Rhino rehabilitation and release | A story of survival

we've come across some horrific scenes you know you lose your faith in humanity in May 2014 we received a call from a manager of a reserve just outside of hoods breath informing us that is Ryan a cow has been shot and killed by poachers we knew at that stage she had a little cough with her he was he was curled up next to his dead mother we stabilized him with IV fluids and we immediately rushed him to would spread endangered species center dr. Rogers actually I remember it like it was yesterday he actually came with his car with the little Ryan in the back plus literally about this size and he was then later named Turkey after the manager parte Yerger he was from day one he was so very special he was not aggressive he climbed into a heart when I started working here was first time I met had kima tumba and they were tiny and you wouldn't see how to go if I'd met them up close to decide the relationship the two had with each other was unbreakable relationship a proper Big Brother little brother relationship you literally have to sit with it animal 24/7 so that he gets used to you being the we put in what we call surrogate mothers and we use sheep at the experimental space center the Reiner actually doesn't know this is not another Reiner he just see us as a companion and a friend that's constantly moving it's not an easy job at all it's very long hours it's hard work it's emotional you get so attached to these animals it's like at your own animal your own child that you are busy raising my plan was to get hakama time up to walk behind the car follow us all the way out I thought we were gonna struggle a little bit with him but they were very good boys this morning worth together I just decided I can i this is it so they turned leaves and then off they went how can you go and tell the next generation that we only got the big four if we used to have a big fire the responsibility is huge and if we get a sponsorship like we get from investing we can do so much more now being destroyed by us the human race runners are conic species and we have to do everything in our power to save my species two-seam now being released it's incredible feeling it's just incredible it makes it all worthwhile

Glenn Chapman

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