Recover permanently deleted files without software in WINDOWS 7 (Subtitles – English/Hindi)

okay so today with the help of this
video, I am going to tell you, how to recover the permanently deleted files from the windows.
There are some important files which we often delete by mistake and we are panicked because these are so
important files that we need it back at any cost so you need not to panic
because I'm going to tell you the way out. For this purpose, there is a pre-requisite and the pre-requisite is that in the System Properties, your "System Restore" should be on Here all the drives, i.e. system drive, backup files, important files, that is
all the partitions is turned to on. This is the pre-requisite
because if this is not turned on, you will not be
able to recover the files Well, moving further Suppose, this is my daughter's folder, and these are the files insider my daughter's folder. These are very important files for my daughter. And I deleted by mistake. Permanently deleted. This is permanently deleted from
my computer. Well, my daughter comes and she cries because
those files were very important for her. Maybe, this is not important to me but
for her, it is very important and she cries a lot. She wants those
files at any cost. Now what I do is, for recovering those files, I right clicked the mouse button and click on
the new folder and then new folder. Now type exactly the same name of the folder which you deleted by mistake. If you type the different name of the folder, you will not be able to recover those files. Now, exactly the same name of the folder is is daughters, DAUGHTER apostrophe s folder. This was the name of the folder and if you make any spelling mistakes,
you will not be able to recover those files Now you right click on this folder, go to the properties and
then over here, go to the previous versions. Now it is searching for the previous versions from the system restore and these are the previous versions. These are the previous folders that are stored in the system restore. Now, go to the daughter's folder. This was the folder ORIGINALLY and now, you press on the restore button Are you sure you want to restore the
previous version of daughter's folder from 4-11-2013 7:44 and you click on the restore. The folder has
been successfully restored to the previous version Okay, now that you see, you got that folder back. And you are saved your life is saved because your
daughter has.. Your daughter will not cry on you. Your daughter will not blame on you You are totally saved. THANK YOU Thank you once again and please do not forget to give the feedback. THANKS ONCE AGAIN.

Glenn Chapman


  1. Pls help? I just lost all my files didnt delete anything they just dissapeared i tried everything

  2. If you don't remember the name of your file or folder how do u retrieve it?

  3. What if I deleted a stand alone word file that was not in a folder? ๐Ÿ™

  4. I just deleted my life's work 50 GB file and recovered it with this method thank you so much!!

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  7. Thank you very much for this helpful video. ๐Ÿ™‚ Spread Love & and Keep Going <3

  8. It worked for me and I was able to recover some really important file. Thanks a lot.

  9. your funny . need them at at any cost LOL… i then i delete my daughter important files and she comes and she cries because ive deleted her files.. your funny.

  10. Thanks a lot buddy that saved my life, it was very useful๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Ahhh but there's still one major problem, with this here issue though apparently, as in what about your Microsoft Edge bookmarks, having been permanently deleted, due to each one either deleted by, formatting issues of any kind or what have you, then what do you do, if that's the case hmm and be honest here ok total honesty with me alright?


  13. Thank you so much! I was transferring all my files to a new computer and accidentally deleted some really important family photos in the process! So glad I found your tutorial!

  14. Window 7. Thank you๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ You have saved me 10x the stress

  15. the folder was still in the recycle bin and could have been restored anyway,,, ?

  16. I have a Toshiba Windows 8.1 Laptop, I held Shift + Restart, and clicked "Troubleshoot", then click "Toshiba Matiannce Utility", It restarted, then went to the "Toshiba Mataince Utilty", I was going to test if I could access the system files, since the Toshiba Mataince Utilty didn't require a password, probably, I did it because I could make a password reset video if I accessed the files on there, I clicked "Next", then "Next" again, it started wiping the system so I held the power button to save my files, I turned it on again, it said in Ms-Dos text No bootsble device found, insert a bootable device and press any key to continue, my computer broke, I pushed keys and it went back to the same message, I turned the computer off, I tried holding "0", to boot into the recovery partation, same thing again, I soon got my recovery USB drive, and held F12 during startup and I clicked the USB drive, after the Toshiba logo, it went to a black screen, then it rebooted, I tried again and it worked, I selected "System Recovery Options", I choose my language setting, I noticed that the button "Continue", and "Use a device" were gone, just "Troubleshoot", and "Turn off", i went to the command prompt, I tried to access my files but I couldn't, later, I ran Toshiba Matiannce Utilty and deleted the files, it deleted the files, but probably didn't overwrite them, the operating system still wouldn't boot, later, I was going to run the Toshiba Recovery Wizard which was the first option before "System Recovery Options", but it said it will rewrite the files, so yep, I need to find a way to recover my pictures and screenshots and videos and other stuff, and if I can't, then it's either I have them locked in the system or I wipe the computer to factory settings with the files unrecoverable.

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