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how dare you speak in a language which I don't understand if they want to eat at the same restaurant as be English only Oh / and Chinese bags yes our first story we'll be reading today what do you mean he doesn't speak English from user yeah after that entitled mom calls the cops on my dad in a Walmart from user Lanie Ison after that the final straw entitled mother from user snowy bloom and then we'll be wrapping up with ex-boyfriends psycho stepmom from user is all t21 thank you so much to our authors for letting us read your stories and if you're an author who would like me to read your stories next please submit them to the our / mr. reddit subreddit and if you're new don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications for new stories from reddit every single day what do you mean he doesn't speak English this happened about a few months back on mobile by the way I'm adopted from Korea and speak some Korean but I understand it more than speaking understanding yes I cannot exactly speak it back very well it is enough for some people to understand me so for background knowledge I had a Korean exchange student at school so I decided to take him out to a nice dinner in town the exchange student said that he had not tried much American food yet so I thought it would be a good idea to take him to an American diner man was I wrong our caste we've got me we've got Korean exchange student we've got the waiter the greeter and the entitled mom and the kid entitled mom's precious baby Korean student had not taken much transport in America but taxi so I took him on a bus this is located near Washington DC me and Korean student take the bus down to the closest bus stop to the diner and go to the diner we enter and get seated great seats and all Korean students English was not that great so I had to use improper grammar to talk to him what food you want student says in Korean am burger I hear it is very delicious I nod my head and the waiter comes over may I take your orders I would like a hamburger with cheddar cheese onion lettuce and bacon okay and how would you like that cooked medium well waiter says to Korean student what would you like Korean student says in Korean hamburger with cheese tomato lettuce and onion I tell the waiter he would like a hamburger with cheese lettuce and onion waiter asks student how would you like it cooked Korean says again in Quran same as him points to me he wants it medium well as well drinks coke chuckle milkshake in Korean choco means chocolate I will go put your orders in he takes our menus entitled mom an entitled kid enter hello I want to be seated with my child everyone is staring at her now greater was seating someone greeter goes to their post hi may I don't you young enough see me and my child now would you like a high-top table or I want to be seated okay breeder gives entitled mom and kid a booth they seem happy so everyone goes back to eating waiter takes their orders and then brings our food out I asked the Korean student food good he says in Korean yes so good I think I want to eat another one finish first maybe one more I finished my plate Korean student eats more and says in Korean I don't know how you eat hamburger and fries so quick I eat a lot of hamburger entitled mom seemed to hear an unknown language and so she decides to come to our table excuse me but this pointing at Korean student person is not speaking English they can speak English he doesn't speak good English what do you mean he doesn't speak English well he's from Korea he doesn't live here he's an exchange student and only wants to try American food I tell the Korean student and bad Korean tell idiot points to entitled mom English stuff Korean student says you are idiot I no speak English good i from Korea entitled mom looked shot and put her hand over her mouth you've talked to me that way Do You Know Who I am Korean student looks very confused I say in Korean she ask who she is Korean student nods and says yes you are idiot I'm trying not to burst out until after her kid comes over and asks what's wrong don't worry sweetie I will make him speak proper English no more Korean what I think Korean is cool don't make him stop please this is America people should only speak English see now probably if you look back into your ancestry you will find that you're not just American and that you're probably a little Spanish entitled mom is shocked how did you talk to me like that do you know who I am yeah an entitled person now go sit down shut up lady I try and eat go back to China you both probably belong there entitled mom grabs kid by the arm and goes back to her table waiter comes back after entitled mom and kid go back to their table was she bothering you yes she was telling my friend not to speak his native language okay I was watching but didn't know if she was your family friend or something sorry that I did not intervene I asked for the bill he gets our bill and I look at it they put a 20% discount on the bill he also apologized again for not intervening and for any inconveniences poor waiter probably has to deal with this BS all the time I pay and me and Korean student leave on our way out we hear from entitled mom you better go back to your home country eyes would probably be coming after you soon me and Korean student just ignore her from then on we don't know what happened from there on next we've got entitled mom calls the cops on my dad in a Walmart hey mister read it I just started watching your videos and it reminded me of this story I'm on mobile and English is my first language sorry for any grammar mistakes and advanced background I have a big family 8 people in the house at most we aren't the healthiest and gets soda from stores from time to time we like to collect the soda cans and return them at a Walmart or Kroger I live in the Midwest to get some money that we can keep for special occasions this was a few years ago and I was a 12 year old jerk preteen our cast we've got me my twin sister my awesome dad Karen cop one day my dad decided to take sister and I to Walmart to return cans there was a giant pile of trash bags in our garage of just soda cans when we arrived we went to get carts to pull the bags in to easily move them around sister and I have loved each other but casually argue as normal sisters would we were arguing while getting the carts dad pulled us aside and quietly yelled at us to knock it off a few minutes later when we were putting the cans in the machines Karen came up to me and said it's going to be all right my husband would never treat my kids like that I have social anxiety and didn't know how to properly handle this confrontation uh okay she left me for a while and we continued to return cans a few minutes later we see Karen talking to the cop Karen and the cop walked up to dad and walked outside dad told us to continue putting the cans in the machine while he went outside to talk to Karen and the cop dad decided to tell us what happened when he talked to the cop because he didn't want us to be worried considering our age the following conversation ensued the cop asks so what's the problem this man was yelling and hitting his kids my two girls were fighting so I took them aside and told them to knock it off I'm sorry if that made you uncomfortable lady I was disciplining my kids I my husband would never treat my kids like that how dare you to the cop this man verbally harassed me after telling his daughter everything we'd be okay excuse me lady I never said anything to you when you spoke to my daughter he tells the cop my daughter told me what she said to her she freaked out as she has social anxiety and doesn't know how to deal with confrontation to absolute strangers it's okay sir from the looks of it you did nothing wrong as to the way you're handling this situation everything is going to be okay and nothing will happen to you or your children hey tells Karen miss I'm going to need you to stay while I explained to you when you should call nine-one-one me insert mr. reddit Reed this man abused me and his kids he shouldn't be able to walk away that's the end of the story this Karen actually seemed to care about sister and I but the way she handled the situation could have been better and this Karen was also 18 to 19 years old also I experienced these a lot because we live in a rather wealthy part of Michigan if you want more stories about this you're more than welcome to use this story in a video if you do please message me when the video will be out heart emoji next we've got the final straw entitled mother hi again mr. reddit I don't know if you remember me but I was so happy to see you posted my last story and many others really wanted to hear the final straw once again English is my first language I am NOT on mobile and the entitled mother in this story is my own our caste we've got me my sister nice housemaid entitled mother Oh Minnie also pointed out was abusive she definitely was this happened only a month or so after the babysitting money incident which we actually read just a few videos ago it was around the end of September of 2010 nine years ago and I was 15 my mother had a terrible habit of taking shopping cards home when she finished grocery shopping she would not even get her own personal cart online or in Walmart or something as she was too cheap in the past we lived closer to the main city so disposing of it was easier for her however in the place we were currently living during the said incident we lived around five miles from any grocery or other stores the closest store was the gas station about a mile down when she told me to go take the shopping cart five miles uphill back to the store I really did not want to do so I asked why couldn't I just go leave it close by somewhere I know not the best idea but I was a dumb teenager but she would not budge and told me I had to go as I was getting ready to leave for the walk there and back the nice housemate who had been listening in during that whole conversation as it happened in the living room told me something very frightening she showed me a window she had opened online regarding being in possession of a shopping cart the law basically said the person found to be in possession would be jailed regardless of age and fined around five thousand to ten thousand dollars I cannot remember which it was and you will forgive me needless to say I was terrified of returning the cart as the streets I would walk through always had police going up and down it I did not want to be caught with it so I did the only thing I thought I could I went down the street for about five minutes with it to an alley and dumped it there now I will admit that I take some blame in this situation mostly for being so dumb to think that my mother would buy this as I said the full trip was five miles uphill and a five mile walk back downhill this time at my fastest and should have taken an hour I walked about ten minutes total to dump the cart and returned home I should have remained out for three hours should have gone to Stacey's to chill but I just wanted to go back home and play on my D s Wayne are you going to go take the shopping cart to the store I just did don't lie to me go bring the car to the store you haven't even been gone 15 minutes we went on like this for a while until I finally broke down and told her about the law not wanting to be fined etc she grabbed my arm so tightly that bruises formed and basically hissed at me Joey turned the chart yeah I tried to get out of her arms but she wouldn't let me go finally I managed told her no then left the house again running this time but I was and still am a slow girl so in no time she caught me by my tank top back the back neckline and was yanking hard to get me back into the house I remember my tank top a very nice pretty and flowy one ripping down the shoulder line and nearly breaking off I remember crying and screaming for her to let me go I have to say the next bit was a bit of a blur at some point a neighbor called the police and I remember crying and sobbing and trying to get out of her grip I remember the police coming and handcuffing me and me trying to tell them my side but hyperventilating too much I was having trouble breathing and believe I was having a panic attack the police told me that it was my fault for the entire incident and that I had to listen to anything my mother said no matter what I really think they thought I was making this story up as it does seem ludicrous to claim that an entire fight like that happened over a shopping cart soon the police left and my mother grounded me for another month this incident had me so upset that I contemplated running away a couple of days later nice housemate told me that I should call 1-800 runaway as soon as possible as if I told them the situation and that I was contemplating running away they would handle things for me a week later I had an opportunity my mother was going to a concert and nice housemate was going to be out with her sons and boyfriend so entitled mom gave me back my phone for the night telling me to call in case of an emergency I waited 45 minutes after she left to make sure she wouldn't come back when I was calling and then called I explained everything more than just the last two stories and they filed a complete CPS report to get both me and sister out of the house I deleted the call history once I finished the call a slightly funny extra happened the next morning Sunday morning my mother burst into my room out of nowhere demanding my phone she told me to lie to the police after she got off the phone with them to tell them I had been up and seen my nice housemate pour hot coffee on her on purpose I didn't lie to the police and told them I had been sleeping and had not seen a thing they decided to instead look my mother up and found out she had a warrant out for her arrest in another County they ended up arresting her on the spot and I fervently remember her saying that it was my fault it was such sweet Karma though two days later sister and I were picked up by the police and taken to a foster home I have more stories before and after this too and we'll post them as I can thanks so much for listening and our final story of the day ex-boyfriends psycho stepmom this is my first time posting I listen to you YouTube channel all the time and it inspired me to share I actually created a reddit account just to share this story of one of the most awful people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting this takes place over the course of a few months during in time in my life which I was in the habit of making bad decisions I was 19 when this all took place at this point in my life I had moved out of my parents house and ended up pregnant with a previous ex-boyfriends baby that's another story that I'm not proud of as it was actually completely out of character for me my now 10 year old daughter is doing very well and her biological father is not in her life for the better at the time this story takes place I was about five months along and had ran into a guy that I went to elementary school with I had always had a crush on him but he moved away in junior high before I had the courage to say anything we met again through a friend and started dating it was aware of my situation and very supportive at the time I was very much into spirituality and it played a prominent role in my life this comes into play later now his biological mom had always been pretty laid back and was very welcoming of my beliefs and my condition as was his father his stepmother perfect Karen look by the way seemed to be as well at least with my pregnancy however what happened over the next few months really showed everyone how crazy stepmom actually was she was an avid churchgoer and I knew this from my previous interactions with her I had asked my ex to not tell her about my spiritualism as I had a feeling it would upset her little did I know that upset is an understatement he told her anyway against my wishes for reasons that are still unknown to me next time I saw her our interactions began to go downhill on this day we had gone over to watch a movie and eat dinner our cast we've got entitled stepmom exes entitled psycho stepmother we've got exes dad he was an okay guy we've got eggs my eggs we've got entitled stepsister she wasn't battered for but her mother did eventually rub off on her and me we had just pulled up an entitled stepmom was waiting for us outside the house about time you show up dinner is almost ready always has a fake smile plastered to her face egg says yeah sorry we are late as I'm getting out of the car Oh pee I heard about ut2 problem excuse me I told her about your beliefs yesterday why would you do that she asked what church you go to and I didn't want to lie don't worry there is no need to be embarrassed we will fix your little problem that phrase was my first clue that I was in for a world of pain it wasn't spoken about anymore that night but I was definitely on edge if you're into spirituality you will know the feeling of imminent doom I'm talking about when the wrong person is given such private info about you after that I was mad at my ex for a while but eventually forgave him because he assured me she wouldn't be a bully towards me a few weeks later she had invited us to her church several times at this point which we politely declined she called my ex why won't that devil worship but let you come to church mom I don't like your church she went to a very enthusiastic Pentecostal church if you were raised around them you all know what I'm talking about no she's keeping you from God and I just know it no mom this has nothing to do with her I was willing to go to her church out of politeness as other religions don't bother me but he genuinely didn't want to go and I wasn't going to force him or anything she's probably possessed you with demons you're corrupted right now you have to go to church with me to be saved from her evil influence my pastor said you have to come to church with me so we can exorcise the demons she's a bad person and you have to break up with her mom she's not that bad a person at all she just has different beliefs than you she's been turning her life around and we really don't need this right now goodbye he hung up the phone and from his expression I knew what the conversation was about I told him that I don't want bad blood with entitled stepmom and that we could go to church with her to keep her off our back they said he didn't want to because he knew she had something sinister planned and didn't want to stress me out because I was pregnant and it was bad for the baby I agreed and we went on with our life but she had more devious plots than I realized over the course of the next few weeks she went further down the rabbit hole and made a good attempt to take us with her she kept stalking my myspace it was still big at the time and sending me nasty messages trying to get me to convert or just plain attacking me our daughter who I thought had no issues with me started ganging up on me with her mother this is a message conversation on MySpace between us three entitled stepsister my mom said you are trying to put curses on her you need to stop or I'm gonna call the police um no I don't believe in curses plus what cop would answer that call we are going to call the cops and say you are passing out drugs why would I do that because that's what evil people like you do you just corrupt others with your demon horde you know I've been saving all of our conversations right so it won't work I thought you were a nice person when I met you but you're proving me wrong I don't want to fight with you for X's sake he doesn't deserve this and frankly I don't either I've done nothing to you I respect your beliefs why can't you do the same for me because you're evil and doing wrong we know you talked to the devil and are corrupting my brother you're probably going to hurt your baby when she's born – okay you're both being absolutely crazy I'm going to end this conversation I logged off and told X what was said and he called his dad you need to tell entitled stepmom an entitled stepsister to stop harassing o P she's done nothing wrong and they keep harassing her I don't want a relationship with them if they keep doing this exes dad says you know I can't control her when it comes to religion she already has the church on her side dad she's already threatening to call the cops on Opie for bogus charges I won't let her go that far just go to church with her every once in a while that's all she wants she's taking it too far and needs to stop exes dad says while their screeching in the background apparently you're not allowed over here since you're still dating her I'll talk to entitled stepmom this is getting ridiculous this woman was obsessed she would come by his house speaking in tongues claiming she was exercising demons that I supposedly brought she tried to get him back together with his ex and got her involved in harassing me and had her call him constantly she even got his biological mother in on it half-heartedly however she was using every avenue to break me and it was working there were times I felt so mentally drained I was in tears I have months worth of hate saved on my hard drive for my own safety we were planning on a restraining order soon we found out entitled stepsister and her husband were expecting but if I fought back or stood up for myself in any way they would claim child endangerment keep in mind I was heavily pregnant throughout all of this and according to them I wasn't Christian my pregnancy didn't matter because my child was supposedly tainted at this point I was done my ex and I decided to move out of state with my parents who were beyond supportive by the way and get away from the chaos of my past and his crazy family I've gone on for a while now and I will tell you the aftermath my ex and I broke up because he ended up cheating on me one month after I had my daughter and a few months later I heard that even after we broke up she was still obsessed it ended up uh turley destroying her marriage and exes dad kicked her out this whole episode of my life was a nightmare but I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy except maybe entitled stepmom she did a lot more heinous things that I didn't mention but it was months of pure torture all of this is true there is someone out there that really messed up I don't know where she's at anymore but she's still out there probably still talking about the evil spiritualist that destroyed her marriage with a fake curse be careful and congrats to our regen rules of the day nitty drawers Jimmy bender Benjamin and Michelle become our next Regenerist by dropping as many ways as you can in the comments below that's all for now but don't be blue I'll be back soon with more stories for you remember to listen to mr. reddit every night so your dreams will be wonderful like you are and bright you

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  2. Being completely honest the last story brought up so many mementoes from being involved in the super zealous Pentecostal church. Some are actually quite nice and amazing human beings but most pieces of human trash. I still need therapy from what they put me through

  3. I live in DC so the first story was close to me! The author and his friend would have ridden on a Metrobus or one of regional buses depending on where they were.

    Author tells the entitled mom that his friend is from Korea and speaks Korean and to her that equals China. Makes perfect sense.

  4. ESS acts way more like she's the one sacrificing her kids to Moloch or something. It doesn't help that Mr Reddit's voice sounds like the kid from The Excorcist when he does Obnoxious Character.





  9. I live in Michigan and I have never been faced with an Em but I know the second I download reddit and go outside with my 800$ iPhone XR with a 30$ case I will meet one but then again I will probably have a tiny switch blade on me (btw I’m 13 and I don’t know the legal age for switch blades)

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  12. I love the small inhale right before the reee like a mental preparation for the entitled lmao xD

  13. On that last story? Personally I would've had a talk with her pastor and let him know what one of his followers was doing to try and get new recruits.

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  15. One time, my husband and I were in a bar. He was playing pool, which I'm lousy at, so I went to play darts. I had been playing by myself for a few minutes when this gal came up and asked if she could play, and I said sure. We started playing, and I swear it was less than a minute. She turned to me and said, "You don't have to let him hit you." I turned to look at her flabbergasted. I said, "What did you say to me?" And she repeated herself. I started laughing at her and informed her that my husband never had and never would hit me. I was quite emphatic about it. She tried to argue with me, but I just turned and walked away.

    I think she had him confused with someone else. That used to happen to him all the time when we were younger. One time. a neighbors house caught on fire, and one of the responding police officers thought he was this excon dope fiend guy. My husband had to show his I.D.! That happened frequently.

  16. First story. Only a Trump supporter would act like that in public to a foreign guest in the US. Makes me ashamed to say I'm an American right now.

    FIND THE "B"


  19. im all for speaking in your language but at the same time how do you know if the person is not being disrespectful




  23. Let's just draw a line between Christians who are actually trying to be like Christ taught and Christians who like to wail and howl and flail about and point fingers and alienate all "outsiders" and generally work in the opposite direction from what they're saying they believe. Christians are supposed to be Christlike, not saying innocent babies are damned when they can't be because they're freaking innocent, and try not to judge or hate people for what they believe, and certainly not persecute them for it, and also recognize that the gift of tongues refers to being able to speak in REAL languages in order to better communicate with those who can't understand what's being taught. But we always get associated with people who hate others while worshiping the Jesus-shaped pattern that appeared in their morning toast. Insert heavy sigh.

  24. I Reeee erreeeeerreeeeerre eeeeereerereReReREeEReREeeEEeEEEEEEeEeEEEEEEerrreerere rerereeereeeeeeeereeereeeREEeREErERrrrrrReReReRReEEEEeErReEeeeeeReeee erreeeeerreeeeerre eeeeereerereReReREeEReREeeEEeEEEEEEeEeEEEEEEerrreerere rerereeereeeeeeeereeereeeREEeREErERrrrrrReReReRReEEEEeErReEeeRRRREEarearsrvsssfREEEAREAAREAEEAREERRrerer

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