Rise of the Devourer | Marvel Contest of Champions

Summoner… I have been watching you. Even powerless, you have led the powerful. Even among the legends, your name is legendary Am I dead? Not yet… But I can offer you another path. It’s time to leave the sidelines, and become the Champion you were always meant to be. Will you accept this challenge? We have a great responsibility over this world. The price of freedom is high, but we are willing to pay it. I have seen many futures… in all but one, war awaits. Puny humans are just afraid of Hulks, because we’re the strongest! Let war come. Asgardians thirst for the glory of Valhalla! Wizards! Hulks! Demi-Gods! Let’s be civil! our Realms have been butting heads for a long time. I don’t know about you… But if fighting a SECRET WAR will prevent
an open one, I’m game. Will you join me? AARGH! The choice is yours, Summoner. Keep hacking at the branches of evil, or find how deep its roots go. Go on, you bald-headed fool. Send your little rafts out to sea. It doesn’t matter… …They cannot not escape the tidal wave.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Esto es el comienzo de una de las mejores etapas de este juego

    Es epicamente hermoso

  2. It’s always been a mystery as for our visual representation as a Summoner so what better look to have than Mysterio himself? 🔮

  3. You guys are just getting better and better and better with the designs and animations! Your artists have been doing a fantastic job all this year! You deserve all the praise.

  4. Well done Kabam. Crossover between two games looks fantastic. Happy 5th Year Anniversary.

  5. Now that we saw the Realm of Champion teaser trailer, can we get a proper Contest of Champion 5-year anniversary one?

  6. Kabam: To celebrate 5 years of MCOC, here's an ad for our new game, MROC!!! YAAAAYYYYY
    Players: face palm 🙄🙄🙄 sigh

  7. So basically you’re telling us to drop mcoc and go to mroc?
    Does it mean you’re dropping mcoc?

  8. This Marvel Realm of Champions trailer was great, when’s the 5th year Anniversary video coming out tho?

  9. Okay okay, you got my attention now.
    At first I hated the thought of a RoC, now I'm liking the crossover and the story line.

  10. So our dear mere almighty summoner is an astronaut? I felt disappointed a bit

  11. Although this is awesome I don't know why they're paying more attention to marvel realm of champions

  12. Love the voice actor they got for mephisto. Everything else…kinda dissapointing

  13. A pre-rendered trailer for a different game than the 5yr anniversary of the main game we play… more poor judgement from Kablam. Is the message that if we're bored of mCoc then switch to mRoc? shakes head

  14. I love the new content y’all make, but this is just repurposed footage from your ROC trailer. I mean, why use the 5th anniversary of MCOC to plug … not MCOC?!! 🤣

  15. Super hyped about MROC. You guys have done a good job with MCOC so far, been playing the game for 5 years now. Please try to fix the random network errors though.

  16. And I’m not saying that Mroc looks horrible but compared to contest it just doesn’t seem right

  17. Половина видеоролика это трейлер будущей игры, который показывали ещё давно. Ничего нового. Kabam молодцы, продолжайте в том же духе.

  18. I don't like the gifts we got but this cinematic is truly awesome ! Great work !

  19. So galactus is gonna be op af and we either change games or we will hate ourselves

  20. New summoner look is cool but mine is a bit more…how do I put it…hmmm…errr…complicated

  21. Уату Наблюдатель и Галактус появятся в игре, хотя-бы как не играбельные?

  22. I will play Mroc but there is NO way in any possible timeline that I am abandoning Mcoc cuz this game made my childhood

  23. first we finally see the grand summoner's appearance and then we see the true shape of horror: The World Devourer, The End of All Worlds himself, GALACTUS!!!

  24. and btw 'wAtChEr' who TF do you think you are???? I would have SHAT on galactus then forced him to serve me as a champion. Keep doing nonsense like this and YOU will be the next to join my roster……

  25. omg they made galactus look Giant As hell i mean thats the first time that a game trailer or any kind of show that shows the sheer size of galactus i mean watcher and mepisto look like ants next to galactus head

  26. So not to say that i don't like the summoners mixed appearance between mysterio and the astronaut from agents of sheild. But in my own opinion i always thought that the he would look more like a cross between between starlords, civil warrior, and the hood.
    If anyone has any other combinations for the summoner's appearance please leave a comment

  27. Before Galactus we just need a better an endgame version of Thor, Iroman, Cap, and Thanos. This story is confusing.

  28. The devourer?
    Dang I ain't know Ninjago was marvel universe😁💪🏽💯
    Cant wait to see kai team up with human torch and see Cole interact with captain America

  29. 2:48
    Wait so THATS what we look like as a summoner?
    Not what I expected lol
    And not bad tbh

  30. 3:12
    Can we kill mephisto yet?
    Hes taken 1 too many marriages and it's high time my foot and his ass have a conversation😉💯💯💯

  31. In January will have squirrel 🐿 girl and nova or kraven?
    Then the other ones who might come.
    Cloud 9
    Jessica Jones
    Man wolf 🐺
    O hare
    Sebastian shaw
    Absorbing man
    Black knight
    Wolfs bane
    Red wolf and his pet wolf 🐺 Lobo got and old comic of him and Lobo.
    Two gun kid
    Trick shot
    Bullseye 🎯
    Baron from hydra
    Angel from first class
    Shadow cat and Lockheed the dragon 🐉
    Cosmo the dog
    Lockjaw as well
    And many more can’t wait.
    Like or dislike?

  32. Does this mean we can actually fight as a summoner?
    It would be dope if we were a character as the summoner, we can choose our own class and change it each mission, also we grow after EACH fight with experience, but if we fight and LOSE then we fail the mission outright unless we use a revive potion.
    Kinda like sending the king out to do battle but if IT dies the ARMY dies.
    I'd like that💯

  33. Wow, this trailer has so much information to extract. The watcher reminded me of the one that came out of the other game which seems high quality. Not to mention the story seem very original, for a moment felt it was a mini-movie.

  34. 2015-2020
    I love u guys and THANK u for making such a fun marvel game on phones💯💯💯

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