Return To Zootopia – Episode 6: Finale Part 1 – In Style (Fan-Film)

hey guys before we start the episode I will be posting some exclusive footage of episode 7 the final episode the episode right after this episode on the App Amino for viewers to enjoy now real quick if you don’t know what Amino is aminos an app which hosts communities based on interests around the world so say if you like Marvel DC Zootopia well then there is an imino for that so let me just show you what this apps about so let’s type up Zootopia there it is this is the Zootopia Mino and this is its featured page which showcases the aminos best content and at the moment it seems the entire community is designing vehicles that Zootopia it”s ins would ride that’s pretty cool I personally really enjoyed a look at fan art because drawing is a passion of mine and it’s really cool to see what fans can do we also have public chat rooms a place in which fans can interact discuss roleplay and much more now I really like to do quizzes because they really test you on your Zootopia knowledge how many places were mentioned in the police training you see I don’t even know 6 3 12 12 now if you really want to see that exclusive content you can always download them you know go to the description go to the pin comment download link is there you can check out all that juicy juicy content so of course follow me mister topia me know thank you so much me know for sponsoring this episode let’s get on with the show dad is that badger okay oh don’t even look at him he’s homeless these are sad sack that’s not worth wasting time over all of them as useless as you are right now that’s why I want you to man up and get things done because you don’t want to end up like that do you or am asking for money for doing nothing if it was up to me I’d get rid of them all [Music] well this shirt doesn’t look too bad could have been a lot worse [Music] what do you think of BOGO Pogo ball goes an idiot you don’t think we’ve had this coming I think he’s a bit of a hypocrite yeah well we could be hypocrites too I mean he only gets on someone’s side when there’s something that benefits him if not he’s always against you always this city’s hypocritical to the city the city if you’re talking about how animals look at us then it’s not actually everyone when you help them they smile and they say thank you and then they stab you in the back well on the bright side you don’t have to worry about having to help animals in need anymore we’re on our way to being fired all aboard the firing trailer I think we should quit yeah yeah let’s not give him the pleasure of firing us I’ve always wanted to quit something but in style what does in style mean quitting in style is well I mean you quit but you remain friends with everyone because about confident you looked quitting and I made friends with everyone except the boss I’ve been wondering if this happened for a reason what do you mean I mean my priorities in life are different no I was a cop and I loved it but I understand I can’t wait to explore this see I know a place where we can [Music] this isn’t awkward at all suppose that so far this is some of the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten thanks for taking us here Nick no problem at all it’s actually my pleasure this is not as good as your peach pie though peach pie my mother makes an amazing peach pie to die for oh please dear it’s not that good I personally think it’s very good next time we visit the city I’ll bring one great well that’d be fantastic it sure would be you know I’m glad the two of you found loving each other I have to say yes it’s adorable thank you guys though I’m guessing the next time we come to visit we’ll be visiting the apartment you two share right Stu you can’t just make them talk about living together the day after they actually got together just because they finally got together darling doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything yet in all seriousness officer Hopps officer wild I need your help please hey what in the hell do you think you’re doing here I said I need your help mom dad get outside help you tried to kill us on that train I’m sorry I’m sorry I hope you take down Niles Walker I’ll tell you everything please [Music] and may mayor Walker that’s the end more you want what about Walker listen I was just trying to not get killed if they killed my friend I couldn’t let that happen to me what about Walker relax My partner and I were hired by a sheep named Mike he’s some prey fanatic who wants to get bellweather out of jail and he’s in cahoots with Miles Walker and you know that armadillo that was hospitalized she found out the two were working together so the two of them sent someone to you know what part do you play I was hired to make sure no one interfered with Mike and Walker’s plans we burst a pipe at the Country Club we had to make sure you two were out of commission so that you wouldn’t interfere but I guess they didn’t count on me interfering why is Walker doing this oh geez Walker is mental he’s actually insane you don’t want to mess with him did you just get me to testify or something you know it’s all fantastic but you could be making all of this up you have a story but no evidence there’s there’s nothing well I know who he really is why do you think Miles Walker just randomly showed up in Zootopia we never hear about his past nothing so he’s done some shady deals in the past I heard he killed his family what burned down his family farm when he was younger Liam margarine that’s his name his real name word gets round that’s what I’ve heard hello Judy I I took a call for you it was mr. shale he said his wife was woken up from her coma I’m on my way Judy wait a second Bo’s planning to fire us together if we go back to the CPD even so that’s probably something he’s doing out of respect we’re most likely technically already fired and not in the system anymore we might have these badges but I think we might not actually be cops anymore if we’re gonna solve this case we can’t go to the CPD we have to have evidence ready to be shown clawhauser just called me and said that mrs. Schell woke up from a coma armadillo she knows if he’s telling the truth then she knows about Walker or margarine margarine whatever his name is let’s go actually do you go alone I’m gonna go to public records and see what I can find on our friendly mayor okay you want to take the family trip no you take it and get a statement from her okay I’ll go with our friend here and take public transportation [Music] how are you doing darling I was wondering if I could get a hold of any public documents on Miles Walker what in the world where is everything before 2007 there’s nothing before 2007 driver’s license 2007 property 2007 website 2008 what hi quick question could you give me the public documents of a Lea margarine you’re welcome Arsen cheese battery when he was 10 juvie and after juvie he disappears hey yeah I’m at public records but I think I’m gonna head to the library the library why I need to see what happened to this Lea margarine he disappears after 1999 after multiple charges of aggression and arson the year that the farm Healy set burned down this guy disappears and I mean forever guy doesn’t even have a driver’s license but here’s what gets weirder anything on Mouse Walker where he was born where he was before 2007 doesn’t exist so he’s a ghost until 2007 2007 he gets a license he buys property the same year too but obviously I don’t know where because that information is confidential and the year after that he buys a domain which is Walker resorts tatsu it’s incredibly strange I just arrived at the hospital let me know if you find anything up the library will do [Music] officer ups sit down who are you my name’s blanston I’m somebody knows exactly what you want and what exactly is it that I want answers you’re trying to help me more like I’m trying to clean up the mess of caused our interest to seem to consign are you going to give me the answers to the questions I want asked more or less hello gentlemen you did what I asked good where you think either texted me yes I am the text message guy it seems you’ve been watching over mrs. shale thank you both of you well then office hops now is the time to get your answers officer Myrtle this is chief since that armadillo you do care about so much is fine now please head back to the station there’s been a development in the case you two started May 1999 Walker scum I want to avenge my partner he was my best friend you know what it’s like to lose a partner a friend [Music] – well claw what is it first sample I forgot to tell you yes we did it came back a 100% match for a Kim Mon a meerkat that lives in Sahara Square we caught him and he’s been detained since about an hour ago you actually caught the meerkat that assaulted mrs. shell and he’s at the zpd yes he is that’s great clauser but listen I got to call you back buddy I’m a little busy and first one May 3rd 1999 fire starts at margarine home when survivor who’s left traumatized come on anything else may 10th Liam Liam there you are Liam the sole survivor was abused by his probably his family he was abused when he was younger and incentives incentives utopia mental health for further treatment it’s not longer bunny burrow Savannah central come on we gotta get out of here officer Hobbs is everything all right these two nice officers were watching over my wife but it seems they’ve left is everything okay yeah I’m here to talk to your wife may you give us a moment [Music] please tell me everything everything you know about your attack and it’s connection with Miles Walker you know about Walker so he is involved in your assault dear my assault is not what’s important it’s never been important what do you mean you can’t give me anything daliyah margarine come in here the treatment yes what happened during that treatment I can’t tell you it’s patient-doctor confidentiality officer you can’t just make assumptions I can’t do it sir to me I have reason to believe that your patient could cause harm to not just one person but multiple people and I get it you helped miles Walker yes I know his name is miles Walker and I know you thought you helped his mental state but he’s not well I met Miles Walker when he began to volunteer at the shelter he took a liking to me and we actually became close friends I showed him some of my architectural designs and he decided to hire me to design a new homeless shelter those were the plans we found at your office eventually it gets built walkers construction of the shelter would gain him a large amount of balls which he eventually got one night I overheard him talking to this sheep at his office they had a plan in mind what did you hear the only reason Walker built a shelter in the rainforest district was to use it to get rid of all the homeless what do you mean by getting rid of the homeless the shelter’s there the housing isn’t Walker acts like he loves the homeless but he hates them he worked up a plan with his sheep the way his mayor he’ll release eggs assistant mayor bellwether from prison but only the Sheep get rid of all the homeless animals in Zootopia budget rid of you mean kill I can only assume what other way can his plan end wait a second so you’re saying Walker is going to execute this plan at the shelter whoo sweet cheese and crackers they’re moving all the homeless animals there tonight [Music] Brandon bloodstone whatever you need to fill me in on what’s going on with you who are you alright I’m only going to say this once and pay attention alright I work for the CI six The Secret Intelligence Service awhile ago mrs. show called us for assistance is what she had discovered about Mars Walker the fact she called the cr6 instantly made her more dangerous than could have been expected she contacted me I told her to find evidence and when this was discovered she was attacked at her own luckily she’s a tough armadillo he’s going to kill the homeless tonight why this is all terrible no one knows for sure all I know is that mrs. shell is weak she’s a huge target and she needs to be protected you need to get over to that shelter I’m going to stay here and guard her isn’t this your problem lanceton it was keeping mrs. shell safe is my problem stopping Walker is now yours listen I know nothing of a miles walker and if I did I can’t sir I could lose my job I hope you can understand listen patient confidentiality is not absolute if there’s a reason to suspect danger can befall someone then then you can tell me I’m sorry I shall forget this tell us what we want to know or so how right I will tear you in two you idiot we can’t use him now if someone’s being threatened they’ll say anything but I stay out of this but stay out of it hello Judy what Nick it’s Walker it is for certain I have mrs. shells confession the proof is in Walker’s new shelter then you feeding Zootopia shelter in the rain forest okay okay look I’m on my way okay I can give you the information you need but this is just that I could lose everything I promise you there’s a threat and I promise I will stop it Liam margarine came in young troubled and scared he was a delicate patient he burned down his farm and killed his family after his father well they had a conflict his father was a trunk always hid him always argued why’d he change his name to mouse Walker well through the years he improved and he became a different person he said he knew what he had to do and was going to do it so he created a new identity and what his past was just erased well not erased just forgotten as far as the world is concerned Liam margarine and Miles Walker two different people what about the homeless when he came in here he said they were diseased and when he left he wanted to help them I guess I didn’t do a very good job you seem like a good guy I bet you did your best can I get copies of his time here damn it Haley where did you go Judy get ready to listen cuz I have a lot of info on Walker are you sure you want to do this Tim just got caught by the cops now I know him he won’t spill but things might start tying back to you I haven’t fought this hard – back off now Mike the city needs to be cleansed of its filth alright we synthesized the flour to a gas it’s untraceable my friends are setting it up in the building as we speak the entire plan is for you sheep to take the blank don’t you think I already know the plan you become mayor you round up the homeless you kill them we take the blame you release spell whether we get bellwether back and you rule utopia and get rid of its filth it’s a win-win I’m not a damn idiot now while you’re giving your speech we’re gonna be filling the room with gas you’re not letting any reporters inside so it should be a piece of cake all right so let’s get this done mr. mom we’re here to ask you some questions about what happened to mrs. shale I ain’t talking oh ok then you’ll just you know rot in prison for years for attacking a poor defenseless armadillo and robbing her home I guess we have nothing to talk about right Lopez I guess so Myrtle too late you’re just too late she can’t stop it now BOGO wild excited I get fired I see BOGO listen for a second you’re not gonna get anything from him Myles Walker is Liam margarine when he was 12 1999 he burned down his farm and killed his family because his his father abused him and after all that he was sent to a mental I’ll right now we’re interrogating a suspect in the case of mrs. shell and now you come at me with information on Myles Walker I am sick and tired you’re not listening it doesn’t matter this is proof that Myles Walker is liam margarine I got it from the Zootopia Mental Health Center you don’t have access to those if you if there’s a threat and miles is gonna do something horrible at his new homeless shelter I’m telling you you just kind of do something bad and and I need to get there as quickly as possible here I’m leaving this with you Nick it’s far think of the traffic I need the chopper Lopez Martha I try to solve this case since day one I know you two have too I could use your help quiet Wilde Lopez Myrtle don’t let him leave guys out please let him leave No wait dump them wild you’re fired for real this time let no severance package you can’t fire me I quit that then you’re double fired that makes no sense well that went peachy is that good hopefully you don’t get fired hey don’t worry guys I got this I read the basics of flying a helicopter and Astellas which one makes the thing go did the detective doesn’t know what does that mean to turn this thing on [Music] you I’m so excited I’ve been working so hard for this we’re gonna be Rangers it will be such an adventure you act like you’re so ready to be a ranger but you have no idea what it means to be one so that begs the question right what are you actually doing here [Music] aren’t you excited too hey everybody so yeah working on a new series and it’s pretty hard which is why I need a lot of voice actors especially due to the massive cast this time around I need plenty of voice actors with quality microphones that aren’t just iPhones and what I really need are voice actors to voice female characters there are a bunch in the story like six and I only have one right now also if you can animate at the same level as the animation that was just shown or even better it’d be really great if you could help out with this project somehow so if you guys and gals would like to be a part of this adventure if you can voice act if you can do art please send an email to Brown table entertainment at gmail.com to get more info on how you can help I would really really appreciate it thank you very much for coming to the table and I’ll see you all next time you

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