Rebounding in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Rebounding: Bad Habits

Hi,, this is Sean Hobson. One thing you’ve
got to make sure and understand when being a good rebounder, you’ve got to know also
what not to do, and then we’ve got to correct that, learn the basic fundamentals, and box
out right. Here are a few things you do not want to do if you want to be a good rebounder.
The first is, if the shot goes up, we’ll just pretend that the shot goes up, and this guy’s
crashing the boards, one thing you cannot do is face your opponent while trying to get
a rebound. For one, you’re not going to be able to get a good seal on him, for two, you
have no clue where the ball is, so that’s the first no-no. The second one is once the
shot goes up, if this guy just turns and looks, his man’s going to be able to go right around
him and get the rebound inside of him. You never turn to look up, you always turn and
find your man. The next thing is, if this guy, go out here, if this guy gets a good
box out in a seal, this guy offensively cannot jump over his back and go up overtop of him
to get a rebound, that’s going to cost your team a foul. Another thing is, if this guy’s
standing outside and shoots, we want to make sure that when we shoot we follow our shots.
If he doesn’t follow his shot, he’s not going to be able to get a good box out. So there
are a couple things that you’ve got to do to be good rebounders, but there’s also some
things you need to know what not to do in order not to follow that road and make yourself
a better rebounder.

Glenn Chapman

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