Rebounding in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Rebounding: Boxing Out

Hi this is Sean Hobson. One thing you have
to understand about the game of basketball is you must be a good rebounder and in order
to be a good rebounder you have to learn the basic fundamentals of rebounding. Now we’re
going to take you through the step process here. Once the shot is up and this man knows
that the shot goes up, this is the guy that he’s supposed to be guarding. The first step
to being a good person in boxing out is you don’t turn and look up at the goal, instead
the first thing is you have to find your player on the floor. Now if your player is close
to you like these guys are right now it’s pretty easy, you just reach out, you got a
man in front of you. But if he’s back, go out to the top of the key, and he’s back in
help side and he’s looking at the ball in this direction, once the shot goes up, now
he has to turn and find his man. His man is going to be crashing the board. Now here’s
the important step, he’s going to be coming in to crash the board. He has got to not only
find him but he now has to go out and make contact with him. That’s the most important
thing, if you don’t make contact with your guys, he’s going right around you. So what
you’re going to do is you’re going to take your fore arm, you’re going to go out, you’re
going to find your player and you’re going to lock into him. Once you make contact with
him that’s then when you’re going to spin your body in position to box out. So first
of all the shot goes up, you find your player. Secondly you go out and you make contact with
your player. This is a fun thing if you’re a contact person a football person. Go get
that guy and make him feel you and know that you’re there on the court. That’s the next
step to boxing out.

Glenn Chapman

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