Glenn Chapman


  1. You should do a contest to go to Disney world with a fan!!!! cough cough ME

  2. Hola bonito video siempre los veo… Porfabor regalame tu numero prfas o yo les doy el mio porfas si quiero see amiga de jass soy una mujer tambien

  3. Entre tanto viaje se nos complicó hacer los subtítulos en español esta semana! Una suscriptora nos está ayudando así que los subtítulos en Español estarán disponibles en un ratito más! Disculpe las inconveniencias.. haha 🥰

  4. LOS AMO ❤️❤️ SALUDOS DESDE BOSTONNN!! you guys have inspired me to learn german and i love your content!

  5. Jaja ay me emocioné con sólo ver su vídeo. Se ve increíble, definitivamente tengo que ir. Gracias por los consejos.
    Pd. Amo sus vídeos ♡ :')

  6. OMG you guys!!!! Me and my hb have been wanting to go there! Now we definitely have to go!

  7. You guys really bad at the engineering job to not see anything going on in the front, in fact that is a straight up lie because there is no way you can't see what is going on in the front.

  8. Why are you so cute? Why are you my favourite international couple? Greetings from Venezuela!

  9. Glad you both had a great time. Great to meet you both and glad you were able to get on the ride. We were pretty happy that we got on and glad that it didn’t breakdown on us! 😂🤙🏾

  10. I really love the game, but just because I was a pilot and it's so much fun! Love u guys. I love your videos ❤️

  11. I love when Janik went to chewbacca and said "chewiie" 😂😂

  12. Si ese lugar tiene el sello de calidad de Joss y Janik definitivamente tengo que ir! Jajajaja

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