Residential Assisted Living Systems – Introduction

starting in 2021 there will be 10,000 baby boomers turning 85 years of age daily within 20 years there will be 76 million people requiring specialized care in an assisted living facility how can we prepare for this huge demand the answer is not within large institutions that feel like a hospital or a clinic our loved ones belong in a homey atmosphere that allows them to age in a place with dignity consider 16 bed facilities that provide excellent care introducing residential assisted living systems created by investors for investors to lower risks and achieve high returns on your investment there are 12 steps to success and 5 investment options to choose from option 1 own the real estate option to own the business option 3 own the real estate and the business option for consulting service only to fill up beds in a pre-existing facility option 5 purchase of franchise which option is right for you my name is Karen crew I just decided that I could do this I just just gonna have to research it and of course things were even different even eight years ago then they are now so I had to just learn it I had to do it charting and do it on the weekend so that's why it took me a couple of years the thing is that they would let you have three residents yeah while you're going through all this right because I need to have residents to come to a health inspection even give you your license okay okay you can have these homes in work with three things what they seem noble I never have to be like that's right but the problem is is I was standing that yes it didn't make sense the numbers didn't make sense so what no no it broke so I had to go back burn more money and then go work with them they had come back they can when they came back the second time they cleared me yeah Karen this facility has 13 beds I mean would you recommend anybody to do a facility like this with less than tenement I mean the numbers wouldn't make sense I would if I could I wish this was 16 yeah yes use your 16 that's a big difference just just three more so you can have three residents until you are fully licensed so from March to July you've had all this time to add more Reza yeah I could only have the three you can only have the three until your license what is the tip of advice that you should give somebody just starting out like what to look out for number one it's our new regulations no I'm inside now that has everything you have to know the regulations to comply with the regulations because first you have to get approval at a city level obviously and so once you go through all that and get your certificate of occupancy then it takes it to the state level and then it's the life safety portion of it but you have to know your regulations because you can't get through any of those stages without knowing your local and your state regulations I have a couple of nesters that once it turns a two-story house into assisted living and I'm telling them it's a bad idea nobody wants to be in life on the top level getting them up and down gee it doesn't even matter if you install an elevator what happens when the power goes out and the generator doesn't work you know you would never do that yeah so there's no such thing as adding up there's only adding out tell me your conversation with the director of region six oh yeah he said stupid it's the warden they were sad that they want more of these homes all in the state of Maine you love these homes and he must have visit quite a few knows he'll say that they have to say that and it's a whole different hold of her feel you know that when you walk when you walk in you want them to get that smell yes the homey feel and I will tell you the heartbeat of the house table yes truth tables eight-foot tables mesh together that 16 that's where at all and the fact that you know this is a home and so they're just like they are known they don't live in their bedrooms they don't mean they don't stay they don't get the stay in bed all day them up from the house I love the opening to the courtyard and people can see if it's night or day right very important why do you feel that it's so a system in place and not have to start everything from scratch there was a system would just be hard every day I would just pray and say there's not an option I learned not an option an option there's not enough every day but I'd be here like 10 11 12 o'clock cause it was empty and I'm trying to get it ready and I'd say you know God if this is what you want me to take care of you don't well you know I'm putting together assisted living facilities and a system called residential assisted living systems and it includes helping you place the residents helping you place the staff and then basically helping you run the whole thing as the whole how many of these things do you want to own if it's hands off oh my god as many right yeah yeah absolutely so that's the whole idea in the system but can you imagine saying oh I want to get started and they say oh I have $20,000 in the bank and you're like that's not going to cut it and many people have to shut their doors because of that you know they think they can do it with 20 grand but what they really need is 200 what I'm like not a lot that person that's helping those people do that I would enjoy that because I've done it I would have loved to found that well the state doesn't require that the hands on staff be even a CNA they can just be anybody our requirement is a CNA or they have had to work with this population yeah their experience has to be this population right so what are the other okay you've been a registered nurse now becoming a business owner now you have to learn not only how to do your accounting your book the marketing the personnel side Human Resources insurance I mean that's a lot to put on just one person that has never done anything but be a nurse so you have to learn all this stuff and the marketing I knew they say step out of your box I've stepped out of my box and got all of that that marketing pushing me over the edge just was never my thing yeah it more like said the clinical hands-on and that is definitely being that I mail that and that I was unwilling to okay I'm filling it he bled plate look at the last year you are doing so awesome and the main thing that you leaned on always was your word-of-mouth advertising you know oh yeah when you first open up you're like oh I will build it and they will come that's not the case it's like people don't know you from Adam it's that good face it takes time to establish many days I'll come in and you know life's life and it's hard to do all this and all that and I look in and I see these little faces and I say something or they do something about just thank God yeah for this that's like trying this is what it's all about they are the light of your light now that's really awesome well thank you so much for sharing okay I'm Becky Blackstock hi I'm Rex's daughter-in-law okay and I'm a retired teacher how long have you been teaching I brought 16 years okay what great seventh and eighth how long has almost two years how often do you visit three times a week Wow are you married yes okay Steve blacks Tom Rex's son I'm a retired pipe fitter at a local union ten eleven and we spent a lot of time my parents did Freddie Wow yeah my sister take him home on Saturday and he'll sit out there in the patio wash the car fueled by and come back yeah I'm rich Blackstock and then the mill right out of twenty thirty two out of Houston and I've had 32 years of mechanical on turbines and generators and I've run a lot of work for the boat companies Westinghouse in General Electric and of course then I got sick and I'm going to appear him there's been a wonderful place I'm gonna fail down I don't want to get up my wife was worried about me so she found this place that's great if I forget how that takes care of yes Jessica what is so damn good about everything he comes in give in my mansion get some bed made up it's my water bring it down and everybody just totally I'm they just great and sugar bear and sugar bear Christina Christina okay yeah she's very good to both those cows when he takes care of me and all some of the cook does she watches after me and gets me what I want and you treat me great they're great people and then cut up with me little bit and you'll joke around and it's just a good time yeah I can tell you love that yeah I mean what did they got to laughing about you know don't make too exciting this is his favorite cab this place is good I mean you're really I mean I think so you wouldn't mind if I took this and cookie-cutter Nord for all the moms and dads oh no you know as long as you can keep the home atmosphere come on and you don't make an institutionalize yeah but it's gonna take special people to yes run it you know you're not gonna be able to just get anybody to run the license like yet I don't think you know it's gonna have to be somebody and and I think it I mean of course it helps a lot that it's a small yes I mean that's that's I need that yeah I think that's your key right there is is the small part of it you know I mean I watch these people that work your walk around and path the people on the shoulder and lean down and give them a hug and you have to have that I mean I just I don't know how you know and sanity no I'm a caregiver how long have you been a caregiver in a year a year and why did you get into care oh because I've never started my grandparents were in a facility they weren't gonna take care of so I decided over here cuz I'd favorite so I can take care of the residents like if they were my grandparents so if I had the opportunity whenever like it's been a mess back then I know all the signs of them and mistreated and all that right so now I just see all of them as my grandparents that's really really I think by my piece because I can come here if I have a bad day yeah it just like goes away because they always do something crazy they do you're famous for being sugar bear [Laughter] he's pretty much spoiled because six-piece boils and you call them wet I thought Papa Bear weekend so much for your here we come it's a pleasure meeting you find away

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