Rawon being a shy fan girl in front of NU’EST [The Return of Superman/2019.12.08]

What are the Ra-Ra sisters doing? Is it itchy? Your gum becomes itchy when your teeth grow. That’s why she chews on things. – Raim has lower teeth. / – She has two lower teeth! Babies look so cute when they have two lower teeth. She might start talking soon. A guest will soon come, Bumble Bee. Be nice to the guest, Bumble Bee. You heard Dad. If you cry, I’ll hold you. – Okay? / – Okay, Bumble Bee? (Just who is coming?) When Rawon was young, she’d kiss photos of good-looking celebrities. When she looks at these guys, she might show a different side of her that we never saw. (She’s already so excited.) She’s so excited. Who is coming that’s making her so excited? Why aren’t those boys coming? I know. – Why? Is Dad… / – They’ve arrived. – They are here. / – Let’s go. They are here. (Who is here?) A guest? (Hello, girls.) – They are here. / – Let’s see. Gosh. – Will you open the door for them? / – No. She’s so shy. – Who is it? / – Who are they? (We are more nervous.) (Who are here to meet the Ra-Ra sisters?) – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Excuse us. / – You made it. – You must be busy. / – It’s NU’EST. They’re Hwang Minhyun and Ren. They’re music-charts’ re-climber and the hottest idol group of 2019, NU’EST. (NU’EST is the icon of music-chart climbing.) They are so good-looking. (We’ll play with you today.) (Handsome guys are here.) Why is she running away? Isn’t she going to say hello? (What are you doing, Rawon?) (I’m so shy. What do I do?) I can’t believe her. – She’s checking herself in the mirror. / – At her age? (Now I’ll go greet them.) (Shy) She’s so shy. Really, really… (I’m really nervous.) – I think I know how that feels. / – Rawon. I mean… Oh, my gosh. (Minhyun and Ren are here.) – My goodness. / – I’ve never been to a house that has little kids. – Excuse us. / – Is this your first time? – Yes. / – Rawon. – Hello. / – Come here. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Come here. – Hello. / – Hi. – Come here. / – My gosh, Rawon… – What is she doing? / – She’s so shy. Hello. (Raim’s eyes open wide.) She gets shy when she sees handsome boys. (I can’t believe it.) (It’s nice to meet you, kids.) Say hello to them. Come on. Raim and Rawon. – She’s Rawon. / – Rawon. And she’s Raim. – Since it’s our first time meeting, / – Hello. I brought a gift. (He brought us a gift, Raim.) Minhyun brought us a gift. I actually heard that she likes this, but I don’t know if she’ll like it. Rawon. – It’s a stuffed rabbit. / – It’s a rabbit in a basket. Gifts are the best way to open up kids’ hearts. – You’re unbelievable, Rawon. / – That’s the best. You’re so shy. Act like you always do around me. (Scoffing) – Kyungmin must find this funny. / – Right. And this is for Raim. (What did he bring Raim?) (It’s Raim’s favorite.) – It’s rice snack. / – It’s the best gift. Everyone knows that she likes rice snack. But where is she looking at? She’s staring at you. (They have no idea and are flustered.) – Let’s give her one. / – It’s morning. Can she eat it? – Yes. / – Can she? (This is your favorite, rice snack.) Do you want this? (Her eyes are fixed on his face.) She’s fixated on his face. – Not on the rice snack? / – No. (Smiling) She’s in love with the boys. It’s so funny. No, you don’t need to break it. – That’s not the problem. / – Just give it to her. She’ll eat it. It’s funny that she’s not taking it. (She acts like she doesn’t know what rice snack is.) She’s head over heels for you. (Her eyes are on them.) I can’t believe it. (He finds Raim cuter and cuter.) (Minhyun reaches out to Raim.) (Minhyun’s sudden but warm touch) (makes her hand go weak.) Oh, gosh. (It makes her hand go weak.) (Raim would never give up her rice snack for anything.) I never saw her let go of food. And Raim absolutely loves rice snack. (Oddly enough, I have no appetite today.) I guess kids also know who is handsome. I’m sorry. We came too early in the morning. – I heard she loves it. / – She does. She’s so funny. Why won’t she eat it right away? Why is she just staring at you? Kyungmin finds Raim’s behavior funny. (Now she tastes the rice snack.) Enjoy it. (These guys seem happy.) Is it tasty? (Her eyes are on them even as she eats.) You’re surprised to see these handsome boys after seeing me all the time. – Don’t say that. / – Kyungmin is – actually very handsome too. / – Right. Would you like some yogurt? Anything. Thank you. Where is Rawon going again? (Where is Rawon going?) What is this room, Rawon? Is this your room? Really? Will you give me a tour? – My goodness. / – This… – She must be so happy. / – This is to light up. It’s to turn on the light. And this is a light stand. It’s a light stand. Do you sleep here? I see. It’s so pretty here. Raim, is my hair cool? (Smiling) (Just watching him makes her smile.) (Raim is in a great mood today.) Because of the boys… She’s drooling. – She’s drooling. / – That’s honey. It’s not saliva. It’s honey. (Sweet Ren wipes off her saliva.) How sweet. (You made my heart skip a beat.) She’s adorable. – She’s smiling. / – Right, she is. I’ll never make her cry today. – I’m relieved she doesn’t cry. / – Right. I think they can even stop crying babies. – What is she doing? / – Her clothes… (Rustling) (This is it.) Is she going to change into a dress? I can’t believe her. (Today is a special day.) (She puts on her favorite dress.) I can understand how she must be feeling. (She checks herself in the mirror.) You look so pretty. (Rushing) Goodness. (Ta-da!) You look pretty. You put on a pretty dress. Gosh, why did you put that on all of a sudden? – Why are you wearing that? / – Why was he startled? He should say she looks pretty. (You know I always wear this.) (That’s cheating. Only she gets to wear a pretty dress) Show off your charms too. (She’s so cute.) – Right, Raim too… / – Raim too. – Is that a hairband? / – Is it tasty? She looks adorable. Can you play the piano? – Of course I can. / – Go on. Will he play the piano? We’re singers after all. Will he be able to play with the toy piano? (Expectant) It’s for kids. What will he play? I think he’ll play something grand. (Ren’s special performance for the Ra-Ra sisters) (He plays a tune that kids would like.) He’s singing “Butterfly” live. (It feels like a butterfly actually flew in here.) – Rawon. / – He’s handsome, plays the piano – and sings well. / – Rawon. These guys here are singers. You don’t know who we are, do you? Do you know who they are? Okay. Let’s go. This is our song called “HELLO”. (Focused) (What do you think?) (Isn’t it good?) (She gets up.) – Goodness, that was sudden. / – She got up. She’s even dancing. (Her body reacts to the rhythm.) We’ll dance for you. Look. Hello (Hello.) (Did you eat your rice snack?) What is this? They are… They are dancing before the Ra-Ra sisters. Is this a dinner show or what? They’re starting to show interest. – They are. / – Raim is drooling. Honey is dripping. (Honey is everywhere.) (She ends up trying to join the stage.) There are people like her at dinner shows. – What do you think of it? / – Tell us honestly. (She’s too shy to say anything,) (so she just gives him a high-five.) You should know you just received a huge gift today. (Thank you.) Thank you. Thank you for this. She’s thanking them. – That’s it. / – Thank you. (I’ll give you one more because I’m grateful.) She’s talking a lot less than usual. We can’t hear Rawon talking as she does usually. Oh, right. Rawon, you need to go and get the flu shot. – Oh, no. / – You need it to stay healthy. (A shot?) No. I won’t get it. (I had it, though.) Shall I come with you? He will come with her? – That’s a different story, then. / – May I join you? May I come? It’ll be fun. They are at the hospital now. Which floor is the hospital? – Fourth floor. / – Fourth floor? Okay. – Are you nervous? / – She’s getting a shot. – Right? / – But she’s leading the way. – Hello. Hello. / – Hello. Rawon is here to get her flu shot today. – She’s happy that he’s here, / – Name? but it’s a flu shot. Oh, there’s Minguk at the back. (Hi, Minguk.) She came, but she doesn’t want to get the shot. You can be brave, right? (She’s really nervous.) You should get the shot to make your parents happy. – I won’t get it. / – You won’t? (Flustered) But you have to. Rawon, come inside. – It’s your turn. / – Oh, no. She needs to go in now. – Hello. / – My gosh. – Take a seat here. / – Let’s sit. (You can be brave, right?) You’ll get a flu shot today. So I’ll give it here on your shoulder. She’s scared. – She doesn’t want it. / – Shall I get it too? Like you do? Shall I get it too? Like you do? (Nodding) – My gosh. Really? / – Since he’s here. (If this is for Rawon,) (I can give my arm.) He’d gladly get a flu shot for Rawon. It helps if someone gets the jab next to you. (My goodness.) Why does the doctor look so happy, though? – Relax your arm. / – Okay. (Prickling) (Is it okay?) It doesn’t hurt at all. – You can be brave now, right? / – Right. – He’s shown that it doesn’t hurt. / – Right, he did. I’ll hold your hand so you can stay strong. (He holds Rawon’s hand tightly.) We’re ready. Hold your hand to your belly. It won’t hurt. Just one shot. – Good girl. / – It doesn’t hurt, right? (It hurts but Rawon endures it.) She isn’t even crying. – It’s all done. / – You’re so brave. It’s done. Well done. You’re the best, Rawon. You’re so cool. You’re the best. – Good girl. / – She held it well. Minhyun was a great help. While the two are at the hospital, – I’ll go get some food. / – Okay. Then what should we do with her? – Shall I look after her? / – Can you? – I’m confident I can. / – Really? We aren’t too worried about Raim – since she’s so docile. / – I’ll be back soon. – She’s quiet in Ren’s arms. / – She’s docile, – so don’t worry. / – I can do it. – You can do it. / – See you later. (Only Ren and Raim are left at the house.) – Raim. / – Only the two are left now. Are you okay? – The baby carrier suits him. / – It’s okay. – It must be his first time, though. / – You’re right. (My legs hurt. Let me sit down.) (But right then…) Kyungmin is nowhere to be seen. Oh, no. This is a crisis for Ren. (Crying) Oh, no. She’s crying. (She tears up three minutes after Kyungmin left.) (It doesn’t seem like she’ll stop crying anytime soon.) (At that moment, he spots the bouncer.) (He puts her in the cozy bouncer.) (Comforting her with the pacifier) (She stops crying.) She stopped. She doesn’t want the pacifier. (He’s flustered. What will he do?) Let’s eat some food. Oh, no. – She does like him, but… / – Food. Do you want some food? (He feeds her baby food quickly.) – Good girl. Good. / – She stopped crying. Shall we eat one more spoonful? – There you go. Good girl. / – I see. – She was hungry. / – You’re eating a lot, Raim. Isn’t this great? Right? She’s crying again. Do you want to sleep? I think you need some sleep, don’t you? Aren’t you sleepy? (He rocks her in his arms.) Go to sleep. – He’s a good babysitter. / – I agree. She’s falling asleep. (This was it.) He’s really good at babysitting. (The adults didn’t see it, but actually…) (Yawning) She was sleepy. She’s been yawning. (I’m sleepy.) She was fussy because she was sleepy. Raim. (Raim falls asleep quickly.) Okay. Sweet dreams. – She’s such a gentle baby. / – Seriously. – She’s the best. / – Let’s sleep on the bed. She’s the gentlest baby I’ve ever seen. (He carefully puts her down.) (Whimpering) He has to be careful now. This is when babies usually wake up. You got the baby to sleep. But take off the belt, – and the baby wakes up. / – Right. (Childcare is not lowering your guards to the end.) (He finally put Raim down.) He did it. That was hard, wasn’t it? I’ll read you a storybook. (Coincidentally, the book next to them was…) “I’m Sorry”. “I spilled the milk.” (I spilled the baby food.) “I’m sorry.” “The blocks collapsed.” (I was late to figure out what you wanted.) “I’m sorry.” “It’s all right. We’re friends.” (Falling) (Raim is sound asleep now.) My gosh. It’s nice that he’s staying next to her. – This is surreal. / – How does he know to do that? (He was tired too.) – He got tired as well. Sweet Ren. / – He was tired. (Sweet dreams, Ren.) (Once again, it’s peaceful at the Ra-Ra House.) (Kyungmin comes back at that moment.) – Why is it so quiet here? / – They are sleeping. I guess he’s doing a good job. Look at him all curled up in his sleep. (He simply laughs.) He slept in one of his great senior singers’ home. – It’s okay. / – With the baby carrier on. It’s okay. – I’m sorry. / – No, don’t be. She’s in deep sleep. This is your first time babysitting. You did amazing. How long has she been sleeping? – It’s been over 30 minutes. / – 30 minutes? Actually, I don’t remember. – So you remember it as 30 minutes. / – He fell asleep. Hold on. That means 30 minutes could’ve passed without knowing. – Rawon is here. / – Rawon is back. She got the shot like a big girl. – We’re back. / – Hello. Did you get a shot with him? – It was fun. / – I heard it was hard. I got the shot, and I didn’t cry. – Right. / – Right. – She is sleeping. / – He put her to sleep. Really? It’s funnier that he fell asleep with her. (The belt is glued to him now.) – The belt… / – Is he not going to take it off? It looks fashionable because he’s wearing it. Shall we come back again? May we come over again? (She smiles shyly instead of answering them.) (See you next time.) – I want one too. / – Yes! Thank you, Rawon.

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  1. Our little ahjumma is so cute! I love her voice and when she says Raim. Please don't grow up too fast. We wanna see you more~

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    Also, they are so adorable with the kids, omg I have to stan NU'EST now❤❤❤

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