Rise of the Tomb Raider – Research Base (Aggressive Stealth)

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Stealth Kills & Takedowns Gameplay (Research Base)

Glenn Chapman


  1. Why the fk cant you control the crouch.its such a give away to suddenly be crouching before the enemy is even seen… and if that nathan drake cant crouch his shit too.. but pretty brutal stuff looks fun.

  2. It doesn't look this badass when i play it… fml 🤣👍🏻

  3. wow😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍💓💓💓💓💓💓💟💟💟💟

  4. That's what we expected from a superstar gamer…nice gameplay

  5. You amazing pro
    real you amazing in this game 👌👍😉

  6. You have to change your channel name to shadow ninja gaming

  7. I love this game but I rather find Tomb Raider at it best without a lot of weapons bow and arrow are enough.

  8. She should join the Assassins Brotherhood…running around murdering people left and right

  9. bro i just start the LARA CROFT GAMES 2 days ago… i cant explain… it's action, adventure…
    i hope i'll cover the whole series..

  10. I’m pretty good at the games and I love the stellar gameplay and stealth can’t wait for shadow of the tomb raider September 14th 2018!!

  11. ur amazing, but r those really all the moves? seems like u only have like 5 takedowns. in resident evil 5 u even have way more

  12. wow, learnt some new ways to get rid of the badies watching this that I'd never have thought of before

  13. You know… I’m starting to think… she’s actually not a good person trying to do the right thing lol since she’s killing all these men

  14. Remember guys dont shoot gas tanks with arrows it'll explode. Still impressive kills

  15. Frickin amazing. I played this part yesterday before I saw this video, and I'm feeling sorry for myself 😭😭😭

  16. Yes its impressive but the difficulty is not set on hard. I played this game many times and things like screaming or enemies saying “WERE UNDER ATTACK” will alert ALL enemies in the neighborhood. They will start searching for her only a few feet apart from eachother. Doing stealthkills is nearly impossible when that happens. When on a lower difficulty, not all enemies will get alerted and will not be alerted as fast and thats what this person is doing

  17. I played like 200 hours in Rise, I uninstalled shadow of tomb raider in 3 hours of gameplay, I don't think it's bad it just… I don't get the feeling I got in rise.

  18. The level of gratuitous violence is disgusting, and a sad reflection of what passes as "cool" in today's culture. Many commentators have called this female character a "serial killer", and the name is apt. Please don't call this character "Lara Croft". It's just not. And the game was never about sheer brutality; killing was always incidental to the story line, and therefore, didn't have to be rendered in ultra-realistic gore and brutality. VERY disappointed.

  19. That game is great, but why do you Play a woman ?! That makes the game bullshit !

  20. I own a compound bow and this is one of the few games that actually got the bows physics correct

  21. Where is the blood in rise of tomb Raider?? I hate they changed it

  22. AMD A4 6300 ™
    Ram 4 Gb
    graphics 2250
    this game works for me
    Can I reduce my game graphic low and work with me please

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