Reclamation of Salt-affected soils using “Nile Fertile”.

Nile Fertile is a bio mineral powder fertilizer for
controlling soil salinity and alkalinity using Nile Fertile would lower soil
pH and control soil salinity it would allow salt, soil salts to be out root zone using Nile Fertile would improve your soil
structure and that mean it will create more soil aggregates, improve the balance between soil water and soil air. would
allow soil to retain more nutrients and better balance of water and soil. using
Nile Fertile would lower pH having more
availability of micronutrients calcium and magnesium
it also increases cation exchange capacity which would
allow retaining of plant nutrients and improving efficiency of other fertilizer used later
on this is how Nile Fertile looks like this is the look of Nile Fertile it is a mixture of bio mineral fertilizers. it comes in
bags of 50 kilograms. As you can see.

Glenn Chapman

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