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Mormons–properly referred
to as Latter-day Saints, members of The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints–often talk
about the Restoration. And while you may be
familiar with the Reformation as a period of great
change within Christianity, the Restoration is
something else entirely. It refers to the full
modern-day return of the ancient Church
of Jesus Christ, the one that Jesus Himself organized, as
described in the New Testament. This restored
organization is called The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints. Soon after he called
His Twelve Apostles, Jesus organized
His Church in order to bring salvation to
all God’s children. The new Church would
teach men and women about the nature of God,
what was necessary for them to do in order to become more
like Him and return to Him. In the New Testament,
the Apostle Paul explains that Jesus’s
Church was “built upon the foundation of
the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being
the chief corner stone.” During His ministry, Jesus
taught the Apostles His gospel and gave them authority to
teach truth and minister to the people. This is called priesthood. After His death
and Resurrection, Jesus directed His Apostles
to “go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” The Apostles, entrusted with the
light of the Savior’s gospel, taught the people and
shared that light with them. Christianity, the
belief in Christ and the light of the
gospel, began to spread. But over time, the
Apostles were killed. And with that, the priesthood
and the light of the gospel were lost, and
darkness crept in. That foundation of truth through
His apostles and prophets was gone. Although the light of the Lord’s
faithful followers continued, without His apostles
and prophets, God’s official channel of
revelation and authority through His spokesmen ended. When the gospel light
dimmed, the result was confusion and a departure
from many truths, something prophesied by the Apostle Paul. When talking about the Second
Coming of Jesus Christ, Paul said, “Let
no man deceive you by any means: for that
day shall not come, except there come a
falling away first.” Latter-day Saints call
this a period of apostasy. The divine return of the Church
of Jesus Christ–with its foundation of
apostles and prophets, gospel light and knowledge, and
priesthood authority–is what Latter-day Saints refer
to as the Restoration. The Apostle Peter
foretold the Restoration when he declared there would
be a time of “restitution of all things, which God hath
spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets.” Latter-day Saints believe that
to prepare for this restitution or restoration of
all things, God inspired many of His
children during what came to be known as the Reformation. Martin Luther, John Calvin,
William Tyndale, and others earnestly sought to return to
the basics of the gospel as written in the Bible. Reception of the
light of the gospel began again, growing
in a time and a place where religious
freedom was encouraged. The conditions were ripe for a
full and complete restoration of Christ’s Church. In 1820, during a time
of religious fervor in the new American
nation, a young farm boy named Joseph Smith
knelt in prayer in the woods near his
home to inquire where to find truth and
light and to ask God which church he should join. His prayer was answered
with a heavenly visitation from God the Father and
His Son, Jesus Christ, who told him to join none of
them, but that the light of the gospel and the
Church of Jesus Christ would be restored to
the earth through him. Over the next 10
years, he continued to receive light,
knowledge, and revelation. With direction from God and
the priesthood authority he received, on April 6, 1830,
Joseph Smith and five other men formally organized The Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, beginning
the fulfillment of Peter’s prophecy of the
restitution of all things. So what was restored? Everything found in
Christ’s original Church: truth, revelation, and the
pure doctrine of Christ. Ordinances were restored,
like baptism by immersion and conferring the
gift of the Holy Ghost and priesthood
authority from God. And it is a full restoration of
the same foundation of apostles and prophets, who even today
follow the Lord’s charge to teach all nations. Members of The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints believe God restored His Church
for a very simple reason: He loves all of His
children and wants them to have joy in this life
and return to live with Him. Through His living prophets
and the truths in His restored Church, God shows the way. The Restoration, what it
is, why it was needed, and how it was
accomplished–now you know.

Glenn Chapman


  1. What a beautiful video… So clear and simple to understand. I wish it was available in Spanish to share with Friends and Family.

  2. Oh it's true. This message is very simple. I love that message. The Gospel of Jesus was restored by the great prophet of God, Joseph Smith. He was guided by a Heavenly messenger for translate the book of Mormon. It's amazing. I love Jesus Christ, he is the way for happiness.

  3. I don't want to appear sarcastic but are you going to have to change the web site name to "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Channel"?

  4. so did joseph smith translate the book of mormon by translating the golden plates or did he use the seer stone in a hat? i'm confused

  5. Fantastic job on the video. You guys have been putting out great content lately. 💙

  6. I love this so easy o u derstand. I am eager to share this to my family and friends after my social media fast. 🙏🙏💞

  7. One thing that always comes up when I talk with baptist apologists is how in Daniel 2, it talks about how the kingdom of God, once established on earth (when Jesus first came) would never be destroyed and will endure forever, therefore the apostasy could never happen. I mean to me it definitely seems like there was an apostasy just because of all the horrible things that happened in the world at that time and all the atrocious things that people supposedly did in Gods name at the time. But it also seems to say In Daniel that the kingdom of God was still present during that time. Any body have any ideas on that

  8. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are Christians, but Christians aren't Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The truth was lost but we still had a little bit of knowledge about Heavenly Father and Jesus. When Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon with the help of God, the truth was restored and learned again. So Christians, Catholics, and Baptists believe is Heavenly Father but they are different than Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  9. I'm learning about the Restoration in seminary right now, I'm so glad to live in these latter days

  10. This message was left for… (Thinker Of Thoughts) who left a depressing and unfair comment.
    What do you think we do with this "Amass of Billions" you speak of. Most if not all of the tithing the Church of Jesus Christ receives is given back to the poor. This is why world governments look up to us for advice. The Church's Welfare system and Rapid Catastrophic response works better than FEMA and any other across the globe. We can also sustain ourselves without the help of the government. So… what exactly is it you are speaking of that makes you feel so much animosity.

  11. This message is for (Thinker Of Thoughts) who left an unfair comment about the Church. Please look at the posted video. Then judge for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI9gwExt_34&t=11s

  12. I don't like the narration style. I feel like I'm being talked down to in the manner of a useless, info-dump geared towards children. (Kids won't like it either, that's why it's useless.) A bland, passionless, rush, you go from one topic to the next without an adequate pause for the gravity of information to sink in or process. It's almost as if the producers decided, let's hurry and give you as much information as we can, but we only have 5 minutes, so GO! I think it could have been done better, and in only 4 1/2 minutes. (Research other videos for comparison, like PragerU.)

  13. Okay, I love Latter Day Saints. However I just have to say this. The original church as founded by christ is still in existence, it did not get restored because it never ceased to exist. Today it is called the Eastern Orthodox Church but this is a modern day name. Nothing has changed in over 2000 years. I implore those who want to know to take a look. God loves all of us and truly does not love one less because of denomination but saying the church in essence disappeared and had to be restored is just simply not true.

  14. I'm grateful for this video, good job. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ was indeed restored through Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  15. At 5:13 notice how the light representing the gospel of Jesus covers the world.,..the whole world is covered except one potion.. North of Africa… Just curious

  16. Not sure if you respond to comments, but is this shared on any of the LDS Facebook pages?
    I'll go see to share with my friends this beautiful yet simple to the point.
    Some don't like to click on the YouTube links, and Facebook videos auto play to get their attention to watch.
    Thank you

  17. love this. So simple and clear to understand. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!

  18. Nice.

    But also, Jesus CHURCH through all denominations and His tribes and followers.

    On the other hand, this more simple.

  19. And on the third day, the body of Christ did rise again. The restored Church of Jesus Christ is the breaking light of dawn that faithful worshipers of the most High have looked forward to for passing millennia. Praise to the Father and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

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  21. Thank you for this video..i want to share to others especially to my family…

  22. Guys I'm so greatful with your videos they're perfect, just one thing you should do, you should change the name *mormons* please let's do what we were told to do by CGod we love you guys keep the good work

  23. Good morning/evening Brothers and Sisters! my first question do we truly believe everything that was in Christ original church was restored through the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints?

  24. Is that man really saw Father GOD? I don't think so. No one in the Holy Bible saw the Father GOD and GOD Himself said that no one can see Him. Only after death we may see Him.

  25. Wonderful video! I have been a Christian for 21 years. I was baptized in 1997 & left for my mission to Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2000. My love for the Savior has only grown. Jesus is the Christ & this is His church. I know the resurrected Savior visited America & taught the people here the same gospel He taught in the Holy Land! Why would He do that? Because our Father in Heaven loves ALL of His children!! There is a wonderful documentary that provides answers & archeological proof for The Book of Mormon. It is called, "Hidden in the Heartland." It is well made & very inspiring. There is also proof that there was a, "House of Lehi" in Jerusalem!! You can see that in the link below. If you would like to hear my testimony you can check out my channel. God bless!! ❤❤❤

  26. @ Mormon Channel, Why did you use "Mormons" in the first part of the video. Just get rid of it.

  27. How are you Brothers and Sisters! it has been four days since i asked a question and nobody responded ?

  28. Deep down inside I believe that this video lays out things that really happened.

  29. I don't get how the apostasy happened in the first place. The Bible talks about how God did many powerful plagues and miracles. He turned a tribe of nomads into a superpower nation. Time and time again, he showed his people that it was his power that saved them, not the strength of men. But the God of the LDS church couldn't preserve the early church for more than a generation. Their God waited 1700 years for human politicians to develop religious freedom laws before he restored the church. There certainly weren't religious freedom laws when Israel was dealing with pagan nations, but they still thrived. Why should anyone follow the LDS god when it seems just as weak as gods made of wood or stone that have to rely on human power?

  30. no matter how strong the truth is; doubt stronger then truth but faith in Christ stronger then doubt but attacks from other can destroy are belief.

  31. The video on The Restoration has to many concepts thrown out there for one seeking information to absorb.

  32. Praying for your eyes and hearts opened to God's truth, Jesus is HIS py begotten SON.

  33. I am a Catholic but this video helped me know better about Mormon beliefs!

  34. There was never an apostasy, that's just blatantly historically false.

  35. At 3:25 the first vision is mentioned as Joseph being visited by God the Father and Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, it is not mentioned that this was Joseph's 4th version of the story. Why do we claim this is the validity to this version when the others are only told in church histories like Rough Stone Rolling?

  36. We choose to come here. In which case there is no way I would have come here if there was even the slightest chance that my decisions in this convoluted world would forever keep me from returning home. What a silly idea. It’s a fear based idea.

  37. The Mormon Church is not even Christian. Their beliefs about God are unorthodox at best. To believe that Jesus who is the living Word of God is the brother of lucifer is quite simply anti Christian. Also, to believe the Father was once a man again is insane. If it were the case, then God himself would not be sinless would He?
    Also, you are logically wrong with regards to your claim that when the apostles died, the church "fell away". If you had quoted Paul in context, it would be clear that you are wrong. The falling away is only to happen before the last days, not 1800 years ago which is your claim.
    You fail to see that Joseph Smith himself was an example of the beginning of the falling away. He had access to the Bible, and that was not enough for him. Your church is part of the falling away. You claim Christianity, but you do not believe the scriptures.
    The reformation, was "sola scriptura" and if you genuinely believed this (or if Joseph Smith did) then you would have heeded the last paragraph of the book of Revelation.

  38. Everything taught here hinges on the Gospel having been lost. The video did not provide evidence of that, it just said that. Ask if God would ever leave the earth without a witness of His truth. His wrath came upon the entire world, but Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
    All the Patriarchs and Joseph were dead, but mere midwives continued to believe God and saved Moses the Great Deliverer.
    Elijah the prophet thought he was the last man of God on Earth, but God told him thousands of His followers remained.
    When Israel was destroyed didn't Daniel and his friends carry their witness to a foreign land?
    God's message didn't appear to John the Baptist in a vacuum; he had godly parents. My point should be clear. And aren't we living now in between the Book of Acts and the Revelation of the Apostle John? Didn't Polycarp, Erasmus and Jerome know the truth? How about Bunyan, Knox, Whitfield, Wesley and Moody, or very imperfect Luther for that matter? Just as time fails to tell of Gideon, Samson, Jephthae, and others of the OT, so many witnesses since the NT up to our day and age are not given the time to be taught and understood as the faithful bearers of God's continuing Truth.
    Stay firm in and with the Holy Bible, and do not add to its doctrines.

  39. I love god and jesus because they save my life and because I always love them I love you god

  40. The exegesis for Acts 3:21 in this video is one of the worst cases of eisegesis that I’ve seen in a while- please, read the prophets in their historical context and background, and then read Acts.

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