Glenn Chapman


  1. Damn how did you get it so fast. I ordered mine on the the first pre-order day and i still havent gotten it yet.

    Anyways thanks for posting, could you put up the lyrics soon.

  2. That was completely sick, thanks for putting up the new songs by Rise Against. =). Which song is the better, Re-education or Grammatizator?

  3. CONTRADICTION! They said control the heart! According to Voices Off Camera, "the heart is something you can't control"

  4. Appeal to Reason felt so watered down. This reminds me of the Rise Against I know and love.

  5. its like comparing apples to oranges. Re-ed has a good message but the music in this is so much better

  6. yeah i know but in its own way apeal to reason was nice because it let them switch things up a little, but its nice to see rise against back and rising lol.

  7. Those bastards! Maybe you're right but I was just kidding about that control the heart thing

  8. Yeah iTunes just released this on a digital EP along with a live version of Hero of War.

  9. you dont like that kind of music by rise against? lol, THAT'S ther original style. So if you don't like it, you dont like RA.

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