REBOUND Film 8 “Mitschwimmen” | Staffel 1

Run with the pack in search of respect Did you ever smoke weed? Sure Haven’t you heard about it? Of Course. I did. How does it feel? um…good. Never have you ever had a bad trip? You have to go through it. watch your drugs … because being high means being free You want to try it? With you? Sure Would be a pleasure Would you like to wait down here? Why? Um, they’re a bit weird. but actually they’re kind Then I’ll go with you. Hey? Hi Oh, it’s you. and you brought someone. Jule Hi Hey, she’s okay. Ok. So what’s up? I would like to get some…. Way too hot today You wannt to drink a beer? Come in. She’s pretty cute, dude. Hi hallo Have a seat. Um, we don’t want to stay for too long. Ah, relax and sit down. We don’t bite. You are welcome. thanks Haven’t seen you in a while, nice to see you today. and? that’s your new girlfriend? Yes lovely What were you doing today? been to the pool? Hold on… great break sorry We went for a walk Nice, chillin outside Better than staying inside the whole day like we did but…. has its reasons but… you might find out for yourself How about this one? I have something nice for you Only 10€ per person – mates’ rates Are you in? Kids… Don’t be afraid I don’t sell bullshit It’s really funny You can ask everyone here What is it? Did I ever sell you bullshit? No You see. It’s great colorful You’re going to have a really good day some nice things I’m sorry.

Glenn Chapman

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