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Rodney! What the hell do you think you`re doing huh? GET! COME ON! Get back in your cage! I am warning you! Come On Get! That’s it! SEE THAT`S WHAT YOU GET! Get Back! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! NAUGHTY MONKEY! TAKE YOUR STINKING PAWS OFF ME YOU DAMN DIRTY APE! NO!

Glenn Chapman


  1. When you get the courage to tell your boss you aren’t coming in today

  2. One of the most spine chilling moments in film history

    Well done to producers and editors for making this moment feel like that and being so realistic at the same time as if you were in that situtaion

  3. Draco Malfoy utters the iconic line from the original "Apes" film: everyone groans because of how forced it is, considering it's not a "Planet of the Apes" film unless that line is shoehorned in somewhere.

    Caesar's first words "NOOOO!": above moment instantly negated as everyone falls dead silent.

  4. I remember watching this at the movies the entire audience went silent 😂

  5. When I'm playing my Xbox and my Dad walks in with a belt and I'm trying to dodge it

  6. It reminds me of george of the jungle now im scared of hairy things

  7. Meanwile, at God's house:
    Angel x: Ok guys, who the heck overclocked a chimp?

  8. When you tell your baby "no no put that down" and the baby's first word is…..1:21

  9. I remmber when I first saw this movie at the movie theatre es I was like 10 years old and the whole crowd was shocked how he said noooo!!!😍😌😌 that was my favorite part

  10. @1:21 – 1:56 when your a grown man still living with your controlling parents and become fed up as hell of them treating you like a kid with concern for your safety regardless of the number of times you convinced them.

  11. The cringey reference right before the line probably wasn't a good idea.

  12. When that kid coming over constantly asks you to download fortnite on your Xbox so he can play it

  13. That blonde haired kid was like probably over 100 something pounds and it's scary how caesar just an ape like literally drags him like your dragging a blanket to a cage.

  14. One of the most powerful and moving scenes in Cinema history. I remember this apes movie was a surprise hit. Ppl wernt expecting much after the apes that came out early 2000s with mark walberg. And I think this scene in particular is the best scene in the apes franchise. Still gives me chills every time. The guerillas face says it all. It was just really well placed well acted and well put. Love this scene

  15. I'll bet Caesar felt really good to finally say "No" and get the apes on his side and to break them out and to stop the bad humans. He probably felt really good as if he felt like he wanted to do this for a long time and the humans had no idea how long he wanted to do that. I feel you Caesar, I've had those moments.

  16. So this what white people fear when they see black people together as one. It is just a shame that it will never happen tho.

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  18. The one thing about this series I didn’t like was that it was implied that intelligence is required for speech. Apes are capable to speak, but they’re physically unable to. Their vocal chords are too long

  19. Y’all… believe me when I tell you, in the theaters when Caesar first spoke that epic “NOO!” The ENTIRE theater went dead silent, you could hear a pin drop. The looks on people’s faces were like the ones in this scene. Either looks of shock, or pure horror and disbelief. It was actually really awesome

  20. One of the best movie moments ever. The simple word no is used in such powerful way and caesar repeats it like he's found a new weapon. It's like neo in the matrix and the ape that invents the weapon. From this point on you realize that there's gonna be a revolution. Truly momentous.

  21. Mother: "Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty ape
    Child: "NO!"
    The siblings watching: 1:38
    The father: 1:59

  22. It always starts with one person. No matter how evil or good, if they spark the movement, they will be the leader. And their followers will do anything for them. Not for the person, but for the symbol

  23. The best part of this scene was the reaction in the movie theaters. After Caesar shouted "No!", everything was silent at first, then people started saying "Woah…" and laughing at the same time.

  24. Caesar is say NO!!! from da guy Caesar tried to put man on the jail
    Soo he the king apes

  25. The cgi looks pretty outdated, even though it was pretty realistic when it came out

  26. The new Apes trilogy is low key better than The Dark Knight trilogy.

  27. 1:54
    me tryna sleep in the alley after drinkin waaaay too much

    The cops: lets go son.
    Me: f*ck off n leave me alone…
    The cops:

  28. I remember when I was a little kid and I watched this movie and I loved it I used to call it the monkey brothers

  29. This is how you do a phrase callback to the movie your sequeling

    By following it with a nearly powerful line of your own


  30. Person: Hey Caesar, wanna join my minecraft server?

    Caesar: …nnNNOOOOO!!!

    Person: (°____°')

  31. No matter how many times I rewatch this scene I get chills down my spine. Just an excellent piece of cinematography.

  32. I love how Caesers vocabulary evolved throughout these movies.

    From him first saying "NOOOOO!" to speaking almost fluent sentences in War.

    "I did not start this war. I fight only to protect my family."

  33. This Honestly still gives me chills lol Thats a Crazy good Animal Scene somewhere really close behind Decaprios Bear attack Scene being number one !!

  34. 1:15 Caesar is me when my dad is trying to hit me with the belt and the other apes are my siblings

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