Restore Teak with Iosso Teak Cleaner

Eric: This video’s brought to you by Sailrite. Visit Sailrite.com for all your project supplies,
tools, and instructions. If you’ve got a boat or furniture made with
teak wood, and it’s outside in the weather, chances are that over a short time it will
need to be restored. In this video, we’ll show using Iosso Teak
Cleaner to restore this swim platform on a powerboat. Iosso Teak Cleaner safely cleans wood without
damaging or drying out wood fibers, and it’s safe around fabric, carpet, metal, or fiberglass. Iosso Teak Cleaner is biodegradable. It’s a wood cleaner with no chlorine and
no bleach. Mix the recommended amount of Iosso Teak Cleaner
with warm water. Stir until dissolved. You can sponge, brush, or spray the solution
onto the surface to be cleaned. If it’s hot, cool with water before application. Brian: Just let that soak in. Eric: After brushing, let it stand ten minutes
or longer, keeping the area wet with the solution. While the solution is being allowed to rest
approximately ten minutes onto the wood- we also like to keep it wet with the solution
during that time- we’ll then take a scrub brush and thoroughly brush the solution onto
the wood. This removes all of the dirt and grime. We also like to keep that scrub brush that
we’re using wet with the solution as well. A 16 oz. jar of Iosso Teak Cleaner makes four
gallons of cleaning solution. Brian: It works better if you keep dunking
it. I figured I’d have to do it twice. I may not have to. Eric: After scrubbing, rinse with clean water. You’ll notice right away it removed the
dirt, the mildew, the stains, the black algae, and also oil stains, and it restored it to
a bright natural look. This weathered teak is no longer weathered
looking. You must allow the teak to dry at least 24
hours before applying any stains or sealants. Extremely weathered wood may require a second
application. After allowing the wood to dry completely,
Brian applied the teak oil. He applied several coats. Here are the results. As you can see, it’s gorgeous. Order Iosso Teak Cleaner from Sailrite today.

Glenn Chapman


  1. ordered mine we shall see in about a week when it gets warm. My teak hasn't been touched in probably ten years I've had the boat for 2. This will be interesting.

  2. I am sure It is a good product, but considering cleaning teak is you business you would think you would have done your research.

    Every peron with even the slightest knowledge of cleaning teak and wood in general knows to NEVER brush with the grain.

  3. In my experience on my 1968 Bristol that I have owned since 1975, teak cleaners remove the soft grain in the wood. Over time this creates a uneven surface of the wood. The wood needs to be sanded with a block to get smooth again.

  4. Teak is laminated wood. It means that it comprise by two layers of wood. One soft and one hard layer. When you use a hard brush with the grain of the wood, you will take some of the soft wood along thus creative a surface like a record. If you brush against the grain, you can avoid that.

  5. By laminated wood I mean the structure of the wood. Teak is a hard wood, but it still have a laminated structure that doesn’t take a hard brush with the grain well.

  6. Does a nice job I grew up in Florida and we used to use a product called Nu Teak that. Had lots of bleach and other toxic chemicals it worked but it was rough on everything around it i am a boater myself therefore. I was interested in seeing whats new out there as i do prefer a natural teak finish on my power boat platform as i find it the best to climb on and off of my boat as a rule BTW that NuTeak was hell on your skin as often i had to work barefoot on all teak decks in Florida as i worked part time Fo a local marine business that took on just about anything they could on the boat and Yachts we had. In the area i was a certified Diver so i did all their underwater work which paid very well for a teenager ! Plus ive always just loved boats as i have owned 17 or 18 of them personally Including both Sail and Power I also do sew as a hobby doing boat canvas and cushions for myself and freinds and some Vintage auto interiors for myself And my son

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