Return to the Lord – Mark 16:1-14; Resurrection Sunday Sermon – April 1st, 2018

where did she go come on up going to have my 11-year-old
daughter come up and she’s going to sing clean by Natalie Grant I hope that you’re blessed as she does this last week I really spent
a lot of time in prayer seeking the Lord not that I don’t always do that but in anticipation
of Resurrection Sunday I took some time prayed fasted and really sought the Lord and
I’ll be very candid and explained you why this year was a little more intense my sense is is that
well let me back up let me tell you what I petition the throne concerning I don’t want to get
up on Resurrection Sunday and just preach a canned sermon and just have it be you know kind of
same old same old I didn’t sense that the Lord was going to for lack of a better
way of saying it let me get away with that that there’s no time for that and so I sought
the Lord and He impressed upon my heart something that He’s really been ministering to me as
of late you say pastor you said every week we’ll that’s because the Lord’s been ministering
a lot to me as of late and it seems like there’s always something that the Lord is trying to
speak into my life and what the Lord really ministered to me is that Resurrection Sunday
is a day that those who are distant from the Lord can come back to the Lord and perhaps
more importantly those who don’t know the Lord can come to a saving knowledge of the
Lord and that’s what I want to talk about today it’s my belief that in this day and age in which
we live especially here in Hawaii life is hard when somebody says to you hey how’s
life treating you I always like to answer life is treating me terribly but God is good
life is hard but God is good life is busy I don’t think that I’m that much different than you
but isn’t it true that life seems to be getting busier and even harder and more stressful
and more expensive and it seems to be increasing with that intensity and what’s happened I
believe is that it has drawn us away from the Lord the busyness of our lives and so
I’m just going to be very bold and say that for those of us who have maybe become distant
from the Lord I think that the plea is that today we need to come back to the Lord and
we need to return to our first love like the church of Ephesus in the book of Revelation
they had done so well and then as time went on they became distant from the Lord and Jesus
had John write this letter to them and it was really a rebuke to them to come back to
Him to return to their first love they hadn’t lost their first love they had left it that’s an important
distinction to make so what I want to do today is have you turn in your Bibles to Mark’s
gospel chapter 16 and I want to read verses one through 14 and if you’re able I’ll ask you to
stand you can follow along as I read if not that’s all right where you’re seated we’ll begin in
verse one where Mark by the Holy Spirit is writing and he says now verse one when
the Sabbath was passed Mary Magdalene Mary the mother of James and Salome bought spices
that they might come and anoint Him very early in the morning on the first day of the week
they came to the tomb when the sun had risen and verse 3 they said among themselves who will
roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us when they looked up they saw that the
stone had been rolled away for it was very large and entering the tomb they saw a young
man clothed in a long white robe sitting on the right side and they were alarmed but he
said to them do not be alarmed you see Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified He is risen
He is not here see the place where they laid Him but go tell his disciples and Peter oh hang on to that
I want to talk about that that He is going before you into Galilee there you will see
Him as He said to you so verse 8 they went out quickly and fled from the tomb for they
trembled and were amazed and they said nothing to anyone for they were afraid now when He
rose early on the first day of the week He appeared first to Mary Magdalene out of whom
He had cast seven demons she went and told those who had been with HIm as they mourned
and wept and verse 11 when they heard that he was alive and had been seen by her they
did not believe after that he appeared in another form to two of them as they walked
and went into the country and they went and told it to the rest but they did not believe
them either later he appeared to the 11 as they sat at the table and He rebuked their
unbelief and hardness of heart because they did not believe those who had seen Him after
He had risen would you pray with me loving Heavenly Father we’re standing here
in this beautiful church and there’s an anticipation in our hearts that You’re going to the minister
to us today on this resurrection Sunday that You speak to us in and through Your word and
in this time that we have together today in Your word so Lord would You as only You can
speak into our lives very clearly if need be very personally and very powerfully thank You Lord
in Jesus’ name Amen you can be seated thank you so much
the reason I chose Mark’s Gospel account is because like with many other places in Scripture
there are some very interesting and specific details that are within the text and such is
the case in verse seven where the women were instructed to tell the disciples and Peter
which if you think about it is it’s almost kind of like a dis in a way it’s come like when somebody
says ah gentleman and JD as if to imply that I’m not a gentleman while it’s like
tell the disciples and Peter I don’t think it was like that as if to infer that Peter was not one of the
disciples I hope you know that’s not the case here there’s a reason that we have this detail
within the text and within Marks account and I want to for us to focus our attention on
the why why we have these two words and Peter when they’re told to go and tell the disciples
why the emphasis on Peter particularly why didn’t they just say simply go tell the disciples
it’s almost as if it’s go tell the disciples and make sure to tell Peter why why Peter
in particular we’re going to answer that but in order to do that we need to first fill in some of
the blanks from Luke’s gospel I’ll have you turn to Luke chapter 22 we’re going to be there
for basically the remainder of our time today in Luke’s Gospel we have kind of the blanks
filled in with what happened prior actually that week prior to the crucifixion and then
subsequently the resurrection and it actually started with what we affectionately refer
to as the Last Supper which we’re going to celebrate to day as we partake together of
the communion at the end of the service which I’m really looking forward to Luke writes
that as they’re celebrating Passover together Jesus imagine the scene they’re sitting
there reclined at the table and by the way that I’m sorry for to ruin your you know Last Supper
paintings they weren’t seated at a table they were actually reclined on the floor as was
the custom in that day and they’re seated there and they have just partaken of the broken
bread and the cup and Jesus turns to Peter and says something to him that is just utterly
astonishing he says to him Peter Satan has asked for permission for you to sift you as
wheat I want you to follow along as I read verses 31 through 35 the Lord said Simon Simon
indeed Satan has asked for you that he may sift you as wheat I can just imagine what
Peter’s thinking wait satan asked You for permission to sift me You told him no
right no I gave him permission You did why would You do that oh you’ll say on Thursday nights
in the book of Job we’re learning how it is that God will never allow the devil to do
anything to us unless it ultimately in the end is for our good and for His glory and that’s what is
going to can happen here by the way so Jesus says but I have prayed for you that your faith should
not fail interesting that your courage but your faith and when you have returned to Me key
strengthen your brethren listen to Peter’s response he said to Him Lord I am ready to go with
You both to prison and to death you’ve got to love Peter and then He said I tell you Peter the rooster
shall not crow this day before you will deny me three times that you know Me well shortly
after this Jesus gets up and as was often the case He goes of the mount of olives
to pray and the disciples follow Him and when they get there Jesus goes off by Himself to
pray and before He does He says to the disciples you pray that you may not enter into temptation
pray and watch pray and watch that you do not enter into temptation so He goes off to pray He
comes back and He finds them sleeping instead of praying and He says to them you couldn’t watch
just for one hour you couldn’t pray and as he’s speaking they come and arrest Him when
Peter sees that their arresting Jesus he takes this is the courage of Peter which is
going to be germane to our understanding of what we’re going to see here he failed
in the area of his greatest strength Jesus said I pray that your faith may not fail his faith
is not been a failed his courage is and if there was ever a man that was courageous it was
Peter in that courage that fearless courage he takes his sword any cuts off the ear of the high
priest’s servant Malchus and Jesus heals him touches the ear heals his ear and I
can sort of picture the scene and I can sort of imagine Peter just being mortified because
he totally missed what was happening there well in verse 54 Luke’s gospel chapter 22
let’s pick it up having arrested Him they lead Him and brought Him into the high priest’s
house but and I want you to pay particular attention to what it says here it says Peter followed
at a distance now when they had kindled a fire in the midst of the courtyard and sat
down together Peter sat among them and verse 56 a certain serving girl seeing him as he
sat by the fire looked intently at him and said this man was also with Him but he denied
Him saying will I do not know Him and after a little while another saw him and said you
also are of them but Peter said man I am not and after about an hour had passed that must’ve
been a long hour for Peter another confidently affirmed saying surely this fellow also was with
Him for he is a Galilean but Peter said verse 60 man I do not know what you are saying immediately
while he was still speaking imagine this the rooster crows and verse 61 I can’t even begin
to imagine the Lord turned and looked at Peter I wonder what kind of a look He gave I wonder if Peter
could even look Him in the eyes never imagine that the look that Jesus gave him was one of anger
one of disappointment no certainly it was not a look of I told you so Peter no
I think that when He turned and looked at Peter He had a look of such love and compassion and
kindness and mercy and grace oh Peter Peter then Peter remembered the word of the Lord how He had
said to him before the rooster crows you will deny Me three times so verse 62 Peter went
out and wept bitterly woven into the fabric of Luke’s account we
have our answer to the aforementioned question of why they’re told to make sure that they
not only tell the disciples but they make sure specifically that they tell Peter Peter
is absolutely devastate he has done that which he vowed never to do that which he in his
wildest imagination never thought he would do he’s done the unthinkable he was ashamed
of Jesus he was ashamed to be associated with this Man that was being taken to the
cross to be crucified he’s not only ashamed of Jesus he has just denied Jesus three times
seems than Satan has succeeded in sifting him as wheat and now Peter he’s got to be thinking
to himself I have totally blown it his whole world has come crashing down now he’s denied Jesus whom
he loves so much I think of Peter’s personality it explains a lot you know the the outbursts
I see Peter as been a very emotional guy I see them as being a very passionate guy
certainly a very courageous guy Peter’s the king of guy that you want to have as a friend I just
kind of like his personality I can’t wait to meet him in heaven I feel bad for him I think
he gets a lot of bad press wouldn’t you agree but it’s over as far as he’s concerned he
has denied his Lord surely God is through with him by the way I know that’s what he’s thinking
not because I can read his mind but because he goes back to his fishing business that’s
it he’s done it’s over but God but God is not through with Peter what Peter doesn’t yet
know what he can’t yet know is that Jesus has a plan for him not to harm him but to
prosper and bless and restore him and give him a future and the hope do you think that
Jesus is angry with Peter if you do please know that He is absolutely not angry with Peter He loves
Peter so much and not only does He restore Peter and we know that He restores Peter three
times once for each time that Peter denied Him three times He restores him do you love Me
Peter yes the third time he uses the word in the Greek agape do you agape me Peter and
Peter broke down and cried then just realized that he was being restored and how much Jesus really loved
him so much so and this to me ah how do I say this it just it gets me especially as a pastor a preacher
of God’s word in the book of Acts chapter 2 I love this God chooses and uses Peter to be the first one to preach the gospel I wouldn’t have done that I’d have said not now he needs more time I’m not going to have him come speak at my competence he just denied the Lord three times what are you talking about
are you kidding me no he’s the first one that gives guys like me hope God can take and He chooses and uses the foolish to confound the wise He uses a Peter to preach the gospel in all of its power and all of these
people get saved through this flawed vessel this denier of Jesus Christ
here’s where I’m going with this we’re all like Peter aren’t we aren’t we just as
prone to become distant from the Lord you say well hey listen I with all due respect pastor
I’ve never denied the Lord well wait wait wait what about those times when you were ashamed to
let someone know that you were a Christian you were embarrassed what about that how about that opportunity that the Lord presented you to share the gospel and you
cowered and faltered and failed because you were ashamed of the gospel you were ashamed to
be associated with Jesus because of what it might cost I find it interesting and it is really
subtle satan is so subtle he got to Peter he sifted Peter but it didn’t just happen
instantaneously it was a siftings a process the was just this this process of time where slowly
and gradually you find Peter more comfortable sitting amongst the world and the the fire
of the world and the details of how that when they arrested Jesus it says and Peter
there’s those two words together and Peter followed from afar off he was kind of at a distance
from the Lord now to me and this is something the Lord just king of struck
me with is that it started with of all things prayer this is where it starts if Satan can
get us to stop praying he’s got us you know why because that’s the deciding factor we’re sleeping instead
of praying we’re not watching and praying he sort of lullabies us into a spiritual slumber
and drowsiness he doesn’t want us praying that’s why it is by the way when you set your
foot to pray then all of a sudden a drowsiness comes over your eyes a heaviness comes on
your eyes and your mind begins to wander and the phone begins to ring and then somebody’s
at the door and oh I’ve got an email or somebody’s coming or how about that text he will do everything
and stop at nothing to keep us from praying and then once he gets us to stop praying then the distancing
begins and then it’s not long before in that distance from the Lord we find ourselves
more comfortable with the world more comfortable in worldly environments and then it’s not
long before we’re denying the Lord that’s the tactic that’s the strategy you know before we come
to Christ satan will do everything he can to keep us from coming to Christ but when
we come to Jesus Christ and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and he changes strategies
he regroups and now his whole strategy is to get us away from the Lord distant from
the Lord and it’s very subtle the ways that he does it he busies us with the cares and the
affairs of this life I suppose it should come as no surprise that
when Peter sees Jesus being arrested he reacts by fighting a spiritual battle with carnal
weapons you want to know why he’s carnal you know what I mean by carnal he’s in the flesh
that’s with carnal means it means flesh next time you buy a can of chili con carne you’re buying
chili with flash with meat that’s what it sorry I ruined your appetite for those that there’s
a carnality that sets in a worldliness that sets in and here’s what happens and it’s textbook
absent prayer we operate and we live our Christian lives in the energy of the flash because we’re
carnal Christians we’re worldly Christians we’ve left our first love and we’re not close to the Lord
it’s really interesting to me and it explains to me why it is that Peter imagine I mean he rebukes the
Lord how arrogant is that how self self-confident is that I won’t deny You Lord I will die
for You Lord Peter is so full of himself it’s called pride and doesn’t pride always without
exception lead to the fall a haughty spirit a fall pride to destruction that’s what I mean by textbook
you can write the next chapter you can write the next chapter in Peter’s life
you can write the next chapter in your life and in my life because when we’re distant from
the Lord it’s all about self when were close to the Lord we die to self and Jesus said if you
really want to be My disciple and you want to follow Me here’s what you’re going to have to do you’re going to
have to pick up your cross and deny your self not Me deny yourself and follow Me if you want to
be My disciple you have to die to yourself bear with me please
I have to I have to be very transparent because I’m just
as prone as you are oh but you’re the pastor I know don’t think for a second that Satan
hasn’t asked for permission to sift me this week and don’t look at me all confident and everything
he’s asked for permission for you too in my own life
this sobers me because I love the Lord like Peter loved the Lord I was loyal I’m just as
devoted to you Lord but this could’ve been me this could have been you
here’s the good news when not if we drift away He’s waiting with open arms for us to come
back one of the most powerful and emotional parables that Jesus ever taught was the parable of
we refer to it as the prodigal son you have to understand something about this parable and it’s not
so easily understood especially in our culture in the United States of America in my culture
in the Middle East you won’t miss it the father is waiting with anticipation
for his prodigal son to return and when he sees his son from afar from a distance coming back
he runs to him he runs to him because men in that culture to this day they don’t do that that
would be the ultimate humiliation that is beneath the father to do he gathers his robe
so he won’t trip over it to run to his son returning to him can you imagine He’s waiting with open arms
He’ll run to you to welcome you back maybe that’s you here today you’ve drifted away
come back come back come back home to Him I mean let’s be honest how’s it working out
for you anyway out there no I’m asking how how’s it working for you
do you miss Him do you miss that intimacy that you once had with Him that closeness do you have fond memories
of what it was like when you were so close with Him and He with you drew near to Him
He drew near to you in return it was a love that there are no words in the English language to describe don’t you miss that He does He misses you and He wants you to come back I’m even going to take a step further and suggest that He’s orchestrated the circumstances in your life to bring you back to that
place and maybe for you it’s not returning to the Lord may be for someone here toda y it’s turning
to the Lord for the first time and that’s why you’re here by the way or that’s why you’re
watching this video you have no idea how you got this video up on your computer screen
I know how that you got this video on your screen
think about this could it be that the Lord has arranged even choreographed the steps
of your life heretofore to bring you to this place today where you’ve come to the end
of yourself you’re so empty you’re so unfulfilled you’re so discouraged and You’re at the end truth
be known you might even be hanging on by a thread but God but God is waiting with open
arms longing for you to come to Him He loves you He’s not angry with you He took all of
His anger all of His wrath and He put it on His only begotten son in your’s in my stead
that whosoever would believe in H im would not perish in hell for all eternity
I just thought of this I have to say it now because I just said that so doubtless
you also heard that Pope Francis said that there’s no such thing as hell
what did Jesus come for then what is He saving us from them I’m going to tell you and you
forgive the bluntness with which I say this but hell is forever and we’re all going to spend
eternity someplace it’s either going to be in heaven or in hell for all eternity
if there’s no hell there’s no heaven and vice versa and here’s another thing and very important
please listen God never sends anybody to help He did not create hell for man He created eternity
in heaven with Him for man it’s not his will that any should perish but that all should come
to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that’s why He sent Jesus Christ to pay in full for the
sins of all mankind so that we can be saved from hell for all eternity and be with Him
in heaven for all eternity that’s why He came that’s why He died that’s why He was buried
and that’s why He rose again and that’s the gospel that’s the good news of salvation in
Jesus Christ the bad news is is that we were all born sinners the good news is that we
were born again of the Spirit of God that said is paid for and we’re saved for all eternity
I want to share with you the gospel what the gospel is the word gospel simply means good
news your debt has been paid your free that’s what the word gospel means the apostle Paul
writing to the Corinthian church in Chapter 15 his first epistle verses one through four
said that now brothers and sisters I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you
which you received and on which you have taken your stand by this gospel you are saved if you
hold firmly to the word I preach to you otherwise you have believed in vain for what I received
I passed on to you as of first importance and here’s the gospel that Christ died for
our sins according to the Scriptures that He was buried that He was raised on the third
day according to the Scriptures that is the gospel now what are you going to do about it how are you
going to respond to this good news I want to share with you by way of what’s known as
very simply the ABCs of salvation simply put this is how to be saved let me just share quickly
even parenthetically nine months I see almost as the gestation period before I was born
again nine months before I was born again I found a gospel tract in a public restroom
sitting there just for me and the title of the gospel tract was how to be saved and so
I read it I kept it and that’s when the seed had met with the fertility of my heart to
borrow a reproductive metaphor and it began to grow and I was born again nine months later and
this is what I want to share with you how to be saved the ABCs of salvation that A is
for admit that you’re a sinner acknowledge your sin before a righteous God that you’ve
fallen short of the glory of God Romans 3:10 says there is no one righteous not even one
Romans 3:23 says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God again we’ve all been born
sinners and this is why we must be born again to see and enter the kingdom of heaven Romans
six verse 23 says for the wages of sin is death that’s the bad news the death penalty
but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord that’s the A here’s the B the B is for
believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead
this is Romans 10:9&10 it says if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus
from the dead you will be saved by the way there’s only one to tomb that you can go to
in the entire world that is empty and it is the tomb of Jesus the Christ and for those
of you with that with us to Israel we’ve been in that tomb for many it’s the highlight of
the entire trip there are no words again in the English language as faulty as it is to
describe what it’s like to walk into a tomb which by the way forensically they have never
been able to find any evidence of any human decomposition in that tomb you can go to Buddha’s
tomb I don’t want to you can go to Muhammad’s tomb I really don’t want to and they’re there you can go to
the tomb of Jesus the Christ He’s not there for He has risen that’s the B here’s the C
it’s for call upon the name of the Lord or if you prefer confess with your mother this is
what Romans 10 nine and 10 also says that if you’ve confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord
and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved for it
is with your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you
confess and are saved and lastly Romans 10:13 says all all who call upon the name of the
Lord will be saved why don’t you stand I want to have the worship team at this time come up
I want for our communion celebration on this Resurrection celebration to be an opportunity
for all of us and God knows our hearts for all of us to do some business with the Lord
you’ll forget the crass way that I say that but some of us need to do some business with the Lord
I don’t want to well let me say it this way I do want to give
the Holy Spirit the elbow room to do what I believe he wants to do in our midst today
and I make no assumptions the Lord knows your heart and we see her outward appearance and
oh by the way you all look (smack) marvelous today but the Lord knows your heart and maybe you’ve wandered
and maybe today He’s saying to you come back come back maybe today for someone here it’s not
come back its come come today’s the day today’s the day today is the day of salvation I cannot
think of a better day than on Resurrection Sunday and I going to say one last thing and
we’ll have come up and get the elements and then take them to your seat as the worship team leads
us in song and then wait the elements are prepackaged for sanitary reasons so just take them
back to your seat and wait to partake together but i’m going to ask you and this is very important
please just give me one more minute here if you’ve never called upon the name of the Lord and you’re not going to make that decision by the way the most important decision you will ever make in your life
for eternal life if you’re not to make that decision today than I would just kindly ask that you
not partake with us because partaking together of the Lord’s table is for believers to celebrate
and commemorate that which He did for us in dying for us and paying in full for us for
all of our sins better if you’ve never called upon the name of the Lord why don’t you do that today
before and then partake with us as we celebrate the crucifixion burial and resurrection of
Jesus Christ let’s pray Father in heaven I thank You so much Lord I would ask that
nobody look at their watches think about what they’re going to do after that if someone needs
to leave that they would leave at this time so that we can have this time this intimacy
with You Lord Lord I don’t want to embarrass anybody I don’t want to make any kind of scene
or anything oh Lord I do want to give You the opportunity by the Holy Spirit as only
You can to really do a work in this remaining time that we have together as we partake together
Lord thank You in Jesus’ name Amen why don’t you go ahead and come on up and there’s two tables in the front one in the back if you’re still in Luke’s gospel chapter 22
I want to draw your attention to verses 14 through 20 this is where we have the account
of the Last Supper where Luke by the Spirit writes when the hour had come He speaking of
Jesus sat down and the 12 apostles with Him then He said to them with fervent desire I
have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffered He knows He’s about to go
to the cross this is the matter of now hours really for I say to you I will no longer eat
of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God then he took the cup and gave thanks
and said take this and divide it among yourselves for I say to you I will not drink of the fruit
of the vine until the kingdom of God comes and He took bread gave thanks and broke it
and gave it to them saying this is My body which is given for you do this in remembrance
of Me if you take the packaging and peel back the top part you’ll find the bread there just
take it out and hold onto it for a moment I can’t even begin to express just how
what’s the word I’m looking for there are no words we’re going to partake together of the
communion on Resurrection Sunday wow the only word I can think of is wow this is what it’s
all about we hold in our hand a symbol of the body of Jesus Christ that was broken not
the bones the body and Jesus there at that Passover celebration with the disciples takes
this bread this unleavened bread it could not have leaven in it leaven this yeast a type or a picture
of sin no he was without sin so the bread had to be without leaven unleavened bread and in that
culture to this day they eat from the same piece of bread because the thought is is that
that bread that’s in you is the same bread that’s in me it’s a common union communion in my Middle
Eastern culture we eat with our hands I don’t do that here especially at the potluck
after it’s not appropriate but I mean even with the rice you would just take it
and putting your hand to eat and it would dip their all of their hands in the same
rights and eat from the same it didn’t matter because were just one we’re all one I think
that a lot of times in the in our culture we really miss the intimacy of what the communion
really represents we’re becoming one with Him and so as we partake together of the bread
I just want to again mention that this would be a magnificent time for you if you’ve never
called upon the name of the Lord to do so today there’s nothing fancy about the prayers no
magical repeat after me prayer nothing wrong with that the Lord knows you when I
prayed to receive Christ and I called upon the name of the Lord I’m not proud
of this and I’m actually quite ashamed of this I was very intoxicated I was very high and my prayer was basic
I slurred my prayer I called out to the name of the Lord that’s how I got saved and the Lord heard
and I was born again and I woke up the next morning and I was a new creation in Christ in old
things have passed away all because I had called upon the name of the Lord and I was
saved I was almost 36 years ago actually it was over 36 years ago now so I implore you today if
you’ve never called upon the name of the Lord to do so as we partake together
would you partake with me Lord thank You thank You for giving us this
to do in remembrance of You and what You did for us Your body broken Your death on the
cross your burial in the tomb and your resurrection from the grave three days later
Lord thank You thank You so much Luke goes on to write and says likewise He also took
the cup after supper saying this cup is the new covenant in My blood which is shed for
you if you take the rest of the packaging and peel it back you’ll find the cup and again just
hold onto for a moment when we come to this portion of the communion table
I always struggle’s still not the right word but it’s really hard to adequately articulate
and communicate the importance of the symbolism of that which we hold in our hands this is
a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ now stay with me before we partake together the
Bible says that there is no remission removing a sin without the shedding of blood this is
the shed blood of Jesus Christ a symbol that we hold in their hands that removes all of
our sin every sin we’ve ever committed every sin that we’re even now committing I don’t know how
you could be sinning right now but you know and every sin that we have yet to commit this
side of heaven prior to the rapture it is removed God through the prophet Isaiah declares
as far as the east is from the west it’s not just covered see in the old covenant it was kaphar
covered it’s not covered it’s removed it’s gone as far as the east is from the west and
and remembered no more that’s how powerful the blood of Jesus Christ is and that’s
why it is that is so hard to adequately express and communicate just how powerful this is every
sin one said it this way our greatest need was His greatest deed and His greatest deed
was to come of His own volition willingly go to the cross die shed His blood was buried
for three days and then rose again for us that’s what we’re celebrating here today would you
partake with me and once you do please stand Father in heaven we cannot possibly thank You enough
for loving us so much that You would send Your only begotten Son to die for us that
whosoever amongst us would believe would be saved Lord thank You for the free gift of
eternal life thank You that we’re saved by grace through faith that is not of ourselves
lest any of us should boast thank You that it’s a gift we receive freely it cost You
everything but is made available to us for the receiving Lord I pray if there’s anybody
here today that has called upon You that they would come up and just let us know afterwards
that we can rejoice with them because we know that the angels in heaven rejoicing and so
we want to rejoice as well Lord thank You thank You for defeating death thank You the
death no longer has it’s sting thank You that that trumpets sound soon very soon and the dead
in Christ are going to rise first and we who are alive and remain are going to be caught up to be with You
forever and Lord we too cannot wait until this that we’ve just done is ultimately fulfilled
in Your kingdom at the wedding feast of the Lamb Maranatha come quickly Lord Jesus it’s in Jesus’ name we pray Amen and Amen and God bless you

Glenn Chapman


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  56. I was saved only late last year. I am 62 years old. Although I knew I was Saved, the opportunity to be baptized came my way when my church decided to do their very first in-church baptism this year on Resurrection Sunday. What better day? I also participated in my first Holy Communion since I was a child on that day too. Lord, I thank you for forgiving me of my sins, for making me your child, for giving me new birth from above – for my salvation. Thank you Lord, for the free gift of eternal life. Amen

  57. For an 11 year old Sabia has a amazing voice, thank you for sharing your daughter with us and the song was perfect. The message as always was convicting and encouraging, can't wait to meet dear Peter. God bless you, your family and church you are such a blessing to the Body of Christ, and for those who do not have a church family, keep looking up!

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