Rebounding in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Rebounding: Driving Away Opponent

Hi this is Sean Hobson. One of the most important
things about the game of basketball is understanding how to be a good rebounder. If you are a good
rebounder you’re going to be a huge asset to your team. Rebounding is one of the keys
that’s going to keep your team in it offensively and also help get the ball defensively and
turn it into offense. So committing yourself to being a rebounder is a very important thing.
Here are some steps to go through to be a good rebounder and what we’re going to focus
on in this drill is talking about getting your man out from underneath the basket so
that you can get the rebound. So the very first thing that’s got to happen every time,
when the shot goes up, is this man has to locate where his man is. Once he finds his
man, then he’s going to make contact with him. The next step we’ve got to do is once
you make contact with him you have to get in front of him. You must have inside position,
if you’re side to side you could even get called for a foul if you’re trying to get
that guy out from underneath the basket. So the important thing is you’ve got to be around
in front and get inside position. Once he’s down in a low stance he can now use not only
his center of gravity and his rear, but he’s going to use his legs. Once you get down low,
you can move that man out and that’s what we’re going to do now. You’ve got to make
sure and root that guy back as far as you possibly can from the goal, then you can go
get the rebound. If you just find him and get a good stance but you don’t root him out,
you’re still going to have problems rebounding. We want everybody to be as far away from the
basket as possible. So that’s the final step there in setting up the box out.

Glenn Chapman

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