Rebounding in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Rebounding: Sealing Off Opponent

Hi this is Sean Hobson. One thing you have
to understand about the game of basketball, one of the most important things you can do
is commit yourself to being a good rebounder. In order to be a good rebounder you have to
learn the basic fundamental of rebounding. We’re going to show you the steps right now.
What we really want to concentrate on here is after the first shot goes up and you do
not turn around and look at the ball but instead the first thing is you have to find your player.
Your player is also going to be crashing to the basket, so the first thing is he locates
his player. As he’s coming in the second step is go out and find and make contact with that
player. If you don’t make contact with that player, he’s going right around you. Now here’s
the next important thing. After you see he’s reached out and he’s made contact with that
player the next thing he’s got to do is he’s going to step through with his foot and get
his hip into that player. The most important thing is, the man that’s the lowest wins.
His leverage has to be lower than this mans’ leverage. A lot of times you hear smaller
guards saying “I can’t box out the big guys”, that’s actually false. The smaller you are,
the better in boxing out you’re going to be because the lower center gravity you have.
So let’s go ahead and show them one more time. He’s going to spin in, he’s going to make
contact, spins in, he’s got a low center of gravity. Now what he’s going to do is he’s
going to make sure his hands are out. He cannot have his hands wrapped around, that’s holding
and that’s a penalty. The next step that we’re going to talk about in the very next clip
is once you got that good low center of gravity, the next thing is we’re going to root him
out of the play.

Glenn Chapman

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