Rebounding Jumping Mini Trampoline Workout

– Hi, this is Paul Eugene and I am back with a fresh new trampoline workout. Listen up. (claps hands) If you choose to jump with
me today, remember this. Pace yourself, have
fun, and stay hydrated. All right? Here we are, basic bounce. Right there. Now today, I’m gonna be doing some drills. Yep, we’re going to have fun,
burn that fat and calories. March in right here. I like this, narrow moves,
I like the feel that I feel. So what’s coming up is
my first, first drill. March it wide go, right
there, I said march it. You know I meant the bounce it wide. But guess what, are you ready? Four, three, two, first drill
whoops we’re right here right. It’s gonna speed up, we go. That’s it c’mon. Bounce, how did you
do, I have fun on that. Oh yes, keep bouncing or
jumping, it’s your choice. Bring it in, oh yeah, we haven’t even got started yet, but I’m having fun. How’s your day been? Mines is cool. Ladies and gents, take it
wide, that’s it, keep this. What’s coming up is drill number two. Are you ready, are you sure? Ladies and gents, get ready, I’m pretty psyched cause I wanna burn that fat today. Alright c’mon bounce, bounce, or jump. Get ready for the drill, are you ready, talk to me, are you ready, let’s go. C’mon pump it up, bounce, how did you do? Did you get your drill
in, oh yes now listen up. Four, three, two, bring it in,
right there, feel the bounce. Feel your body, feel the energy okay, and four, three, two let’s take it wide. Guess what, I think we’re
ready to do another drill. Are you with me, are you sure? Ladies and gents turn to the side. I’m setting us up, okay
for drill number four, I think it’s four it may be
three, but nevertheless get set. Are you ready, are you ready, let’s go. That’s it come back,
bounce, how you two doing? We took out that basic bounce going on. Oh yes now guess what, four,
three, two, bring it in. Right there, (mumbling), we’re
gonna keep it pretty simple. Yep I am, by design and on purpose. Ladies and gents, wide again, oh yeah, you need it wide cause
that drill’s coming up. Turn here, get ready, oh
yes, c’mon let’s bounce, that’s it c’mon, again, that’s it, again. I love it, I’m bouncing, I’m jumping. Get ready for the drill, oh
yeah it’s time, it’s coming, it’s coming, here we go! Bounce, how did you do, talk
to me Mary, are you still bouncing, jumping your way to
fitness, come on see I’m 63 but I’m still active, and
I enjoy it and you do too. All right ladies and gents, begin. Yes new music, new song, song number two. This time I’m gonna go, stay in and out. In! Out! Come on, in! Out, breathe! In! Out! In! Out! Again come on, in! Out! In! Out! In! Out! In! Stay out and bounce,
how did you do on that, you got that jump in there? Come on, (mumbling),
it’ll grow out in you. All right, bring it in now,
right there I love this, you can add a little
jump rope, your choice, but you know what’s
coming up, another drill. Turn this way, are you
ready, are you sure, get set, let’s go. C’mon enjoy yourself, bounce! In and out, woohoo! I’m loving it, again, oh
yes, ooh, work it come on. Oh yeah, again, four,
three, two, stay wide. (mumbling), you got that
bounce, that jump, again c’mon, again, to the side go. You know why, another drill
is coming up, come on take a deep, take a deep breath, to the front. Now, I fooled you, ladies
and gents, in and out, that’s it right there,
setting us up, stay wide. You know why, it’s time for
another drill, let’s go. You got it, bounce in and out,
oh yeah, I love it come on. Again come on! Again come on! Regular bounce, how did you do? Talk to boss, is that
heart rate rising up? Come on, again, you got it stay in center. That’s it come on, move it,
feel your bounce, dig it in, dig it in, four, three, two, wide. How are ya, talk to boss, are
you ready for another drill. To the side, get ready,
are you set, talk to me, are you ready, let’s go. Bounce in and out, woohoohoo! Again you can do it, again. Come on! Stay wide! Come on, pick it up and bounce! Again come on, again,
another regular bounce. How did you do? Did you get that high up in air. Come on you got it, again,
keep your bounce, oh yeah. I hear another song, are you
ready, to the side, we go. See that, in and out, jab, boom. Regular bounce, how did you do, are you ready, this side, okay. Come on, four, three, two,
one, again, four, three, two, turn front, bounce. How are ya, come on, lift those feet up. Bounce you know what it’s
time for another drill. This time, bounce, how did
you do, how did you do? Did you lift those legs up? Four, three, two, stay wide. Now, this time, other side come on. Breathe! Regular bounce, how
did you do, talk to me. Are you lifting up, come on. Regular bounce, a little
breather, but keep moving, keep pushing it, come on let’s go. Four, three, two, turn side right here. Are you ready to pick it up,
come with me, ready let’s go. Bounce, how did you do? Did you get it up there,
how’s that heart rate? Come on if this 63 year old man, can do it so can you come on. I’m having fun in the late years
of my life, and (mumbling). Change up, side lateral raises, that’s it. All you need is 15, 20 minutes of this to get an effective workout,
come on push, push, push, push, push, push, push, regular bounce. How are ya, we’re hanging in
there, we’re like just about 15 minutes in, oh yeah, can we go more? To the side, you know why,
it’s time, to what, take it up. Bounce, how did you do, don’t
you love it, don’t you get a kick out of it, an old man like me is inspiring and motivating you. Just because you’re (mumbling),
doesn’t mean to slow down. Come on, left and right, come on. Again come on! Regular bounce, how are
you, talk to me, ready go. One, two, three, four,
and one, two, three, four. One, two, three, four, one,
two, three, four, one, two, three, lift, one, two,
three, four, and lift. One, two, three, and lift,
one, two, front and bounce. How did you do, talk
to me, did you get it? You like those turns, oh yeah I sure did. Listen up, let’s ski, see that, legs are moving back and forth,
pumping those arms come on. We got it, come on, push,
pump those arms, woo! Four, three, two, regular
bounce, you know why, it’s time for another drill, go, come on, come on. Bounce, woohoo, let’s
ski, I love it, come on. That’s it push, push, come on. I love it, and bounce, how’s
your heart rate did you lift? Come on! In and out! Like this, I’m loving it,
I’m not giving up, no way. Ladies and gents, ski! Come on, step up come on, move your feet! Regular bounce you know why,
it’s time for another sprint. Are you ready, come on, come on! I think that was kind of, weak, you see me turning, I love this. Watch me, two, two, one, two, three, four. One, two, three, four, yeehaw! Again come on, do the twist! Excellent, regular bounce! How is that, how’s your
heart rate, is it up there, are you bouncing, bring
it in, now take it out. Little breather, in again, take it out. Bring it in guess what, it’s time for another drill let’s go. Woo, well that was all the
cardio for the day so keep this bounce right here. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce,
bounce, (mumbling) bounce, you just bounce in here, we go. That’s it push, you
can lift your feet now. You can go back and forth, or hands here. In four, three, I’m just
bouncing, free, we’re coming down. Just a free bounce, just
coming down, oh yes, hold it right here and march it out. How did you do, see this is a
good thing, a mini trampoline workout, it works and gets
your heart rate up there, and gets your belly burning
that fat, and you burn some calories, yes bring us down. Four, three, step touch,
right left, right there. Excellent, we’re taking it
easy, how are you by the way? Rap to me, march in front, oh
yeah you know me, I like to add something to my marches. It’s really just a simple wide
out, wide in, right there. Wide up and back, simple
move, we’re just coming down. March it right here, gimme
four, three, two, change it to heel press, right there, keep
your balance, you got it. Gimme four, three, two, now
let’s take the right leg and leave it out, sit back,
hamstring stretch, excellent. Hold it right here for four, three, two, and one now bring it in. You know what, this left leg
you gotta do what, go out right here, sit back hamstring
stretch for four, three, two, and one, bring it in, excellent. Now come up a little bit, we’re
gonna extend this right leg back to stretch out that calf
muscle, four, three, two, listen up march it wide,
that’s it excellent. And four, three, two, hold
bend your knees, inhale up, exhale out, again inhale, exhale out. One more time, excellent,
hands on your thighs, flat back stretch for four, three, two,
and one pull up for four, three, fold back, march march. What did you go, that was
our mini rebound (mumbling), our mini rebound workout for today. I trust that you’ve been challenged, that you burned some fat and calories. Now here’s what you’re
gonna do, grab some water to rehydrate yourself, have a
happy diet or food or whatever you need to replenish your body. This is Paul Eugene, I had
fun helping you rebound to health, have a blessed day, woo!

Glenn Chapman


  1. Thank you Paul, I love rebounding and I enjoy your enthusiasm! I'm 62 and going strong 😊

  2. I was not expecting 21 straight minutes of jumping without any marching in between! That was a surprise. Now my legs feel like jello. I'm sure I'll be feeling this in my calves tomorrow!

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