pictures of Sam in his childhood. (These are Sam’s childhood pictures.) In the center of the house is a living room. The terrace and kitchen are sunny. The house is filled with love for the family. On the second floor is a room with Sam’s memories. (Sam’s childhood room) There is also a bedroom the family will use. You can feel Grandma’s love. Hello, everyone in Korea. It has been a long time. Welcome to Australia. Hello. I am William and Bentley’s grandma. Oh, look. Oh, my goodness. (Grandma holds Bentley for the first time.) Oh, my little baby. You precious little thing! He’s bigger than William was at that age. He is! Oh, you are precious. He is wearing the clothes William wore when he was six months old. He is wearing the same size. (My goodness.) – What’s the matter? / – He is a big boy! Do you want to sit here? He is a big boy! – Jelly. / – Say, “Please.” – Say, “Please.” / – Say, “Please.” ♪ I have jelly for William ♪ ♪ I’ve got jelly for William ♪ ♪ What color is the jelly? ♪ (This jelly is on a different scale.) ♪ Grandma made some jelly ♪ – What is that? / – ♪ Some green jelly ♪ – ♪ You can eat it all ♪ / – What’s that? – ♪ Jelly, jelly ♪ / – What do you say? ♪ Here is a special spoon ♪ ♪ Airplane, airplane and jelly ♪ Thank you. Do you want to try some jelly? (Crocodile-colored jelly) Is that a crocodile? Is it good? Is it good? (Yes, this is the taste.) Put more in William’s mouth. (He can’t help asking for more.) – He must like it. / – Yummy. – Is it yummy? / – Do you want some jelly? – William, is it yummy? / – Do you? (Leave some for me.) (Dad will eat everything.) – No, Daddy. No, Daddy. / – William. Here you go. Eat it. (Your jelly is the best.) Yummy, yummy. (He plays with Sam.) (William is a pilot of the jelly.) Crocodile. Crocodile. William ate it. My goodness. (It failed to land in William’s mouth.) – It’s William! / – Delicious. – Look. / – William, who is this? (Who is this?) (Without a doubt…) Who is this? – Me. / – No. It’s Dad. Didn’t he look exactly like you? Who is there? Who is that, William? – Me. / – No. He thinks it’s him. (The father and son look alike.) Who is this? (No matter how many times I look at it,) (that’s me in the photo.) – It’s me. / – No. – He says it’s him. / – No, it’s Daddy. – That’s my baby. / – Me? – No, no. / – He said it’s him. – Daddy. / – Bingo. It’s Daddy. He’s my baby. Daddy is my baby. – No. / – You got my baby. (Don’t you think he’s too big for a baby?) William, where is Grandma’s present? My gosh. Give it to your grandma. (It’s your present, Grandma.) Thank you. Is this bag for me? (They show her the present they bought in Korea.) (Impressed) Yum. (It’s the dried laver, William’s favorite.) – Seaweed is delicious. / – Wait. (William personally went to buy the present.) (New one.) (William chose the new dried lavers.) A hat. William, do you want to wear this hat? (What is this hat?) (Firstborn) (This is the swagger of the oldest.) (And it’s the dress William chose.) – William chose it. / – I see. William, did you choose this? – My gosh, thank you. / – Grandma. (The hat completes her swagger.) (Australian Grandma) Grandma. What does it say? “Australian Grandma.” “Australian Grandma.” Grandma. – What’s written on this? / – What is this? – “Baby.” / – “Baby.” “Firstborn.” “Firstborn.” (That’s what it means.) Right. (It’s time to take a group photo.) One, two, three. Okay. (The First Group Photo) I’ll go get something. I’ll see what I can find. Where did Grandma go? What did I find here? (What will she bring?) – Sam. / – What’s that? Sam, do you recognize this? What is that, William? – These were Daddy’s toys. / – I remember these. William. I used to play with these. (Really?) (Grandma brings something else.) What is that? What is it, William? It makes William dance. – William. / – What’s that? What is it? (Wait! That’s…) Lucky you. (He was a fan of “Star Wars” since he was a kid.) (The father and the son have the same taste.) (Firing) Good for you, William. (He’s happy after getting the present.) Do the Chewbacca impression. Do the impression. (Roaring) (That was pretty good.) Do the Hulk impression. – Grandma. / – Yes? Grandma. (He gets stronger.) What about Thor? Thor. Do the Iron Man. Spider-Man. (He shoots out spiderweb.) What’s that, William? (What’s the next nostalgic item?) (It’s a recorder.) (It makes interesting sounds.) – William, look. / – He played it at school. (A comedian hired by the KBS) “Daddy, don’t play it with your nose.” William, look. Look at Daddy. (Sam becomes a kid in front of his mom.) (Even Bentley likes it.) I used to play this in elementary school. (William gives it a try.) (Blowing) (He ends up punishing himself.) Good boy. He put it in his mouth. Look, look. Put your fingers here. Blow. (Sam teaches him how to play it.) – Try it. / – You’re good. (She’s the most responsive grandma.) (This magical recorder makes her dance.) There is one for Bentley. (The distribution of the presents continues.) One for Bentley. – What is it? / – Give it to the baby. – It’s for the baby. / – It’s for Bentley. – It’s his. / – This is for William. Say, “Thank you.” (It’s a cute kangaroo bib.) William, look at this. – What is that? / – Say, “Thank you.” – Do you like alligators? / – What is it, William? It’s a horse. A lion. – A penguin for him too. / – What’s that, William? Hey, it’s not yours, mate. It’s not yours. Why are you so happy? (I will share them with Bentley.) I’ll get something ready. – Yes? / – That sounds good. Yes, okay. (While his grandma prepares dinner…) Okay, okay. William, we’ll visit the neighbors. Remember how we bought presents? They are very good to Grandma. We’ll go give out the presents now. Her house is located in West Melbourne. It’s a small and quiet town where Maribyrnong River runs through. Where are we? Melbourne. Say, “Melbourne”. Mellong. It’s not “Mellong”. It’s “Melbourne”. Mellong. My gosh. William. Let’s ring it. Ring the bell here. – Ringing. / – Ringing. – How are you doing? / – How are you, Wayne? – Who is this? / – It’s Sam. – Hi, Sam. / – Nice to meet you, mate. It’s nice to meet you too. This is my little fellow, William. – Hello, William. / – William, say “hi”. We just wanted to give you a few little gifts from Korea just as a thank-you. Mom speaks very highly of you. Thank you. I appreciate that. I just put some Korean chopsticks and spoons in there. Okay. I put in a fan, and this is dried lavers that we eat as snacks. This is red ginseng chocolate. – It’s healthy. / – It will warm me up – a bit. / – Absolutely. – Here you go. No worries. / – Thank you so much. – I really appreciate it. / – Not a problem, mate. – Thank you very much. / – No worries. – Bye. / – Bye. Bye. (Whose house are they visiting next?) Hello, William. Did you come to see me? You know what? I’ve got something for you. – William. / – This is for you. William, what do you say? Say, “Thank you.” Thank you. (He gives her a kiss to show his gratitude.) That was a beautiful kiss. We just wanted to drop off a few gifts. – Bye, darling. / – Thank her, William. Thank you. Bye. (Thank you for the chocolate.) – Bye. / – Bye, darling. William. This neighbor is Grandma’s closest friend. (I’m closest with this chocolate bunny.) He was Grandma’s close friend too. Grandma. William, look. There’s a dog. What’s that? Hello. William, what do you say? Say, “Thank you.” This is for you, and this is for your brother. This is for Ben. Say, “Thank you.” Thank you. We’ve got a gift as well, William, haven’t we? That’s very nice. – This is a small gift. / – Thank you so much. – Thanks. / – Blow them a kiss. (He gives them a kiss too.) (Blowing kisses) I caught it. Good job. Good job. Bye, bye. Let’s go. (While the father and the son give out gifts…) I missed you. Grandma is smitten by Ben, whom she met for the first time. (He gives her the cutest smile.) (His grandmother changed into the dress.) What a good boy. Hey, little man. He’s a good little man. (She can’t pass by him without admiring him.) You’re such a good boy, aren’t you? – Hi. / – Do you need some help? No, darling. It’s all right. (Their dinner is almost ready.) – Where is Grandma? / – Where is Grandma? – Where is Grandma? / – She must be inside. You’re back. Did you give out the presents? Yes. William, did you have fun? What are those stuffed animals? Where is Grandma? Which one is for Ben? One is for Bentley. (He smiles as soon as he sees her.) Nice outfit. It’s the present you gave me. (Let me see. To complete the outfit,) (you need this hat.) Thank you, darling. Is that the right one? Oh, it is. (The oldest son has good eyes.) William, look. Grandma has a lot of food. (It’s a hearty dinner.) We don’t have space for plates. What will William have? Chicken? – Jelly. / – Jelly. – You must eat other food. / – Jelly, jelly. (Have some jelly with me.) It’s delicious. (His grandma makes him happy.) He’s silly. – Yum. / – Yum. – Yum. / – Yum. He spilled it on his shirt. – He spilled it again. / – Pick it up. (He’s the happiest.) Does it feel good? Is that fun? (They have a good time during dinner.) He eats a lot of broccoli. (It’s time for Bentley to eat too.) Bread, rice, and fruit. (He doesn’t fuss at all.) This one is very good, isn’t he? (Yumi can’t eat because of Bentley.) William. (Sam looks after his wife.) What’s your brother’s name? Good boy. (He tries to copy his dad.) You can eat it. (Pulling) (I fooled you.) He’s so excited. You’re a cheeky boy. Do you want to eat cheese? Cheese. Cheese. That looks good. Is it good? (No.) William, do you know what that is? (It tastes a little… It’s too strong.) It might be a bit too strong for him. (Gosh, I almost died.) (Try this instead.) (His grandma cuts the meat into pieces.) Do you want to try it, William? – Eat it like Daddy. / – Here. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (Eating) – William. / – Eat it. Yummy? Yes. Yes. What is this? What kind of meat is that? What kind of meat is that? – That? / – Yes. Crocodile. (He doesn’t know crocodile in English.) William, this is a crocodile. This is a crocodile. A crocodile. Gosh, what do we do? You ate a crocodile. (I love crocodiles.) What is this? Crocodile. (I need to see it without my sunglasses.) – Crocodile. / – It’s a crocodile. You just ate Crong. (I) (ate Crong?) Do you want more crocodile? – Yes. / – Gosh. He wants more because it’s a crocodile. Dad will give you one. Are you going to eat a crocodile? – Crocodile. / – Take it. You’re eating so well. – He’s enjoying it. / – Gosh. He usually doesn’t eat meat. – William, is that yummy? / – Yes. Yes, William. (I love everything about crocodiles.) I saw the video of Bentley. The birthing of Bentley. It was really incredible. I looked at it… I don’t know how many times. And I cried. I cried for what Yumi was going through. I cried so much, but it was a good kind of sad. And when you were cutting the cord and all of that, that was really special. That was so special. Yes. Yes, it was. He’ll be out soon. (After the difficulties of having William,) (Sam’s family faced another miracle.) (It was a wonderful moment.) (Sam’s mom watched the video many times.) – William, are you sleepy? / – Daddy. Are you sleepy? – Shall we go to bed? / – Yes. Do you want to sleep? He’s doing the exact same thing you did, Sam. – He wants to sleep now. / – Bringing his finger across like that. Except he does it with two fingers. – He uses two fingers. / – Yes. Shall we sleep, William? – Yes. / – Say bye to Grandma. – Bye. / – Bye. I’ll give you a butterfly kiss. I used to give your dad a butterfly kiss when he went to sleep. I’ll give you a butterfly kiss. (She blinks to tickle William’s face.) (It’s her way of showing love.) Butterfly kiss. – What is that? A kiss. / – Okay? – Goodnight. / – Goodnight. – Goodnight. / – Say “Bye.” Goodnight. Let’s go. (She says goodbye to Bentley too.) Little one. Goodnight, little Bentley. – Goodnight. / – Goodnight. – Goodnight. / – Goodnight. (It’s a night full of happiness.) Are you happy to see Grandma? – Yes. / – Good boy. As a fourth family… A family of four. It’s our first night here as a family of four. Let’s sleep and have fun again tomorrow. Okay.

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    "Did you have fun with your grandma,william?"
    "Yess..we had a wonderful time and we ate a lot."
    "Really? What kind of food did you eat?"

  4. If u hear the mom say “say thank you” it sounds so pretty and soft.
    I love how they’re playing the Beatles and other English songs.

    Finally i think it’s so cute how quietly he speaks English. It’s probably not something he speaks often because they live in Korea. He’ll learn it naturally in time but it’s so interesting watching bi-lingual families

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