ROLLOVER!!! Trash Crash Dangerous Recovery

hello ladies gentlemen and as always thank you for watching today we've been called for a rolled over dump truck in a subdivision so I was moving a car for one police department and talent isn't already headed towards the accident site or the crash site in the single axle feat the 40:24 told if we go in and assess the situation since it was inside a subdivision I wanted to make sure that we can get this big truck in there I got back quicker than we thought talents not on-site yet he will be very shortly so what I understand the drivers I'm injured which is excellent we'll just go see what the situation is as far as the truck you go through there okay we're here it's go see what's going on oh we got separated from the frame it sitting on the ground trucks okay there all right well we're trying to get an idea wait he's gonna send a lowboy difficut yup good idea right now the only thing holding that box is the tire okay driver's side you'll see it alright so be careful you get around that car okay oh it's a trash yeah you told me it was trash truck I thought it was a dump truck that's what they said it's got lifting eyes yeah I don't know I don't know if they're strong enough but it's got lifting eyes if we can dig the asphalt out of there all right so okay who's in charge what do we need to do dark polo shirt okay okay all right well I guess we'll see check with him on the lowboy and see how heavy that thing really is I think the rotator can pick it though no problem the the problem is we don't have much space to set up here for the lowboy to come in beside us we may have to set up over here and do it behind me and have the lowboy back in or or me swing it over that way you know what I mean have me set up in the roadway because I'm gonna have to have a good stance to pick this thing up and then have him back up and come in as close to the can we got overheads there too okay all right I think it's what we're gonna try I think that's what we're gonna try yeah yeah it's fix your time pretty bad both all four all four corners let's get something in there hopefully we can beat this dead young rain I'm gonna pull up over a little bit I think yeah you don't have to have the big big ones I don't think ya might come forward because when we pull this forward pull it round yes made steps to let's leave it open that's all right I was gonna get some blocks from back here the sides already crumpled right now the way that's loaded and everything 28,000 pounds 28 yeah okay all right it's big careful buddy hey if you can't get it right now we can get it over here where it's more stable first what's innate bud what you got oh you need a big pry bar how about we take the can we get a hook in there it's like one of our small chains or something and just pry it pull it out with the winch are you kidding me okay can we get that she can't get the tip of any of those in there Kenya and that pry bar won't do anything okay all right do what you gotta do now back to have off go get the other hook or other chain so you got two hooks there you go and then get get down there you go now forget your d-ring in new washer and while you there I want the light went over here I'm gonna lift just a little bit on the top moving over there it should be on preschool yep there you go a turning tip and the other way there you go there you go yeah watch everybody stills right behind you step down and then we'll just put the step over there there you go yeah good alright my mind you yeah all right let's watch this unfortunately yes we can all right well we got going on over there town you want which door it's got to come around we got no choice there's got to come around alright I'm gonna let everything settle for just a minute talent she's handling a whole lot better than I thought she would let's step in that hose alright so now yes got it it sound like we just went free maybe there we go now we got it doggone it you think of trucks worth salvaging I didn't think so I'm sorry guys hey there's a couple of pennies is this my tent hey Talan here's your tip for the day and here's my tip for the defense any piece all right you want to get that get this out of here or do we want to get this box up okay yep let's do it let's do it no heck no neither do I all right now what we're going to have to do is we're going to take the boom gonna take that one and move it over to here take the blue over to here the white down to here because we're going to have to pick up the back of the box with the end of the boom and then we're going to have to take two and run off this second stage to snatch blocks you know what I'm saying you follow what I'm putting down and we might even be able to single-line it and use those snatch blocks maybe now let's get this dead gum box up out of here you're clear yeah what do they say 10 ton in the box I'll shoot on a on a four-way line just keep we'll just use those snatch blocks since they're there that'll be the easiest way to go watch it buddy don't get hurt yeah don't get hurt yeah I think there's gonna have to be something that repair after that yes please do what sir yeah oh yeah then overcorrected probably yeah no kidding it happens to the best time what Alan well do this for up writing but for setting it on the tank we may or sitting it on there we'll see how this goes we may have to do something different yeah keep going keep going but I need that snatch and blocker when you get down please thanks sir are you now let me get this down reposition the boom get you closer that's gonna take quite a better stick do this my fold under reach up I'd like to be able to do a mid-air invert well no I can't I can't do a mid-air inversion I won't have it picked first he's gonna have to roll first darn it darn it darn oh well do what we got to do you can go ahead and hook your y20 in go ahead and set it in if you can fuck tip pointing you pointed towards you there you go I have turned that bottom one around i watch my load really and really carefully all right scales we get it a good angle here Hey just preschool everything for now until I get where I want to be I said preschool darn you that's gonna be pretty good right here xxx oh hey why'd you do that ah Ariel ooh hey bub give me a woodblock to put in between there right there where the cable once we get get it started rolling we'll be all right we're long here bud there we go thank you dang it ah don't let it hit you that's alright just let it go let it go let it go and once I get it set in level then I'll wreck it my okay go ahead now how much space you got on the deck before we need to get in how many feet on the deck before we hit that start okay be closed whether I've got enough boom to set it on his deck we'll just check and see maybe let me get it leveled out here come on darn you hold on talent just watch yourself because once it breaks free it's gonna want to come your way song well that back in boy back in teddy what is it well I am pretty well maxed out on the boom as far as hi and everything yeah don't get yourself under there buddy get up get a pole go ahead and come on close and then once you get close now hold on do we need I need to talk to him if we need well if we need to get that tractor out of the way first to make it easier on him we can he ain't got no problem backing into this lane of you okay yeah I can hold it right there and drop this trailer oh I can get I've got it to where I can lift it the only problem is if it he's going to have enough to get under it past me I got just be careful yeah he doesn't have to worry about getting exact because I can move it all right Adam hold just a second we got a piece of trash under here that it might blow a tire all right he's clear clear and we closed easy easy oh I can probably burn down enough oh we do well now we got about six inches that'll help though alright got about six got about six inches about six inches that's he one want the whole thing sitting down on a flat deck I mean if he if he doesn't want it set down on the flight deck we can set it up on the ramps above the tires yeah yeah yeah ah so good can you get that place and it's gonna take a little bit of finesse here so just bear with me okay do I now all right so what do you want to do you want to just let it sit down in there yeah they don't drop it now yeah yeah that's fine will our change exposed and if I have to I can pick one end up and reposition yeah fuck you now he didn't well what I may have to do I was trying to get it in between there but it just won't fit yeah it's close its close but it won't fit in there nope alright so boy you want to block it and set it down and where it's at or do you want to pull it forward and set it well it ain't it's still not gonna set there is okay the other option we would have I can drive I can try to push it that way so and that way that'll let it settle the floor alright let's let that go hey Talan free spool the just the red and yellows please I might be able to pull it forward with this this end because this is the heavy end that's what needs to go for what yeah the Tom Raymond Kenny l-3 worked yesterday though so whatever whatever works if we got somebody we gotta take care of yeah being Iran right like bail we'll just slide it forward if you can he's in the bed you know he's into bed and wheezes it's off to the right side that's fine if we don't get off the road going out of here oh don't say that I had to run off the road to get past it yeah I'd get off to get past it unless I'd gone all the way around and back then you know yeah I would put some blocks under here though cuz it yeah we got and I can reposition it if we need to know hey I really don't think she's going anywhere as long as you take it easy well you got the lowboy here you want me to throw that on there too I doubt it I've just eizan yeah you gotta get up for anyway yeah I do no I don't mind what you need the ones that I'm getting right down hook prom okay coming down unlike you I might get a dream bub alright there goes the trailer I hear thunder yep I'm ready to get this thing out of here they are set okay then out here you say 13 and a half then we got about five minutes we got to be within 10 miles and we got to shut it down lightning can travel ten miles we ought to be able to have this up out of here in no time though this is nothing compared to that other one do what okay cool here's a steering wheel it's kind of locking right there is it yeah you got two flat tires back here Talon let's have to tie it off best we can and go easy with it you want to get oh you don't want it anymore I'm just teeth no we got the hard part done go ahead and get yours turn around I'll get this the wheel tied come on you and do you need us to get the bed off of your trainer okay yeah not a problem it's all part of the same job I was I was hoping you'd say that I appreciate that I try to do the same I'm gonna go ahead and get my bun put up for this Lightning decides to get any closer [Laughter] y'all are mean I got the wheel tied the doors tied the hood is strapped on one side I don't have the passenger side I just trying to get my boom down a little bit because this lightnings getting closer while ago they said it was like 13 miles out so it's trying to get the boom down out there all right good you go right ahead you do you do your thing I'll get this foot up I'll just single line this out for now oh that's good that is good it sounds a lot closer net so they gonna keep this shut down till they get some of this Baxter cool got a sweeper truck got got you fighting this weather normally I would roll these up and put them back in this bag I won't get out of here for this weather gets to us Wow alright ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna go ahead and hop off here finish putting this up we'll be back tomorrow probably sounds like to unload the box we're going to finish cleaning up putting up try to beat this storm but as always thank you for watching and God bless

Glenn Chapman


  1. On the bright side, at least the overhead lines were on the opposite side as the wreck

  2. That truck is probably the most impressive piece of equipment I’ve ever seen.

  3. The problem is the road is way too narrow for facing traffic. One idiot driver coming and the truck driver thought he could get closer to the edge and found there is no room to maneuver a heavy 16 yard trash truck.

  4. this job looks like it’d be very fun but at the same time you gotta know what you’re doing so everyone is safe. very dangerous job. just like police or fire thank you for keeping the public safe !

  5. As always… Not all heros wear capes. Bravo Zulu guys, Bravo Zulu

  6. Apps suggestion: My Lightning Tracker will give you a warning when lightning gets within a user settable number of miles…. And My Radar… which gives you a GPS image of what is going on within 50-100 miles…

  7. Lightning is good for more than 10 miles in many areas.. Weather guesser here said up to 50 on a big supercell. I'd hate to be doing a tow with a heavy thunderstorm in the area…

  8. Ron, I love your videos. I have nothing to do with trucks or towing, but they are so interesting, I can't stop watching. I think you should take your still photos and videos and give online classes for beginners. Set up situations and ask students: "how would you get this car out of a ditch, or upright this trailer?" You'd be great at it.

  9. couldn't tell if you were honestly asking if Talon needed the step stool or were making fun of him being short…. 🙂

  10. Another good video from Ron and Talon . They are both men of Integrity . Steer clear of that leachate on a job like this . Some dangers are not as easily seen .

  11. Ron, how imperitive or not is it to be able to put outriggers all the way out. You wernt able to in this situation obviously.

  12. Another great video guys. Couldn’t help but notice the slick tyre on the back of the smashed up truck. Would that be something that the police would be looking at as a possible cause of the accident? Would the truck company be looking at a maintenance review from the authorities?!

  13. Been watching your videos for the last three days and thoroughly enjoy not only the action but the professionalism with you and your crews and the respect that you have and get from Police and Fire departments in the area you serve. Well done.

  14. Update on the lightning…National Weather revised the distance of travel to 25 miles.

  15. you need to do bigger hand sign just moving your finger is pretty hard to see for the driver

  16. I'm convinced Talon is part spider monkey the way he was all over that rig

  17. جيد جدا ،،كلك ذوق
    تحياتي ،،
    انا من لمتابعين لك ،،

  18. This recovery has to be at least $5,000 or more right ? That crash cost that garbage company a lot of money, Totaled truck, recovery, road repairs and im sure some more lol Wonder if the driver still has a job with them. Great work as always Ron.

  19. 30:30 Anyone else notice the tire on the far left rear of the truck?!

    Edit: also just noticed that there are 2 different tire types on the rear…

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