Rise of Fawful (part 3) – A day with Bowser Jr

KOOPAS: Ludwig! Ludwig! Are you sure this plan is gonna work? KOOPAS: Ludwig! Ludwig! MIDBUS: Okay, ten more! Now you shall enter… TOWER: …and you shall be recruited. Now, other ten wait for next turn… Huh? Now! What is this commotion that is being having had? These puny turtles! They tried to attack me! FAWFUL: Bowser Jr.. I guess I shall be giving you two the same treatmentness that I have given to your father. Midbus! The Rejuvenation Beam. FAWFUL: Who are you thinking I should be shooting first? The little one, sir! Nah. Nice job Ludwig! Now, moving on to step two! Does step two also involve us being slammed onto a wall? No, it involves finding the Age Mushroom. This tower is immense. How will we find it? I have an idea. A female Midbus? That’s Mama Midbus to you, Junior! My little pork chop, could you please tell Mommy where the Age Mushroom is? Waffle’s office. Come with me! LUDWIG: His name is– MAMA MIDBUS: It’s worthless. Poof! BOWSER JR: Daddy, wait here. We’ll be back. ♪ You take me up ♪ You take me down ♪ And you bring me to the ground ♪ Take me up and let me down and… ♪ …spin me round and round ♪ You take me up Lord Fawful! FAWFUL: Oh, m-m-Midbus! What- what is being the matter? BABY MIDBUS: Poof! These little reptiles have tried to attack me! Is that being so? Fawful scoffs and coughs at your ridicolous ridicolousness! Well, I scoff and cough at your dance moves. The very fact that you were having the thinking… …that you could possibly rescue the Koopa Army… …puts the flabber in Fawful’s flabbergastedness. FAWFUL: You almost remind me of the red and green moustaches which Fawful hates so much. FAWFUL: But do not have the worries… Shoo, shoo, shoo! Is it not right, Midbus? Midbus? Why you… FAWFUL: Fawful is leaking with rage! But have you the readiness… …for the trapness? The painness! FAWFUL: Next time, Fawful will be drawing a circle where these things are gonna land! Daddy, quickly! Get that Age Mushroom! Midbus! FAWFUL: Gorge that fungus down now! Now! FAWFUL: Get it! Make turtle soup out of him! Show ’em who boss, daddy! You can do it, Bowser! Show no pity, Bowser. Murder him in cold blood… …and drag his corpse through the kingdom streets. What? I’m the dark and edgy character here. No! My mushroom collection! Get that mushroom! No, not that one! FAWFUL: Get that fungus, Midbus! FAWFUL: No! BOWSER JR: That’s the one, that’s the one! BOWSER JR: That’s the one, Daddy! Yes, take that one, take that one! He can’t understand me! Chomp! Chomp, chomp, chomp! Chomp, chomp, chomp, daddy! Yes! Why does my mouth taste like broccoli? What? Oh, no, you don’t! They can handle him! We should think about freeing the Fawful Army! Fawful Army? KOOPAS: We have chortles. We have chortles. We’ve lost him. FAWFUL: Were you really having the thinking of beating Fawful? FAWFUL: Fawful Army! Make scrambled eggs out of these two… FAWFUL: …and season them with pain! KOOPAS: We have chortles. The wall! Ludwig, remember that time that you actually punched down multiple walls? Oh yeah, the time I tried to kill you– I mean– one of the times. Yeah…good times… You think you can get us through? KOOPAS: We have chortles. We don’t have much time! Good thing the walls aren’t made of titanium, eh? Too bad your skull isn’t made of titanium. I’ll just shut up. Oh, shell. KOOPAS: We have chortles. Look! BOWSER: The computer behind it all. How will we hack into it? Like this! Sir! BOWSER JR: Flee! Get out of here! Warn the others! LUDWIG: Okay, everybody is out. LUDWIG: They’re all safe. FAWFUL: Look what you have done! FAWFUL: My Fawful Army of Fawfulness… gone! FAWFUL: But now… I will have… the comeback! Uh-oh! We’ve got to get to the Clown Car! Over there! KAMEK: The Clown Car is parked right next to the hole! How could this… We’ve got no choice! ICE BRO: King Bowser, get away from the tower! Look out, your Awfulness! I… have… …fury! ♪ “We have chortles”, you had to sing! ♪ But now you’re free, and boy, that stings! ♪ Fawful must conquer you the old-fashioned way… ♪ …by wiping out the Koopa King! FAWFUL: How are you liking Fawful’s modifications to this tower? HAMMER BRO: King Koopa! Hammer Bro, at your orders, sir! Hammer Bro! Where’s the airship? I parked it over… …there? Just keep the other Koopas away from trouble. Yes, sir. FAWFUL: One Koopa pancake to go! So long! FAWFUL: Tower! Stop this fink-rat! TOWER: Activating enhanced reflexes. Give it up, Fawful. I’ve already faced machines like yours. But… have you readiness… for this? The biggerness they are having… …the harderness they are falling! KAMEK: Hey, you! FAWFUL: The patheticness of you two makes Fawful overheat with chortles! Now is the time in which a loser is you! Fawful has arisen! And you… have fallen. Anybody can fall… BOWSER JR: But some people rise up again! Nice shot, Ludwig! Why…you little fink-rats! No, no, no, no… Tower! Do that hand-to-hand thingy! TOWER: Activating enhanced reflexes. FAWFUL: No, wait– I have panic. I… have… We’ll take it from here… …Koopa prince. You really are one of those people. KOOPAS: Junior! Junior! Well I’d like to start out by… Oh come on, now… Let’s hope it isn’t Freckle again.

Glenn Chapman


  1. did you noticed that bowser only hasfour fingers in one hand and five fingers in the other hand

  2. Just wodering, why the other kids didn't show? (If the house is still the boat ) Like a war is happening outside but they don't move.

  3. Waite that.bomd is.for game.super mario

  4. I remember watching the first one from back when I was lad almost 10 years ago. Glad to see ya kept at it with the animating. And even got better at it too.

  5. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. 4:18 hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah dark humor I love it

  7. 0:34 Did anyone see the Lists in the right and link one the link is Midbus want's to be muscle strong and the right one is the Mission and in the end of the Mission List is Play Spatoon 1 lol

  8. When jr see a picture where fawful is, when jr say his name instead of fawful he call him waffle

  9. Why is everyone cheering for Junior when it was Ludwig firing the bullet bills and the giant bomb.

  10. bowser: the computor behind it all.
    kamek: how will we hack into it?
    bowser: like THIS!

  11. Here's the song used in the credits:

  12. 11:24 Gay Bowser!!!
    (I’m not saying anything inappropriate. I’m trying to finish his sentence!)

  13. Bowser:a computer is causing all of this
    Cody:how do we hack into it
    Bowser:like this yeets the thing

  14. "Make turtle soup out of him!"
    "Show 'em who's boss, daddy!"
    "You can do it, Bowser!"
    "Show no pity, Bowser. Murder him in cold blood, and drag his corpse through the kingdom streets. "


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