Redefining Assisted Living Care – Horses

well i was born in goshen utah I just lived across the street I used to have milk cows pigs horses but especially horses for my daughter and I has a date out there and I'd go out and open that date for her and she just didn't the Reverend up the rivers ago my daughter wrote quarter horses she was the Appaloosa Club Queen on the state of Utah and she really knew how to ride so I never had to worry about it my daughter she started having seizures and put her in the valley hospital up here and this one day we were going down to the lunchroom to talk and she had this seizure and she fell down and that she died I love living here because of the environment and the pasture and watching the young ladies ride the horses and this is enjoyable to me well that's a blessing to be I'm 83 and to see these young ladies ride like they do it's heartwarming to me because it takes me back to my daughter care is living in the place that feels like home tere is bi homes

Glenn Chapman

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