Return to the Slither.io SECRET CREEPY LEVEL (2019)

It’s been over two years since I put out my first Slither.io video. Which took you on the journey to the secret creepy level. A lot of people enjoyed it… But I also received a lot of hate also. Some said this is clickbait. Others said Don’t Turn Around should rot in Hell putting out a video like this. I said back then, if you got further than me through the secret creepy level, then you should send me the footage and I’ll post it. There were many people who said they defeated the big snake. But no one ever did send me that footage. Indeed, I tried myself to get further but I couldn’t. Ever since I posted the video, whenever I tried, I just hit a wall. Literally. And in Slither.io when you hit a wall, you die. Some people commented that I just want to see people ram their snakes into walls. Others made videos trying to prove my video was fake and some have gotten millions of views. But you know, what if you watch those videos all you ever see are people hitting the walls and dying. Ultimately, that doesn’t prove anything. The one question that everyone failed to ask was why didn’t I ever do a follow-up video? Well…the truth? I’ve been playing slither.io every day, for the past two years, trying to get myself back there. Yep, and in those two years… I’ve released seasons of other stories, such as the 21 episodes of “the creepy school bus” which, by the way, is the world’s most popular texting series ever. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out after this. Every time before I went to bed, I would try. Sometimes I’d fall asleep at the computer. Once it even fell on the floor and the screen cracked. Every morning, as I waited for my other videos to render, I’d try a quick game. I tried so many different combinations. Remember when I called 666 666 times? Now imagine that, times 666… Let me tell you I’ve been the Mr.Beast of slither.io. I tried everything and kind of gave up. Then a few days ago, I was so tired I just let my snake go towards the wall… and… I returned to the secret creepy level. I recorded the way back and will show you how, so you can try it yourself. Kill the snakes as usual by circling them and eating up their dead bodies. First, I originally thought you needed between 8,000 and 9,000 points. Well, my snake is between that, and the only thing I realize now… the one thing that is similar to before, is that my snake is yellow… and my other snake that got through was also yellow, so you might need to try with a yellow snake. A quick aside. Several people mentioned in their comments that these weren’t snakes but worms. Others said they are snakes because snakes are all different colors. Well… snakes slither and worms wiggle… and we’re not playing Wiggle.io. so I’m keeping with them being snakes. Another thing I want to bring up. Have you ever noticed the background? The shapes always reminded me of something… but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Until now. The background isn’t innocent. It’s there for a purpose. It’s a beehive. But why are snakes moving around in a beehive? Ok, so we’re going east. Approaching the tunnel. Get ready for your mind to be blown… again. As the snake goes through the tunnel I guide it through the maze. I get more and more nervous as I’m being watched by the dead snakes and I know that I’m heading towards the unknown. So, I went the same way having a little sense of deja vu. I was nervous… as last time he fare too well. And it took me a long time to get back here. I can feel the snakes were all around me, but couldn’t see them. I thought at any moment one would attack me out of nowhere. I was doing well, if doing well was surviving and not dying! My aim was to make it across to the other side of the map and see if there were any more secret passageways. I felt alone. Then suddenly on the map I noticed something. It was growing larger, like a zombie infection I’m gonna try again and again… until I get further. Let me know in the comments how far you can get. Until the next video…keep on slithering… And subscribe here if you haven’t already. Until then, just remember…don’t…turn …around

Glenn Chapman


  1. Evidence this is fake:1 look at the bottom left and top right,HIS SCORE IS DiFFERENT
    2:his character is really laggy
    Like if you agreeπŸ‘‡πŸ»

  2. Heres some stuff that leads me to this being fake.
    1:When he shows the footage of him going inside the animation gets more "choppy"
    2:Im pretty sure this a kids game that wouldnt have blood and gore
    3:I think they would still make the bees cartoony
    4 and the final:If the map WAS a beehive it would have a more yellow look to it

  3. Im new and this is creepy when you reached the dead snake i was freaking out. This video is creepy 😨😨😨😨😰😰😨😱😨

  4. Tbh I think that the background (Your presumable "beehive") looks like snake scales. I feel like we play as little snakes on one giant snake.

  5. Honestly fake as hell. Kind of annoying because of how obvious it is. Very poorly photoshopped. Honestly pls dont even try to clickbait with things like this

  6. Is anybody see in 4:25 that his name changed?
    Triggered becomes TrumpBot

  7. We can see in the left down corner hes at 8k points and 500/500 rank, but on the leaderboard hes at 20k points and hes in the 6th place… And nobody's points are growing.. if we are focusing on the snake we can see its edited… Even the bees are fake. Its a dumb way to get views.

  8. Around 5:16 you can see that the map is a star. Or has it always been that way? ALSO can you do this in offline mode? Plz let me know

  9. I tried this at 1000 length but it sadly didn't work πŸ™ I still believe the level it a real level though,don't hate if you don't agree with me

  10. Hey wait a minute why was the giant snake red and black and then it turned blue and black this is Clickbait

  11. Oh and also when the when the big snake first appeared on the screen why was it so short

  12. Even the map changed shape in the other area, he couldn't possibly of going through that much detail, probably.

  13. I found it!, the snake are killer deadsnake cos you look the wal are any shilter dead uf you turn around you will pay

  14. Have you guys seen his score on top of the leaderboard when he got on the "secret level"

  15. I tried it, but I never saw the bees.
    I was at 9,005 when I got through, I was using a mostly yellow skin I did like a yellow rattle snake custom. And I saw the big snake to. But I'm not a youtuber, so I don't have any footage but I believe this was 3yrs ago..

  16. I dont know how do you did that fun game into something such scary but you have a talant bro YOU CAN MAYBE MAKE AGARIO SCARY AS WELL?

  17. The snake turns slow in the secret area and the speed is slower also it gets mor e choppy

  18. if someone said they defeated that yellow black big snake if they didnt showed the footage they are "LIAR"

  19. Bees are yellow, for the secret level you need a yellow snake… is this a link to something…


  21. . . . Did you guys know when the map is circle then it changed to a star it looks like a pentagram…

  22. So….The MASSIVE snakes are stripy..and the background is A BEE HIVE SHAPE….BEE SNAKES!!!!! LIKE IF U AGREE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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