Regaining confidence through returning to work

Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. I’ve definitely grown in confidence. When I joined,
my confidence was probably… here compared to where I was
pre-kids, and… And I feel now I’m back
to where I was. A lot of people on the Return to Work
programme would agree with confidence, because, I think, when you’ve had to
take a step back in your career, having had children, you don’t quite
realise that you’ll have to… Well, I didn’t realise I’d have to
do that in the first place, and when I did,
it did smart quite a bit. And then you don’t realise that
you then slowly lose that confidence at what you can achieve
and what you can do. So coming here, having that support,
has helped me regain that confidence as to actually, I am good at
what I do, and I do have ambitions, and I can make a difference.

Glenn Chapman

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