RESTORE HEADLIGHTS quick, affordably with Farm Girl!

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have fun Hi everyone thanks for stopping by the
Banshee Moon Channel! Today I’m gonna show you how to restore
your headlights using just baking soda, water, a little bit of windex, some …shamis if you have them if not, just a regular towel and a little bit of elbow grease. This is my son’s car he is going to college he’s got quite a beater but it gets him where he needs to go there’s no reason he shouldn’t have nice clean headlights First I’m going to spray a little windex on there get kinda surface the surface grime off already it’s starting to look better So with this it’s inexpensive… the only thing is, you’ve just got to work at it and just keep working at it until it’s a nice shine you can see through into the headlights which means the headlights will be stronger… they’ll be more safe I’ve cleaned with a little Windex, just to get the initial grime off. Now we’re going to pour some water in the baking soda and you just want to mix that up and create a nice paste with it cost you about… 3 cents, ha ha! some people use rubbing compounds some people use toothpaste this is just the best way that I found and and then at least expensive so you just want to get in there and kind of grind this grime off you want to juts keep working it till you get shiny shiny headlights shiny safe headlights you can also use a sander if you have
one just put a rag on the sander and it’ll cut the time in half… maybe even less here so you don’t have to use quite so much elbow grease but as you can see getting pretty clean I think I’m going to clean it off maybe with a little Windex, see how it looks If we need to, we’ll scrub it a little more looks like a new car a new headlamp anyway you could have employed a bunch of stuff and sanders drills… and different compounds to do this but I just did it in maybe five minutes and it looks great and I’m gonna pour a little bit of water on here water I’m here just to rinse it off just to get any of that baking soda out of the top around the edges Looks even shinier! The road is really gonna be lit up! Ha ha ha! One more time with the Windex. Just to get any grit off of there I think we’re good So now we’ll do the other one and we’ll be done… with our chores for the day… yay! One and a half more cents worth of baking soda. Ha ha! easy peasy so at the last stage you can take them
car wax and just like your waxing your car just put it on let it dry, buff it off… it’ll give you that… added protection so that the oxidation
doesn’t build up the fast and that’s it! thanks for watching the Banshee Moon channel and remember give this one a thumbs up!

Glenn Chapman


  1. I bet I know where her sons friends prefer to hang out, sniffing her underwear draw!!! Cant say I blame them, gaaaleee!

  2. I've use a Dremel with a felt or cotton tip, not on a high rev and that got my headlights looking brand new. If use it at too high a speed it will melt the headlight or the Dremel tip, and it will leave a mark on it. So nice and easy and it'll be done it 5 mins

  3. Great Body, you put to shame many a young woman. Thanks for the video, I'm gonna go clean my headlights like this.

  4. many plastics really don't like the ammonia stuff in the windex, some soapy water will do.

  5. I have seen toothpaste being used to clean head lights but not baking soda,definitely the results look great,am Looking forward to trying it on my car.

  6. I wonder what makes people into their looks to this extent? I'm a little like her, kind of vain and exhibitionist I've often wondered what's wrong with my head. This lady is even worse than me.

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  8. Ideally use a UV resistant clear coat spray after. If not the lights with haze again as the baking soda removed any UV coating that was left.

  9. thank you Farm girl worked like a charm!!!….
    btw you have really cute feet!, if no one has told you…!

  10. The best thing I've found to get rid of the hazing is to use bug spray on them. Get some off, spray it into an old sock, and then rub your light lens, repeat as needed. Took only a few minutes and very little effort. do a search for "clean your headlights with bug spray" You should try that next time.

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  15. I will have to watch that a few more times. I seem to have forgotten what it was all about.

  16. Right! Not that anybody watched this for the technical aspects, but baking soda and several Hours MIGHT do that. Regardless of how the surface is restored, if it is left unprotected from UV, you'll have the same issue within a year. Must have UV protectant re-applied if you're going to scrub the original coating off.

  17. i was masturbate 3 times while learning how to restore my headlight on this video , i'm only 14 , thanks nice teacher .

  18. you are gorgeous and beautiful you did a really nice job on your sons car.

  19. I like this video so much that its midnight and I'm going out to the garage and do my lights.Thanks sexy farm girl.

  20. Why isn't the son doing this work. Maybe cause he doesnt look as good in heels as she does.

  21. i had to watch 3 times just to get to the headlamps cleaning now i will go take a cold shower

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  23. well you guys sure know how to clean headlights in many ways. but her killer body and great personality make it all great

  24. I tried cleaning my headlights the way she did it but, I didn't look that good in a bikini….I'll just watch her do it, if that's alright?

  25. After cleaning s[ray car wax and seal the lens works awesome good job

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  31. Sylvania kit has uv protection liquid that is applied as the final.

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