RETCON: The Rise of Skywalker

Hi! Welcome back to my channel, it’s been
a while. So I watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and I have many thoughts. I
don’t want this to just be a review of the movie because I’m sure there’s a
million of those already. Instead what I’ll do, fitting in with the
loose theme of my channel is I’ll really narrow down my focus on a particular
storytelling device or trope that I think is most responsible for the
feelings I have of Episode 9 and more significantly, the feelings I have of
this trilogy as a whole. Because something I should clarify right out the
gate is I actually do not have strong feelings of hatred for any one of these
movies individually. This isn’t Game of Thrones Season 8 to me, I know it is to
many people but I honestly don’t care about it as much as I did with that. I do
think these three movies are all flawed primarily with the most recent one (which
we’ll get into) but I have had a good time with all of them. Initially what I
thought the topic of this video would be was ‘Nostalgia Bait’. I thought what I
hated most about the Disney trilogy is that they were making easy money
exploiting the nostalgia we have of the saga, as they’ve done with pretty much
every property they own this past decade. But I realized the nostalgia has
actually been the most fun aspect of watching these movies for me. I think
when I look back, especially around December 2015 with the excitement and
sentimentality many of us had – it’s something I’ll look at fondly. So while I
do want to drag Disney for their shameless nostalgia cash grabs, I’ll save
that topic for a future video. Where my problem is and what is by far the most
frustrating thing about the sequel trilogy is that I cannot for the life of
me view this as one coherent, flowing, thought-out, three-arc narrative. Which is what a trilogy is supposed to be. Which brings me to the topic of this video –
Retroactive Continuity or retcon for short. This is when facts that have
already been established in a fictional story are then contradicted, changed or
completely ignored in future instalments. This can be done for many
reasons such as fixing mistakes that were made previously or as a response
to fan backlash or for the sake of a twist. For example in a different trilogy –
the Sam Raimi Spider-man movies. In the first one, Peter Parker who wins the
fighting tournament is only paid $100 by the promoter, instead of the 3,000 that
he was promised. And then right after that a thief robs the
promoter. Peter has a chance to stop him but instead decides to do nothing as
revenge because he was cheated out of his winnings.
As he’s leaving he finds out his Uncle Ben has been shot by a carjacker
and dies. Peter pursues the carjacker and finds
out that it is the thief who he let escape. The whole point of this and the
movies as a whole is Peter Parker grappling with the fact that with great
power comes great responsibility. He had the power to do the right thing and stop
this thief but he let his bitterness get the best of him by doing nothing. And he
paid painfully for that decision. Then Spider-man 3 comes along and decides no, actually the thief didn’t kill Uncle Ben. It was his partner in crime that did it –
who also happens to be the Sandman. Just for the sake of having a twist. And by
doing that they take away a lot of the emotional weight of the scene in the
first movie and the lesson it teaches the audience and Peter Parker himself.
This doesn’t mean that every twist is a retcon, just because we are given new
information and past events weren’t what we thought they were does not by any
means automatically make it a retcon. But I think viewers are smart enough to
know the difference between a twist that was there from the beginning, we just
couldn’t see it yet – versus a twist that is decided at the last minute because
the writers see an opportunity to change what was already established in the
story before. So before I get into the very obvious example of this in Episode
IX with Rey and her lineage, I just have to talk about a very tiny moment that is
so funny to me and perfectly encapsulates what I think JJ Abrams
approach to this movie was. It’s when Poe and Finn are laying out battle plans or
whatever and some guy is like well what about the quote unquote
“Holdo Maneuver”. And Poe is like ‘oh no it would be stupid to do that it’s a
one-in-a-million shot’. Immediately what this reminded me of is the Time Turner
situation in Harry Potter, I know many of you probably don’t want to hear about
anything relating to JK Rowling right now, or ever, given recent events and
trust me neither do i but just bare with me for a second – I need to get this out.
In Prisoner of Azkaban we are introduced to the Time Turner – a time-traveling
device that made for a great entertaining third act to what many
people agree is the best movie in the series and it’s entertaining in the book
as well. But including time travel in any story almost always creates
narrative problems and this is no exception.
Despite this, for years.. and I mean up until the 30th of July 2016,
I have vehemently defended the inclusion of the time-turner in Harry Potter for
two reasons. One, the way it was initially shown to us made complete sense. This is
what the timeline should look like. Hermione goes through her first class,
then loops back to attend a second class at the same time. This is one single
timeline it’s only that there are two versions of her for small part of i.t There are no different versions of this timeline, it’s not about changing the
past it’s about looping back to do what she’s already done. I hope that makes
sense. It’s the same when both her and Harry time-travel in that they don’t
change anything in the past they just lived out the exact same singular
timeline from the different perspective. There isn’t a timeline where Buckbeak
was killed because the trio just thought they saw buckley getting killed when it
was actually Macnair swinging down his axe in frustration. Buckbeak was always
saved. There isn’t a timeline where harry
wasn’t saved from the Dementors, it’s just that he thought it was his dad that
did it and it’s only when he goes through the loop does he see that it’s
him who actually did it. But nothing changes it’s always like
that, a singular timeline. That was reason number one why I defended it. Reason
number two is that yes, even though it made sense in the context we saw it used –
it still created the issue of why wouldn’t we see such a powerful device
be used again in high stakes situations. Something Rowling herself acknowledged
saying it opened up a vast number of problems for her. This was solved by
having Hermione give hers back and then having every single Time Turner located
in the time room in the Ministry of Magic, sort of destroyed or made
permanently unusable during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. So there we
had it, Time Turner’s gave us a cool memorable part of the series and the
problem of them being too powerful was resolved so it didn’t create any future
problems. All was well. That was until the 30th of July 2016 when this absolute
garbage play called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released, where JK
Rowling – as has become standard with her nowadays, tries her absolute best to
destroy the legacy and world she built with those seven books. Both these good
reasons I gave for why the Time Turner’s aren’t so bad are completely thrown out
the window by first of all having them exist again, second allowing the user to
go as far back in time as they wanted and change past events which created a
completely new different insane timeline to the one already established. I won’t
get into the details of this trash play, if you don’t know you can go look it up.
But if you know you know. Now, bringing it back to Star Wars. How does that one
comment on the Holdo maneuver relate to this? To me is the same. You have this
really cool new trick that’s powerful and introduced to us for the first time –
that being Lightspeed used as a weapon. I know not everybody is in agreement that
it was cool but to me that scene is so stunning and I’ll always remember seeing
it in the theater. The complete silence after the build up… ..and just having my mouth open in awe. I
unashamedly loved it. That being said, like with the time-turner, with something
so powerful being introduced to the story there is the glaring question of
is this believable? Why hasn’t it been used before? And why don’t they use it
all the time? And like with the Time Turner, you had people defending and
explaining in detail why it is believable, even posting full equations
on why the math checks out. And to me I always just thought of it as being
similar to kamikaze pilots where people using their own aircrafts in war as a
weapon by ramming them into their target has been a legitimate strategy used
before but that doesn’t mean that we see it happen all the time. It’s still really
uncommon. I will sympathize with JJ Abrams in that while I don’t agree with
the narrative going about that Rian Johnson wrote him into a corner, I will
concede that with this specific thing I do think he only had three options. He
could either A) Completely ignore the hyperspace ramming method, B) Include it in the movie despite knowing about the very vocal fans that hated it. Or C) Give a
reason as to why they can’t use it. He went with C and gave the most
laughable reason because it’s one of the many moments that just blatantly retcons
The Last Jedi. No matter what you think of that scene, no matter what you think of
the Holdo Maneuver, there is absolutely nothing that indicates that what she’s
about to do is a one-in-a-million shot. The way Hux reacts when he realizes
what’s happening is not the reaction of someone that knows the odds are
astronomically in his favor, he’s in full-on panic mode. But more importantly
with Halldo, why in God’s name would she attempt something that has such a
microscopic chance of being successful? When not long before that moment she had
screamed this at Poe – “You have bet the survival of the resistance on bad odds
and put us all at risk.” Then turns around and does what we are now supposed to
believe is a one-in-a-million maneuver. Even if you don’t like the character – and
I definitely wasn’t a fan of her dynamic with Poe because it was annoying to
watch and all they needed to do was talk to each other, there’s still no doubt
that she was written as a level-headed leader with a plan. And
something as small as one line in The Rise of Skywalker can completely retcon
all of that and make the entire scene a stupid nonsensical one for even the
people that defended it and liked it. Just like how JK Rowling retconned the
Time Turner. My goal here is not to nitpick and I really hope that’s not how it’s
coming across. I never want to make a video where I’m just listing all the
plot holes or errors I can find. What I’m trying to get across is that trilogies
at their best complement each other, they are intertwined and when we are given
new information later on we can go back to the previous movies and look at them
with new eyes that adds to the experience of rewatching it not
completely destroying and taking a dump all over it. And that is what this
trilogy is, they are three movies fighting against each other telling us
different things. The Last Jedi in many ways hates The Force Awakens and The
Rise of Skywalker, to a much greater extent in my opinion, hates The Last Jedi.
Which makes for a very unpleasant view of the story as a trilogy. All we have
are the same characters being tossed around between different minds who have
different ideas of what this should be. I’m sure many think that I should be
blaming The Last Jedi for this trilogy being incoherent – in that JJ Abrams did
the best he could do given the mess he was handed but I don’t buy that at all. I
understand that the transition from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi is a
little jarring in that The Force Awakens set up a lot of questions and for two
years people were speculating and building theories on what those answers
were, and then The Last Jedi comes along and says to hell with your theories, let go
of the past etc. I personally loved
that but I completely understand why it infuriated so many. But regardless of
what side of the fence you’re on, by the end of the movie what’s done is done.
What the third and final movie needed to do is move forward not backwards and
retcon what has already been established. Because by doing so, you
aren’t tying the trilogy together – you are ripping it apart. Rian Johnson did
not write JJ Abrams into a corner, he gave him all the space in the world to
take the story wherever he wanted. And the direction he went is backwards to
try and fix what had already been done. So here we are, apparently Rey is a
Palpatine now. I won’t get into the ridiculousness of retconning Palpatine’s
death and the big FU it sends to Anakin and his entire redemption arc. I won’t
even try and question how the hell Palpatine survived falling down a
reactor shaft, blowing up and then the Death Star he was on also blowing up
because JJ Abrams himself must know that this is so insane which is why he didn’t
bother giving us an explanation of how it happened.
Seriously if Palpatine can survive that I don’t know how we’re supposed to
believe anything other than him being completely invincible and coming back to
the big screen in another 10 years or so. But whatever I’ll just stick to the
effect this has on the sequel trilogy. Someone tried to make the argument that
actually this isn’t retconning because Kylo says he didn’t actually lie when he
told her that her parents were nobodies… it’s just that her grandparent… If you believe them when they say that
bringing back Palpatine was the plan from the beginning, I have a bridge to
sell you because that is truly the most clear-cut lie ever told. Everyone knows
that this trilogy was a write as you go type of thing and not something that was
planned out in full before The Force Awakens. Which is just the craziest thing
to me. I have a video on Game of Thrones about foreshadowing not being a
substitute for character development but this is a million times worse because we
don’t even get the tiniest bit of foreshadowing to prepare us for this. Not
even one single miniscule moment that we can point to in the previous two movies
as foreshadowing. They just hit us with it immediately in the opening crawl and
we are expected to just take it and be like ‘Oh Palpatine lives okay cool cool cool’
and not too soon after that we’re supposed to be like ‘Oh and Rey is his
granddaughter okay cool cool cool’. What happened here is JJ set
up mystery around her parentage then Rian Johnson made what is in my opinion
the right decision to reveal that her parents were unimportant. The original
trilogy already has the most iconic twist ever with the revelation that
Darth Vader is Luke’s father, which happened in the second movie of that
trilogy. So in the second movie of this trilogy, instead of trying to copy that
and have this big reveal on that scale, which is impossible to meet, the right
thing to do was switch it around and have the hero be an outsider that rises
up to the occasion. To show that you don’t need to be from this powerful
lineage to be a hero. The last Jedi did not retcon The Force Awakens by going
this route because the facts of her lineage were not established in that
movie. It was definitely hinted that maybe her parents are special but after
the reveal in The Last Jedi, those hints could be taken as a misdirection. Which
happens all the time in movies and is a normal part of storytelling. This is
exactly why I don’t accept the idea that Abrams was written into a corner. All he
had to do was accept what was done in The Last Jedi, even if some of those
revelations like this one were controversial. He needed to accept it for
what it was and move on. You have the set up, the answer and what should have been
a final story of her reaching her full potential as her own individual
person who does let go of the past. And at the end when she’s asked her name by a
stranger, she can say Rey. ‘Rey who?’ ‘Just Rey.’ That would make for one clear
narrative that flows through three movies and not this disjointed one that
we currently have where we are first told maybe Rey’s parents are significant,
then nope! they aren’t significant and they
abandoned her. Then but wait! We’ve changed our minds, they actually are
someone, and they loved her and also her grandfather is Palpatine. And at the end
Rey Palpatine will take on the name Skywalker which makes her even more
extra-special. I love the scene in The lLast Jedi because it’s not just about
Rey being told her parents where no one. It’s her accepting what she already knew. You can see the pain in her face of finally letting down that facade
and coming to grips with reality. A reality she’s always known. But you can’t
watch that the same way anymore. Even though Daisy Ridley is giving an
amazing performance that shows us clearly what we are supposed to get from
that scene, we are now supposed to pretend that we don’t see that and
instead we should see it as her.. I don’t know what? Admitting that her parents are
nobody but also being wrong about her own admission? Its just so dumb and so
pointless. I could keep going and listing more
examples but my point would just remain the same. The movie is fine I had a good
time shutting off my brain and just taking it in as a standalone. It was
entertaining but in the context of this being a follow-up to a previous movie
and in the context of it being the closing to a three movie trilogy and
nine movie saga, it completely falls apart and becomes detrimental not only
to episode 8 but all the movies that came before that. The Rise of Skywalker
gets all the blame for me because it’s one job was to tie it all together
and instead what it did was spend its time attempting to put a band-aid over
the fan backlash of the last movie, at the expense of a flowing narrative that
makes sense. This is not what a trilogy supposed to look, like they are three
stand-alones that hate each other. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed
this video, let me know what you thought of The Rise of Skywalker in the comments
down below. If you did like the video please don’t forget to hit the like
button it really makes a difference with how the video performs. Subscribe if
you’re new here and want to see more and you can follow me on Twitter link in
the description. Again, thanks for watching, bye. Anakin “Believe me,
I wish that I could just wish away my feelings but I can’t.”

Glenn Chapman


  1. These video's are so well made , they're incredible and i can just relax grab snacks and whatch these

  2. The video was fantastic. I agree with most of what you said, but The Last Jedi is… a far, far better movie than the other two, and your critique of Holdo and Poe's relationship falls a little flat. They're in a military organisation, he's just been demoted, and she has absolutely no obligation to tell him anything at all.

  3. I agree but Nearly everything Rían did was take every set up the JJ made and just said “no.” He didn’t “yes, and” any one of them or even let one ride. He just shut them all down and didn’t put JJ in a corner. He put him in an ocean. He had to set up and end a trilogy all in one film. Rían is as guilty as JJ. JJ could have run with this derailment, but he had a lot of derailments to deal with.

  4. "Well what about the Holdo maneuver?"
    "We'll have to find a volunteer for that and sacrifice a ship! And a pilot!"
    "Fair point."
    Its not that hard to explain Abrams.

  5. You said it pal, now this vid's saved in my "Refutation" folder
    It summed up all I've been too lazy and shy to express

  6. I think fans have every right to be mad that jk did this but she has every right to chage HER universe all she wants.
    Also jj abrams id a hack.

  7. I think one of the biggest problems with the film was that noone seems to have actually cared about telling it's narrative. Say what you will about TLJ, but it's clear that Rian Johnson wanted to tell a story he cared about. With Rise of Skywalker I get the feeling that Abrams looked at the Star Wars Reddit and watched a few YT videos to get a quick overview of what the fans might want/hated in TLJ, and then tried to somehow string these things together into a plot. The result feels not just void of any logic, but also of any emotional connection to the viewer.

  8. That was exactly my problem with the movie. It didn’t feel like the end of a trilogy, there was no real development or closing on the potential questions. It was disconnected and didn’t really focus on narrative itself. It wasn’t planned ahead from the beginning, and TROS was a way to say “No, my way is the right way”.

    I was entertained at some parts of the movie, of course. But it felt kind of hollow in my opinion.

  9. The film looks horrible, but "Rey is a Palpatine" has been a popular theory since 2015. There were clues from the beginning.

  10. Hope you like this video! Sorry I haven’t uploaded in so long, I swear July feels like a week ago to me. But I’m back! Thanks for sticking around, promise next one won’t take anywhere near as long (click the notification bell). And Merry Christmas to those celebrating! 🎄🎅

    (seeing Cats next… pray for me).

  11. Extremely well put. I hated TLJ but mostly for the addition of sexual tension between Rey & Kylo Ren (barf). I think both Rian and JJ failed in the same ways – neither took on the other's additions in good faith. TROS came across especially bad because outside of the action scenes, everything screamed "COURSE CORRECTION" so loudly that it actually distracted me from having a better time watching the movie as a whole. It could have still been perfectly watchable if it hadn't been so conspicuous in its desire to "undo" TLJ.

  12. Its like the casts are children of a divorced parents and being told differently in every visit to each

  13. Agreed. This was very much "F*ck you Rian Johnson: The Movie"

    I do however believe that a lot of this movie was what JJ probably would have done if he had gotten to do the whole trilogy but because he was supposed to pick up from episode 8 it just shows he's petty and dumb to think that this movie makes any sense as a follow-up to TLJ.

    Although after having watched this just the once and having heard almost no other thoughts about it i did come out of this movie with a similar opinion to when i watched TLJ for the first time that the best parts of this movie are some of the best Star Wars has ever done and the worst parts of it are the worst things in Star Wars but with an overall positive opinion because the strengths outweigh the weaknesses. My opinion will certainly evolve over time especially as this takes its place as a Star Wars Movie™ and not just "a movie" but right now I'm still of the mind that I was much more entertained than I was annoyed.


  14. I feel like Jar Jar Abrams tired to go the Fanservice route and hamfisted and shoehorned a ton of "subverting" that doesn't make sense, while Rian Johnson, when given the first part of the trilogy, he absolutely tried to make a story out of it. He genuinely cared about Star Wars in comparison to JJ.

    Also, you know your movie is the worst as a Sequel when it's a textbook example of Retconning. Holy moly.

    The world needs people who talk about Tropes in general, like you. Tropes are excellent Writing Tools to know about, and when used correctly they can make a great narrative, Sequel, Original or even a Prequel.

  15. The big question then is.. why switch directors? And why make these movies "write as you go" instead of one big, bad ass, well thought out arc?

  16. Loved your review
    Btw, what’s the deal with JK Rowlings these days ? I didn’t follow.

  17. 12:42 Rey‘s gramps was a Villain Sue and that‘s where she got her own Sue-ishness from. BRILLIANT!

  18. Trope Anatomy: "How are we supposed to believe Palpatine survived all that? That's insane."
    Palpatine: "Death is just a concept invented by the jedi."

    great video btw

  19. I still don’t get the logic of expecting that Vice Admiral of navy should find her time to explain her strategy to every soldier. It makes sense this way much more – and it shows real conflict of soldiers that have to trust their leaders even when they feel they make bad decisions. I get that usually in movies bad guys follow blindly and good guys have all the information and understanding of the situation – but that is boring nonsensical cliché that tells us nothing about anything because that is not how war works.

  20. RJ and JJ are like two recently divorcee using the sequel trilogy (their metaphorical children) to badmouth each other.

  21. You can defend TLJ all you want. But Rian Johnson did wrote entire sequel trilogy into corner. Any director following dumpster fire that was TLJ. Would have incredible difficulty told any story which doesn't fell forced.

  22. One thing I do want to say regarding your concerns about the dismissal of The Holdo Maneuver: Just because some person said in the movie "Oh that's one in a million", doesn't mean it's actually true. In the same way that Rey in the first movie said she believed Luke Skywalker was just a myth. The person who said "that's one in a million" (sorry I don't remember who said it in the movie) might actually believe that–maybe they've been told that, or maybe that's just that individual's way of dealing with Holdo's sacrifice, or maybe they're just scared to try it because the Resistance fleet is so small. And in another video, someone pointed out that, short of the one Corvette they have, the Resistance has no capital ships to try that maneuver with anyway.

    Yes I do think that Abrams only put in that line to prevent fans from saying "Well now that the Holdo Maneuver exists, why don't they just do that for every problem?" but your argument seems to be against the particular way they dealt with it, and I don't think that person saying what he said means that what he said was the actual truth, necessarily.

  23. You realize that palpatine in eu had clones and shit made. As for being her grandparent he probably had a few desperate or possibly assaulted women to bed even way before his death.

  24. For the majority of fans of fantasy, being special and meaning something is tied to your family name or genetic powers.
    Heaven forbid we get main characters that aren't the product of some special lineage, blessed with great genetics, or privileged in some way that suits the fantasy setting they inhabit.

  25. Totally agreed with your opinion on the lineage. Actually made me appreciate what they did with Rey's parents in TLJ, a movie which I otherwise hate.
    The kamikaze manoeuvre still doesn't make sense, they could just strap hyperdrives to asteroids and shotgun the empire fleet. It completely breaks the internal consistency of SW.

  26. I think my problem with the TLJ "twist" of Rey's parents being unimportant and her being a nobody is that it wasn't set up. In TFA she isn't waiting for her parents because she thinks they are special, she is just clinging onto hope she wasn't abandoned and that she will meet them again. That dilemma is resolved in TFA when she is told by Maz they are never coming back.
    To me thats the problem with this kind of meta storytelling because it reads like Rian Johnson only wrote it this way to stand in contrast with the "Vader is father" twist from ESB and not as a fulfilling narrative beat in and of itself.
    If it doesn't have any build-up and solely exists to "criticise" a trope that's popular in fantasy fiction then I don't think it works.
    It's not that I like the other movies in the new trilogy (I dislike them all almost equally) but I also find it odd when TLJ gets singled out as original when the only truly original element in the film is this meta commentary yet it doesn't work (imo) and the rest of the film is filled with callbacks to ESB and ROTJ that just add to the feeling of derivativeness that permeates the entire trilogy.

  27. I don't see any sensible direction to go after TLJ. The resistance is dead, the First Order won. So we are back to the starting point of TFA, just now with Kylo in lead instead of Snoke. Everything that happens in TLJ is completely circular and self defeating, it just kills all of TFA mystery boxes without replacing them with anything. So the sequel has to make new stuff up on the go, as there is nothing left to continue.

  28. To me, the character who suffered from the complete lack of planning in this trilogy was Finn. He was as stormtrooper who broke out of his conditioning and was clearly force sensitive. There was so much history, lore, and potential with this character (e.g. understands how to break out the stormtroopers and the inside players of the resistance).

    It felt like Rian Johnson sidelined the character and then forced a comedy b-plot where he learned about 'real suffering' even though he was a child soldier! Then JJ didn't know how to fix that so slapped a bandaid on it by making him a general.

    Considering how good of an actor John Boyega is and his how much he loves the star wars universe, it was such a slap in the face.

  29. "Rian Johnson didn't write JJ Abrams into a corner, he gave him all the space in the world to take the story wherever he wanted. And the direction he went is backwards to try and fix what had already been done" – louder for people in the back!

  30. The Holdo maneuver makes most battles in Star Wars absolutely redundant.
    Death Star? Just launch a few freighters at it.
    Echo Base shield generator on Hoth? Just launch a few tie-fighters at it.
    Endor shield generator? Just launch a ship at it.
    Droid Control Ship from TPM? Just launch a naboo starfighter at it.
    Malevolance, Death Star 2, literally any star destroyer or capital ship? Just launch goddamn ships at them.

    The Holdo maneuver is not at all compatible with the rules previously established in Star Wars canon, and that is reason enough to declare the film non-canon. The only way JJ could have explained it away better than he did with the "one-in-a-million" line is to have ep9 start with Finn waking up from his coma, realising that it was all a dream.

  31. I disagree with you on the note that the return of Palpatine wasn't foreshadowed. I would say that it was foreshadowed all the way back in ROTS, when Palpatine tells Anakin the tragedy of Darth Plageuis the Wise.

  32. The last jedi started this,
    FA : Luke is doing something somewhere, he leave a map behind and program R2D2 to find him.
    TLJ : Luke when to reclusion, didn't leave a map or R2D2 behind.

    FA : Rey is strong with the force because something about her family
    TLJ : Rey is strong with the force, because the force want it?! and her family are nobody.

    etc etc KK really fuck it up by not making someone in charge off the trilogy from the start.

  33. Hopefully all this madness leads to disney selling star wars to a worthy company that throws out their garbage and brings back the extended universe. Kathleen Kennedy is trapped in an ideology, she's not capable of doing good with any material that has any hint of old school male/female dynamics. So, she should be fired and publicly shamed. A Cersei walk would help bring catharsis, a handful of lucky fans of the real star wars could win the right to throw turds at her and yell poisonous insults. Then we could have even more catharsis wathing her sicken and die slowly. Mmm

  34. They should've just given JJ the entire trilogy and then given Rian his own trilogy. Not having a plan for the trilogy and changing directors between the films worked for the original trilogy, but was a big mistake her. JJ and Rian wanted to go in different directions, but in the end neither got what they wanted.

  35. I don't agree with you that TROS deserves all the blame. You said it yourself, TLJ hates TFA. Rian is also to blame as well.

    Two wrongs don't make a right, but one wrong doesn't make a right either.

  36. This series should have been a quadrilogy. Now that would have subverted our expectations.

  37. This is what I don't get: it seems like these movies were plotted out by each installment. Why wasn't the whole trilogy outlined before they started shooting ep 7? I'm so confused…

  38. The Sequels were a duology and nobody can't tell me otherwise.

    Besides, the Rise of Skywalker feels more like the second and third arcs of a new trilogy (with the fucking text crawl being the first arc) istead of being the third instalment of the sequel trilogy

  39. The matter with Holdo's suicide isn't the cool factor (which it definitely was cool ), but the fact that it broke the Lore in an absurd way just FOR the cool factor.

  40. i think in the context of tros it acts more as a clarification of what was previously ambigous, rather than a retcon. its only a retcon if you ran with a certain narrative in your head from TLJ.

  41. Thank you so much for 1. the whole time turner thing, I completely agree. HP has flaws, ain't gonna deny that, but time traveling is actually dealt with perfectly. 2. The bad use of lineage in SW (and tons of other canons). I'm so sick of orphans/nobodies not being allowed to stayed that way. At first they want to sell you this nobody so you can relate (coughselfinsertcough) but then HEY YOU WERE SPECIAL ALL ALONG. Nobodies becoming heroes would be so much powerful if they were allowed to stayed nobodies.

  42. The only storyline that kind of made sense to me in this mess of a trilogy was Ben Solo's.

  43. People were just trying to fill the plot hole of Rey having the force in TFA. TFA actually gave some sort of answer, (Or at least indication that they don't matter) when Orange Yoda tells Rey that "whoever she's waiting for is never coming back." TLJ teased the audience about her parentage but then revealed they're nobodies. They had a set up, and then gave pay off to a completely different idea. If it was set up that Rey thought highly of her parents and "knew" they were somebody, the twist could've actually effected her character. Instead, she just seemed slightly curious. Either way, TFA fucked everything about Rey and the next two movies decided to double back on it and just make these problems worse.

  44. This is a bad take a JK Rowling did nothing wrong. The Last jedi DID write JJ into a corner. You just dismissed all of the reasons it did. The holdo maneuver is space combat destroying. Hyperspace tracking destroys one of the main tools star wars had for resolving space encounters by taking away the possibility for retreat. It takes away Rey's only real motive without giving her any realistic alternative motive. It crippled the rebellion forcing JJ to either make up a contrived reason for them to be able to fight back or requiring a time skip. It introduced world breaking force powers that can transport matter across the universe.

    And all while not fleshing out the universe in any meaningful way because Rian wanted a slow chase scene. So we get no bigger picture for who the first order are and what resources they have. Which is not helpful to a director who has to wrap up a narrative that has way too many characters who got basically no development in the middle movie. This movie had to either be 4 hours long to resolve everything or it HAD to discard characters like Rose from the narrative and wrap up everyone's arcs in a shallow way because so little was done to advance their arcs.

    The Last Jedi did NOT do the third movie any favors.

  45. JJ Abrams is a fraud. He has a history of doing this, setting up mystery boxes, questions that don’t drive the plot forward, let them hanging without having a plan for them, leaving them to someone to figure it out and then blame them for not living up to the expectations.
    I totally agree with your take on this about JJ Abrams “being cornered” he was not, he just did what he has done for years.
    JJ Abrams is not a writer, he is a marketer.

  46. I since 7 believed they were writing that Rey had famous parents. They constantly talked about how she was left behind or her parents were nothing. It was really over the top with the "no parents" references. In 8 when she's with Ren talking about who here parents are I never saw Ren as telling the truth. He's trying to turn her to him that's about the last time you should believe what he says.

    Now I'm a bit biased I watched episode 7 13 times in theaters and have only seen 8 twice, once in theaters and once last week. I did not like 8 at all. And 9 might become my second favorite SW movie.

  47. I like the idea of Rey been a nobody but TLJ have puts J.J. Abrams (and Colin Trevorrow, that's the reason he leave) into a corner by making Hux a complete moron and killing off Phasma and Snoke. By doing this, the next writer/director does not have the antagonistic force to clash against the "heroes" and make a cohesive arc throughout the trilogy.

    Poe needed opposes Hux (a First Order's General) for test his position as General and his new state of mind that he learned in previous movie.

    Finn needed opposes Phasma (a stormtrooper Commander) by trying setting free the others Stormtroopers when Phasma was his boss and possible she dealing the same kidnapping problem.

    Rey and Kylo needed opposes Snoke because as equals (and the main characters) they both needs a major threat to face outside they relationship and deals with the Rey's darkside teases and Kylo's lightside teases.

    The idea of Kylo become the supreme leader in paper is good but in the same way as Rey's lineage enhances the character, the better outcome for Kylo would be to become a traitor by trying to kill the Supreme Leader.

    Poe — Hux

    I I

    Finn — Phasma

    I I

    Rey — Kylo Ren



    P.S. I don't like SW, i watched all movie and played some games but the franchise didn't stick with me. I almost hate it because SW ruined Mass Effect 3 story and ending by making Drew Karpyshyn (the leader writer) leaves the ME3 production to work on SW: The Old Republic.

    P.S.2 This trilogy should had one single voice working on it, all three films directed or written by the same person.

    P.S.3 As a movie, TLJ is better than TROS.

  48. Thanks for this, really well done and gave me some clarity in terms of what I was feeling after having seen the movie and honestly feeling quite empty and confused. Which makes sense, since as you said, it doesn't really flow like one would hope a trilogy would. I really liked the characters and wanted them to at least have somewhat developed and explored arcs, and then somewhat satisfying or conclusive endings, even if the plot and other stuff were messy, but now I feel like we didn't really get either haha.. 🙃

  49. Thanks for the analysis!

    To me TFA takes all the blame, it failed to be a story, a SW movie or a good start to the story, it twisted and warped all the characters and everything that was previously established in the SW universe, turned the setting back to the state of Ep IV, negating all the struggle of the characters of the original trilogy went trough, and shamelessly repeating some plot elements. It introduced new unlikable characters without development or depth, without important themes or anything.. There were some things I liked in 8 and 9, but to me 7 does not have a single redeeming quality. I liked how 8 hated on 7, because 7 deserved it. It didn't make 8 a good movie, or a good SW movie, it made 8 more of "space balls 2", if anything.

  50. really enjoyed your video but :
    even if Rian left a door opened for JJ
    One movie supposed to close the trilogy wasnt the place to open this door

  51. I really appreciate the way you talked about these movies. the internet has been so up in arms about all of these movies since the very beginning that having someone just look at it as unbiased as possible is very refreshing. I enjoyed the Rise of Skywalker, I still think the title is dumb lol. I recognize all the problems that exist in the movie and I've chosen just not to care and that was the best decision I ever made. I left the movie having enjoyed my time there, and having some genuine amazing moments in the film. The diegetic choir parts from the Duel of the Fates and the amazing design work in Palatine's secret vacation home where absolutely amazing.

  52. I think JJ did plan this out… in his head. I think he had answer to his mystery box and rian said this is dumb lol. It felt like ROS was 2 movies jj had in his head that he crammed into one trying to retcon the last movie

  53. Why even mention that viewers don't want to hear from/about JK? So we suddenly all have mob mentality because she said something that the perpetually outraged on Twitter disagrees with? It's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.

  54. All this is Rian Johnson's fault! The Last Jedi is trash! Don't blame JJ Abrams for it

  55. I absolutely agree. I wish JJ just accepted the past instead of taking Kylo's advice and killing it.

  56. I was really excited to see an update on your channel! ^^ Your videos are really insightful and I like the way you explain your viewpoint a lot! Thank you so much for the hard work you put into these and I wish you happy holidays! 🙂

  57. Kylo/Ben (or Adam Driver and his great performance) deserved better than a standard redemption arc that ends in death. It showed me that they didn't know what to do with the character anymore. Huge disappointment for me :/

  58. LOOOOOVE your review ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Indeed. The movies stand out as separate films but are terrible as a trilogy.

  59. The problem was at their core, two setup movies that didn't feed into each other. Some may like TLJ but the simple truth is; TFA came first, and TLJ retconned it like it barely even existed. Tbh, ROS would have been far better had Rian Johnson even acknowledged the movie that came before and the setup it provided. Yet again JJ is undermined, I honestly believe he could have created something amazing had the movies all complimented each other as intended by him.

  60. I and a lot of people can differentiate between the Holdo Maneuver being a cool spectacle, and a device that raises too many questions to answer.
    And while you can attribute this to real life kamikaze attacks, we didn't have droids in world war 2… People gotta stop praising RJ for haphazardly referencing a place and time without compensating for the differences, because the same goes for gravity/magnet bombs that are pointless in a universe of guided missiles and lasers, and this loops me back to the Holdo maneuver-
    You can autopilot a ship, or you can have a droid fly it, and we see in the same movie that even a small ship(that Finn and Rose take) can use lightspeed meaning you don't even have to weaponize the larger/more expensive ships to do damage.

    It would be easy enough to do this, and any time they want, which is why it makes sense that Hux was afraid, but doesn't make sense why after thousands(if not millions) of years of space travel there is no way to foresee it, avoid it, or protect against it.

    I still liked your video, and you made a lot of good points, I just feel like you are giving RJ a bit too much credit because of a minority of people who hated TLJ for the stupidest reasons and think people shouldn't be aloud to enjoy it. The people I gripe with this shit about don't care if Rey has special parents or not and would welcome it being someone new and random, we do how ever care that when having a seen where the dark side consumes her(her vision under Luke's training), her vision is only about who her parents are, and giving in to curiosity is not accepting the dark side.. if she had the opportunity to find out who they were and blindly hurt someone in the process that would have been the way to visualize it.. otherwise it is just saying curiosity is the dark side.

    The movie is full of wishy-washy statements to which some even contradict, one example being: Finn learning to be selfless to save the ones he loves only to get literally hit with- "we don't save the ones we love by fighting the ones we hate".

    If you read through all this, I'm sorry if I came across as being angry with/at you, I'm not and you seem like a very nice and understanding person which is why I subbed in the first place. I hope this isn't disparaging, and I still look forward to your videos no matter how long they may take to make.

  61. We don’t have kamikaze pilots anymore because it isn’t particularly effective, and the human cost. But the lightspeed impact is quite clearly ridiculous effective for very little cost and there’s no good reason why it wouldn’t be used all the time. I thought it was awesome, and as an idea, it’s cool, but it breaks Star Wars’ internal logic.

  62. Rey as a Palpatine: "yeah, 'kay, i've seen that theory arou- wait, PALPATINE IS SOMEHOW ALIVE?!? WHAT THE ACTUAL F-"

    way to backstab every previous Star Wars film, JJ.

    "Unimportant Parents" was a painful but beautiful twist for Rey (though i GREATLY dislike how it apparently opened the floodgates to romantically pairing Rey with, Actually Tortured Her, Killed Her Father Figure, And Generally Ew, Kylo Ben) because it twisted the mantle of "hero" from being Skywalkers only and, essentially, pulled a Reverse SecretlyRoyal!Farmboy on us, in an EXCELLENT complement to Luke's parentage reveal. Famous/infamous GRANDparents completely negates the impact of that.

    Rey being ADOPTED into the Skywalker family would have been more poignant than her Going Romo with Kylo Ben: it would parallel the Leia & Luke of the original trilogy but with the Modern Device of CHOSEN family being as strong, if not stronger, than blood ties. Rey as enemy/rival/redeemer sister-figure of Kylo Ben, spiritual successor of Luke, and unofficially adopted daughter of all three original Trilogy's [human] heroes would have brought all three trilogies together in a very wholesome, Disney-friendly manner.

    EVERYTHING I have seen, read, and heard of Rise Of Skywalker has made me DREAD watching it: I loved Force Awakens, I was disappointed by Last Jedi but hoped it would Redeem Itself in the third arc of The Trilogy.

    My primary sticking points are the following: SHEEV LIVED?!?! WHAT THE HECK, ANAKIN DESERVES BETTER, THAT'S A GAZILLION TIMES MORE AWFUL THAN MIDICHLORIAN PSEUDOSCIENCE!; the rampant prospect of Kylo Ben being "redeemed" in-story without Earning It or showing any remorse for his prior atrocities; Kylo Ben somehow turning a creepy one-sided obsession with Rey from the mutually tragic "we could have been friends" Last Of Their Kind rivals trying to Turn each other into "THE POWER OF HETERONORMATIVITY"; and Oscar Isaac stating that Rise of Skywalker derailed Poe's character.

    Poe, hotshot pilot, Space Latino, fanboy of LEIA, and "legacy" character – raised by veterans of The Rebellion; now a leader in The Resistance – was a MAJOR part of my loving Force Awakens so much. His AMAZING chemistry with Finn (WITH SO LITTLE SCREEN TIME!) also gave some hope that we'd get an onscreen queer romance (even if it was one-sided or a one-off thing, it STILL would have been MOMENTOUS) so Poe had THAT going for him too. The second film expanded on him beyond Finn's POV of "OMG I HAVE A NAME?!? AND A FRIEND?!!! THIS GUY IS SO COOL!" and showed the detriments of a "hotshot pilot" when you're in the midst of a seige (weirdly, his interactions with Holdo gave me the impression they were doing a non-romantic parallel of Leia & Han's dynamic in THEIR second film but "gritty") which I enjoyed even though some parts of the film were Questionable in how they seemingly Blocked characters' agency just to tick off Plot Points & the lack of Poe interacting with Finn or Rey seemed a deliberate snub.


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