Recovery and Rebuilding Town Hall

M. the. WNED. The. WNED okay everyone hear me in the back. It’s fine to say we want to get started. Please find a C.. Thank you to everyone who came out this morning. And now thanks to all of the folks who are here to answer questions I think you’ll find that there’s a a good array of. Of folks who will be able to answer just about any question of that you have I wanna go over on Mike Thompson and now. I want to go over a a little bit of Beall of the format. This morning for you. That first of all we’re gonna work off the agenda that you are goldenrod colored paper that you have. There’s so I. index cards that will be passed out the B. staff walking through their the of Jim with index cards ought to get to you. And if you have a question write it on the index card and then staff will collect it and the questions will be asked and answered. All off of those index cards it’s so much easier to do it that way and will have a record of all of the. All of the questions. As I said there. There’s a ton of staff members here from the county. Of so no more of the city of Santa Rosa femara army corps oh yes and they’re all here to answer questions of that John that you brought with you today. And there’s also representatives from the department of insurance of uri Aaron I know there’s probably a lot of insurance questions so are there ready to meet with you. At the conclusion of our of of this meeting. A a number of us are going to just make very brief remarks about what’s going on in our jurisdiction of. Of disaster recovery and then we’re gonna get to the questions I’m here with my colleague. Jared Hoffman. We represent the area for. Will represent you. In. In Congress I. I’m gonna just make a brief remark and I apologize but I’m going to leave I had about tax seminar that I have to do. In another part of the area and all but I did want to come by and and let you know that John were here we’re workin we’re with you will do everything that we. Can and I I wanted to give you just a brief update on the. Disaster supplemental bill that was the. Amer urgency legislation lot to find all of the aforementioned. Agencies who are working so hard ought to get us back to where we need to be a probably read or heard that it was an eighty one billion dollar bill. And this was some money that we be appropriated offer disasters across the country so this is. Porter Rico the Virgin Islands Florida. Texas although her cane stuff and our area of the saw suffer to the fire area I. as well as now southern California and not in their fire area. Our share of that to date is about four point four a billion dollars and. . That bill passed the house and is now over in the Senate waiting for them to take action on it. Other number of things going on in Washington right now as I’m sure you know. That are somewhat of a distraction that’s going on I’mm confident that will be passed I don’t think it’s the last emergency appropriation that we’re going to need this year. And I suspect that we’re going to need even more money. Here and they’ll be of they’ll be subsequent bills that will be brought up. As it’s needed I also want to clarify. I know that when the tax bill. Was passed out of the house. There was a provision that job I think a lot of people were concerned about I heard from a lot of you. I was very concerned about and this was our congressman Huffman all when the Republicans wrote the bill they took out the ability for fire victims of two up claim casualty losses in their taxes. It was particularly disturbing because the people that wrote bill. The chairman of the committee. Is from Texas that just went through the hurricane problem and they grandfathered in their constituents in Texas. And it was so a real slap in the face and we were very very. Vocal about it we fought hard and all of the when the final bill came back although the bill was. Much better. It did. Take your part of our concern so going forward. Any casualty losses of can be written off provided it’s a federally declared disaster a which would be good for a situation such as ours. But it’s bad if thirty Nov twenty houses burned or twenty houses flooded that’s not a federal disaster and folks in a situation like that would not be able to pick. Cry out take advantage of that but shall we can hopefully fix that. Because we try and fix other parts of this. Of this tax bill but the fight right now is in the Senate and Bob. Please contact your us senators Jehlum how important is that John this money go forward the good news is that John FEMA house enough money. Now to continue to do the work they’re doing a but at some point we’re gonna run short and this disaster our relief supplemental needs to be done. So thank you all very much for being here thanks to all the for sure going to be helping and I know they’ll be a lot of D. I. information I’m gonna turn it over to Jerry. Mike. Thank you congressman Thompson. So I’m I’m congressman Jared Hoffman together with Mike Thompson we represent cinema county and I also represent medicine no county. Where many people been impacte? By the this terrible fires as well. I’m as Mike Thompson just told you we want to make sure you know that your federal representatives are one hundred. Committed to making sure that federal disaster funding continues to flow we will do that and we’re in it. For the long haul whatever it takes. But. Maybe a little love further back at in that the less high profile news I. is an awful lot of other work that were engaged and we want to make sure you know that as well. Every week every day. Our staffs locally are engaged in working shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues in the state legislature. County government. City officials and community leaders to make sure that this difficult process of recovery and rebuilding is moving forwar. . When we gathered in this Jim. Literally as the flames were still burning. And the evacuation orders were still in place. Many of us told you that this was going to be a very long hau. And I think today’s gathering is very important. To show that we’re gonna keep that promise of stand with you all the way through. That is our commitment just because the flames around the evacuations are over doesn’t mean we don’t have. An awful lot of difficult work to do I. we want to make sure you know that your representatives at every level of government. Are gonna be with you every step of that hueso thank you to senator McGuire and others for pulling this important. Meeting together. We hope that we answer a lot of questions that you may have been the course the listening side of this is also important we here from you. How things are going and how we can? Do best possible job representing you with that I’m gonna hand off to one of our great. Partners said at the state level senator bill Dodd. Thank you very much Jerry I’m not gonna be long because so you came here go to to listen to us. People are gonna help us more in this recovery I did want to mention though that this you ca. If you got people at home this is being live streamed by the cal state stone at the state of California city of cinema in the county of Saddam up. I think it’s. . For for those of you that. Are in the cinema valley. My office is organizing a. Town hall they are. The latter part of the month so that will be coming out for those people. In the snow McNally. That were impacted. . A by these fires I do want to let you know that. . . Here in Sacramento. Odds for small I’m the state senator in the southern half of that snow McAlary I share that with center Mike McGuire. And though we’ve been in Sacramento and it’s been in to actually meeting your fire chief your city administrators. Your county people have been in our offices. Over the last two or three weeks working on details. To help with recovery I also wanna Mitchell because I just don’t. Think people really realize the the impact that. I. cal O. yes woohoo you hear from them right in FIBA have made in this progress that’s being made. Are these organizations are operating at the top levels I’m so impressed I’m so appreciative because we could not do this. Without down. I do want to. . Also thank my colleagues who have been working so hard on this with that’s. And at that at this time. I would like to introduce. The others of state senator from Sonoma county center Mike McGuire he very much. Good morning. What I just take a quick moment take it you all? Offer coming together. This is still an incredibly emotional time for. Make all of us in this room. In being a third generation cinema county resident. I have never seen this community come together like we have. Since October eighth. And what I will say is that. We have a lot of work ahead. But together we are making incredible progress. M. quick update soon. I want to recognize. Sooner Dodd soon number would nag your curry along with. Mr Hodgman and Mr gore and Mr Corsi. That we are able to move forward in securing. Almost twenty four million dollars bill to back still property taxes for the counties noma. Our local fire departments county magazine on lake in napa county that has been so important make sure we have continuous services here in the years to come. I think the other really big thank you I’d like to bill to make here today is the California office of emergency services. We had a. And unfortunate incident. Where? A large firm protest it a contract here on Monday that would have. Halted debris removal in our four counties. And I am innovative work around by the director of office emergency services who will be he who is going to speak to us to get to bed. Debris removal will continue and we have a brand new team coming onboard in starting work this morning. To continue moving forward on debris removal in our communities just want to say thank you so much. Mike that’s item will be a promise. We promise that we are here for you now. We promise that we’re gonna be here for you. In the months to come. We will be here for you when we rebuild this committee. And it is without further ado I’d like very introduce a fantastic colleague. And a wonderful advocate for the North Bay both the sim the member would innocently woman Aguilar curry. Thank you will be extremely brief you want to hear from them not so much from us at this point but. You you have never you will never see a more unified group of of folk working together whether it’s. Stay. Are your legislators here we are here for you absolutely I’m through this through this crisis and through the rebuilt. There there have been so many stakeholder meetings as recently as this week having members of up all the communities all the counties together in Sacramento with us. And this will continue until we get this job done for everyone here at stone county so we can recover so thank you so much for being here we look forward to the information. And I gotta say I gotta say our state agencies have been really really amazing I can’t. We have never seen anything like this and they’re going to be here for us as well on. Specifically want to call out market would do C. with the. Yes and his team and. Bob Denton I. with FEMA amazing amazing works of if you so much and I’ll turn this over to Syri. I too want to thank all of you for attending a day. It’s amazing all the work that we’re doing in the capitol trying to make sure that we get this taken care of and do it quickly for you again. My hat goes off to everybody that’s come to the table. Again market thank you so much for what you’ve done can you imagine being his. Role right now in dealing with the fires as well in southern California in a mud slide so we have to take off for how to his entire department as well as a few missiles. Make sure let’s give a round of applause for what is. So you want to get into that not only those of us that are sitting here but we all have a few representatives. Stern you questions every single day and we try to get back to use is probably as possible so if so some questions that can arise today. That we might be able to help directly you can call our offices in our field offices will be more than happy to help you. Thank you for attending today and let’s get this done. Scott. This point like to bring up a. Silicon supervisor James gore and of Santa Rosa mayor Chris Corsi. Mike that’s my colleague Shirley same to come on up to natural brought from the county maybe Chris you can come on right afterwards if that’s okay. I’m. Name’s James gore incoming chair of the board of supervisors surely saying was a chair last year and I want to thank her for her leadership. In getting us through a tough time shell Bratton our county administrator basically the C. E. O. of the county terms of. What we need to do operationally to make sure we deliver? There are two things that guide me and our board in Shirley and I and everybody. And that’s number one is making sure that we don’t fail you. Why because at this point you didn’t have any choice? To get evacuated from your house or not to receive an amber alert or not. To get to where you went that night. To get to a safe place for the coming weeks the coming months or even now your insurance company is dealing with you. You finally have a say in what happens going forward. That fire did not make you a victim. If we fail you in this world that’s what would be victimizin. So what we’re doing right now is the board of supervisors jointly and all that the city of Santa Rosa speak for themselves. Is that from now through the mid February we’re going to be having all of our board meetings focused on a recovering our resilience plan. Recovery is how we get back to basic level of where we were resiliency is how we come out of this stronger. And when I say that we’re talking about natural disaster preparedness making sure our communities are safe and prepared and resilient to what’s coming on. And not platitudes things like how do we get vegetation management this year or up into the hills. So that we don’t have another fire come next year for the areas where the fuel loading still exists that didn’t burn this round. We make sure that the office of emergency services at the county a cinema is prepared to do everything in its power to get out to you word and the messages you need. And the other constituents need in this area. This is our number one focus. You’re going to be hearing a little bit later today about permitting and other things I want to assure you that our goal is that you don’t have to spend a single extra dollar. Outside of what potentially staff time would be to actually execute things like your plan checks in your permits. So we are negotiating with private providers we are negotiating internally I see some people often. And I respect that because you’re wondering if we’re going to deliver for you. And that’s actually my challenge is that I do want to look at that and I want you to. Instead of scoffing when I say we’re here for you is fertile look at us six minutes from now and say they didn’t just do government as usual. They did what was needed benefit me so I take that as constructive criticism. We’re gonna have board meetings on the twenty ninth to cover our housing in our permitting would love for you to join us. That’s going to be a special meeting we’re gonna continue throughout the month of February to bill that recovering resilience plan. If we do not hear from you. We can’t act on your concerns. Even if that’s frustrations. Don’t follow up by just saying I see two friends in the audience. Bob and surely. Fifty fifty plus years in your home. I. I honor. That. Surely anything you want out. Yeah I just. I wanted to say that you know one of the things absent on this agenda is about the. Mental health services our community is is grieving we’ve had at this horrible catastrophic fire a disaster and there’s also the long term effects of trauma. And it manifests itself not only an emotional ways but physical ways to. So please don’t hesitate to reach out. For yourselves and. Maybe for loved ones to it’s a really tough time we get lots of calls of my office feel. Free to call. The third district office anytime we will provide resources and advocate D. for you and just real quick the twenty four hour hotline for the mental health services. Is five seven six eight one eight one five seven six. Eight one eight one you can find a lot of different lines I. mental health services on the cinema county recovers. Dot org page as well pay good care of yourself. We care so much about you and we know how difficult this is right now. Good morning everybody I’m Chris core C. on the mayor’s Santa Rosa. You know it’s been three months and three days since we had the first. Post fire town hall meeting. In this Jim. I was wondering how many people gonna turn out on a cold January Saturday morning. And it really hardens me to see hundreds of people here. Here with us and what I want to tell you is that we are here with you as well and that’s. That’s the only way we’re gonna have a success in this recovery is if we’re in it together. So. I want to just reiterate what’s been said a couple of times appear. From the federal level to the state to the county to the city. We are working together on a daily basis try and and. Make this. This process as smooth as a smooth as we can for you. Today we’ve got. A number of subject matter experts were gonna follow me. Thankfully the political speeches are going to end in just a second here. Why Tom? We want to listen to your concerns. We want to answer your questions we want to smooth the way for you. That doesn’t mean that we’re always going to be able to solve your concerns and it doesn’t mean that we’re gonna have answers necessarily right away for your questions we’re gonna find the answer. We’re gonna work as hard as we can to make things smoother for you. But we need to keep working together M. I. pledging to you right now that all of us are here for you in the long haul. We’re gonna work together we’re all gonna work together on both sides of this microphone. So. Once one more thing if your questions are answered in the in the big room here today. There are resources in the hallway. All of these folks most of these folks will stay here and answer questions one on one afterwards. So don’t leave here feeling frustrated that your question answered didn’t get answered make sure you ask. A this point I can introduce. The director of the California office of emergencies services Margali duty. And. Famous regional administrator Robert fit. Alright well good morning everyone. And let’s start off with this so no ma strong. Right. All of you. You know. The last four months in California have been literally unprecedented Tom. We’ve had starting in the October fires. Over the last four months. I. number of catastrophic events that have plagued the state fro. Mendocino to San Diego. In all in four short months. We have lost over eleven thousand homes and businesses. And and unfortunately. More than sixty five fatalities. I it is really Ben. In incredible. Impact an effort. And the way. We have all continue to work through these. Challenges has been as we do here. Together. As a community as a whole of community. Local state fair. Non governmental. Nonprofit and all of you. Working through these challenges as we move forward. I think I’m I remember saying to you all when we first were met here gymnasium. Three months ago. That. This was gonna be a marathon not a sprint. That there were gonna be hard days. But that we would get through them. And and we continue to work. With that objective in mind. I’m. The big thing here course has been to getting. The debris cleared. And. As you may have heard this effort. Is really the largest debris operation debris clearance operation that we’ve seen in California since the nineteen oh six earthquake. It is all very complicated. The Brady removal operation. A encompassing many. Right kinds of terrain and area. Effacing weather conditions and other kinds of issues. . And our challenge initially was to. We have eighty nine hundred structures. In in all of the companies that were impacted by. The fires. As you know since Sanoma obviously became the biggest chunk but we had. Counties. Throughout northern California that was were in the same. Place as. So number was that we need to get cleared on. And so. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like. . It’s moving fast enough. But I want to put up a little bit into some perspective for you. Because it’s it’s it’s interesting to know about how you measure. Something like moving the biggest the pre operation in the state’s history. Modern history. So after the nineteen are sorry after the two thousand and fifteen Butte fire. In Calaveras county has a fifteen we had eight hundred lots that need to be cleared. It took us five months terrain except for. In two thousand fifteen as well during the valley fire in Lake County we had. One thousand one hundred lots. And that took as a little over three months to be able to get one thousand three other lots. Since October and and firestarter really we started here. Actually with the pre operations beginning in mid November. I ten now which is roughly about two and a half months. Up we’ve cleared out well over eighteen hundred lots. In in inside M. accounting. And and that’s. That’s resulted in. More than a million tons of debris. Being removed and getting those lots cleared. Now. . The metrics that we put in place for completion. I think remember me saying that we were shooting for. Early January. And you know the reality is is that. Parts of it will be done by early Janet coffee park. Is expected to be completed within the next. Two weeks. And. And and as we move forward. We are we remain on the metric. To be able to get the remainder of a pseudo would done in. A by the end of February. Are and maybe a few outlying in early March. Senator McGuire mentioned that. You may have heard about these bit protesters a lot of. Think that come up in the media. I wanna be clear with you that. The the challenges that that we deal with sometimes with without contractors. Eight in these kinds of situations really what I I know it’s hard sometimes the it’s it’s sort of part of something of this magnitude. That we need this kind of. All of these kind of big debris contractors and if you understand that we also are doing debris operations in Ventura. And San Diego and now. As we are actively involved in heavy search and rescue operations in Santa Barbara. A massive debris operation there as well to where twenty foot walls of mud and debris either came down out of those mountains following the topless fire. That there’s a there’s you know only so many resources that go around. . But we were concerned as I’m sure you were that the protest would have a delayed. The ability to meet the magically put in place. So. That wasn’t gonna work for us. And now working with our group partners a female like I just want to. Publicly. Recognize. One of the best partners I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with a female. Measure fatten he has your back he has are back. He clearly is engaged are and and. He and he’s a get the yes kinda guy. To make sure that we are all working on this. As one team one fight in moving this forward. Out we got it we Senate agreement yesterday pending agreement with. The. Company based out of Bob Burlingame called environmental chemical corporations. C. I. to undertake that that the continued clean up operations so that there would be no. There’d be no. Break in. The effort to continue to remove. The debris and. And move forward. I want them that the bureaucratic protest issues to be transparent to you what I want you to know is that our intent is to get your lots cleared. And that is what we’re going to continue to do. So. So with that up I I think the court engineers will bespeak a little bit but they have put up. . Posters out in the front. You can kind of see where. Or debris operations have been completed all where they’re going to be completed. Will continuing to refine this so that you know I’ve asked the. Are Bob and I sap and work with. The corps of engineers who have who’ve had a heavy left us there’s no question. Ought to be able to coordinate this to to to to develop a timeline that is helpful audits so that you can get a sense of when. You’re part of the community all your neighborhood how Wilk will be clearer is expected to Clarett and Dodd. You know getting through all these of these other challenges I think we’re in a good place to be able to do that and by the today we should we will have that that information for you before you leave. I’m so without. Alternate over to my my great partner Bob Fenton and just just want to be. And was saying thank you to all of you for your patience and your understanding. We will continue to be here with you and we will make sure that. As these things pop up. Will address them in. Local state federal. Hole of community approach very much. Well let me first start off by us saying thank you. And also let me. Thank all the local officials here today. Your congressional reps pulled burp representatives. Other here today. It’s been. They’ve got a great team and and it had your backs. Away through this. As mark said I’m the regional administrator for FEMA region nine our offices in that area. Many of our staff come from. Cinema and and outlined area. Napa. Each day. So. We had staff. . That. You have friends that have los. Friends have lost homes. So we feel very connected and no one sure that. We give you guys a hundred and ten percent of our effort from our office. During this event will continue to do that. Effect my own grandma loses to know my dad evacuate during this event so. Who were? We. Well we’ll probably never truly understand each of your. Needs and losses. Your hearts. My condolences are there with you and. You continued effort from our office. I think there’s three principles that. We always try to to. Undertaking doing this in mark talked about a man in. Before we talk about but the unity of effort. Not as cute as critical. How do we make sure? That we. Collectively all the different federal agencies that are here. State agencies local agencies continue to work together with you. Toward the common goals to meet your needs. Poke humidity. Not only government but. . You is individuals private sector nonprofits. Need to. Be part of the solution and then. Then understand that all that’s are local we’re here to support you. And they’ll and. Local insert my job is a fool you utilized by authorities to help. Respond to this event recover for this event. But very early on I. Guys we got the declaration of from the president. In October. The things that he’s done is he’s made up a hundred percent of the cost for the. Immediate fire fighting. Eligible for federal reimbursement so. . Essentially the federal government’s paying for the McGuire the firefighting costs. March talked about the debris operation here which. Being a female for twenty one years now and being through nine eleven and to train. In Mississippi and a whole host of other hurricanes and floods and. And events this is probably one the most complex debris removal operations. That I’ve been part of. Is I look right now this is been unprecedented now you’re for California but for our nation with what’s happened in. Porter Rico Texas and Florida. Just when you look at what we’re doing here. In in the mounted Janet. Debris generated from the th the the cost to move it and and to deal with that and the contaminants there there that special some all those bad things. It’s play about three times or four times a copse of any other event happening right now the United States just give the idea the complexity in the size. A of this event. . And in the fact that we’ve removed yeah. Already fifty percent in less than sixty days. And will hopefully have them enjoy done in in and. Less the next two days. So we look forward to continue to work on this. I’m gonna turn it over to the core of engineers to give you some. . To give you. Their perspective a little more detail but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out. That. Another big partner that’s been here to help us with the debris removal is not of the corps of engineers. But. USEPA who’s done all the household hazardous wastes. And completed. Yeah a removal of all the lots out there of household hazardous waste. And now her openness with specific. Issues on lots with. That that may have other exams are specialists in those kind of things so. Great partnership hear from the federal government will continue to make sure that we provide yo. This support an expeditious manner so let me try. I don’t I can hear your question bill let me turn over the court engineers and if you put your question on a card will get go ahead and Anderson. So thanks Bob. Thanks Bob. So two things for questions that you may have specifically about the brie. I. removal or specific properties they can be asked in the lobby right after I saw the Jim Wright after the meeting the corps of engineers will have. A number of personnel there to be able to specifically talk about. Your area and give you some information in addition I want to recognize. The deputy insurance commissioner has been a number of questions about insurance deputy commissioner deputy insurance commissioner Joel lockers at of joking stepped up. Right. They are so John over here and maybe he’ll be here this afternoon as well for answering some questions what I’m gonna turn it over. To our partner. Colonel McFadden from that army corps the juniors. Yeah things are appreciated and. First of all thank you I. am honored to be standing up for you here today is the commander of the US army corps Richard removal operations up here. Like I think of anywhere else I’d rather be right now than assisting the community or Richard enormous as quickly as possible. I do wanna thank Skinner McGuire. For allowing us to speak in front here today I think we have some valuable information to share in our goal is always open and transparent communication. To the best for ability. Not as was highlighted by both the director and the administrator over fifty percent complete across four counties a million tonnes moved. That is that is no small feat at and really takes a whole whole community effort and we couldn’t do it without you. I specifically is M. accounting alone over eighteen hundred properties have had to remove and seven hundred seventy seven propertie. Have her return back to the county. Roughly a forty five percent complete Sonoma county. So the most significant successes. Are the ability for the students to return back to school on tim. In the car Newman high school the re Billy elementary in the shape for elementary schools. As well as a completion the effort. Of first all first issue number five allowing the reconstruction efforts to begin. For that fire station. I was was highlighted earlier and as many of us you’re aware there’s currently protests are contracts through awarded twenty nine December. And I wanna provide you some information concerning that process. In accordance with federal contracting regulations any bidder has the right to protest. Our responsibilities to respond to that protests in the most. Expeditious manner possible. However. As is process runs is too coarse we are committed. Developing solutions in concert with our partners to rapidly returned to remove operation. We coffee park. In two weeks and the completion. At the end of February beginning in March for the major the parcels. As we speak right now. The US army corps engineers currently have discussed Richard or contractors. To begin excuse her to remove operations as soon as possible. And as was highlighted earlier Mike hello yes. Award of the contract do you see C. USACE will provide technical support. It’ll be no changes to the program. What that means is the websites remain the Collins center remains quality assurance in the safety program remains? It’s me know changed any property owner and how we resolve issues and execute the operation from this point forward. Additionally asbestos rule by EPA continues. Vehicle ruled by D. M. V. continues. And also issue resolution is ongoing across all four countie. We’ve heard from many of you that wire debris removal is complete you may solve concerns are rightfully so. Rest assured that we’re actively engaging the property owners with unresolved issues and concerns. It you have an issue or feel that we’ve been non responsive. Please this is where we need your help. C. something please say something. Are all sooner still standing biting at your question to address your concerns and of course with their issue resolution process. The first step is identifying and documenting issue. Then assessment follow up for all to a resolution. As our operations continue recovery rebuilding remains our highest priority in public safety help their foremost concern. We ask that you maintain an increased level wariness of heavy equipment and trucks moving throughout the area. And please maintain a safe distance wrong going work. Out so is everybody knows in this room winners upon us. And with winter brings rain. During beta major weather events we will re direct work from it. Two areas that will minimize impact the environment. And allow for safe and delivered operations to continue. In closing we’re committed as as part of a whole to me efforts the rapid restoration across all affected counties. We have a number of core people standing by with in the rooms there is Wilk outside. They’re happy to talk with you one on one. And they can provide you with the latest status of your parcel. As well as to capture your issues and concern. Read be reassured we’re doing everything in our power to help you move on. And our core motto is building strong in our team this enormous strong thank you. But this point ID like to bring up a reading Miller and Michael Gottesman they’re gonna give us an update on watershed and protection the things that they’ve done the things that they that need to be done and the things that will be done. So out reading Rita Rita Miller and Michael cost thanks. Thank you. Good morning I appreciate the opportunity to talk with you today about what’s been happening in our watershed. In late October the watershed task force was formed to support collaboration between the city county state and federal agencies. As well as a number of local environmental nonprofits. Which sports has truly enhanced our ability to get things done. First it’s significant to note that close to ten percent over watershed was burned during the fires. Considering fires magnitude. The state quickly evaluated to burn areas and develop their report. Describing threats to life safety in property. And what should be done to protect the public and the environment. That’s D. report has guided much of our work. What we’ve done so far? We’ve installed controls to filter runoff and protect water quality. And to prevent fire debris from washing into storm drains and downstream. To avoid blocking Culbertson flooding roadways. Steep slopes were hydro mulch to keep soil in place and to encourage regrowth. In nature has assisted to with a lot of green coming up in the burn areas. Two the watersheds huge benefit. The state directed cal fire to come back to the area shortly after the fires ended to help with our watershed work. The were immensely helpful and we’re really grateful for their time. In helping the watershed mission. We also found that sections of our storm drain had burned through creating underground voids and we replace those sections immediately. Many ask about how the runoff from burning areas have affected water quality in our strains. We’ve collected water samples from both storm drains and creeks. And what we found is good. There’s really no increase in pollution above what be expected for rains of that size. However we will continue our sampling in the future. Many of you may have seen the hazard assessment map that was developed by the state. That shows a risk levels in burn areas for increased flooding and debris flow. Essentially burned soil gets hard and. And can’t absorb as much water. So combined with burned runoff I mean combined with burned vegetation. These areas tend to have rain runoff more quickly and that can cause flash flooding. We want to keep the public informed about their increased risks. If people are where. They have a better chance to stay safe and out of harm’s way. So before I turn it over to Mik. Here are a few things that you can do. Be informed to pay attention to anything unusual high creek levels. Landslip edges. Have a plan ready. And leave your property if it looks like it’s becoming unsafe either during or after a rainstorm. Support our mission to protect our creeks. Maintain the erosion controls that would be left on your property after the fire debris removal completion. And during rebuilding. Please ask your contractor to reduce the disturbed areas needed for their work to rebuild. And install controls were needed. If you need guidance about what to do please ask there any local resources that can help you. So last personally. I wish you well in your recovery and then the real rebuilding process. I appreciate your attention and would like to turn it over to Mike Osmond though what the. Counties watershed test for sleep. Thank you. I think you read I appreciate that as C. heard about some of the work done to assess hazardous areas and inform the residents. We really want to reiterate how important it is if you haven’t already you should sign up for Nixle you can textures that code to eight eight eight seven seven seven. And also signed up for soco alerts at soco alerts dot com. And regardless of where you live with your one of these identified areas of has or not you should always have a plan. With two evacuation routes and then share your plan with friends and family outside the area. So aside from the work that we’ve already done the best management practices that we talked about to. Protect our watershed we want to let you know that we’re also identifying long term projects that are going to it’s. Protect our community and our environment in the in the long run. Were working with state and local partners to do that and we’re also installing an early warning system it’s made up of thirty three range stream gauge. And some advanced radar technology that we’re gonna share not only with like National Weather Service and fire emergency services and many other local agencies were also gonna have a website that people can go and look at. Can get a real time data on what’s happening in streams and creeks in your area. On. I. I think that that’s improve emergency response and help inform forecasting. Rita and I are going to be in the lobby after this if you want any questions that you want to ask us about the work we’ve already done our questions about your area will have some maps available. Where the hazardous areas exist that thank you very much? So to move the program along. We are going to now have state and federal finance assistance for recovery in building I’m sure all interested in that. I will welcome back to. The dis here is. Director Markkula dude she bomb button as well as we’d like to bring up. Roth have a briefing on long term temporary housing and. I think we’ve got everybody on that so welcome and. And others will again a lot of questions make sure you get a car so you’re questions can be answered after this thank you. Okay thanks some member. Of so I wanted to take a few minutes an. Just kinda run down on a number of things that have been taking place in Sacramento. And our efforts working with. Your local representatives. And down. The legislators are members of Congress to. I dress the issue of economic impacts and other kinds of things that are necessary. To help rebuild community after after disaster. So we continue to work with but with with all of the of the state and federal elected officials in our and our route. And are a local government folk. As as maybe you you may or may not know the governor did release his proposed budget. For two thousand eighteen nineteen fiscal year just. On now on our last. Wednesday. And. That bill a lot of budget. Speaks to I. impacts from these disasters. The the budget part specifically included twenty three. Point seven million dollars in general fund to backfill. Property tax revenue losses that the cities the counties in the special diptychs. Incurs a result of the seventeen eighteen and eighteen nineteen. Wildfire so. The first thing is that doing that backfill on on property osprey which as a as a as the home repeal that burned down. They go off that the tax rolls and and that is a major fiscal impact to the to the communitie. Arm and that as more information becomes available from from the county assessor as time goes on. Funny estimates will be it adjusted and then we’ll. The state will revisit this and that may. Budget revision. And at adjust accordingly. . The. During the may revision that that adjustment will include back filling. Of of of any tax revenue losse. It as well in the southern California fires who were trying to address the. The whole of of the state. . Together with respect schools arm the wildfire related property tax revenue losses incurred school specifically. Are will will be addressed in the what prop ninety eight school funding in that is that the governor insured. That money was placed into. Through prop ninety eight and school funding to a Josh. And and. L. and and help Bob a school districts that have suffered losses in that again that is to ensure that our schools remain a resilient through these through these fires. The budget estimates that. The budget did estimate that area schools Wilk will incur roughly twenty four point five million dollars in cumulative. Property tax revenue losses in two thousand seventeen eighteen and eighteen in nineteen do did these higher so it is a significant amount for our school districts here. And so that was one of the more I. key things that they that th. Governor wanted to focus in on and it’s up and as is already been mentioned. Not stuffy mop up providing a hundred percent up for their spots cost to address. Our public safety agencies police fire EMS emergency management to ensure that they remained a resilient and whole. But through the public assistance programs by FEMA is to be able to help though to bill back the losses of the fire station and and any schools that bird down as well. Ought to help those does recover. In addition. This past week I I did receive a letter as well as the governo. From your elected a local elected leaders are outlining areas fiscal and policy request. All this was a a letter that was cosigned by. The counties of WakeMed. Napa and Sonoma and they came some Ripley phenomenal ideas and great suggestions are that we are already working on. These requests were I. we sold all of them meeting together. In this task force round table again one team one fight effort. And down and and does it you know I want you to know that. A we’ve already some of the things we’ve already addressed. Even before we got the letter because we had been meeting with them. But. There are never request that we will work. Closely with our legislators. To be able to address any legislative issues our department of finance and our other administration officials to address. What we can’t administratively? We’re also working with our federal partners all on the third step mental. Disaster appropriation bill lots H. R. four seven seven six. All on a four point four billion dollar our request for California to support that overall states. I. disaster recovery from the wildfires. Let me just say that. . Bad. Not since really nineteen ninety three. Our how we’ve been able to get. All of the California congressional delegation. Republicans and Democrats alike. To sign on together. Into effort to address. The need for the supplemental and die in that in that. Way the politics are today. Everybody coming together is a testament of the of the fact that everybody gets it and everybody’s doing what. They need to do. To get this done. I in this funny would be really directed specifically. To help. Both federal and and then ultimately state local agencies. All fi mind housing community development department agriculture the small business administration and others be able the bride the funds down to the local. Are local areas that are necessary to meet the need. I want to specifically. Thank. And highlight the tremendous effort by Congress miss Thompson Hodgman and that and Hoffman and their leadership. Are in the house. Fantastic. . There were their work on this their work on this and. Was phenomenally was really. An effort to get this up to get this. Bipartisan effort. Pushed through the house passed that. Pass that. Disaster funny bill last month and it now is in the Senate it is our hope. That the Senate can get that thing house here. Within the next. Next few weeks. So that’s kind of a rat on the on the state funding the resiliency of what we’re doing to ensure that the community. Are we bounce them turned up over back over to Bob on some of the federal program. Thanks mark. Disney quickly go through wanna get your questions. . Some of the. Federal programs and in may bill hope you if you. You know. Focus your question but. In all when we look at the estimate for. These fires relook at the families from FEMA’s perspectiv. We’ll probably be providing a. Over two billion dollars in assistance. And I talked about some the programs earlier. But really come three. May categories. Are public assistance program is going to pay for the reimbursement of damage public infrastructure. The firefighting because I talked about earlier. It and the debris removal that’s happening right now we talked about so. We will. Pay for those costs. In those areas summer cost shared I I. a hundred percent a ninety percent so far percent. The pain on. Which category but that’s between us. And. Local or state government is is how that works. . Basically I pay for things damaged or destroyed by the fir. And. At but there some things that I can’t pay for. . In and. What can’t pay for is a lost revenue? So I had to pay for things there’s there directly damaged or destroyed by the event. And I can’t supplement would charge provides means I can’t duplicate. Another authority so for assurances out there. Or some other federal agents to has funding. That needs to. Take place force. So so using that we will work with the state and local governments to. . To make sure. That we provide all the funding we can. To them in public assistance. As far as individual assistance. Assistance to you all that have been. Lost or damaged homes there’s a number programs knowing a female but. But the other federal agencies that that assists you. So. Many if you register for assistance following the fires. About six dollars six thousand who are eligible for some type of assistance. Provided a little bit. Almost fifteen million dollars just for. To help you. Rent. Read something in the interim or to provide some type of minimal repairs. In addition to that. Many view that need it. Somewhere to stay we’ve put you in hotels through our. Transitional sheltering assistance program. Even of that program is authorized by time periods of time you do. May be concerned that are in. The transitional substances as program that the. The timeline ends February second what I do is. We do case management when it comes to our individual assistance programs of here in one of our programs. Well we have you. In a hotel or were directly paying a lease for you. Or we’re providing you rental assistance. Or some type of direct housing assistance where you’re. In a. Trout other mobile home. That we’ve put up for yet. Then then what we’ll do is continue to work with you and. Determine what your needs are. And so. With regard to transition sheltering assistance program we will. Request an extension of that program. And and work through the individual is there some cases. Some those individuals. Wilk will will be able to stay in that program to continue on that program to some of those. Move other programs because remembers I said that I can’t duplicate assistance so if you have insurance and you got. . Assistance through insurance to read something I should go do that. Additional living expense or forgive your rental assistance. We wanna get ya doing that in and again we will work with you and we have case managers to work with you and help you do that. In addition to that. Direct housing. As I said there’s a number of. Individuals I think we’ve house over three or fifty people I. some type of direct housing over that we lease. Unit for you. Are put you into trouble trailer mobile home. I’ll have my team talk about that a little bit more. In a little bit. More specifics here in a secon. Are any issue that there’s other avenues to you like SP a I was here me answer questions. Over a thousand rooms. Over a hundred thirty million dollars to SP eight individuals and businesses. And and. They’re here. And it will be here to continue to. Help you. In that respect. Well in addition to our individual assistance program the third program that we have a Scott hazard mitigation and one of the things we want you to work with your communities and. As we start talking about long term. Recovery rebuilding is make sure that we. Make things more resilient and make sure that. We bill back so much stronger. Has as we’ve talked about. And one of the things that we do is. We take twenty percent funding we provided we set it aside for those type of projects so. Where those are? Specific infrastructure upgrades or or. Green space for those kind of things we look at those and and provide funding for those types of our projects. So that let me decide turn it over to my team to talk about. . Long term housing and indirect housing just capture those questions. Sorry rhyme bursts. Good morning everyone. First off I think everybody here. Like Bob said. I’ve been around the deceiver out here many disasters including Katrina have never had more support from a local. I. county official perspective so thanks out to us. To us number. One thing. On the direct housing there’s ever programs are Bob just mentioned currently sixteen req. Private sites and take a little longer discuss with their remove the debris ideas such inspections to see if I can fit the unit and then we will installing unit. I could be a mobile home and are a travel trailer are for those we also working closely with the US number county fairgrounds. They’ve been great to work with we have over a hundred survivors house there. We’re actually expand the know my county fairgrounds right now that work to be done in March to house additional units and when we leave. That infrastructure will stay for the county. To use in the future. And that’s what we have currently for direct housing. We have people. Good morning. I’m Robert trails with FEMA region nine at work for administrator Bob Fenton. You when this disaster happened administrator Fenton broad and famous staff from all over the country out here ought to support the response to the to this disaster. On every also every regional asset is out in the field working this reader about it on the field or I’m with the director W. G. staff in their offices or in the county and city. Offices with a staff there on to provide the meat I. short term immediate response and all the resources that are available. I’m but were also dedicated beer being here for the long term and so my job is to work with our state partners account we ask to work with all of the other state federal agencies. That have a role in recovery to make sure that we’re spending tax dollars as effectively as possible we want to rebuild is. Is quickly as possible we know that that is a very. Priority. For local communities in here d local input. To your local government so state federal partners can support you when we have that with was not Ben Mendocino counties and in and the city of Santa Rosa. Without strong partnership Morrell operating in the dark but everybody’s here today. It it’s it’s a great topic to the partnerships are here to make sure that we’re spending your tax dollars as wisely as possible so that in the years to come and will be here for years. That were rebuilding the communities that are to be stronger and more resilient in the future so thank you. So you may be seen in the in the newspaper last week. That the first house is the first burned houses under reconstruction in coffee park. This week if you drove down carry lane you’d see the walls. Are framed out on that house. A tangible indication that recovery is underway. Now. We have to help. About. We have to help. Replicate at about three thousand times in Santa Rosa in another couple thousand times. Outside the city limits in the county area. So to talk about how the city and county are gonna help all of you. Do that. One introduce. The people who are in charge of of permitting planning and building in the study in the county. David you and is a Santa Rosa’s assistant city manager and director of planning and economic development. And tennis work is the snow county director of permits and resource management. Thank you good morning and as the mayor said and as you’ve heard before Ivanek it very clear that on behalf of tennis myself the city the county. Are permitted agencies were committed to helping you build Senate roses quickly. As efficiently as possible and the rest of the county. On the border supervisors and the city council have taken immediate action and put in place policies and resources to help get us there. We’re gonna hear little bit about that terms of them that permit sinners that we’ve opened up. The resources in the policies we put in place to help ease the process in exploit the process for you and your rebuild. On their slight differences between the city and county process so when you come to rebuild making sure you understand if you’re in the city of limits or in the county. I’m making that’s the first step. But with that in mind and we’re going to do will go into more specifics about where they differ. But there are a lot of similarities between the city and county and what we’re doing and how we’re helping them. Ease the process. But first is that we’ve. Are both we both have a dedicated permit center and we’re going Saint dedicate permit center both locations. A counter directly for fire response you’ll have consistent information. But I did a review and dedicated service as you move through the process. I work establishing time certain permit reap return a turn around times to make sure your plans are turned around in a timely manner. I were streamlined the process and both organizations have put into effect emergency ordinances that allow us to streamline the process. I’d look at certain policies to make sure that we can. Moved into quicker. Allow temporary housing and tipper units on properties that were damaged. A temporary connections of utility I’m electrical water connections to make sure you get up and operational and help with the rebuilding. All those are in place and we have information about all those. In addition were also both encouraging second units on during the rebuild so as people are looking to rebuild. If you want to put a second unit on your property or a junior unit we’re gonna help facilitate that process and we both put in place openness is that allow that to happen. Can also reduce the fees on those for the smaller units. In addition we’re looking to. Stab at work with our customers and developers and builders to at energy efficiencies into these new developments we wanna help enhance these. These homes we wanna do that no way that’s not an increase the cost in not to Leyva rebuild but we want to make sure we at those in as soon as we can will be reaching out to the development of the community. I reach out to you identifying resources that we can bring to the table and help upgrade these homes I’m so their energy efficiency and provide a lower long term cost. To you as a homeowner. So that any terrorist tennis to talk about what the general processes for rebuild what you’re gonna see if you could mentor offices. To. City in a permit to getting getting your home and they will talk a bit about specifics about our two departments. Thank you David good morning everybody I’m David I get a lot of questions from people as they’re going to the real bill rebuild process about what kind of design professionals start with do you start with the general contractor. Architect or engineer it really depends upon your resources in this circumstance is on your propert. I had so we’ll be. . Offering. Contacts to the different. Local organizations that represent and nears architects and contractors on these number Connie. Recovers website. And and of course will continue take those questions and offer our best advice on where you should start. And. As you all know there’ve been a number of communities that. Where subdivisions have? Been completely or substantially destroyed. And we are. Working. And that was special the tubs fire. With a. Organization the block captains it meets every Wednesday morning at seven thirty a cafe mocha. Now by the airport. And we found it a really good way to a constantly update and send information. To. Specific communities will be expanding that process to use gnome of alley in cooperation with supervisor gore’s office so we’ll have a weekly. Local a place for you to go and collect information. I’m David back. You for. Speech it’s on the perimeter. Great so the city is Hannah Rosa opened our permit I. resilience in the permit center. About a month ago. I. since then it’s. . Seen over six hundred people come through that permit center to ask questions. Get information about the rebuild I. we’ve had over eight hundred calls over the past couple weeks of people are interested in. I’m asking this good questions those questions are being converted into materials that were populating our website. If you go to some kind recovers dot org you get to both the city and the county specific building websites on there there’s a lot of information so in there it’s updated on a regular basis. So please take a look at those websites. In addition we have hard copies I. we have folders faqs us middle checklist everything you need to know Hannah what dismayed plan. These are available outside in mobile answer questions more stern we as well. I’m our permit center is at city hall it’s in room six it’s open from eight to five Monday through Friday. And does the mere mention we have one home that’s are currently under construction. And I’m pleased announced that. Last night we issued our fourth permit. Out of the or so things are moving through and worse it’s hard to see some actions. We have had some questions. That have come up so faqs and all we can talk more about that during question time. That one of the questions that have come up in terms of landscaping to active landscaping plants of the city is taking on a creative approach to landscaping. To. Develop pre approved. Irrigation landscaping plans that people can use off the shelf help reduce the time and and and review time that you can use on your project so. Keep an eye open for that. They gather question that comes up is building code. We are requiring that everyone is a building to the current building code standards and we can talk more about that out there or if you have additional questions you happy answer those. And then the checklist I think that’s the most important thing. If you are in the city center roads and also with the county. Look for the checklist of summit requirements because the more complete. Submit your plans the quicker it’ll turn around we can get you out the door. Within approved Senate plans so. Beltre to tennis on that. Counties from. Right so the county. Resiliency permit center will be open. By mid February or sooner we’re taking. Andy goshi contract to the board on twenty nine January. At eight thirty if you want to attend for that we’ve negotiated subsystem actually reduced fees. We have. . Which will books will be Bob publicize soon. And I would assume the first part of next week. We’ll have I I guarantee turn up on time just as David mentioned in the city of five days or sooner. Three days on. Re checks and an aggressive. . Green liner redline process to minimize the number of I re checks that are necessary we want to get those through the process is quickly. And as cheaply as prop as possible. For those of you who I don’t want to wait for that instant we’ve had customers who then submitting plans to rebuild. And you can come in now and there’s expedited review we have issue permits for reconstruction that’s happening now in the burn zone. And and have a number of properties that are just waiting for debris removal clearance from the environmental health officer and they’ll be able to move forward. I I want to make clear for the people who have submitted applications under the existing fee schedule which is more expensive than what will be happening in the permit center. That we will. Be sending information out to you for refund at. So that I can imagine people won’t want to do that. That will be identifying the difference between the two fees and letting you know that we will probably have to get your permission to do it but I can imagine again people want it. To process those refunds I to you. So. . That process again though be more information out the first part of this next week on all the details related to that center. Kelly transition out of question and answer happily alright let’s Jim if it works everyone would like to be a to do is we have. Several questions for the county and the city the army corps the offices the services female at the at the insurance commissioner’s office. So what we’d like to be able to do. Is we’re going to be. . Repeating the questions that have been asked via the cards. We’re gonna go into a bit of a lightning round. Worth of questions and answers with a reminder we have over fifty staff. From the army Corbin juniors. Office virgin services and FEMA city ten arose in the county cinema the department insurance outside. They are going to be hanging out. Up for the next forty five minutes to an hour after this town hall concludes be able to answer any specific questions you may have about your own personal property or your rebuilding project. So without further ado if it’s okay with everybody we’re told are turned over to tennis week David going to build answer questions are it regards to the county cinema building and cities Hannah rose at building departments. Thank you senator said if. I read the question and then offer the. The answer. Well the city and county allow people to rebuild wood burning fireplaces so is Steven trend. We are I. rebuilding to I. code. And current code in. The south county that seven to the air quality district regulations there. Bands fireplaces. In the north county. . Fireplaces are permitted but the the newer EPA style that burned wood pallets or other. I. similar products. So if you have any specific questions about which district urine. C. our folks in the back after the. After the meeting. Is there anything that can be done to expedite building for the elderly beyond ago sheeting with the builder. Again. I would just repeat that will work with you to identify. Design professionals in where you can go I. and contractors. To. . Get that the people you need for your particular circumstance but is it as I mentioned we’re gonna have expedited review reduced permit fees. The ability to apply for the board. To court for waivers so I think those are they. . The major steps that would be able to. Help the elderly. Okay. Once planter cemented appear Andy how long will it. Take to complete printing again. Five business that is. Three days for retracts I and. Redlining process that will minimize. That to the minimum necessary. FEMA recommends we rebuild and our homes in fire areas that are fire resistant. Should our community require homes. In the fire to be built. To resist fire well again were requiring people to build to the current building code. I have especially in the county there were a number of older homes. And so just building to the current but will include a number of fire resistant measures. So I don’t think there’s a specific need for you to worry about that particular an important design detail. Okay. I can we use the building plans already on file with the county building department or do we have to redraw them. What happens to waive the purpose so we’ve gone over the permit fees? First plans well I mean literally thousands of you that into C. S. since the fire. Introductory covers many of your records as possible. . Most of those are on microfilm so they’ll provide you with guidance. To. Rebuilding at the other place you can go as the county assessor’s office and I see Mister Russo. Here this morning went bill I. his office has been great for. Going to people they have information. Through their I. field notes. That. . May not be in the permit center. Either because the work didn’t get a permit or just predated permit requirements so that’s another really important resource. That we would strongly recommen. . My property was with a big hole in the middle. That Tyr it that’s turning into a lake. Should I be worried yes. It’s always good get reassuranc. How do we get that dirt always? Hole on the property how get the dirt back and where does it need to be. For rebuilding. I’m that’s a question I. A. Unless it’s are really big hole you’re probably not going to need a grading permit fifty cubic yards in the county is the threshold. . But that’s probably why I’m that’s better for us to answer specifically in the back of not a lot of people are facing that. Problem. Can the county in the city of Santa Rosa provide homeowners a list of required building code upgrades based on construction due to their home. Yes. Those are available on the city I. website now and will be available. First party next week on the county’s website. Yes senator. Can the county ends he’s the he’s still my boss one way or the other. County and city engineering specs. Are they different. . Really know where we’re building to the same building codes and you should if you’re counting you’re a city. You should go to the specific. Agency to if you have. A really specific questions and again will be in the back. So the question about Dodd tree removal so we have a lot of removal questions in here of the city does have a tree removal permit process we stand at a lot of trees were damaged during the fire need to come down. Of where we are I don’t find it at expedited process for that were we’re we’re Turkey people to take pictures of those trees bring the men. And women over the counter process to make sure that that’s done quickly and efficiently and not requiring a full arborist report I think that’s a question that. Has come up multiple times. Again will be back there at the end of if I don’t quite get to any of these specifically. Is a city going to re survey the plots are are we on their own a so. This city that is is not planning to re survey all the plots we do know there are some organizations and people that are grouping together to. I’d do surveying all together at one time of certain sections I’m also there’s certain developers out there that are looking to do master plan type development so. In on. Between twenty to hundred units at a time. They’d will probably bring in their own surveyors to survey the area as well so we’re looking at different approaches to and will facilitate. Any approached that people want to gonna do to move that forward. On is a city committed to waving are keeping firm permit fees to minimum. Yes. We we have reduced and eliminated a lot of the fees. Terms of the rebuild so all the impact fees and those don’t need to be paid again and I’m any discretionary fees such as planning or hillside development or debris move all those fees have been waived. The only fees that we are collecting or just the planchette inspection fees which total to about five thousand dollars for lives that’s. Pretty much it at the city. How can you? At the geo tech report questions come up about your tech report in terms of what’s need. Our position is pan that if you don’t expand the footprint of your house by. A certain amount and you don’t have to provide a geo tech report you can rebuild on that lot so I’m a again it’s good it’s it’s gonna depend on your specific. Lay out and we if you’re moving your your home are expanding I’m a certain percentage. That will help us understand what we need to require to make sure it’s safe I’m in and we addressed the liquefaction areas on the spurs specifically in the city of Senate Rosa so please come talk to us will help you through that process. Is there a check checkoff lists that details the steps the rebuild yes we have it and it’s on published now. And again we have hard copies in the back on its online you can pick those u. It walks you through the process of everything that you need to have on the rebuilding process. I’m a large redwood tree on the property to be removed in that tree move a process that would follow the same process as it is I mentioned before. And we’ll put that in fact that’s a question that we got a lot of so we’re gonna put that on our FAQ. On website. Quickly after this so im if one has access to to the latest information. . Copy part will the whole neighborhood be graded before building camp began. The debris we will process is leaving. Finished dirt lots and each developer will come in and graded depending on how you want develop that lot. So there won’t be one massive creating a each lot will be specific based on the design and build that you want to you want on your property. Is the rebuilding copied part gonna follow the wild wild urban interface code is established in the rest of Senate Rosa. The wild and. Urban interface is a defined boundary primarily in the fountain Grove area that adds additional fire requirements on that the rebuild. Such as siding with material Vance on that is a defined boundary that’s in the founder of area it does not cover the coffee park area this time. Well that rebuild homes required freak sprinklers yes of the sprinklers are required as part of the. New building code. What we are doing is looking at ways to reduce the cost of adding the sprinklers of one big change that we made in the cities that you do not have to up size and we work of art? On this that service from the main into the meter that’s the typically the most expensive exit to dig in the street. Im what we are also doing is where we’ve instituted automatic meter reading which is specifically coffee park were allowing inline back flipped. Flow valves that are. Underground they’re not above ground and they don’t have to be inspected every year they do you put a man to replace maybe ten years so it reduces the cost. Going maintenance it’s a lot more efficient for. Sprinkler system. We’re also working with developers to encourage recirculation of the sprinkler systems and other things to help with water quality. And make it easier for the homeowner it during the rebuild. . The summit between the street and the sidewalk was crushed during removal who’s responsibl. This is a question we get a lot of that lot of talks in terms o. During construction during the removal. During the fire. Please document document document before anything happens before your developer starts working on your property. We need to know what was. Damage before and after I’m will work with the corps of engineers if it was if there was something that was damaged during the debris removal and we’ll look at site specific. Again document during construction you begin your contract will be responsible for scene. Of other than that we’re gonna. Not required homeowners to replace their side looking for their home I’m Mike we typically within a new development on understanding that that’s a big burden to people to get back into their homes as quick. It’s possible. So please document and will work with you on a sites but. Bates. I think that was it. Yeah well I will be back here at the tables I. with any additional questions I would be happy what answer. Thank you. Okay next up we’re gonna be talking insurance. Dave Jones stated forty insurance commissioner I believe he’s down in southern California we’ve got a lot of stuff going on in. Our state right now but we got a deputy cut a commissioner Joel out your he’s deputy insurance commissioner come on up. Good morning everyone. . Thank you. I appreciate that very much thank you. I hope many of you were able to attend our claims were shop that we heard. Held in in December and I hope you found helpful. If you take a look at your agenda you’ll find that the department was a very late addition. A late late addition to the agenda so it’s just me here we won’t have people in the lobby after. So I do want to tell you. You can go do insurance dot C. a dot gov. That is where you can do a request for assistance. And our consumer. Services people. Most of whom who have. Cleans backgrounds are are there to help you we very much encourage you to contact us. You can also call. One eight hundred nine two seven four three five seven. So please take advantage of our free services in helping you with your deems issues are underwriting issues. We really want to help that’s what we’re here to do. I’m going to answer a couple. Questions. Yes certainly it’s one. Eight hundred. Nine two seven. For three five seven. So. Insurance which I know you all know how to spell now. Dot CA. Dot G. O. V.. Insurance CA dot com. Alright then I’m sorry for speaking quickly were trying to get through as many of your questions as we can. The first question I was presented is a question about the percentages that insurers are paying out. Without doing an inventory asking if the department is going to make public that information. I think I think our intention is to make that public I’d I’m not sure of the degree of specificity to be honest. And I have to say this about. Personal property limits. They vary from insurer to insurer. So some insurers. Offer fifty percent of your dwelling limit for content. Some offer more. And that means that one one in Sir offers seventy five percent of your limit. And another offers a hundred percent. They may be rough equivalence. And I’m I’m not here to represent the industry I’m just trying to tell you kind of the facts. Of the policies operate. From what we’ve heard thus far not many carriers are going to be offering a hundred percent. Most are at something less than that. And it you know again there are limits very. The contract is based on paying actual cash value up front. And then the replacement cost once replace. We don’t have the authority to make them do otherwise that’s that’s not in statute. So whatever they’re doing at this point is voluntary. And we are certainly trying to contact them to get them to up their game. I had a second question about that. Some D. said that their insert. Hasn’t. . Done any allowance to. . It still is requiring line item. Item they say of each and every item without giving some percentage at all. Of what I’m going to suggest you do. Maybe to get another one of these question cards write down the name of your in Sir. And. Give that to me. And up we will certainly contact that insurer as we are reaching out to many of them. Specifically to ask if they will willingly. Allowed to pay at least some percentage without the inventor. So we are we are pushing insurers to do it but. But as I say we can’t require them. Again a next question is we have a two year limit to make claim to additional living expense and replacement costs. On contents. And. What happens at the end of that time? Again. In other the laws as they’re currently written. Don’t necessarily push limits out. For all of these coverages be on that two year period. You know unfortunately events like this Chyna expose weaknesses in these laws. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to take action with some of your legislators. The legislators here of been working with us to propose some fixes. But at this point M. most of this takes place through negotiations with your inserts. I I. most in skirts are going to be willing to extend time to pa. There’s there are clear realization that a lot of the rebuilding is not going to be done in two years. So again if you’re having issues please contact the department. I I don’t see that there’s just going to be this bright line. With the marketplace cutting off coverages. Okay. . Alright in actually the last question is is about the same thing the additional living expense. Time frame running out. You know the court’s the key here. . The amount of your living expense doesn’t change even though the after Sasser you get an extended time. We hope everybody’s managing that. Those dollars the best they can to make it last the two years. Again this is a discussion with your insurer. If you want to push them to do something beyond what they’re obligated to do. But please contact the department maybe we can help you in that negotiation if you’re in a. And server is unwilling to extend the time frame. So pleas were there to help you contact us and. What we would love to help? Thank you. Thanks Sir. So never gonna bring back up but colonel Eric McFadden from the army corps of engineers to help address some of the questions we had on debris removal colonel. Yeah of first all I I brought twenty subject matter experts with me today they’re all outside they’ve read themselves by. By neighborhood focus area. And so many these questions are specific questions about specific parcels so what I would ask is I go through here. Asin you gauge them individually so they can provide you the right level attention and address your concern I think is extremely important that we address it at individual level in some cases. To give you this specificity that you desire. I will try to read these facts possible to have a rather large stack. . And so a coffee park we have look at existing Pierce of the new ones proper located the new buildings on searching for appears we have run into concrete that was very by the core. Can they take it up. And it I would say please. Who’s our property this is. Just the have the issue document outside. A so we can capture that addresses the specific concerns on that side. Will the trees are property fell due to fire damage be removed by a record engineers. So the question is whether or not it was inside the out of print if it’s inside the house footprint yes if it’s outside but when no. Other other things you may see on site is the contractor does need. Access to be able to remove the debris and they ask for prince was sought. Uprooting orbit over limb a removal may occur for that is purely to gain access to the site to remove the debris. . Bottom line to this question is when will petrified forest area the including the removal plan that we did a. Significant strip strategy session last night given the fact that cal Yesus contract with the C. C.. And we’re currently conversation with two other contractors petrified force is included in that removal plan. It will you. Address within the next two or three weeks. I’ve Roth concern about the removal how do we know it’s being done properly soul samples etcetera. I’ve observed and ask me questions I know there are many mistakes team made. And we have no recourse under our agreement what I would ask is that the individuals who owns this property please bring this up as an individual issues to address individual concerns. I we we do spend a lot time and effort training or quality a boisterous representatives. To ensure that the. Contractor is executing a contract in the in the techno manner let’s say she technically Acraea court of the contract. As well as safe and secure as we. Conduct these. Debris removal. Talked about. The rule was completed on my property the few you says left a large crevice and fence Senate when will they pull it out remaining walls will feel you say Sir recruited filling hole. When I would like so land. . And I would ask. . User please address your individual concern outside we can capture it we would you take a look at existing second. Site conditions and make an assessment on how to move forward. When will the bird vehicles we taken away insurance companies say FEMA’s allowing that to roo. Vehicles being moved out his e. And that’s a great partnership with the Parmer motor vehicles and a thank you to the heart hurts. Others actually help this is speed up the process. Okay. Not supervising higher degree rule contractors that’s part of our mission. We provide a quality assurance is all safety oversight and work directly with the quality control measures put place but a tractor. Individual marquis creek a question Bob bridge access please. Ask. Or have this choice the specific a parcel location outside. And similarly with the county having a hundred percent access to home sites. If I will that be delayed clean but so Ben up please address the individual parcel concern. I’d. How’s army corps contractors side which properties cleared M. party that property. The parties were sent to us provided to us from. State to us and we’ve been executing to rule operations in the courts of the product does parties. And from this point forward will continue for those priorities number one the coffee parking you move forward. I talked about ash for print. Tom I. for completion of the specific personal questions about Tom I. for completion to reach us outside. A property use clear December tenth we still and I have a rosy patrol grass again please a. Please have this issue documented in addresses. As soon as possible. As human degree program Toni testing of the foundations with the degree program be. The able to say foundations or sound. Again that. Specific questions and up please have a document outside we can dress a. Pacific concerns about foundational mobile. Thank you. Our folks are I know it’s been a long time we’ve been here awhil. Can we have that toned down a little quieter in the back so people can hear we’ve had. The plates they can’t hear over the. Crowd noise so please. This point time we’re gonna. Go to the city of Santa Rosa to tie answer quite about journeys and mobile home park. And then. Bob from females can be back up to. Answer questions related to FEMA thank you very much. I think you we we had quite a few questions about journey’s end juries a mobile home park. That part apart was partially destroyed there were some homes and repaint others questions about getting access back to that that’s those sites. Few two things one is a private property. We are in contact with the owner about access to that park a to the utilities I think were destroyed during the fire. So we’re looking at that to see what what it’s gonna take to get those repaired. Bob three it is going to be it’s on the cleanup list to be cleaned up of by FEM. In terms of the debris cleanup and so that will be happening. If people are having trouble finding a place to stay or whether. They don’t have a place to stay if they were. Residents attorneys and please contact people I. FEMA’s out side in the. In the front. Out out by the front doors. And we will work with you to try to identify that social but the city is committed to a talking to making sure in communication with the owner. A tech talk to the mayor that we will set up a meeting attorneys public mean to have a deeper conversation into that to figure out what the future is. And how we can help facilitate that moving forward. I think. . It had all the points out private owner. They’ll make a different natio. In the meantime we will. . How the core of the move the debris from Chinese and? And. Will get you to work with them. We also. Have Bradford into the discussions to talk them another agencies to see what we can do there but. At this point. . If are those going out. Good. Keep quiet on the way out and appreciate it for the rest are in here so what what I was saying is. The gentleman from the. Counties obviously I spoke to it. . There. You will remove the debris. But its up I really own and will continue to talk to the owner C. if there’s. Things we do but it’s really up to the private owner of the facility to make a decision. On W. does knocks in the in terms. I do have people outside to the right of the door when you out there that. If you. Temporally need. Assistance we could help you. And and if you are a Richard the program. . We will continue to support you and in those endeavors. I got a bunch of questions. Here Anderson go through my questions. . There’s a. Question I got here from individual that applied for assistance. . Has two kids elderly mother. And it looks like maybe. Her husband apply to their mighty been some confusion of. Multiple applications. And so. . So that. Compounded. Are confused. Arch car registration. Department with providing assistance that individual. What I would do offer whoever that is you go out the door? We have people there that will. Work your case. She thinks her cases been deleted out of the system. If that’s the case. Will work with you on that. And and. Get your information and and work with you individually on that. . There are. A number of questions I got. With. . With regard to other individual. They have questions specifically about their case. And rather from the me trying t. Answer your questions about your case and I have your follow for me the best thing you do is. Go to someone that has a case right out front and the Porter case up or take your name and number. And then pull your case up and talk G. individually your duration. But we want to resolve those that’s why we brought individuals here with case information today. To. Resolve those I. individually. For those that. Is I talked about earlier. That are in our church transitional stock sheltering assistance program they’re currently in a hotel. With the program. . Needs to be renewed after February first. We will work with you individually will be contacting you if you’re in that program again if you have. Daily through insurance or we can give you a rental assistance funding. We want you to go ahead and use that funding. To go ahead and read something in the in terms and. Eventually will work with you to move you out. Of. The transition shelter program and use the resources we provide you. For running. That’s that they tend to the children program is an intern programme to get you into. Long term rental. So we will be work with you individually to do that. For those that. Don’t have. . Daily through their insurance for those that don’t have. Haven’t received. . Rental assistance through female we. May continue to provide you. Assistance through our transition shelter program as we’re requesting to extend it for another thirty days for those that will still need it. Cathleen. . Yeah. Two more questions here they got one is about are fever resources able to replant trees and unfortunately no we don’t. Replant trees in our public assistance program however we will help with. Watershed in Hyde receding and all those kind of things. That have been done will reimburse those costs but we don’t replant she’s what we will do though is that there are trees their threats. The public health and safety. I would a makers we will pay to take those down but we don’t replant trees. Last question I’ve got is. There appears to be a dispute between. The unit union have C. M. on the clean up effort. . Now there’s a work stoppage which. As you heard earlier. Not. Why hasn’t been included budget to cover union wages and health so? Little complicated but. The federal government. Uses a service act the service act has set rates between department labor. Obviously. When there’s Bates for contracts vendors. Bid on those rates. My understanding is that all rates so far account accidente to. California prevailing wage I haven’t seen where that has been the case yet. But. Will continue to monitor that and and make sure that that’s the case. Alright. That’s it for me thank. Thank you Mister Fenton. We could bring up now to provide Sir James gore. Chief. . Guys near end up Paul Lowenthal seat dancers of questions related specifically Runkle so what kind of policy and fire related questions so please gentleman come on up. Thank you very much Jim. Simply member would. I’m I’m gonna hammer through a couple county questions real quick right now and pass it over here. . So the first thing is is it says what steps are being taken to ensure the local workforce is prepared. For the rebuild effort and what efforts are being made to use this disasters an opportunity to go to the local economy. Very quickly I think we all have to realize that there’s I I you know there’s a huge amount of money that’s coming and. In different ways to the county as much as ours I hit to property taxes and other areas the insurance claims the billions of dollars that we talk about in damages. That come back in that we’ve already seen that happen in terms of debris removal if you look around the operating engineers engineering contractors associated both private. Companies unionized and non unionized have really deployed they’ve gotten hundreds of people certified for house Matt for the debris removal process that is exactly the kind one to work we want to see is where people are earning good wages. They’re gonna spend back in their community local hire we’re trying to do the same thing to ensure that that’s what’s going to happen going forward when we get into contracting. But the reality is is that we do have workforce shortages in those areas here on the couch. And so there will be people from out of town coming here to work why is because if you depended only on your local workforce. You might be delayed years to be able to get back to a point where you can rebuild. Second thing why was the permit fee for the county waiver house on October tenth rescinded on November seventh. So we passed it. Two days into the fire as an absolute let’s go and do this we talked with the Mister Fenton female and they said we want to let you know that was great that’s what you did but you need to look at this because we are not allowed. To recuperate lost revenue for that so what we did is we said okay will it be that being the case that this could be a twenty or thirty million dollar hit to the county. Which means you and your services and how we can provide stuff it’s not like that money is spitting in other categories. We said okay we need to look at this more long term and so what you’ve seen as us coming back number one with this. Flat fee reduced expedited but then also we’re going to look at hardship waivers which is another thing that we talked about. The goal there is to get things down to the bare minimum. Because yes even though your insurance company might provide for you to cover those fees that could take away from the aggregate of what you get back right. Which could reduce your ability to rebuild so the goal is to get that down to the lowest number possible that inward were around that number of in between I’d to six thousand dollars as opposed. To ten to twenty as it might have been before we’re talking about streamlining but we’re also going to be looking out over the coming months. Kind of up subsidies and hardship waivers and things could we create. And I love you guys to engage in such as possible on that. I have. I I have to do two questions that came up one that said. Why is the city of Santa Rosa’s information so much better than the counties and the other one is? Why did the city? Why did the city lack so much behind the county? So. The reason I say that is that the classic example of our need to coordinate that’s why the cinema county. Recovers dot org website and all of our communications are there in ongoing if some of you were. Happy with one jurisdiction and not the other vice versa. Please let us know where where those are out but that’s the goal is is combined. Partnership and also as you see with the permitting offices to get our fees down to same levels in our return times. Emergency notifications next will cover cellphones versus landlines future emergency response. I’m I’m as interested in and and die in in the answers on this as anybody out there. I would have loved to have seen an emergency a warning go out to all of you in those areas the two Beth the two questions are would have caused more damage more death. And more chaos or what it allowed everyone to prepare better get their things taken care of and get out. We have requested. Of an independent review from the office of emergency services we are expecting that back in the coming weeks if not months. Or so and die and we’re gonna take action deliberately all that I do want to remind everybody if you look at what happened. . But this morning if you look on your phone right now you’ll see that an emergency alert went out to the entire state of Hawaii saying there was a missile coming in and it was completely false. This is an interesting the reason I say that is because the two congressmen host a study session yesterday we went to and we talked about. The wider issue of this we had in this region more than seventy cell towers that burnt down on that night. Many of the areas were not reachable many of them were early. There is no eye in the sky methodology like a TV program that says you should do this here. We have in Santa Barbara county both an accusation that. That people did not leave when they got a mandatory request a leave and then on the other side folks who said the recruit the mandatory evacuation order didn’t come out until too late. This is an ongoing issue it depends two things one is us on the front end of figuring out the New World with technology and response but on the other end edge is back to the Old World of citizen empowerment. Responsibility local groups organizing around certain teams and coke teams and that’s a program that we’re going to try and build out this year in terms of resilience to those of you in those areas. That that leads into the PGA any question about under grounding and rollout blackout grids all that is on the table post. Oakland hills fires. Under grounding happen on their utility post Sandiego fires shut down parts of the grid during high when defense. And then the final thing is I have a couple questions on tree. There’s a lot of groups working on tree restoration and management in watershed protection we are funding that if you have any interest in following up contact my office James gore cinema county supervisor for district. Hello everyone Toni goes on the fire chief here center is about three questions I’ll be brief so wiser not a city of Santa Rosa liaison for the fire related issues that can facilitate questions. For organized groups like coffee strong we’re absolutely there to help facilitate any conversation so please reach out to the fire department will make sure somebody’s there. Off we’re not asked don’t know that you need a so please reach out if it’s. If it’s not the city we will help you connect with the fire district or the county and possibly participate even in the the. The conversations as well so please reach out we’ll do what we can. A second question what new regulations are being center do improve prevention. Of wildfires fire resistance homes and better mercy morning systems. So all of the houses not all the houses most of the houses and in fountain Grove and mark was springs road from napa county although it is not the county. Fell within the old standards all those houses now fallen to chapter seven a which is a wildland urban interface standards which means they will be hardened even further. At which will help reduce some of that part of the prevention is defensible space that really works in the inter Max which is the marquis springs area. As soon as you get into the urban areas it becomes a density do with houses. We are looking at that but there are curtains. Current codes on on on the books now that all those new structures will have to be built with. So it’ll be hardened from the outside to resist. And it also. Have sprinklers interior now one note our new fire station opens. Us mission five up on found Grove was hardened and. Did not survive. Partially because the winds are so great this event was a wind driven event that we don’t typically see in our area and that was because most of the. Devastation. The third question when will we investigate the results of. The rest of the cause of the wildfire. And be released to the public. Right now cal fire is in charge of that our Andy there was nine fires and snow on the county started within a three hour window. And everyone of those fires has an investigative team and they’re looking at everything systematically. So I know that. They’re working diligently on. But they do not have a release date I will remind everyone the valley fire took three hundred sixty four days. To get any kind of release of investigations so it’s ongoing and it’s gonna be. Awhile longer thank you. Good afternoon Paul though the fire department as well a couple these are little bit repetitive but I need some clarification then. Got total six to get through so general question about cars again. Ultimately if your private opt out the vehicle is your responsibility to have removed through either yourself for Thier children insurance compan. It is one of the ROE sites. That was par the pasta was talking about earlier the DMB is what Haiti and the up paperwork process. And eventually it will be removed. Through the are we process. Now what we doing about birch trees and brush. Both on the property and at the curb. Do the complexity in the size of this incident the amount of green waste that’s being generated. We have a snow Makai debris task force that’s meeting regularly Monday through Friday daily do address the specific topic right now as. Well as many others as you are working on the ability to provide options to people that are left with burnt waste that needs to be shipped to removed. Us to look for that information on some kind of recovers Dodd or in the next week to to. We are working on a plan with several different agencies as well as private not companies to help facilitate that need. I also the. There’s questions that come up about the. The brush in the planner strip that is ultimately the responsibility of the private. The property under this immediately adjacent to the property so between the curb and the sidewalk that question comes up a lot is who’s responsible for that is the property owner. There’s also. Questions that are coming up about the tagging of the trees. P. genie has completed about ninety nine percent of their tree removal that they’re required to do under the CPU C. the California public utilities commission. However the trees once they are fell are not there wrist they’re not their own they do not own the would so ultimately if there’s concerns about the wood that was left over from P. Jean operation. I. you can reach out to PGD at one eight hundred I. P. G. need five thousand asked about the status of any logs that were dropped on your property. There’s also a lot of questions that are coming about the silver tags a silver tags are fixed to the trees and that’s a tree removal operation is taking place by cinema county. Department of up public works. That is trees that threatened the current right away right now so that’s what’s going on with that. Another trick question about what are we doing to mitigate hazard with the Allen trees specifically those are in the that were in the creeks. The Santa Rosa and snow my county. . Water agency house storm water creeks divisions that’ll watershed task force much like we have a degree task force. And one of the missions they had hellfire do is remove that brush from the creeks early on to help produce any threats of flooding. If you do still see areas where there is a significant amount of dead brush or chopped down trees and brush in the creeks that you feel could be a concern please reach out to the county or the city stormwater divisions. Going forward will copy party consider part of the perfect up potential while whenever interface area because the park is not any wildland urban interface area. Unfortunate lead based like it was saying earlier. This was a wind driven event that blew out of the while letterman if its area do a commercial industrial park and then carried into high densely populated area. So this point time there is no direction to shift the boundaries of the violent every face area to include coffee park. Our house next door to me opted out of the debris removal program. So they have a deadline to have their property cleared. Out currently with the debris removal process moving forward under the army corps of engineers both the city and county are currently meeting and hope to set deadlines. For debris removal for both residential and commercial we don’t have those can distance so there’s no confusion between city and county and hope to have a date secure within the next week to two weeks. And again that information ecosystem account recovers dot org thank you. Okay up next is. Supervisors dues and gore and who’s going to talk about a. Town hall meeting coming up in the and I’m a valley. And also following her Kristine sa’s go from environmental health who will talk about some of issues related to environmental health and snow account. I want to thank you all for sticking around I know this meeting is running along and you still have a lot a questions. I if you know me you understand I’m one of you I lost a home and I’m navigating insurance and debris cleanup and vegetation management and rebuilding. I was to represent a good part of cinema valley that lost a lot of homes and we will be organizing a similar forum sin n cinema to that want to receive similar information. Let him now and we will hit the media. I’m organizing and working with James gore to organize housing fairs and wary in March. To help you navigate the rebuilding process sort of taking this information a step forward. About what you should be thinking about during rebuilding. But if there is any silver lining in all of this is that neighbors are coming together to learn from each other to support each other. And to. And to organize on cleanup and rebuilding. I intend to hold. Sound similar meetings for the folks and mark west. It Rankin valley glad Allen can would. And if you are working with your neighbors and how self identified block captains ought to help us communicate with all of you please let me know. Who you are and James and I will be out working with the block captains to help? With the information that you desperately need and so that we understand what information you need. So thank you so much I’m one of you. Everyone I’m Christine Fosco. . And I have a couple questions most of them are concerning the process once the. . Once you’ve completed the ROE. And your property has been cleared up kind of what are the next steps. And. . So what happens is what your property has been cleared. There’s a period of time where the soil testing is being done and so you’ll see your property just kind of a little. You’re just sitting idle for a moment while the soil tests he’s we now. Once the soil testing has been cleared and approved. And then they army corps is sending a letter over to the county. The county is then updating the map that is on the cinema county recovers webs lady it’s. . On this note I can he recovers website under debris removal. And. There’s an interactive map if you go there you will see is soon as we receive the letter from army corps. We will update that mouth to turn your property from blue. To. Green and as soon as it’s green that means it’s ready for rebuild. There’s a robo call that will come out to you and the number it sent it that call is. Sent to is the one that you provided on right of entry. And then there’s also a letter that will be sent. We understand that the mail service and that it is a little longer so is soon he’s your property shows is green. V.. Planning building departments are accepting that so you don’t have to have your physical letter to go. And start your building process. . There was also a question about. The bills for cleaning the property from army corps. And the county will be receiving a final packet from army corps on each year properties. This comes a little bit later. We didn’t want to wait for that final bill to come before releasing your properties for rebuild so. That that’s like the next step. And so when that final. . Final. Survey of your property and everything is out. That packet will be sent to the county and now also include a cost analysis at that time the county will be contacting you about the bill León and George. . Yeah. Now. Possibly. For the first. So. So I guess is what I’m hearing from you is your question as you. You you were told originally that the right of entry will cover. All because not even those cost. In your. Now. We’re going. Allen. Because. So. Okay so someone may clarify that there. There is a piece of debris removal that you’re unsure. Will reimburse you. And that is it’s it’s. Independent am want what insurance policy you have. So I’m I’m gonna let the. Insurance commissioner maybe answer that a little more but there are several different insurance policies. They. The county is only asking for that piece that you were given. Insurance reimbursement and then public funds were used for its that duplication of fun peace. Yeah. So what we’re gonna do if it works and get your phone number. We’re gonna I sit and you’re right afterward I promise you if you don’t mind just hang out we’re gonna come right over to right after this in the. Bill to work through the exact question if that’s okay. In I promise you I’m gonna come over there personally as well. So I I’ll be right there. Okay. So the other two questions I ha. Really work related to health. And. You know about health ex and this debris removal and where is the debris going. Into free. . Every every piece of debris house us a certain classification whether it’s. Concrete metal whatever it is and it has a process that approved by the state and how that is handled. And so part of what. Army corps is health and safety plan M. one environmental health that everybody is looking out for quality insurance. Is to make sure that all that debris is going to their proper places where can be properly and thoroughly disposed of. The other question I had was about. Any updates on you know health effects anything like that anytime we. Learn any new information gather information. We are updating the cinema county recovers website. So it would be the best place to check. If you have any concerns around that or if something new has. So thank you. They C. German not for so I want to say thank you so much for your patience. I am for hanging with us this entire time on your Saturday morning. I when I take a moment that to be able to wrap up. And talk with you about some follow ups want to remind you. Right out in the lobby in in the parking lot. We have nearly a dozen local state and federal agencies that are prepared to be able to work with you on any specific questions you have relating insurance. Your property debris removal rebuilding. We have everyone that you need here today. Right down the lobby is well as on the parking that we encourage you to please take some time to better talk with. I also want to moment say thank you to our federal state and local agencies and other representatives who were here today I think we need to give them a round of applause. It’s how grateful we are for their continued services community. For every town hall series a high schools in our home away from home they have opened up. I. even in the peak of the firestorm now want to take a moment to say thank you to C. pretending that keep tomorrow. For her incredible working support and get in the schools back open it for allowing us to be here into David give center is a city schools are applies intricate Jim to hostesses well. Thank you so much diversity schools. Also. But there is an individual is not going to get home not because you left your keys. So if I you are looking for your keys we got him up here and we’re gonna give me director your duty so. Any as promised. And there we go he just asked what kind of car it is alright Hazira go. In now I. if you. If their day we can also be taking code three back to the house as well my right record. Okay just got awkward thank you so much. But yeah we do have your keys upright in nineties can end it right here and say how grateful we are. That you’re here today. While there is a lot of work ahead. We have made incredible progres. We are with you every step of the way. Thank you so much for coming out will be with you here in the months and years to come thank you so much and please check out right outside. Ryan bit tari is also here from P. G. need you have any related questions as well Brian thank you so much for being here. On any items thank you so much at the G. need for your work as well thank you

Glenn Chapman

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